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  2. Good luck to DBP. Crazy things happen in the BNU
  3. Could be Ponchatoula and Destrehan in the Superdome..... Wouldn't surprise anyone here.
  4. No, but the Folsom booster with multiple personalities that have permanent brain damage (Block) and continues his quest for relevance with a recruited up transfer laden team……………………………………….. Damn Folsom is so irrelevant I lost my train of though because nobody gives a shit.
  5. as an initial matter, it's hard to rank the top 100 out of 16k teams. I should have posted this sooner, but why?: Bosco h2h beat DPC, ranked 80 by you, with Bosco nowhere in a top 100??? what else?: SPP beat DPC. Bosco beat SPP by 14. Joes and BC also beat SPP. More: In the playoffs, Holy Spirit was ranked in the low 20s in NJ, and went into their game against DPC at 6-6. DPC was tied with HS at the half 14-14, and DPC was home. Meanwhile, in the playoffs, Bosco beats the #4 team in NJ 17-0 away, and St As never gets insides Bosco's 20. I get that DPC beat Joes early on (but again, Bosco h2h beats DPC with 50,000 penalties), and that DPC had a good win against SHP, which beat Bosco early on. no signature win though. but things changed over the initially clarity-devoid season, and I get why it's hard for non-NJ fans to pick up on that. But no one in NJ would put DPC over Bosco this late in the season. So, we have to wait to be proved right. Now, yesterday, RBC, ranked 13 in NJ, beats DPC 13-8. And if DPC were to play BC and St Johns the regular season, then DPC finishes with 5 loses, not 3, roughly speaking. Not a great team, RBC lost to Donavan 28-7, and BC beats Donavan 35-7. it was all there to see.
  6. Block is pimping Serra for the Open on the NorCal board, but MD v Folsom would be entertaining. Ever see a running clock start in within the first five minutes.
  7. Looks like Rush's son has a shot at a ring this season then. Pretty sure they landed at Piedmont.
  8. Lets pray for Folsom then. That should bring out all the Block profiles.
  9. His team is the team Bosco NJ and Escambia FL took turns on
  10. U jock ride like 8 different teams in LilWeezyanna. No one even know who’s ur main team
  11. This must be mater dei's first state championship. You are glowing, nicky!
  12. 8 Cali teams rated in CalPreps top 25 today, including DLS. St Francis lost, so DLS broke free of the .2 chain gang site rule.
  13. I object, Mr. Shoes. Your poll is a travesty. It's a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of two mockeries of a sham. I move for re-do. Do you realize there is not a single homosexual team in your poll? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYp9WtbMo2k) (https://law.indiana.edu/instruction/tanford/web/movies/Bananas.htm)
  14. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/president-biden-eats-thanksgiving-meal-175003062.html
  15. All I want for Christmas is..... Rufus>>
  16. Agreed. But we can at least hope for Folsom 🙏 Just think how entertaining this board will be if it’s Folsom😂
  17. Sure do wish we could get a taste of that back in Moultrie. Packer football that is.
  18. Today
  19. When was the last time Georgia 7A school won championship without paying for their kids rent and light bills funny money expenses y’all realize Grayson has multiple kids from Jersey starting on varsity as freshmen
  20. a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. a great season for Servite. we on the East Coast like them. losing to 1 of the best ever by 9 and 20 is pretty impressive--while D-ville lost by 42 at home to MD--and beating SJB by 19 wen it counted. top 5 definitely. 39 degrees at start of game today and dropping right after
  21. Elite indeed. To hold this Servite team to 7 points, and even more so to hold Centennial to 16 points, is as good of a 2-game back-to-back performance you will see.
  22. When is the last time A NJ private won with kids that actually paid to go to those schools?
  23. 2011 Grayson,2017 NG and Milton's state title squad where local squads....
  24. You young fellers did what most said couldn't be done. Just goes to show what can happen when you play HARD & SMART and you play for your teammates and ESPECIALLY your HC. Who woulda thought they'd be playing Packer Football in Thomasville, Georgia? Congrats to Zach...his staff and EVERYBODY associated with Thomasville athletics..... Rufus>>
  25. The CIF will not permit an additional game after the state finals. For some teams playing in the finals it is their 15th game. The CIF will use player safety as the reason. MD will most likely play DLS. I would love to play Folsom in what could be known as the ‘Block Bowl’ but given that DLS beat Folsom I would be surprised if that happens.
  26. Agreed. I’ve never been shy about my opinion that Parker is overrated as a HC.
  27. I'd actually like to see a Lowndes rundown like that. We know they got at least one transfer this season alone. I wouldn't be surprised if those kids did all transfer to Collins Hill this year, but, there simply hasn't been a lot of noise about transfers there, and, like I've said, we've been watching what they have going on culminate over the past few years. They've shown steady improvement each season until here they are with what looks to be the best team in the state.
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