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  2. Jaccuri will not be playing QB in college so it doesn’t really matter
  3. Jacurri needs to go to a program that has developed qbs in his style like Louisville.... Gators might put him at linebacker... haha. Like Derrick Henry. bgw
  4. I'm thinking you were in that smoky room with LDT too long. bgw
  5. Well, for one Coach McFarlin used to coach for Roswell and won a shared ship with Peachtree Ridge in 06. 2nd, Roswell would dominate maybe not the last couple of seasons. Then BT could win resulting in transfers whatnot. Little mix of things and I'm just spitballin'. bgw
  6. I do have that kinda thing handy for the developmentally delayed and a "fools" hope for your development. bgw
  7. Wow... as expected.... tsk, tsk. Well, you are consistently stupid. bgw
  8. Today
  9. His family was rich off chicken fighting. The even have their on rooster called Manziel grey.
  10. Yeah was never a huge Johnny Football fan, but dude accomplished more than 95% of the population and 99% more than this board 😂.
  11. BIG PRAISE! Heisman Winner, All-American, Biggest name in CFB for two years, First Round Draft Pick. Hell of a future. Even with things not working out in the NFL, Johnny Football is making money off his name forever. That ain’t a bad gig bro.
  12. Thread need some life 🤣. Prime rib on the weber kettle.
  13. That is one huge bite! What is she...an Amazon? This reminds me of a joke. A man and his wife are driving down the road, when the wife spots an ice cream parlor. She talks her hubby into stopping and he says, "You go on in, I don't want anything." So she goes on in and tells the clerk that she can't make up her mind what to have. She asks the clerk what he'd like to have if he could choose. Suddenly she bust out of the door and climbs into her car with no ice cream. Hubby asks, "What happened?" Wifey answers, "I asked the clerk what he'd like to get if he could choose." What did he s
  14. That's because there is very little in Alabama high school football to post about.
  15. This Is the Most Expensive 4 pack I have Bought, $30.00!! 🤣🤣.... Anchorage Brewing form Alaska... It is such a Killer Beer, Smooth, Fruity, Malty but has some Hoppy Bite to it... What I also luv about these guys is the Cool looking Cans and Names like “Better This Way” and the Beer is so good!... 🍻
  16. On a Twitter feed showing this it was amazing the people laughing about it or praising the kid.
  17. Then out of curiosity why don’t they play? Seems kinda retarded if they are that close. A natural rivalry.
  18. You do know his next stop is college? Also, you do know Manziel had a solid collegiate career. Manziel was a bust in the pros.
  19. Newsolini just laid down the strict stay at home edict again. However, the consequences of French Laundry incident will be evident. I bet even his kids don’t listen to him.
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