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  2. As A wise man once said "WOOOOOOOO!!!!"
  3. great stuff... hopefully that course was not replaced with gender studies and such at your college.
  4. Yes "PROVEN malfeasance" ...somehow that does not quite support your "they wouldn't do that" defense... you are depreciating your own argument here, FYI. 🤣
  5. Actually poor public health and a dying population, is the best position for a pharmaceutical company to be in... So the entire basis of this "prudent" argument is incorrect, and the opposite is actually true. Maybe you should try being a logic sleuth, instead of denigrating others, when you have no real response to their points. PS: Funny how you did not deploy the "watchdog organizations, disgruntled executives, potential whistleblowers, not to mention the millions of internet sleuths" defense, as proof of innocence... ...for any other "acts of corruption", like say all the investigations into our ex-president. LOL
  6. when anyone has an "opinion" of a conspiracy to which one is not privy, that "opinion" is quite simply a "theory" of said conspiracy. and there is no "ideology" even involved, in your flawed logic confusion. whether your "theories" are "correct" or not, makes no difference... as they are still just "unproven" theories. The "reality" is you do not know... so pointing at others opinions as "incorrect", while ignoring actual reality, is fairly stupid. PS: Duh...
  7. Today
  8. I predict Purdy will get his Elbow hurt and the Niners will run the ball the rest of the game and make DLS blush. They will get steamrolled. I got THe shEagles by 24. 😄. I predict the bEast Texas kid to win by 3pts over Cincy. A Texas kid will rough him at the end of the game causing the Chili Spaghetti Eaters to lose by 3 due to a late FG helped by a roughing penalty .
  9. Which one of them are you? Cuz you are a knucklehead 🙂 How have you been? Have a great new Year Knucklehead
  10. Flip the QBs and the Bengals win in a blowout
  11. Reviewing bEast Texas Football. Different than anywhere in the nation culturally and the love for Football in that region Unique even in Texas That Gimer system at UTSA and dominated at Incarnate Word. Old Gilmer and Former NFL QB G.J. Kinne now hired at Texas State
  12. I heard some Horned Frogs kidnapped him and made him consume alcohol and drove him to old East Dallas and dropped his ass off. That will teach him to beat a Texas team then come to this part of Texas 😀
  13. Basketball as well, pretty good one too. (My son’s HS played whitehouse one year)
  14. Agreed. It was out there, needed only a FG. 2 years in a row did not convert the last drive of the season. If you want to be the best …
  15. @Champa Same except reversed. I’m rooting for Jalen and the Eagles to get one this time.
  16. Whitehouse vs Channelview. Pulling for Mahomes, but I won't be mad if the Eagles win and Hurts gets one.
  17. First time in NFL History both starting QB's for the Superbowl are African American. Even more impressive both are Texas HS kids. bEast Texas vs GHA. For years no Texan had won a Superbowl till Drew Brees. 5 of the last 6 including the upcoming one had a Texas HS kid starting. They are 3 - 1 only loss Mahomes to Brady. A Texas QB will have won 4 of the last 6 Superbowls. Saints vs Patriots only one of last 6 with a non Texas kid.
  18. Still 1-5 and 1-4 vs Browns when he played did KC use their blueprint 😀
  19. If Alabama was in the Big 12 in Basketball they would be the 10th worst team.. The Big 12 took out those football beatings out on The SEC in The SEC/Big12 Massacre this weekend. Mobilehoma beat the Bama out of Ala. #2 Alabama would be the 10th rankeud team in a conference with 10 teams. Bug 12 wins 7 out of 10. And they played The SEC best teams BIG 12 PROVES DOMINANCE Heading into the day, the SEC appeared to have a chance thanks to some favorable matchups. Instead, the Big 12 took seven of the 10 games, with one of the losses coming when TCU fell in overtime while missing three rotational players. That’s even more impressive given that the entire Big 12 took part — including the league’s bottom teams — while four of the SEC’s bottom five teams in KenPom’s rankings didn’t take part. So this was essentially the entire Big 12 against the top of the SEC—the lone exception was Texas A&M.
  20. I am sorry, but your hero and their team lost their game 😞
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