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  2. 160 days till Dooms Day for Georgia

    Lmao... Ok I get it. You are dumb as a fucking rock dude. I almost feel bad saying that, because you cant help it. You do not get it and wont. This has been pointless and a waste of time attempting explaining it to you. All states were done the same... In Alabama... There was no using the "AISA" ... They dont play the regular Alabama State HS Associated schools, and they dont play regular OOS opponents... So I don't care about them. They have no affect on the AHSAA teams (1A-7A)... So I dont need them. I dont want those teams mixed in, I want to know how states look without those teams. They arent as serious about football, and they dont play real state associated schools. They do not matter. In Arizona, I didnt use the CAA. In Arkansas, I didnt use the MAIS. There are some teams with a CA abbreviation, but are in Nevada apparently... I didnt use those teams. For South Carolina, I wont be using the SCISA. Those teams arent connected to, nor do they play, regular state associated teams. How fucking hard of a concept is this to grasp? At this point you have to think youre doing this on purpose... NO ONE is this stupid.
  3. CalPreps 1st National Preseason Top 100

    That’s your best comeback? servite wwas the undefeated champions of a bracket that is usually at least 50% top 100 teams — they beat a top 5 team in all the human polls the previous week by 14 and were themselves just as highly ranked in human polls as CP the gap between 1 and 100 is about the same as 100 to 1,000 — in my example, DLS moved up 1/10th if 1% for beating the team that was #1 in the country at CP and almost every human poll in a championship game — doesn’t get any more material than that and you’re going to object to a 1/10th if 1% movement because it doesn’t fit your narrative bring it a lot stronger than this — my interest is waning
  4. 160 days till Dooms Day for Georgia

    Lol the Texans would say they play football in Texas so they represent Texas.Texans are not children who try to tell us their bad teams don’t count against the total quality of football.The GISA plays OOS Tapps plays OOS they represent the kind of football played in each state period
  5. 160 days till Dooms Day for Georgia

    Again it matters not if they play each other..They are playing football in the state of GA is all that matters.You trying to say they don’t count against GA total quality of football is ridiculous.At this point you are just looking like an idiot for saying so.You have an obligation to correctly scale your state as a whole not just the part you like.Since the GISA plays OOS games they represent the quality of football played in GA.Show us the GISA +/- in OOS like you have the GHSA.
  6. March Madness Seeding Projection

    Interesting matchup. Press Virginia going to need to get some turnovers. If I’m Jay Wright I play DiVincenzo more and leave him in back court after WV makes. Brunson, Booth, and DiVincenzo can break the press .....
  7. Angry young white males

    Just Atlanta for work.
  8. March Madness Seeding Projection

    Could. West Virginia defense is not strong enough to contain Villanova.
  9. March Madness Seeding Projection

    Michigan will certaintly be favored by 5-6 ish but don’t count the noles out. They were 6 point dogs Tonight Too.
  10. March Madness Seeding Projection

    Yea but Michigan is finally getting it together and FSU is probably gonna get busted.
  11. March Madness Seeding Projection

    Length and athleticism of Seminoles gave zags issues.
  12. March Madness Seeding Projection

    Big 12 showing well. Texas also should of made it to at least round of 32. Horns gagged away the game against Nevada with questionable fouls on Mamba and missed free throws.
  13. March Madness Seeding Projection

    Nevada coach should of fouled late twice down 1 with 30 seconds to go.... there was only 5-6 second differential on the shot clock. Extend the game put Loyola at the line and make them earn it. Mistake. Calipari should of called timeout down 2 with 10-15 seconds left. Mistake. Calipari is the most overrated coach in college. Granted this wasn’t one of his more talented teams but he squanders so much talent. A KY team with John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, and Demarcus cousins couldn’t even get to a final 4. Bruce Weber (k state coach) got lucky not fouling Too when Kentucky almost banked in a 3 Down 3. Foul there put Kentucky at the line up 3 with seconds left. Mistake but got lucky. Watched a lot of Gonzaga this year they were overrated. If Nigel Goss and zack Collins game back to school from last year’s team they were a legit final four contender and #1 seed. Collins was a lottery pick and is doing ok in Portland but Nigel Williams Goss was late second rounder wasting his game in Serbia now. He should of went back to Gonzaga.
  14. 160 days till Dooms Day for Georgia

    So if we ask the Texans. "Is TAPPS a good representation of TX football?" And they laugh you off the forum would you be satisfied? What you're not understanding is the GISA is not affiliated with the NFHS like the GHSA is... GISA is completely independent they do whatever they want and they are a failing organization Like JCGill said vast majority of the GISA schools where created when segregation ended... The state does not even recognize GISA schools. They receive no funding or recognition. This is why CP rating them is ridiculous. There are only 2 schools in the GISA that affiliate with the NFHS that's Valwood and Deerfield Windsor. And unironically they are the best in the GISA.
  15. CalPreps 1st National Preseason Top 100

    You ever think people didnt believe Servite was a Top 5 team? Let me guess... They were top 5 at CalPreps and you think Humans have to base their polls off CalPreps? Heres another thing... Look at the bolded part... And youve partially acknowledged this yourself by saying theres a bigger gap in between #1 and #100 than there is between #100 and #1000... Moving up 15 spots from, for example, #1500 to #1485 is completely different than moving up 15 spots from #15 to #1.... #1 to #15 could realistically be 4-5 TDs some years... While #1500 to #1485 will never be more than 1 maybe 2 points... Theres a big diff.
  16. March Madness Seeding Projection

    BIG 12 have been showing out in this years Tourney. Could have 4 in the Elite 8.
  17. March Madness Seeding Projection

    This is a wild year... Loyola bounced Nevada. Kstate bounced Kentucky FSU beat Gonzaga.
  18. Toughest 2018 schedule in the country?

    Hes not saying Romes schedule is tough... He named all the out of region opponents for Marietta... Marietta probably has the toughest schedule in GA... No shame in adding their Region schedule also... McEachern, Hillgrove, and maybe even North Paulding & North Cobb will be solid games. Mariettas schedule: (Out-of-Region schedule) @ Rome (8/16 ; CKKC) Good Counsel MD (8/24) Collins Hill (8/31) Grayson (9/7) @ St. John's DC (9/22) (Region Schedule) North Paulding (10/05) @ McEachern (10/12) North Cobb (10/19) @ Hillgrove (10/26) Kennesaw Mountain (11/2)
  19. 160 days till Dooms Day for Georgia

    Wow you are totally fucking lost and have 0 clue how to look at it. Ive explained it 15 times but at this point, its like conversing with a Flat Earth with no concept of gravity to help his thought process. Listen --- there is NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, connecting GHSA teams to the GISA. There are no games played between the 2 football bodies, therefore their scaled are NOT linked. To add the GISA into the GHSAs scale, would only serve to skew the scaling of one or the other ... The teams in the GISA are connected by playing each other, and the teams in the GHSA are connected by playing each other, but the GISA and GHSA do not play each... So. The. Scales. Are. Not. Linked.... Therefore I have no reason or credible obligation to add the GISA into the GHSAs scale to skew it. You just keep saying "But they are GA teams" over and over like a 5 year old tugging at an adults pants leg. You dont get it... Just accept that. Those teams may be able to put GA after their names. But they arent connected to the GHSA... How hard is that to understand? Itd be like ranking college teams with NFL teams, when none of them play each other.
  20. Angry young white males

    Very well said. I wish everyone would test these ideas for themselves and see how it turns out. Great post.
  21. Coach Q&A

    First question coach...is Servite the worst or just horrible?
  22. Angry young white males

    People of genius and good will who probably thought about these issues a lot longer and harder than any of us have and who were almost certainly much smarter than we are came to the conclusion that a person's life goes best for him whose life it is when he cares deeply about the well-being of others. It's there in Aristotle 400 years before Christ and it's there in Leibniz 1700 years after Christ. And of course it's everywhere in the New Testament. You find it in Matthew, where Jesus says that he who gives up his life gains his life, and where he says that "the" command is to love God and your neighbor, where the implication is that to love God is to love your neighbor. And the theme is repeated in 1 John, where John says that he who sees his neighbor in need but shuts his heart off to him does not really love God. The rational egoist is an ethical altruist. It's good for you to want and to try to love everyone.
  23. Yeah but they play in the Trinity League and CIFSS D1 playoffs...the last 2/3 of their schedule would have more top 💯 teams then almost every other teams whole schedule...
  24. CalPreps 1st National Preseason Top 100

    You wrote “for fun” and then have been editorializing your opinion of CP since CP gets very good after it has data and remains to a lot of hsfb enthusiasts as the go to source for national rankings there is no perfect system — CP as good or better than any and exponentially comprehensive they do scale nationally — again, as well as anyone, especially with the increased amount of interstate games and is willing to adapt every year you mock their wild fluctuations of rankings but 1% of hsfb teams represents about 150 schools — don’t you think results from week to week can change the “ranking” of any team by 1%? (That’s 150 spots). 1/10th of 1%? That’s 15 spots, which is how far DLS jumped after beating #1 CC in the SBG in 2015. @Hardhit is on your side because he can’t accept that sort of jump, which would never happen in human polls. Human polls do things like in 2010 when heading into the final weekend, USAT had: #1. Trinity ((TX) — vs Pearland in 6A1 TX championship #2. South Panola (MS) — season had been over for two weeks, biggest win was a 14-point victory over Olive Branch #3. DLS — vs unbeaten Pac5 champ and national top 5 Servite Trinity loses, SP idle, DLS was up 42-0 before service got a 1st down final rankings 1. South panola 2. DLS human polls are inheritance polls and especially ill-advised when you are trying to rank 15,000 teams whose personnel turns over 50%/ year moreover, teams with competitive playoffs are penalized by inheritance polls that rewards a flashy September win more than a December championship because the order is more fluid early before becoming rigid embrace it
  25. Congratulations to the Board

    He acts like BLM kicked his puppy. I thought I heard they like kicking puppies so they may have. SMDH
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