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  2. In the real world not a dream perfect world cops see red flags as they are pulling someone over. Probable cause can be anything like I said a funny smell , driver acted funny /suspicious, cop sees a zip lock bag in the back seat, driver is a known drug dealer etc.
  3. I hope Barron's does not cause the whole airline group to pop at the open, Monday. Back in the day, it certainly used to have that effect. At least it did not mention UAL as a preferred buy. LUV, bounced straight up off its lows (V shape bottom). I tend not to like V shapes as there are usually more losers left holding the stock who will be inclined to sell on the way up. But, occasionally, the V's can be the most powerful bottoms. I guess we will see how it all plays out soon.
  4. At least MD is playing up and winning with all there transfers, Folsom takes all there transfers and gets spanked by DLS and Something Something Trail🤪
  5. @DarterBlue, fyi from this weekend’s Barron’s paper with SW mention.
  6. rockinl

    Live PD

    "More likely". THAT IS NOT PROBABLE CAUSE TO SEARCH. You dont seem to understand that being a low life with no tag or license is not probable cause to search. You understand that? I was a cop for 13 years. I know all of the "leading" questions. Its illegal to search without consent or probable cause. Its really not complicated. It protects everyone including you and I. Im pro police and always will be having been one. But Im pro American citizen with constitutional rights first.
  7. It was 100% due to riots... From Police Chief directly to me...
  8. I wonder if his father scolded him for the idiotic post or gave him an attaboy reaction?
  9. Senator John Glen USMC and Colonel Doug Hurley USMC....both “Top Guns!” PROUD! Ooooorah and Semper Fi.
  10. My point is the burning/destroying properties is not just done by local people from the neighborhood lashing out in anger. Some of it is from agitators whose intentions is to destroy their livelihood and disrupt life in those areas.
  11. Some cool helmet designs from https://twitter.com/iu_customs This is my favorite for Ohio State...
  12. AHP's Head Coach Patrick Surtain Sr. is from NOLA and played QB/DB for Edna Karr...part of a the 1993 team that won state. Edna Karr's first state championship. Surtain Sr. was drafted 2nd RD in 1998 and played 11 seasons in the NFL at DB...3X Pro Bowl
  13. Like I've said before the anger is well warranted but torching and looting local businesses and stores... Come on man... These places you'll need the next day... these are jobs you're taking people's livelihood...
  14. And don't run when your pants are halfway down your ass for stylish reasons LOL
  15. Well fucking duh. So, because he ran, and then he gave up, you still think it was fine that he was tackled after having given up? He gave up. Don't be obtuse. This type of shit is why cities are burning.
  16. I don't disagree with that. I try to not be in that position myself. However, when I watch Live PD, I see people being pulled over because they look out of place in a neighborhood. "Look out of place." I looked out of place coming out of northwest Moultrie before my ownself. I was stopped in my own town because the officer thought I shouldn't be in that neighborhood because I'm white. That sir, is not a lawful stop, but, of course had I tried to file a suit, they would have magically had probable cause for some reason. Now, I was questioned and whatever, taken out of my clean and perfectly operating vehicle for no good reason except the officer "thought" I was out of place. They searched my truck and patted me down for their safety. It's bullshit. First it was none of that guy's business what I was doing over there. I could have been dropping off a football player which I have been known to do occasionally. I could have been mentoring. Dropping off an employee. I could have been doing a lot of stuff, and not one little bit of it was any of that cop's fucking business. Of course I was clean and set about my way after being inconvenienced for no good reason, but, still... I don't forget about shit like that.
  17. Don't run and you will not get tackled.
  18. You are right once you get pulled over they can do anything they want. All they have to do is say I smell something funny next thing you know here comes the k9 you are handcuffed then they search your car from bumper to bumper. You have no choice in the matter this is why I go to extremes not to give them any reason to pull me over. I take no chances when it comes to cops.
  19. Yep. And an agent would be sent in to sabotage a protest, like him, to help influence public opinion. Sway anger and resentment from the true victim, Mr Floyd, to the citizens who would be so barbaric to torch their neighborhood. (Those thugs don't deserve my sympathy!!).
  20. I saw an episode on Cops where the guy had a crack rock in his shorts and he said that he just bought the shorts at a consignment shop so it must have been already there LOL
  21. Anyone else find it irresponsible Kenyatta Watson just deletes the USA stuff offering no explanation to his 32K plus followers, whom a large amount of them are kids who look to him for recruiting advice and many even pay for it? That just doesn't seem right to me, it comes off as if he is just trying to cover his own ass with no regard to anyone else who follows him... maybe it's just be me I guess
  22. How many people's first instinct is to lean over into their glove compartment to get their registration. Don't ever do that. For all the cop knows you might be reaching in to get a handgun excetera
  23. Is the person you described more likely to have drugs on them or a 65 grandmother driving a 2016 camry? I also had a state trooper tell me when they perform a traffic if the back seat of a car is full of misc garbage it shoots a red flag up instantly.
  24. I never told a cop that because personally I fear police. Again don't hate em but don't trust em and I've got family that works in law enforcement got an uncle that's a U.S Marshall and 3 cousins that work in various other Police departments. But I don't say anything when pulled over unless asked to because I want the exchange to be over as quick as possible.... Forgive me if I don't see the law as a friend. But I see your point saying shit like "I know my rights" does sound self incriminating
  25. That could very well be, some are peaceful, others aren't. But I don't just assume the rioting and violence is random, some of it is planned and deliberate for any number of reasons.
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