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  2. Also when yall come to Longview let me know I'll give you some good places to eat at
  3. Honestly, I don't know much about these pop-up academies like Clearwater Academy and American Collegiate. I think they play Atlantic coming up so I should get to see that one at some point.
  4. What is this 5th grade mentality of tying manhood to high school football? Again Longview can play with any team in the nation we've proven that by beating teams ranked in the top 25 in the last 20 years. But again redistricting is coming up in February make the calls we will need non district games, just pick up the phone coach will gladly hear you out, just dont pull a john curtis and cancel the series after one game.
  5. This just isn’t one player you goofball. He’s one of the best players in the country. Take that away from any team in California not named mater Dei or SJB and they’re going to take a step back.
  6. Bro you do know The BNU played like 3 Public schools this week, some BNU schools are men and play tougher teams
  7. How do you feel about Clear Water? I watched them and Elder get into a shootout. They have no depth at all but their skill guys are better than solid and they can score.
  8. I'm glad somebody realizes what's going on but again all they have to do is pick up the phone like john curtis did
  9. Well then tell em to pick up the phone coach king has never turned down a challenge dont talk on the boards
  10. Dude STFU... I tried not to say it but the only reason y'all even play OOS is because nobody in your state wants to play the transfer loaded BNU teams... So you think everyone should schedule like y'all and that's just BS... If y'all where on par with the rest of your state you'd see a lot less OOS games because the in state teams would be willing to play you... Longview has something good going on with what they're doing so... Yea shut it... When Longview is ready they'll schedule somebody else...
  11. Hit the nail on the head there. Coaching change has to happen sooner than later if they expect to cash in on local talent. In Drake Jackson’s case, his dads dream was USC but not every situation will be like that.
  12. Haynes will be alright, the problem as I see it is the summer camps cost him a summer of throwing to new wide receivers. combine that with breaking in 4 starters on the oline (his oline last year was filled with 2-3 year starters)and it will take some time to come together
  13. That’s nuts there’s no hoops, that’s BS @GardenStateBaller has a list of teams foaming at the mouth to play down there its just a click of the button, Unfortunately Coaches stay in their Safe Space
  14. PC routinely losses a game like this the past few years. What last night did for me is confirm my belief that Elder is the best team in Cincinnati. Or maybe Winton Woods.
  15. Clearly That’s akin to hitting in front of the birdie on the next tee
  16. Coach king isnt afraid to schedule anybody but he refuses to jump through hoops to schedule anybody, every oos team we have played including John curtis has called us. Longview is secure in our reputation board talk wont influence king in one bit I know I played for the man when we ended curtis's 27 game winning streak.
  17. I’ll fly out tomorrow morning, and will be in Dallas for the week for work. I will be back to Moultrie just in time for the kickoff against Grayson next Friday night. My question is since I’ve never been to Dallas. What are some must do things while I’m there?
  18. Nowadays, when you hear the name “Bosco” you think of SJB and not DBP. In all fairness to the WM coach he more than likely thought the invite was to play SJB and declined.
  19. Utah is very physical but I don’t think they have athletes to compete with Clemson/Bama/Oklahoma type teams. Those QBs would pick them apart. Overrated. I think this game just showed how inconsistent Clay Helton teams are week to week. Play up to Utah’s level but play uninspired & down to BYUs level the week before. Graham Harrell on the other hand looks like a genius. There has been no drop off with 2nd & 3rd string QBs. Fink was awesome to watch.
  20. So were USC first and second string QB
  21. With the exception of the Hawaii team, the next four games were the back end of 1 and 1 commitments. The 2nd year coach should have impact on next years schedule. They know what’s ahead of them in their playoffs each year so i expect they will step up on OOL next year.
  22. You seem to be a little touchy this morning
  23. They haven't beat PC is 28 years, so I'd say it's pretty monumental.
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