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  2. Your comment doesn’t change the statistics; over 160K infected, 3K dead with a ~2% mortality rate, all within 2 months, and that’s with us practicing social distancing, shelter in place, etc.
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  4. Quick like a bunny may look good but slower reps with better form will produce better results. Kudos for doing it, don't get me wrong, but I hope the strength coach is talking to many of them about form.
  5. Well then, maybe this China virus thing is over-hyped after all, huh?
  6. I am no longer updating the numbers in the title. Ten days as noted are frightening enough. I cannot and do not want to imagine the next ten or twenty or ..... Stay inside and stay safe.
  7. IMG will also soon be announcing the addition of the following three former NFL players to its staff: Shaun King- OC Pepper Johnson- DC Mike Sellers- RB Coach
  8. Joe Biden: The Coronavirus Started in ‘Luhan Province’
  9. Trump, they were doing so against one of modern history’s greatest minds—a mind so powerful he destroyed the two most powerful political dynasties in America (Clinton Dynasty and Bush Dynasty) as he romped his way into the White House—has destroyed since entering the White House the leftist mainstream propaganda media to such an extent that Trump with his 75.5 million Twitter followers is now the most powerful voice in America—and so utterly destroyed the socialist Democrats, his approval rating actually rose to a record high when they tried to impeach him—thus making it beyond all dispute that when Trump posted to his tens-of-millions of Twitter followers “I went from VERY successful businessman, to top T.V. Star ... to President of the United States (on my first try). I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius ... and a very stable genius at that!” in January-2018, his enemies should have stopped laughing and remembered the words Trump lives by: “He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best”.
  10. Sleepy Joe at it again. Cooter and Krusty's boy at it again !!
  11. Hey Guru... The State of Florida has 7 FBS Football programs. 3 of them will have Texas kids QB them for the 2020 season. Miami- D'eriq king (Manvel HS) Florida- Kyle Trask (Manvel HS) FIU - Chris Robinson (Mesquite Horn HS). DAMN!!!!!!😎 I'm trying to figure out when the last time a couple of STA QB's started for Texas FBS programs at the same time? Duhhhhh NEVER!!! In fact there was an STA QB that came to the Univ-Houston a few years ago and he was big FLOP!!!
  12. Maybe for the 2021 JC World Series, or sometime to Moab, I'll stop in Newcastle.
  13. The claim of an evil agenda is ludicrous (unless you're simply referring to what can be the cruel nature of the universe). The virus has natural, not man-made origins: But the conspiracy theorists will never change their minds.
  14. Doubt the state investigates, nothing really to investigate. He displayed mild symptoms. Hospitals are keeping spaces open and those displaying mild symptoms are most likely not going to get a bed. Even if a facility has space, they are going to try and keep it open due to the fear of influx of those displaying much more severe symptoms. There’s not even enough tests to give to everyone who has the symptoms, let alone hospital beds to put them in. Sadly that’s just the way it is and that’s the problem with this, no one knows, it’s not like it’s the flu.
  15. I guess that makes it a 160 mile trip to Newcastle for you. But if you do make it out that way, right now they are open 11-9 Monday thru Saturday. Closed Sunday. Hours or services may differ due to COVID-19
  16. SFA Elder St. X Zaga St. John’s,DC W. Woods Pitt CC DeMatha St. Joe’s Prep Mentor Pick Central South Co. SPP Springfield G. Counsel St. Edward
  17. How many other states have school class dedicated to their state history?
  18. Grand Junction. You're a Denver guy right?
  19. Vail way, or Grand Junction way?
  20. Who was the idiot hospital doctor or employee who sent him home. This was irresponsibility at its worst. I hope the state investigates. One has to be a lunatic with all that is going on to refuse him or at the very least, get him to another facility if all their beds were full.
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