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  2. California has stated a high school football hall of fame. First class is pretty loaded. https://www.nfl.com/news/tom-brady-john-elway-and-aaron-rodgers-among-100-players-in-inaugural-california
  3. Yeah it sucks but they get benefit of espn and on3 doing crazy even worse rankings and rivals doing the exact same rankings. Majority of it is a money grab for their camps and crap. Its better for kids to just go to college camps and not even worry about being ranked on any of those sites.
  4. That reminds me of this parent on my sons 13U team. His son is big and not fast and he told the coach his son is a running back and linebacker. They had him lining up at guard which is what he looks like. There are plenty of bigger and faster kids for LB and RB. His dad was not too happy and was complaining to me. The first drill they had 2 kids going one on one in a circle. It’s kinda like a lineman drill where you grab each other and try and pancake the other to the ground. His son went up against this tiny wide receiver and the receiver threw his ass to the ground. 😂 I looked at the dad like “I don’t know” Lol
  5. GH is too good to play for Columbia.....unless you're talking USCjr. Rufus>>
  6. Well...I don't know WHY I'm doing this...BUT...hey, it is for a good cause.... 10. Lone Peak 9. Cedar Grove 8. Milton 7. St. Iggy 6. Elder 5. St. X 4. Trinity 3. Gorman 2. Buford 1. AHP Lowndes COULD very well win in the Concrete Spittoon. I'm taking North Morven's pick on this. Buford and Tommy will be a good one. I just think the Wolves are too talented. But it's like the Old Man said this morning..."Rufus, ifin you're scairt; say you're scairt". I'M SCAIRT !!!! Rufus>>
  7. His state is so used to playing obscure Mississippi and Arkansas teams that he doesn’t know what a national resume looks like. Louisiana has no skins on the wall. They play a total of 2 OOS games this year against teams with a pulse and the LA team is projected to lose both. One guaranteed and the other is a toss up. If they lose both, the next best team they play might be some MS team ranked in the 800’s or 1,000’s. Lol
  8. oh gawd please no.. If they there were to play any of those teams pops would be blowing up the FB feed non stop with my boy this and my boy that..well until the game was played. 🤣
  9. Just checked. They finished 1,860 nationally last year and 121st in FL. just your average team. Knowing how FL teams work, they will be playing Mater Dei or SFA any day now. Lol
  10. haha Dad was definitely slow and white but not so polite. A bit of a meathead.😆. Retired Harford County SWAT then moved to Tampa.
  11. Kinda funny that the 4-5 states that “won” Biden the election were the ones with the most controversy. It’s almost as of their was malarkey going on and the people in charge were all Biden supporters. From election officials, to district attorneys to the judges. The fix was in. It was a sucker punch with the cheat in ballots. Republicans couldn’t predict that China and the dems would unleash a global virus to push the cheat in ballots. Now republicans has no excuse
  12. Steinbrenner. Named after George Steinbrenner. They had a few good years. Went to the state semi finals a couple years back. They wouldn’t sniff a national top 500. They are a typical football team with maybe one or two guys that makes the next level. Most of the kids are just HS good. It’s in the suburbs where kids are slow, white and polite. Lol
  13. The son of a guy I played HS ball with is the starting QB for a Tampa area team. Steinberger or something like that, Are they any good? Pops thinks his boy is the next Trevor Lawrence. He looks more like a DE to me. lol he is a big boy
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  15. It’s a joke clown. I root for all FL teams against OOS teams at all levels. I’m from Tampa so I like to watch good football around the Tampa area. When STA came up to play Jesuit I went to the game and was rooting for Jesuit. In college I’m a die hard Seminoles fan but if Florida and Miami are playing OOS colleges I would go for them. And the only thing I “down” is garbage FL teams signing up to play top national teams only to embarrass their kids. If you played football at any level then you will remember any ass stomping you took. Sometimes more than the wins. Those ass stompings will stay with those kids for the rest of their lives. They won’t remember some tourist attraction they went to. They will remember the 40 point loss their coach forced on them.
  16. LOL..you're going down a rabbit hole again??....he lost that sate....just the other 5 he wanted to win but LOST...there are no excuses.
  17. not even close...she's have this Independent Yankee voting for her and people like me around the country who didn't buy the BIG lie....people with common sense...something you and you right wingers don't know.
  18. Alabaster (AL) Thompson - 1 Springfield (OH) - 2 West Chester (OH) Lakota West - 5 Las Vegas (NV) Bishop Gorman - 7 Cincinnati (OH) Elder - 3 Nashville (TN) Lipscomb Academy -6 Mission Hills (CA) Alemany - 10 Carmel (IN) - 4 Plantation (FL) American Heritage - 8 Ellenwood (GA) Cedar Grove - 9
  19. Anyways, calpreps has been thoroughly exposed. Kids will be kids though!
  20. The PA Supreme Court literally changed the rules in the middle of the game to help Biden. They violated their own state law to tilt the scales. Who polices the police? You know the feeling. I’m sure you felt the same way when the Supreme Court said women who think just like you can’t kill their unborn.
  21. Liz Cheney would poll worse than Kamala Harris. She’s a nepotism baby that attacked the leader of her party because a few dumbasses took their actions out of hand. They weren’t being very peaceful and patriotic like Trump suggested.
  22. they can't be saved from themselves...they go with the "election denier"....makes sense to you huh??....🤡
  23. Why don’t you email Joe Scarborough that line and give him permission you use it on air. Lol
  24. she's more of Conservative than you'll ever be...you claim to be a Conservative....but you're right-wing nut job with no principals or morals...she's the real deal...you're a "fake" conservative champ....not even close...🤡 LIZ for PRES!!...😉
  25. Yeah I’m sure the folks of Wyoming need some knowledge dropped on them by some left wing New York MSNBC viewer on how real ‘Muricans should vote.
  26. She has the mindset to turn this country back around and right the wrongs that your party has done. Tucker Carlson said it best. You can’t have leader who hate the country run the country. The last 2 years is 100 percent proof of that
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