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  2. 12 Alabama 12 Ohio St. 11 Oklahoma St. 17 Georgia 19 Georgia 17 Alabama 13 Auburn 11 Alabama
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  4. nope no link, all memory! visual imagery, that's what the guys in the white lab coats keep callin' it..
  5. They definitely have the talent and coaching to do it. But 6a has some heavy hitters this year, so it's not gonna be a walk in the park for them.
  6. More like dumb ass ghetto kid told to clean his stupid mouth up but his own ignorance and hatred prevented him from listening to and respecting authority.
  7. Did a big powerlifting meet at Moody in 89 or 90.
  8. Dumb ass kids. His own black teammate called him out as a soft bater. Fuck that kid and his insubordination. Patterson should have kicked him out of the meeting immediately and then released him from school. He can go play JuCo ball.
  9. MTP28


    You dumbass your from Louisiana
  10. MTP28


    Kinda Nervous huh you little bitch, bout time for GHSA do get another BJ from you and Marietta. I always vote for South Georgia. Colquitt gonna embarrass you bitches. Click your heels together Dorthy cause the Mighty OZ is coming your way lol
  11. Looks like Valdosta is winning themselves a championship this season.
  12. Fred

    Head butt

    Erk Russell kept a scab on his forehead from head butting players.
  13. Manuel Douglas doing what he do The family of senior QB Jackson Dadich has told Birmingham officials he's leaving for St. Bernard. He helped lead the Patriots to the City Section Open Division title. His father died this summer. Hope things work out.
  14. He'll just shrug and smirk. They come to him. The pandemic is creating an even more volatile situation for kids in certain areas. Without any nationwide criteria being followed, the spot closings and certain states pushing back while others stay on track to play etc. is definitely making an interesting situation.
  15. Elite Georgia High School Quarterbacks There is alot of talent this season at the quarterback position in Ga HS football Watch: Enjoy and Share Enjoy and Share
  16. Next time you talk to propst (which I pray to God is soon), please bring this up.....how he managed to pull this one off. I'm pretty sure we'd like to know how this happened.
  17. They're recruiting far and wide now! The coach's first ever Valdosta tweet had to be taken down because it was so on the edge of legality of active athletic recruiting. All the way to SoCal for a qb. Cheating!
  18. No need Bro. Acting as if this is a first is silly. He won’t be the last either. I’m sure folks down in your neck of the woods will justify it, but it is what it is.......according to y'all. Cheating!
  19. Idk about moving, and the only one that hurt much at all was Tajh Sanders. Having he and Lemeke on the outsides was an amazing pair of receivers. Capital AMAZING. I think we'll be alright. Always nervous with a first year qb, even a tall and big senior like the one we got. He looks good in practice and on film. I like the chances against Valdosta really. We just gotta get that O-line eating on some honey bun sammiches soon.
  20. Merry Birfday, it's my Christmas.
  21. Question is have these Colquitt kids actually moved to Valdosta if so how many and how much does it hurt Colquitt.
  22. How much of a chance does Colquitt have this year? I remember their loss to Valdosta 50-49 last year, though, and that was without the new coach and players.
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