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  2. Go play in traffic Cooter..hopefully not one stopped by BLM assholea
  3. Wonder if there will be riots over this killing? Burn the city down and get some Nike’s made by slaves represented by #7 who is fighting oppression? Confusing huh? https://www.wdrb.com/news/crime-reports/indiana-woman-shot-killed-after-argument-with-black-lives-matter-supporters-family-says/article_f838b078-c4f9-11ea-bafe-af31eb69b19f.html
  4. Maybe chimpgrip will start a thread asking "How do you talk to T-Rex Girls" Answer.....just talk to them dammit!
  5. Help RedZone predict the 25 political related links hsfb will post tomorrow....most people haven't fully digested the 500 political related links from last week. LMAO
  6. Pitchers ERA wouldn’t typically go up if come in with RISP, it would be charged to whomever let him get on base. Runner should get credit for a run and hitter should get credit for RBI though.
  7. My boys son plays for Redlands in SoCal and he just told me they canceled Oregon, Wash, Zona games and 2 other scheduled teams canceled season on them. Central Catholic of Methdesto ( private school) coach said looking like an option of moving games to Spring is best hope at this time.
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  9. What's sad is the people of Alabama actually believe that now.
  10. ... trump would later go on to say that the Beatles did Sweet Home Alabama.
  11. I'm a little disappointed. Starting to think this is some type of political gay experimental message forum or something.
  12. Literally the one person on the planet whose passing would be the most beneficial for mankind. Not one other person’s life ending is more valuable. She is old as hell. Time to go sit next to satan for all the evil she caused.
  13. Hooo...hoooo....hoooters!
  14. Yeah decided to do a little Luke Skywalking after he took money from Ole’ Miss. fine character there.
  15. Well yes I saw both games and not sure what you were referring too about two games as I saw both. With regard to your little school. Most of your players migrated north to your little upstart school. Funny Herron a HOF coach couldn’t stand the stinch of cheating as he knew what and how to build a team with integrity. And while we are at it let’s be real about how y’all play in Greenville. Watched both games up there which clearly indicated home cooking. And finally 5SC outweighs a yearly recruited team. Hope this helps there Fred!!
  16. I was told NorCal but mentioned if one does the other will follow or risk serious liability.
  17. Impressive. Stability explains a lot 👍.
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