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  2. All of their titles where won before 7A or 6A existed... Back when 5A was the highest class And yes they where apart of the then 5A thats when they won their titles... Carrollton has about 5 HS's surrounding it so their population got stunted but right now they have about 3K students...
  3. Their last several drafts have been very good to excellent. Last year Inwas like “ Tyler Smith - Tulsa 🤔” now just might be 10 year LT Every draft I pick a mid low round player to root for. Last year was Sam Williams…before that it was Tony Pollard. years ago it was this slow TE from Tennessee Mr. Witten.
  4. Elon exposing the collusion and limiting of free speech and that’s your post? I must say Well Done!
  5. Buford will get one in 2-3 years because next year.... Buford,Lowndes,Camden,Carrollton and Colquitt will be about the only teams going into the year with Gas in the tank...
  6. Also bump for inaccuracies Carrollton has 9 state titles in Football alone...
  7. He put hisself out to pasture... Along with Nolebulls Donkey Dust take on Boulder and Denver... He must be getting confused with Denver,Mississippi...
  8. Ronaldo not starting/playing and they're dominating? Narrative was always that the players around him held him back?! Is it true he not playing golf? Cant watch.
  9. Bro don't celebrate too much. That rascal on the left. Well just leave it at rascal 😁
  10. Who the hell fly on Spirit Airlines? That's like Greyhound in the sky with less leg room and less stops.
  11. no keepers or keepers cant use hands in second portion of ET.
  12. Hey my JawJaa homies is Class AAAAAAA the only Class that Buford moved up and did not win State that year? Mad respect for that School by this Texan. I hope I didn't put to many damn A's. You Rascals can't comprehend this 7A 😎
  13. Stacey Abrams’s Nonprofit “In Gross Violation Of Many State Laws,” Says Attorney – Could Face Thousands In Fines Biden Economy Woes: Far-Left Media Buzzfeed to Cut Workforce by 12% Due to “Worsening Macroeconomic Conditions” – Trading Now at $1
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  15. OL Will Campbell (Monroe Neville, La) OL Emery Jones (Catholic-BR, La) LB Harold Perkins Jr (Cy Park, TX) TE Mason Taylor (STA, FL) The future is bright! BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - College Football News named its Freshman All-America Team on Tuesday, Dec. 6, and four LSU players landed on it, including two on the first team. Linebacker Harold Perkins Jr. and offensive tackle Will Campbell were named to the first team. Offensive tackle Emery Jones Jr. was named to the third team. Tight end Mason Taylor received an honorable mention.
  16. Portugal doing what Spain couldn’t.
  17. A friend of my kid's was a Ralphie Handler while a student at CU (Ralphie Handlers are students who run with Ralphie, accompany at events, and spend 30 hours/week training and caring for the animal). The kid was an All State DT at our local high school, winning the Denver Post Gold Helmet award as the best football player / student in the state, but ended up having knee surguries his senior year and decided to focus on academics instead of football (bright kid, Engineering major). The Ralphie Handlers are given access to the varsity athlete weight room at Colorado, and when the football coaches saw this kid lifting they asked who the hell he was. He was convinced his senior year at CU to join the football team, where he was instantly the 2nd strongest player on the team, I think putting 225 up 33 times. Great kid, great person. Worked his ass off and was scout team player of the week multiple times. Wish there was more to the story. He never got in a game, but he's still able to laugh about the whole experience, particularly muscling up with a 1,200 lb buffalo.
  18. It shows you’re a sports fan 👍🏻 When I flipped on the match, I also had a wtf moment initially figuring out, wait who’s red?
  19. An accidental elbow to her lips/mouth in the scuffle would have been the way to go on that. No one would have questioned it in Jefferson Parish and Louisiana.
  20. Funny thing….I couldn’t watch the game live (in regulation) so watched it via fast forward (typical American😂) didn’t look at the color code in the scorebox and assumed Spain was in Red ( know nothing about MAR) was thinking MAR is Spaining Spain with the short boring pass BS. TRUE story…idiot moment!
  21. Only way his Lifestyle would clash in Boulder or Denver is if he's out here on some Kanyedolf Westler shit....
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