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  2. I mean he's obviously not going to win it by 8 points again...probably in the 4-4.5 point range. It'll probably be called fro Drumpf well before 11:00.
  3. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announces 134 felony voter fraud charges in connection with 2018 Dem primary https://www.foxnews.com/politics/texas-attorney-general-ken-paxton-voter-fraud.amp
  4. Republicans on North Carolina Board of Elections resign after mail-in ballot changes Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, can nominate their replacements https://www.foxnews.com/politics/ncsbe-resignation-david-black-ken-raymond.amp
  5. No. Just thought it would be cool to share some REAL football perspective from one of the best during this Covid Football season. Season starts next week here and I'm trying to get pumped for it. Garcia, Valdosta and the thousands of Georgia Posts don't seem to be doing anything for me.
  6. My question is how were they down in the first place with a player that dominant?
  7. Draining the swamp Now lawmakers are getting locked up
  8. Love it. These riots are only helping DJT to get re-elected. #KAS
  9. Heading into Friday: The bulls staged a decent stand Thursday. But they only scored a draw. They did not turn the tide definitively. And, they should have. The market is oversold, badly so. In fact the last time we were this oversold, was early in the brief, but very scary bear market last February/March. As I type this, stock futures are mostly down. Only the NASDAQ futures are not. And they are not up, but are approximately breakeven. It should be a fascinating day. And it could be consequential one. Should the market take out, decisively, the lows put in on Monday, then the last stan
  10. Believe it or not...we haven't been to Moultrie since the playoff game in November 2019. Rufus>>
  11. Trump is up 1 point according to Trafalgar
  12. I agree. We seemed to have let the world take the lead The money is in the drugs tho
  13. Life Christian VA visits Cibolo Steele tonight. Check it out.
  14. ...same fox poll had trump up 5 in Ohio same time frame in 2016. ..trump loved the fox poll. Fast forward to 2020....trump says fox has the worst polls and hates him. lol You can't make this stuff up.
  15. the polls were right...they had Hillary winning the popular vote and there is no silent majority..just a bunch of hopeful people...😉
  16. Naw, you are a Grade A BS artist. But you are still interesting
  17. and???????????? ---------------- I don't understand you. You want me to hide from knowledge. Why would I put out my own eye? Also, in this case, it is fascinating. He is a genius of mass psychology, promotion and theater. I honestly cannot understand people (although I know I am the exception) who close their minds from understanding others. If I did not watch myself I would have to parrot a talking head from either camp. WTF? How is that good? Anyway, we are fundamentally different in how we approach life, obviously. peace out
  18. Doesn’t matter if they know what’s coming, they still have to stop it. And therein lies the rub.......
  19. Safe travels, though I’m sure you and your much better half could fall asleep and the vehicle could get to mole-tree sans driver. Let’s win! Good luck and keep em healthy!
  20. There was an Ohio poll in the last 2 weeks of 2016 that had Hillary up 5. On election night, the networks initially said Ohio was a barnburner - would go all night. Trump won by 8.
  21. Those that can't debate any policy.... try to argue about "polls"....🤣 It's all they got 🤷‍♂️ Maybe you should leave RZ alone with his last little toy...😆
  22. It's illegal to steal signals... Except in the GHSA. Rufus>>
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