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  2. You are correct. “High school only and no rabbit” sounds like the distinction. Thanks.
  3. I'm harmless and completely sane. I also don't own any automatic stone throwers. Steve Kerr is exactly right though. A man couldn't be more right on something.
  4. How about throwing automatic rocks at politicians?
  5. Redzone, you might want to edit that first line. It could cause you trouble.
  6. I think the answer might be to start throwing automatic rocks at these politicians......stone them all. I wouldn't shed a tear. Only country in the world where this happens. Good "Old" USA!! So glad I'm done with this political bullshit. I hate them all!
  7. Mater Dei ➡️ Notre Dame, USC, Alabama. Heisman royalty. The only high school in the world with 3 Heisman winners. PPC. HGL. \|/
  8. He’s not bitching and not calling anyone a cheater 😂 just listen to the interview. Should recruits sign to whoever offers them the highest dollar amount? Yes or no? Should a kid pick Western Kentucky over Ohio state because they offer him 50k more? Of course not. That’s the point. Why the hell would you go to a cult school in college station and play for jimbo fisher instead of ALA/Saban, OSU/Day, USC/Riley, CLEM/Dabo, Lsu/Kelly etc. Regardless of what anybody says, college station and jimbo fish boy aren’t attractive. NIL, or direct payments makes them attractive. Period. The point of the rant was to call out direct payments, which are not NIL deals. Fisher has never out-recruited Saban prior to NIL deals. Ever. We all know shady shit has gone on prior to NIL at every major power 5 school. Not up for debate. Saban is saying A&M used a collective of money to bring kids in and Alabama did not. Period. Jimbo wants to argue but the proof is as blatant as it gets. 1 or 2 five stars per cycle prior to NIL and then it jumps to 7/8 FIVE stars depending on which service you use. Get real. It’s happening. Riley said there needs to guard rails on NIL, is he bitching too? Let Harbaugh steal a few recruits from Day (like fisher did to Saban) and watch how quick day cries. That’s what it is. It’s a new day in college football. Direct payments are not supposed to be happening but they are. Until somebody cracks down on this, it’s the wild Wild West. Fight on. I hope we pay everybody and win some championships, it’s legal right?
  9. Saban is the only one bitching about it... Thats the difference Coach Day aint complaining Lincoln Riley aint complaining Just Saban...
  10. I like the systems they have at places like Mater Dei. More schools private and public should try to imitate the safety measures they use. I want to say the measures around here are much more watered down, and it’s probably changed since I was in school. At one point they used to lock the doors to the high schools and you wouldn’t be able to just walk in unless one of the office staff let you in. Generally, it would be either parents or school district administration members. If you were a parent, you would at least have to sign into a visitors log. We as students wouldn’t have a problem getting on campus, unless maybe you didn’t have your student ID. Again, most of the time we wouldn’t have a reason to be outside the school during school hours, unless we were having some kind of school function. Other than that, they would keep the doors locked. I think it would at least be a helpful step for schools to implement metal detectors at the entrances so these weapons could potentially be stopped at the doors. Even just that would be a start.
  11. I am certainly not trying to take away from the tragedy that happened today because it was obviously horrific, and should have never happened. I can say that I went to Our Lady Queen of Angels in Newport Beach and Mater Dei high school in Santa Ana for all of my K-12 Education and security is the top priority at both places. You cannot enter campus anywhere except through security. Security scans your ID, prints out a pass, you go through a metal detector and are then allowed onto campus. & campus has multiple security roaming around at all times. You can’t pick up your child unless you are on the list of those allowed. No one comes onto campus that is not a student or faculty member. I think that is what @FreeBird is alluding to. Don’t get me wrong. This should be standard at every single school public or private across the country. It’s the unfortunate reality that our kids are not safe at schools anymore. If the higher ups won’t take any precautions then it is on the school. Of course, students at the school can get on campus with weapons and I think that is a danger within itself. But how can we address that? You can kill people without assault rifles. Who knows where to go from here, it is apparent though that the current system in place is not working whatsoever.
  12. She ain’t lying #patience #itsHappening
  13. They’re a little bigger than GH. Look like they have ~150/class in the High School. Pretty sure that’s on the larger size in ten SPC, but not much compared to a lot of schools.
  14. Sumlin beat Saban to. How did that work out long term?
  15. Calpreps is doo doo. I watched some Kinkaid video yesterday and they remind me a lot of Newman (NOLA). Newman and Kinkaid could be brothers when it comes to tuition. Of course Newman might win the D3 state championship this year with Arch Manning and all that group. They have four or five P5 guys. Point is I saw about five or six really good players for Kinkaid also in their videos. Not sure about this year. Not much depth on either Kinkaid or Newman. Kinkaid is a large school though. .
  16. What’s stopping something like this from happening at a private school? It already happens in Universities and everywhere else.
  17. Greenhill is my team. The SPC is made up of mostly similar college prep type schools. The best schools in Texas are in this league. The athletic prowess is important but not at the same level as other leagues. Greenhill graduated ~115 kids today and have 13 signed to play one (or two sports) in college. Not bad for the records of a lot of the teams. Off the top of my head they’re going to Brown/Columbia/Vanderbilt/St Olaf/Centre/Middlebury. Not a bad list
  18. The shooting came days before the National Rifle Association annual convention was set to begin in Houston. Abbott and both of Texas’ U.S. senators were among elected Republican officials who were the scheduled speakers at a Friday leadership forum sponsored by the NRA’s lobbying arm. In the years since Sandy Hook, the gun control debate in Congress has waxed and waned. Efforts by lawmakers to change U.S. gun policies in any significant way have consistently faced roadblocks from Republicans and the influence of outside groups such as the NRA. A year after Sandy Hook, Sens. Joe Manchin a West Virginia Democrat, and Patrick J. Toomey, a Pennsylvania Republican, negotiated a bipartisan proposal to expand the nation’s background check system. But as the measure was close to being brought to the Senate floor for a vote, it became clear it would not get enough votes to clear a 60-vote filibuster hurdle.
  19. The people concerned are the ones it's effecting directly(Bama, LSU, Georgia etc).
  20. They're more concerned with how he got the class. No doubt that there's some good players in that class, but all the big dogs got some great players in their classes too. The secret is keeping them all and developing them.
  21. I didn’t see Kinkaid this season in football but would bet the house(at least yours ) on The Woodlands. The SPC has some very good athletes at times but hard for me to see them being competitive with almost any 6A school. At all.
  22. Everybody is worried about it or they wouldn't be talked about. College football is at least 70 percent won in recruiting. That could be true. You could be right here too
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