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  2. Those people know you're stupid....😉
  3. Damn, look at that turkey neck!!!!!!!
  4. Apparently we are. Just take a look at how many Visa's are given to Chinese and Indian folk that come her to work in the tech industry.
  5. Are you doing this because your tiers didn't take off like you wanted em too? Or are you a closet 49er? What is it Sammy? What is that made you screenshot this... On your laptop... ? Jesus Christ...
  6. Burrow upside is 1000x better right now. Burrow is a team leader and winner. Manziel was a stat guy with terrible flaws. Burrow had the best single season ever as a qb. Only the browns would take a chance on Manziel.
  7. Today
  8. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/morgan-wootten-winningest-high-school-basketball-coach-dies-at-88/2020/01/22/a7ad57b0-3c61-11ea-baca-eb7ace0a3455_story.html https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/morgan-wootten-winningest-high-school-basketball-coach-dies-at-88/2020/01/22/a7ad57b0-3c61-11ea-baca-eb7ace0a3455_story.html?outputType=comment The first link is for Mark Asher’s obituary in the Post for Coach Wootten. The second link is for the many, many comments after it which are testimony to his life and also to the countless that he touched.
  9. Yep America is not stupid they see the hypocracy and the double standard ! Unless they are a Democrat voter then they only know what fake News tells them.
  10. The evidence even without the witnesses is SO damning any other person would have been found guilty last night. Oh well, this impeachment will cost king trump hundreds of thousands of votes....that's a good thing.
  11. That's pretty historic that you were able to see all of Wootten's teams, especially those Alcindor matchups
  12. Mjd33

    Biden video

    Did you not watch the video? Sounds like hairplugs pedo Biden has your vote. Schmuck.
  13. When do the Prez's lawyers get to blow this BS up? Are they on today...or tomorrow? If tomorrow, I'm just going to turn this shit off.
  14. one more thing-given the overall experience when we were there-I would send my daughter there again in a minute. Great school, great people at all levels. I can tell you that the sports kids who transferred out usually had difficult parents with unreasonable expectations, and were often divas themselves. And if what I think is going on at St. Bernards is what I think it is-I fear there are going to be a lot of kids ineligible to play.
  15. True. But as we ALL know, impeachment was started about, I dunno….'bout...uh….3.5 years ago🤔
  16. OMG! That would be awesome! Can you imagine the sheer level of ape-shitedness rage that would ensue. It'd be worth getting pummeled a little just to witness it🤣
  17. It's like the female species is almost perfect. They just talk and ruin it. Again times must have been great in the past
  18. He’s with his son DUDE. Not cool😢 Definitely hit up the Strip cope some acid, and trip balls at Cirque du Soleil
  19. Great idea. I like that. I'll keep that in mind
  20. You need to hit it a lil harder when they talk to much. When you’re done, tell her that was for Trump and “Keep America Great”
  21. Man I reremeber the Good ole days when the Transfers were rolling in man those were the days #Ohhh woe is us
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