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  2. Finally.... A non homer, no bullshit post that reflects the actual circumstances that anyone who really knows football will recognize and attest to.
  3. No. Manatee is not very good.
  4. One has nothing to do with the other. I know Lakeland's resume basically sucks but I also know that they're a quality team.
  5. Going to be typical smash mouth BNU football..aka nfc east back in day...chin straps and mouth guard's better be secured!
  6. The claim you quoted ties in to Lakeland's resume, and to some degree, the quality of the 2019 team. Was beating Manatee at Manatee 45-0 (could have been 70-0) with a backup QB evidence of Lakeland being a top team nationally? Your laughter suggests you don't think it is. Which may hint at what you think of this Lakeland team. Which would inform your prediction of the outcome of their biggest-the state's biggest-game of the year to date. Of course, we know you won't share any predictions here. And that's amusing to me. I'm not superstitious; I don't think my predictions will have any bearing on the actual result.
  7. I embarrass you every week in your own threads. Look it up. I'm doing it now.
  8. You're not even remotely good.
  9. It's just not a skill to pick one or the other. The fact that you continually embarrass yourself against me every week proves what a clown you are on this topic.
  10. MNF has become borderline unwatchable. What a shame.
  11. Again, with this. You're incompetent because you can't explain yourself or your rankings in any coherent manner. Ever. It's proven over and over again. You get pulled out of line and exposed every single week. It never fails. Then you repeat this lame line about the pick em because you're super insecure.
  12. Looking forward to your explanation for what this has to do with your claim that I quoted.
  13. He’s too much of a bitch to stick his neck out there and pick a winner. Unless, it’s STA’s all-star squad versus some chump team.
  14. Hillary or not vote in 2016?
  15. What’s incredible is that you are so certain I am the one who’s incompetent when I’ve been ranked in the top 5 EVERY year we have been doing the Pick’ems. I’m either the luckiest guesser in the world or, just maybe, I might actually know how to analyze the quality of teams. Am I perfect, hell no. My product speaks for itself. You don’t have any products out there. I don’t know if it’s because you’re just a chicken shit or if you’re scared to death of getting exposed if you try and compete with all of us. I get the feeling it’s a bit of both. Of course, being a complete douchebag doesn’t help your cause.
  16. I thought for sure Orgeron would win.
  17. Looking forward to your prediction for Lakeland at Armwood. 🤡
  18. Today
  19. Since you couldn't make one of your dumb god awful threads about Folsom's game this week you post this? You are the most batshit poster on this site Block.
  20. 19 games this week. Sorry so many but I already cut 12 games I REALLY didnt want to. I cut some that were probably better "Pick Em" games, to keep big names in there like MD & SJB... I really like sneaking games in, like the Wisconsin D1 State Championship... Even though it took the place of games like Helix CA vs Carlsbad CA, Ensworth TN vs McCallie TN, AB Hoban OH vs Washington (Mass) OH, Apopka vs Seminole, Gaffney vs. Byrnes... Etc, etc... This is the 1st Rd of the Pick Em Playoffs. The seedings are as follows... 1 Texasball 16 Columbiafan 8 HawgGonelt 9 nptb17 4 Omaha Vol 13 CCBlackhatter 5 ECHS05 12 THS2011 3 WCACguy 14 NotBigDaddybloom 6 Cossacks 11 AztecPadre 7 World Citizen 10 prepsbill65 2 dntn31 15 Calpreps And for anyone that doesnt know.... This is a single elimination, 16 player, playoff for the Pick Em Championship. We do still keep up with the Overall standings while this is going on... So dont quit playing if you lose! No Georgia games again this week.... But they are going to make A LOT of appearances the following 3 weeks! 1st Round of Pick Em Playoff Games: Salpointe Catholic AZ @ Chandler AZ (11/23) *Open Semifinals* Hamilton AZ @ Saguaro AZ (11/23) *Open Semifinals* Mater Dei CA @ Mission Viejo CA *SS D1 Semifinals* St. John Bosco CA @ Corona Centennial CA *SS D1 Semifinals* St. John's DC vs. Good Counsel MD (11/24 @ Catholic University) *WCAC Championship* Lakeland FL @ Armwood FL *7A Quarterfinals* Miami Northwestern FL @ American Heritage (Plantation) FL *5A Quarterfinals* St. Louis HI vs. Mililani HI (@ Aloha Stadium) *D1-Open Semifinals* Glenwood IL @ East St. Louis IL (11/23) *6A Semifinals* Don Bosco Prep NJ @ St. Joseph Regional (11/23) *NGP4 Semifinals* Mentor OH vs. St. Edward OH (@ Parma HS) *D1 Quarterfinals* Elder OH vs. Colerain OH (@ Mason HS) *D1 Quarterfinals* Dutch Fork SC @ Fort Dorchester SC *5A Quarterfinals* Gaffney SC @ Byrnes SC *5A Quarterfinals* Southlake Carroll TX vs. DeSoto TX (4:30pm @ AT&T Stadium) *6A-I 2nd Round* Rockwall TX vs. Allen TX (@ AT&T Stadium) *6A-I 2nd Round* Cedar Hill TX vs. Denton Guyer TX (11/23 @ AT&T Stadium) *6A-II 2nd Round* Corner Canyon UT vs. American Fork UT (@ U. of Utah) *6A Championship* Muskego WI vs. Bay Port WI (@ U. of Wisconsin) *D1 Championship*
  21. You like to bring up the Mission Viejo 2015 season a lot... that was Folsom's worst team this decade. But I see that you never bring up 2014.... Folsom's best team ever. Folsom and Mission Viejo also had a common opponent that year. Mission Viejo 7 --- 24 Oceanside Folsom 68 ------------- 7 Oceanside. You should be thankful MV hasn't played Folsom most years.
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