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  2. I’m gaslight proof anyways. Carry on. Maybe it was moved because you’re disingenuous. bgw
  3. Pew Research article.... https://www.pewresearch.org/politics/2021/01/15/biden-begins-presidency-with-positive-ratings-trump-departs-with-lowest-ever-job-mark/ bgw
  4. Well if you wanna enjoy the game could always watch the replay of the UF game SMH. The amount of bad juju in that game was crazy.
  5. I usually go by HS, but it doesn't matter much I guess.
  6. Get well Punchy. You’re missed.... barely. Prayers are outbound until you kick this shit. Regards, Honorable Elijah Shabazz
  7. Both Travis Henry and Derrick Henry could be on the roster as well. Both close/at the top of the H.S. record book and NFL careers.
  8. Poor baby, blaming others for your stupidity. Just put all the POCs on ignore, problem solved. bgw
  9. Today
  10. Yea man. Had to be tough hitting Smith matched up on LBs. OSU is one more playoff ass kicking away from becoming part of the Chokie, Notre Dame conversation.
  11. No kidding! 20K wouldn’t get you on cc’s sideline when rush was there.
  12. Eric told me. Cory is gonna offer, just waiting on DC hire. He’s got two years, so we will see what happens. DBU or Underachieving U? tough call thanks for the prayers Shabazz I appreciate it
  13. I apologize for taking the bait and responding to racism with more hatred. I apologized for myself because I am man enough to admit when I was wrong. You racist scum bags just roam freely and ruin every thread you can get your hands on
  14. Oh ok! So now you are in MAYBE the top 50% of donors. I'm pretty sure Rufus donates that weekly and he isn't even close to the biggest UGA donor from Colquitt County alone. Lol
  15. That's easier said than done with the cheetah. Browns need their running game to lead the way and limit the possessions the chiefs get.
  16. Good start but I'll have to update the list later to fit the format I listed on page one because it has to be the same format across the board so the comparison is fair
  17. Browns gotta keep Chiefs O in front, don’t let that speed get behind them, stunt and feign pressure on defense. bgw
  18. Yeah, the “rational” NoBalls never lasts long enough to take hold. The apology was on the OT side, kinda chicken shit move, but it’s a start I reckon. Who you got Browns/Chiefs? bgw
  19. Yeah he is very detached especially with the current movements and generation. Same with jim brown. Brown did almost a complete flip on how he used to be.
  20. Kareem Abdul Jabbar is another level intelligent athlete but the cool, detached aloof personality is not something that attracts attention. Would love to hear Kareem’s views on things. bgw
  21. Wait until he finds out black people can't be racist. Funny part he tried to apologize for being a racist to you and Aztec and went right back to being the pos he is.
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