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  2. Would you charge your phone??
  3. Lol I been tracking it lately 😂
  4. I can only imagine what your ads are gonna look like now 😉
  5. Correct Now my google search history comes up penises when I type p for prep gridiron
  6. yeah.. wtf? what an asshole..probably like 25 or something. wow! you caught a football.🤡 haha.. kinda funny though.. he is a ghost.. no team, no hudl lol nothing.. It's gotta be a joke of some kind..lol
  7. Their latest recruit. He'll fit right in. #themaskedreceiver
  8. Oh, did we learn a new word today? Oh by the way, you're using it wrongly.
  9. Curtis is coached pretty well and runs the veer.....they eat up a lot of clock even when they lose. They will get some first downs on most everyone. Couple first downs here and there, nice punt pinning you back and making you go 75 or 80 yards and so on.....next thing you know it's the 4th Quarter. Just that quick. Just the way they play.
  10. Ill have to ask for a tits and get back to you 😂
  11. correct Georgia is apart from the NE
  12. Georgia has always been apart of the NE you just haven't been using your minds eye to see it...
  13. That DLS loss is the only one where they were completely dominated, not one of there best teams but a still a good thrashing.
  14. Today
  15. I have no doubt itd be a better game than us playing st frances. Good counsel just waxed that ass.
  16. Oh damn, good stuff. Some parents of current players were chattering about potentially playing them last night. Going to be tough to fill the schedule this fall. edit: maybe it was ravenwood from brentwood TN. Is their schedule done?
  17. Maybe. No OOS team has ever scored 30 points on John Curtis. Mater Dei might score 29.......Curtis probably score a TD or two.
  18. Interesting..........Brentwood Academy's schedule looks complete. Date Opponent Result Fri Aug. 20 7:00 PM at Florence (AL) Fri Aug. 27 7:00 PM at CPA Fri Sep. 3 7:00 PM at Briarcrest Christian R Fri Sep. 10 7:00 PM Whitehaven
  19. Lol Mater Dei would be a 6 touchdown favorite against the best team in Louisiana
  20. Our best Reciever is probably our slot receiver who’s like 5”10 but his hands and route running is phenomenal
  21. What about catholic or rummel? Maybe we’d be able to escape the swamp with a win if we played john curtis.
  22. @GardenStateBaller get on it! Georgia needs an OOS game where for once they would be the underdog. They only schedule OOS if they feel they are exponentially better. Give them one tough game for the year
  23. Here is the Top 10 Rank School State League Division W-L League W-L Division W-L Rating Schedule Strength Opponents' W-L 1 Mater Dei (Santa Ana, CA) team preview trend Southern Trinity 5-0 5-0 (1st) 5-0 96.9 59.8 12-14 WINS: #3 St. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA) (34-17), #8 Servite (Anaheim, CA) (24-17), #128 Santa Margarita
  24. Elias Ricks is still all Monarch. Just posted this on his page. I wonder why kids that go to IMG don’t like them? 🤣
  25. Grayson University down to #15 🤣
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