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    Based on tonight, Servite would win the WCAC.
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    At least he attends his team’s games!! No excuse.
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    I certainly DON'T hate him! Yes...one of kind. Finally a real politician that can't be bought, intimidated, coerced, and cares about America and it's citizens above all of the other BS. AND he's funny as hell. KAGA '20. 😎
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    No Team in America (Beside MD) would've won those 3 games /years consecutively.
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    He’s pulling your chain Citizen, don’t try to respond with logic. He works under the mantra if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance you baffle them with bullshit. So I come back with even more bullshit. Short🚌/Block=Winning
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    This game did prove the effectiveness of the Folsom Rule. Kudos to Folsom parents for crying their way into lesser state bowl games.
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    Dude I'm sorry to hear about that...praying for your health and we'll being brother 🙏🙏
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    So basically California produces the best QBs.........14 Super Bowl QBs in undeniable Louisiana has produced some great QBs to be a tiny state. Texas produces....well, a lot of QBs..
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    Florida- 51 players (about 10 IMG kids) Texas- 46 players California- 22 players. (Not bad for the most populated State in the country- 40 Million people).
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    Neither team has a significant following. Neither IMG or SFA play any role in a local or state title. Essentially they are sports academies devoid of the kind of passion and spirit that you will see on North Capitol street in D. C. on Saturday night when DeMatha goes after Gonzaga. Literally 4,000-5,00O will cram into stands and rooftops surrounding a field several blocks from the U. S. Capitol. That game matters. Poggi knew and lived this when he was at Gilman. The games with Dematha, McDonogh and others are lifetime memories. SFA is his attempt to replace this but the game will be totally devoid of the apparent life changing passion his Gilman games once knew. IMG will never fill the shoes of Manatee. I and 10,000 others saw Bradenton Manatee beat Sarasota Riverview 15+ years ago. That game mattered. When Don Bosco travelled to Florida and played Manatee that was a game where fans left hoarse from yelling and hands red from clapping and slapping. SFA and IMG will not hear a hoarse voice or see a red hand in either stand.
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    What that Dude doesn’t realize is when it comes to Being the #1 Public in Cali, that road goes through The OC.... Cen10 Has done it by Winning the PAC 5 in Back to Back years... And they Have Beaten DLS and Played IMG 2 Times.... ST. Mission Viejo Has done it by beating everyone in TheOC, all Trinity League Teams, Traveling to DLS and Beating them and Traveling to NJ to play the Top Team in the country at that time... When LBP (RIP) was the #1 Public they Beat all the Top OC Teams to win the PAC 5 and Traveled to DLS and FL... And for Good Measure when DLS had to prove themselves and their ”Streak” they Traveled to The OC to play 2 Time National Champ MD.... If you “Think” you are a good HSFB team, you go to the OC and Seek out Cali’s Top Competition.... Until Folsom Travels to The OC and Beats Mission Viejo on the Field, or The I.E. and Beats Cen 10, Folsom is no more then “A Nice Lower Level Team” and no Better then The #3 Public in CA... If LBP was not gutted Folsom would be #4.... No Amount of Blathering on by “The Folsom Idiot” will change that reality and it just pisses that dude off....🤣🤣🤣
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    You guys make me laugh. RU competes well in several B10 sports. Leave the conference due to the futility of one sport? Stop it already.
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    The comp poll has been updated. Massey still hasn't updated to include the game result for SJB vs. Mililani. It may have finished after his cutoff date. I'll keep an eye on whether or not Massey updates to include this game. New: T-32 Our Lady of Good Counsel (Olney, MD) T-32 De Smet Jesuit (St. Louis, MO) T-38 JSerra (San Juan Capistrano, CA) T-41 Narbonne [Nathaniel] (Harbor City, CA) 43 Owasso (Owasso, OK) 44 Male (Louisville, KY) 45 Oakland (Murfreesboro, TN) Dropped Out: 17 Northwestern (Miami, FL) 25 St. Ignatius (Cleveland, OH) 32 Trinity (Louisville, KY) 34 Pickerington Central (Pickerington, OH) 40 Bergen Catholic (Oradell, NJ) 41 Punahou (Honolulu, HI) 44 Archbishop Hoban (Akron, OH) Most Positions Gained: +29: Lowndes (Valdosta, GA) +8 DeMatha (Hyattsville, MD) +8 Highland Springs (Highland Springs, VA) +5 Muskegon (Muskegon, MI) Most Points Gained: +53: Lowndes (Valdosta, GA) +30: DeMatha (Hyattsville, MD) +11: Corner Canyon (Draper, UT) +10: St. Joseph Regional (Montvale, NJ) +10: Our Lady of Good Counsel (Olney, MD) +10: De Smet Jesuit (St. Louis, MO) Most Positions Lost: -29: Northwestern (Miami, FL) -21: St. Ignatius (Cleveland, OH) -14: Trinity (Louisville, KY) -12: Pickerington Central (Pickerington, OH) -6: Central (Miami, FL) -6: Bergen Catholic (Oradell, NJ) Most Points Lost: -44: Northwestern (Miami, FL) -23: St. Ignatius (Cleveland, OH) -15: Trinity (Louisville, KY) -13: Central (Miami, FL) -10: Pickerington Central (Pickerington, OH)
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    If you seen this movie, this fits perfectly. Haha. Sometimes you got to take one for the team.
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    JSerra let them win so they do not have to play in the Open division playoffs.
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    a big statement that I would not dispute I think we can all agree, TX has never had a team anywhere near MD's level.
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    You are a sick human being. When you die may you rest in peace.
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    To be fair, it seems a lot of people wanted SJB on probation for their game against Servite. Every team will have one game during the season that they don't show up for, maybe even a couple.
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    1. Santa Ana,CA Mater Dei 2. Bellflower,CA St. John Bosco 3. Duncanville,TX 4. Bradenton,FL IMG 5. Ft. Lauderdale,FL Aquinas 6. Baltimore,MD St. Frances 7. Lakeland,FL 8. Honolulu,HI St. Louis 9. Concord,CA De LaSalle 10. Valdosta,GA Lowndes 11. Katy,TX 12. Houston,TX N. Shore 13. Hyattsville,MD DeMatha 14. Philadelphia,PA St. Joseph’s 15. Washington,DC St. John’s 16. Washington,DC Gonzaga 17. Montvale,NJ St. Joseph 18. Draper,UT Corner Canyon 19. Las Vegas,NV Gorman 20. Longview,TX 21. Marietta,GA 22. Owasso,OK 23. River Ridge,LA Curtis 24. Mentor,OH 25. Chandler,AZ 26. Lakewood,OH St. Edward 27. Powder Prings,GA McEachern 28. Moultrie,GA Colquitt Co. 29. Southlake,TX Carroll 30. Miami,FL N’western 31. Allen,TX 32. Bryant,AR 33. Miami,FL Central 34. Baton Rouge,LA Catholic 35. Murfreesboro,TN Oakland 36. Alabaster,AL Thompson 37. DeSoto,TX 38. Corona,CA Centennial 39. Charlotte,NC Mallard Creek 40. Irma,SC Dutch Fork 41. Mission Viejo,CA 42. Avon,IN 43. Louisville,KY Male 44. Jersey City,NJ St. Peter’s 45. Sammamish,WA Eastside Cath. 46. Duncan,SC Byrnes 47. Oradell,NJ Bergen Cath. 48. Denton,TX Guyer 49. Aledo,TX 50. St. Louis,MO DeSmet Just missed: Lake City,FL Columbia Akron,OH Hoban Cincinnati,OH Elder Olney,MD Good Counsel Harbor City,CA Narbonne Phoenix,AZ Pinnacle Cincinnati,OH St. Xavier Indianapolis,IN Cathedral San Juan Capistrano,CA JSerra W. Monroe,LA Dropped out: Cincinnati,OH St. Xavier Louisville,KY Trinity
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    I have memories of seeing St. Paul and MD battle in the Pitt back in the late 70s and early 80s. During that era St. Paul was the far superior team. The Trinity rivalries of today can't hold a candle to the old Angelus league with MD, Servite, St. Paul and Bishop Amat.
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    You are a one trick pony...and a retarded one at that. Regurgitating the same BS talking points without a single original thought. He ain't turning shit over to Congress. Nor should he. I'm proud of him for standing up to you effing lunatics. Impeach him already, you pussies! You all are too stupid to realize that you've absolutely 150% galvanized his base, and the clown show is NOT winning ANYONE over with their BS. His popularity is growing everyday. And there will be millions of legal US Citizens that may not like Trump, but will vote for anyone or anything before they vote a lunatic democrap into office. The clown show sucks dude. Everyone knows it. You are going to continue to lose as usual, and you and you ilk are going to get destroyed next year. There's no stopping it. The left played their hand and LOST BIGLY. I can't wait to see your dumbass spin. It'll be worth the price of admission.
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    Trey Gowdy is a Rock Star. A very welcome and appropriate addition to the Trump defense team indeed. They are going make Schiff for brains and the rest of the clown show posse look even more dumb than the already do. There is no way that Trump gets impeached. Clinton had 10 felony indictments and walked. Trump is not going to be impeached for simply not being nice. Because that’s all the dems really have...and his meaniness is only a matter of opinion🤣
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    Man... You have to Feel Bad for Calabasas and Amat... The other 2 Matchup's would be Absolutely Awesome!!!...
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    It's a good idea to place Mater Dei as a significant favorite over SJB. I don't think SJB should be guaranteed a "tier 1" placement now. Of course, if you're a shameless California homer, your "national" top 3 is probably 1. MD, 2. SJB, 3 Servite.
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    Rutgers was 9th out of 14 Big 10 teams in home attendance. The only way Rutgers leaves the Big 10 is if the Big 10 boots them out. They knew they wouldn’t compete in football. This isn’t a shock. Their goal should be schedule 3 garbage non conference games, and find a way to win 3 conference games against the bottom feeders, and make a bowl.
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    While everyone is bullshitting about how bad Rutgers is and where they should recruit and all... Send Nunzio down to Moultrie. We have some hard nosed kids down here that'd appreciate a look from Rutgers I'd imagine.
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    What's crazy is Alemany could end up only the 3rd best team in CIFSS D3. I like Corona del Mar personally of the top D3 schools. Garbers, Humphreys and their tight end, whose name escapes me, are quite the combo.
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    Gonzaga had much better players than Bosco, and there were no halftime adjustments here. We scored 0 in the 1st half and 0 in the 2nd half; so, we didn't adjust. You can't adjust much to Tyson when you're M Spinks. St F didn't adjust at all. They just wore our asses out, and finished the job they started in the 1st 1/2. We couldn't do anything. But we're easily the best in the BNU--no doubt and nothing to be ashamed of
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    Nice Deflection. Servite is now better than Folsom and will continue to be for the forseeable future. Your entire section is not relevant. Sad.
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    Lol, Cali would look bad too if your top 20-50ish teams all went out and played every states top teams. These Fl teams do it whether they are hot or not, and they travel 90% of the time. It is what it is. Most of the times it doesn't look to good.
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    PGL is currently working on a "DMV vs The USA" OOS event featuring DMC, Zaga, SJC, GC and SFA. The event will be co-produced with the Freedom Bowl organizers. More to come....
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    I keep my propping to a minimum. Losing to the greatest program in the history of high school sports isn't so bad. DLS would sure as hell beat JSerra by more than 11.
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    Update: After an investigation into specific IP addresses involved, I have now restricted a third user that was associated with one of the IP addresses involved with the recent spam attack on this forum.
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    Yep. They played last night's scrimmage with 10 starters out. Rufus>>
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    Remember when I said that Servite could win the WCAC? Make that, Servite could win the WCAC and the BNU. So much for SJR's signature win.
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    This will be the link: https://youtube.com/watch?v=fdqRpPdPldo [youtube.com] This game will now be streamed on IMGA YouTube!!!!
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    Sorry you lost a friend brother. Another brother goes home and it sounds like he and you had a deep friendship that you can't put a price on and many memories that will last forever. That is a blessing and a gift you will always have. Not everybody has those kinds of friends but I'm glad that you did.
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    @whiteshoes @Omaha Vol You two get a lot of heat for putting out polls every week but I want to thank you for putting in the time and effort to do so. Obviously not everyone is going to agree with your rankings especially when individuals have their own teams and leagues they feel should be ranked higher. It takes a lot of balls to put yourself out there with actual rankings of 1-100. This is the exact opposite of "lazy". Keep up the good fight gentlemen.
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    Guess Bishop Gorman is Tier 1 😂
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    @Horsefly I love you, man.
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    As in if you look at the place from the street you would be like yeah okay this pizza is probably trash but don’t read a book by its cover, their homemade zeppoli and tomato sauce is top notch
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    Ukrainian foreign minister saying Trump didn't pressure the Ukrainian president...
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    When a user is flagged for spam, any of their posts throughout their history on the site are automatically removed. This saves staff from needing to go through and make any personal judgements as to what is a pass and what is a fail, hence removing any bias from the equation. You all will notice that quite a few threads could potentially suffer from this phenomenon. I don't think this would apply to quoted posts though, so, some percentage of their posts could remain through that.
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    Then Blockhead responds in one of his alter egos!! DLS_Spartan

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