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  2. He has the same chance of playing in an nfl game as you do.....
  3. All undefeated P5 teams should be in. So I'll assume the favorites win out: (In no particular order) 1) Ohio State (or Minnesota) 2) Clemson 3) LSU 4) Oregon
  4. I'd offer another case for it. He's clueless and doesn't know what he's doing.
  5. I love it. 23-6 over La Habra is a "convincing" win. Just like last year when he claimed that a game that was 35-27 in the 4th quarter was a "curb-stomping." 🤡
  6. the "shit hole" sacturacy cities are what made this country great and carry the country to this day... something to ponder
  7. 23-17 DBP. I wonder if BC attendance will be significantly smaller at the game
  8. Well they are the leaders in sports lmaooo tongue in cheek comment. I truly believe Alabama will get the nod.
  9. Another point to the above to quote Reggie Bush - "you might appear better then you are because you get an initial step that you lose when talent is leveled out" ....referring to himself as to why his production in the NFL at TB was nothing like in college. He said his oline in college gave him a fraction more space to get better acceleration into the hole where in the NFL essentially no one gets this because the line is almost always somewhat of a stalemate. He said directly "I wasn't as good of a TB as I thought coming out of college". I got a lot of respect for him in being humble enough to admit this and this is the bottom line with Peppers : once everyone around had his ability or more he faded
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  11. This is a good post - he's doing well and no doubt has proven to be more effective then Peppers. Peppers is a bust as I see it - the guy has had no where near the production for what he has been paid and how he was hyped. His stats were crap at Michigan as well but his versatility and athletic measures got him built up to more then what he actually produces. The amount of times I've seen him roasted brutally in the open field by the likes of AB and TY Hilton made me realize the guy isn't even close to his billing and in the league is average at best. Brian Cushing was a better defensive player as is Minkah in my opinion - college is the first testing ground and the NFL is obviously the ultimate. Ridiculous how people bring up this dumb shit like "well he was better in high school" lmao like the fact he was carving up Paramus means anything.
  12. No I dont. But I'll watch Auburn again closely this weekend.
  13. Some great game choices this week. I am going to the New Pal-Cathedral game and have no idea who will win. Both have had great seasons. Hoover (AL) Peoria (AZ) Centennial Phoenix (AZ) Pinnacle Mission Viejo (CA) Washington (DC) Gonzaga St. Johns (FL) Bartram Trail Miami (FL) Booker T. Washington Frankfort (IL) Lincoln-Way East Indianapolis (IN) Cathedral Owings Mill (MD) McDonogh Oradell (NJ) Bergen Catholic White Plains (NY) Archbishop Stepinac Cincinnati (OH) St. Xavier Fairfield (OH) Draper (UT) Corner Canyon Salt Lake City (UT) East
  14. Will The Guru give us his Top 4 today or continue to keep us posted on who isn't? Stay tuned...
  15. that will certainly depend on the stadium and the team he is playing for sure. Only a shithole sanctuary city will sign him so he won't get boooooooo'ed where he signs. Hell they'll probably name a blvd after him and have a parade for his socks.
  16. 954gator is right. Minkah is getting too much credit for some of these plays. Several of the INT's & fumble recoveries were right place, right time situations -- like the highlight above. Another player made the real play. The Steelers defense real strength has been pressuring the QB. Not only that, the Steelers have predominantly been playing against some weak competition. He got embarrassed in the 49ers game on a few plays, which is one of the only good teams they've faced since he arrived. Let's wait and see how well Minkah is "balling" once he faces the Ravens again or some other legit offense (if they manage to make the postseason). But versus the Bengals, Dolphins, Chargers, Colts, Rams, and Browns??? Please. That's a combined 19-36 this season. A couple of those teams are really bad offensively.
  17. By then Servite will have been dropped from my top 60....
  18. Thanks. Goodnight. We’ll chat again on Sat.
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