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  2. Olympics is u-23 for every team. Last nights game was the USA B Squad and Mexico's A- Squad. USA is now the top dog in Concacaf.
  3. As a Mexican American is can say… we talking about soccer? Soccer? Soccer is the Servite of sports! β€œTrust me we are going to be a big deal soon.”
  4. I love Saint Biff, and I know that he's very appreciative of PGLs unwavering support and loyalty.
  5. I'm saying that unless someone picks up the tab, then it's a case-by-case basis. Certainly a return game to Baltimore with no financial backing would take a backseat to, I don't know, another ESPN game that will certainly be offered in 2022. It's as if you've never heard of cost-benefit analysis or ever seen a balance sheet in your life.
  6. Chest Bumping beating 5-6 Enterprise 2 years in a row is so south ga.....
  7. πŸ˜„ This is about as sophisticated as it gets for RedZone. "It's financially prohibitive? So what!?"
  8. The games we're talking about would be the one-game deals where presumably ESPN would pay for it. I've never called on any school to lose tens of thousands of dollars to play an OOS game. Any suggestion otherwise is just a lie.
  9. Does anyone know if the female gymnasts have competed yet in the olympics?
  10. What it proves is you are a babbling dumbass and Colquitt did what Alabama did to Enterprise.....here's your cookie though, little ga guy. 27 Enterprise (AL) team preview trend Alabama 7A Region 2 7A 5-6 3-3 (t 3rd) 3-4 36.2 41.1 92-39 WINS: #511 Central (Phenix City, AL) (17-14), #1290 Prattville (AL) (28-20), #1755 Smiths Station (Smiths, AL) (14-7), #4063 Dothan (AL) (24-7), #5762 Northview (Dothan, AL) (38-10), LOSSES: #19 Colquitt County (Moultrie, GA) (51-14), #124 McGill-Toolen (Mobile, AL) (30-13), #179 Opelika (AL) (44-27), #672 Auburn (AL) (34-14), #1086 Lee [Robert E.] (Montgomery, AL) (21-7), #1946 Davis [Jeff] (Montgomery, AL) (34-7) 52 Enterprise (AL) team preview trend Alabama 7A Region 2 7A 5-6 3-3 (t 4th) 3-4 25.5 32 81-47 WINS: #1883 Auburn (AL) (38-21), #4076 Smiths Station (Smiths, AL) (45-7), #4379 Dothan (AL) (48-27), #5103 Northview (Dothan, AL) (32-29), #5884 Lee [Robert E.] (Montgomery, AL) (31-28), LOSSES: #11 Colquitt County (Moultrie, GA) (38-10), #302 Prattville (AL) (42-13), #420 Central (Phenix City, AL) (51-27), #574 Opelika (AL) (48-10), #1380 Murphy [S. S.] (Mobile, AL) (40-13), #3294 Davis [Jeff] (Montgomery, AL) (38-28)
  11. Hawg...I didn't take any pics...but recently I went to Legal Remedy Brewery in Rock Hill SC. Not a bad place. Nice selection of beverages. I think my favorite was the "Lawdog". I also tried the "Double Indemnity" but it was just a bit too citrusy for me. Now...before we left...and YES...we had a DD...I was dared into trying a oversized pint of "Sentenced To Life". Let me just say...it was NOT for the weak and timid. If I had started with the STL...I might not have made it to the "Lawdog". If you're ever up around Rock Hill...you gotta go by Legal Remedy. It's definitely Packer Approved. (Smile) Rufus>>
  12. Pretty sure colquitt had the same amount of Alabama players on that year’s roster
  13. Enterprise over Thompson. I said what I said.
  14. Does Biff at least give you a reach around πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
  15. Today
  16. So what? Are you now saying STA is broke and can't travel unless someone picks up the tab?
  17. Finch shits on Texas and Georgia for using the "lose money excuse" for not traveling then USES the "lose money excuse" for not traveling. lmao
  18. I'll just save everybody time. RedZone started a silly thread to cope and he couldn't address factual statements and so no he's moved on to talking about STA regarding something, something, something blah, blah, blah.
  19. πŸ˜„ RedZone flailing to find something of relevance to post.
  20. What are you talking about? It costs tens of thousands of dollars to travel OOS. If ESPN/Paragon aren't televising the game then it's costing money to the school. Your level of stupidity is staggering.
  21. The get free breakfast cooked by Fred every Friday.
  22. Doesn't mean it's a legit roster, but thanks for the info. You know they don't do playoffs, right?...yeah, you probably don't.
  23. STA is NOT a money making school when it comes to football.....get over yourself. You have a tiny stadium and most of the time a tiny schedule filled with tiny nobodies. and, there's always FLOTV/STREAM and gardenball. I believe before it's over with you two will be really good friends.
  24. Hell I know why he didn't go somewhere else. Grayson was the highest bidder.
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