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  2. @Ga96 definitely is one of those “sit down to pee” types
  3. Grayson went 10-3 that year losing to Lowndes in Round 3. And still did better than the team you're currently trying to argue with Los about.... But they stunk....
  4. Tru Prep doesn’t exist anymore. The team disbanded and the players scattered to local teams
  5. @Sammyswordsman could learn something about pulling weight...
  6. Nobody believes you. Nor did they believe you the last time you said it. 👇
  7. You ignore their crappy season and try to fluff them by noting that some crappy players were in a recruiting database one time, or something. It's not in RedZone's DNA to admit truth. He instead tries to find ways to avoid it.
  8. He thinks you’re referencing Bishop sycamore 🤣 Gorman doesn’t want the smoke
  9. Bishop Gorman doesn’t participate in the NV state Championship anymore?… Didn’t they lose to Liberty in the Title game in 2019?….
  10. Wait a few days. He’ll forget all about it.
  11. Probably not...... MD is probably just demanding too much money.
  12. Why is it that MD can’t fill their Schedule but SJB seems to have no problem doing so?…. Are teams really that afraid to play MD?…. Why wouldn’t Santa Margarita just get booted from the TL vs USA thing and have MD play their opponent?… MD is the National Brand, SM is not…..
  13. Kids now signing to play at the next level is "obscuring the fact/s"
  14. It's as if you perfectly described your very existence here. Nobody flops more badly and then tries to obscure that fact by changing the subject more than you.
  15. You mean accurately portraying their actual ability and not just posting links to recruiting pages in the hopes of obscuring the fact that Plant stunk in 2012.
  16. Finch now has stooped to busting kids who sign to play at the next level and totally whiffed on 2014. That's my boy though! He throws a lot of shit out there....he hopes someone will buy it. Sidecar about to giggle at Finch now.
  17. Today
  18. I want you to know that it is OK to step away from MSNBC, CNN and NPR for a while. You might not be willing to accept this, but they’re all just the leftist versions of Fox News, Breitbart etc.
  19. Nope. Which is why I made a joke about Kavanaugh using CRT in his concurrence. It reads like some things I'm told are CRT, akin to the worst of the 20th Century apparently.
  20. RedZone will never miss an opportunity to irrelevantly interject a Louisiana team into an unrelated topic.
  21. Honestly everyday I question y God took @MTP28 and didn’t take you instead really makes no sense but what ever
  22. Lowndes would have to pay for more than they would make by taking the entire team and staff. Its a lot better on us financially to host and just pay the visitors. A California team would get at least 25k from Lowndes to come to Georgia.
  23. The second highest rated player in the 2013 class quit football after the second week of his senior year......of high school. Florida State Seminoles commit Richy Klepal quits football
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