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  2. Urban and Jacksonville are 0-2. The NFL is a different animal. Better right the ship quickly.
  3. Westlake-execute very well on both sides. Very young secondary that will mature spring-my surprise pick to be in Dallas in Dec. very well executed spread, solid defense. Will be tested next wk vs Westfield SLC-defense is improving Guyer-if O continues to improve they’ll be a threat in D2 Westfield Duncanville ryan Katy-they sub way too much to get a read on how good this team is currently. Atascocita north shore-once they settle on a QB and get 5**** CzB, Harris back they’ll be a threat what are your thoughts? Of course this will shake even more when a few of these teams play here in a few weeks
  4. Yea, I stopped drinking to get fucked up years ago. Hangovers just not worth it anymore. I'm definitely a foodie, and that's probably why I like craft beer so much too. I prefer to drink something with interesting flavors that tastes awesome. Gone are the days when me and my high school buddies would each buy a case of Beast ice and do a shotgun case race til we puked lol
  5. The last time Buford was shut-out at home was in 1998. Chaminade held the Wolves to just 98 yards and four first downs in the game.
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  7. work of a tier 10 poster? JK. At least your paying attention. I think this kind of post makes sense after about 8 weeks or so but still too early. Too much football left to play.
  8. Yeah, after 346 years of chattel bondage, 100 years of Jim Crow a five year strategic plan collaborating with racist capitalism. Makes sense to me. Not. bgw
  9. Awwwwww….. so much love here, now y’all keep it clean and I don’t wanna hear bout the Motel Six, massage beds and baby oil. bgw
  10. Of course not, but CP has em at 257... in the country.
  11. You mean like SJB absolutely destroyed a 1-3 Alemany 24-3. Its obvious you are trying to put a dent in MD for some strange reason.
  12. I don’t recall saying they were.
  13. The obsession is yours and the reason is obvious in this quote from you “I'm starting to think that MD's two wins so far are a little inflated.”
  14. No one is suggesting DLS for Tier 2. Results speak for themselves. Regardless of whatever weird obsession you have with trying to protect Duncanville, you're still wrong. Tier 2? No way. Tier 3? Maybe. Tier 4? Probably. They're not among the top 10 in the nation. They're just not and you have no evidence that they are. Desoto also lost to Judson... as in 1-3 Judson. As in, Desoto is the only team they've beaten. No matter what way you look at it, the top 10 national teams should absolutely destroy anyone outside of the top 150 and Duncanville just isn't doing that.
  15. Bama is too young man. You can have young 5 stars get roughed up by 4th and 5th year guys.
  16. That Bama D was soft as butter. Better pony up that bread to the refs for those 3rd and long PIs. Bama still won so it is what it is. Still a top team, but UGA is the team with the legit nasty D. Think they have a chance this year unfortunately.
  17. DLS was down 14 to a team they beat by 4 TD.Similarly Ducanville ran off 35 straight points.Point being if you’re the superior team it will show.I mean by your logic if DLS beats SFA and Folsom who cares they were down 14 to Cathedral Catholic.Duncanville is quality team and the people in the know in Texas rate them highly
  18. It’s a shame the Cen10 vs MD game was cancelled. That may have helped A lot regarding Cen10 placement vs Texas
  19. Good point. I received similar hesitations on DV from other people. I moved ST X and Ed’s out of Tier 2 because of lack of quality vetting. “Grandfathering” can only last a very short time. Teams need to challenge themselves and do well to be on the upper Tiers
  20. Could you imagine Mission Hills from the SDS jumping on Centennial 14-0? Don’t care what the final score is, that just wouldn’t happen. That’s basically DV vs DS.
  21. Good points. I didn’t know Desoto was up 14. We can’t seem to get a good assessment on DV. All the pplls have them ranked very high including Dave Campbell. Due to lack of OOS play it’s hard to gauge Texas. Also no one else has done significantly better vs MD DV is a mystery. I agree we can’t have “mysteries” in Tier 2 DV should enjoy the view for the next week
  22. I don’t care how many D-I players Duncanville is supposed to have, if coaching is questionable or if they just can’t play well as a team, then the results have to be the measure. In their second game, they played South Oak Cliff, a team that has a win over someone who had a -24 calpreps rating (negative twenty four) by only 17-0. SOC scored twice on Duncanville in the first half. A national top 10 or 15 team wins that game 56-0. Desoto was up on them 14-0. These guys do not appear to be Tier 2.
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