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  2. The liberal shill who doesn't start threads is lecturing about starting threads. 🤡 🤣
  3. FWIW, he left with the 5th lowest rating among the 12 modern Presidents.
  4. But, but, but how wuz to Orange Daddy exiting with the lowest approval rating ever and too imPeachmeants? Huh, riddle me dat, dum dum. bgw
  5. I agree with Larry. If you aren't already a "player" in this thing, don't become one by accident.
  6. Epstein tapes.... wonder when those are gonna bust out? bgw
  7. Thats exactly the thought I was having. Haha. Depends on which way the count is running doesn't it?
  8. Then 3...then 2...then 1...then..... Say goodnight Gracie. Rufus>>
  9. Today
  10. Not sure how much of it you've done...but I can assure you...there is absolutely NO JOY in it. Rufus>>
  11. tốt chết tiệt cho tôi chạy, ai đang phát điên về những gì bạn bán? đăng một số bức ảnh của một số âm hộ tốt đẹp của Việt Nam! Whoo hoooo! bgw
  12. If only these rioters knew who’s lawn to shit on, then the reality would be where the bigotry and hated lies.... bgw
  13. I believe a lot of what’s said, I just don’t think you want to be a part of the story. Testifying under oath is overrated!
  14. Down here in the West Morven area this morning... Hawg stepped out and said in a booming voice... Aye Hood! Y'all hear whether CRP entered the transfer portal yet or not?! Got back echoes. Will shake the 8 ball again tomorrow.
  15. I prefer one of his later works titled Thanks, Pincohet!: In praise of a murderous dictator.
  16. Georgia representing well at spots 1, 6, 10, 16, and 20. Jake Johnson is a great jump ball receiver.
  17. Yes, just as it would be good for Donald Trump not to lie 8,000 times during his Presidency which led to a riot and death at the Capitol. There will be zero point zero threads started by you about that despite the fact that liberals merely got a statistic wrong and Trump made up an alternate reality altogether. concha is back to regurgitating the original post because he can't think of another rational thought. He never gets passed the "owning the libs" phase.
  18. Love lax. Coached it at the youth level for many years. The sport got me a $68k discount off my kid’s college education. #Lax4Life
  19. Brookwood vs. American Heritage Plantation. Who ya got?
  20. Fine then. But it's cool to follow this story. Something about high school kids and loving sports scandals...
  21. Trust me, if you saw our band this year, you'd know there was no recruiting going on. But it still is funny though, so credit to you!
  22. I read on a high school band forum that North Gwinnett band boosters have been writing checks all over Georgia for new members and that they gladly take the checks but end up at Grayson. NGdawg claims band recruiting is alive and well in Georgia and screw them lawyers.
  23. AWWWW DID you get SAND in your VAGINA?!?! Or are you STILL SCORCHED from the BRUTAL takedowns I laid WRATH UPON you with?!?! Psssssst, WOULD an "I'M SORRY!" Help you from climbing DOWN off that TRIGGERED TREE you're ON?!?! OO00o0oO0o0hhhhhh SOMEONE'S MADDDD!!! Looks like SOMEBODY can't let the CRUSHING, TRAUMITIZING, STING OF DEFEAT GO!! YOU going to BEE OH KAY? Or do I need to call a WAMBULANCE?!?! Psssssssst Stay standing under THIS so the WAMBULANCE can HELP YOU!!!
  24. She is done after this season. She doesn’t want to play in college. I get it. It takes a lot of time. She was recruited as a Sophomore and some last year. She might get two Lacrosse email a week now, but that will change now that the season is here.
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