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    Congratulations to my son! he received his bachelors in BioChemistry from the University of Texas im beyond proud and wanted to share this great news with you esteemed gentlemen (3rd from the right of the robed young men)
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    74 years ago, these heroes helped changed the landscape of the world.
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    It’s not too early to rank these teams. I’ll give a Top 5, key games, and the top 6 returners with *’s and offers for each team. A few of these squads go 25+ deep with P5 offered kids so I cut it off at the top 6 returners because ADHD. 1. St. Frances Academy (MIAA-Baltimore)- Better than last year. Added a few very solid transfers. Key games- DeMatha and then who knows. They haven’t released much. Last year’s schedule was weak so hopefully they did a bit more research for 2018. You can’t keep selling yourself to these recruits by saying your biggest OOS game is Bishop Sullivan(no offense). Top 6 returners- QB Jalon Jones 4*(Florida commit) LB Shane Lee 4*(Alabama commit) OL Darien Dalcourt 4*(Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, etc... offers) RB Joachim Bangda 3*(Alabama, Ohio State, Penn St., etc... offers) DE Chris Braswell 4*( Alabama, Notre Dame, Georgia, etc... offers) LB Aaron Willis 4*(Florida, Penn St., Michigan, etc... offers) 2. St. John’s College High School(WCAC-Washington DC)- Again, will be better this season. The last QB Doyle(Arizona) was a massive reason for the success of 2017, but if the Hawaii transfer can get the ball in the right spots, SJC will be in the MNC discussion. They’ll have back ups with SEC offers. Key games- Hoover, IMG, Marietta, and Miami Central. Top 6 returners- QB Sol-Jay Maiava 4*( Michigan, Oregon, Washington, etc... offers) RB Keilan Robinson 4*(Alabama, Florida St., Georgia, etc... offers) LB Mekhail Sherman 4*(Clemson, Georgia, Ohio St., etc... offers) WR Rakim Jarrett 4*(Florida, Florida St., Michigan, etc... offers) DE Tre’Mon Morris-Brash 4*(Florida, Oklahoma, LSU, etc...) DB Luke Hill 4*( Clemson, Florida, Oklahoma, etc... offers) 3. DeMatha Catholic High School(WCAC-Washington DC)- Last year was a huge let down. The offense couldn’t score. They will feature a new OC and DC. Transfers are still enrolling. They have the talent to win the WCAC, but offensive production is a massive concern. Key games- St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Frances Academy, Imhotep Charter. Top 6 returners- DB Nick Cross 4*(Florida, Ohio State, Alabama, etc...offers) ATH DeMarcco Hellams 4*(Penn St., Clemson, Alabama, etc...offers) RB Marshawn Lloyd 4*(Ohio St., Notre Dame, Florida, etc...offers) LB Greg Penn III 4*(Florida, Nebraska, West Virginia, etc...offers) DE Coziah Izzard 4*(Notre Dame, Georgia, Tennessee, etc...offers) OL Golden Achumba 4*(Florida, Michigan, Boston College offers) 4.) Gonzaga College High School(WCAC-Washington DC)- 10 years ago, this Gonzaga team would be the top team in the area. Not so much in 2018 with the arms race between the top private schools. They will feature the best QB in the WCAC. I feel like half of their team will end up playing at a FCS, Ivy, or service academy. This team will push SJC and DM for the WCAC title. Best coaching in the league. Key games- Don Bosco Prep, Bishop Sullivan Top 6 returners- QB Caleb Williams 4*(Florida, Florida St., Michigan, etc...offers) DE Joseph Wete 4*( Penn St., Oklahoma, USC,etc...) DE Hunter Stewart 3*(Missouri, UNC, West Virginia, etc...offers) ATH Dean Engram 3*(Wisconsin, Penn St., Virginia Tech, etc...) OL Luke Petitbon 3*(Vanderbilt, Boston College, Cincinnati offers) OL Jestus Johnson 3*(Rutgers and Cincinnati offers) 5. Our Lady of Good Counsel High School(WCAC-Washington DC)-Very similar to Gonzaga, but with a under recruited running threat at QB. The OL is massive(6’4 310 average) and the RB is a workhorse. This team is about as disciplined as it gets. We’ll see what they are about in game 1 vs Marietta. Key games- Marietta, St. Joseph’s Prep Top 6 returners- WR Cam Hart 3*(Michigan State, UNC, West Virginia, etc...offers) OL Landon Tengwall 4*(Ohio St., Penn St., LSU, etc...offers) LB Julio Ayamel 3*(Kentucky, Army, Air Force offers) LB Jalen Green 3*(Virginia offer) LB Mitchell Melton 3*(Rutgers offer) OL Mason Lunsford 3*(Virginia, Army, Air Force, etc...offers)
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    Man if my son just applies for a community college he sets the record in the family for the furthest education. Lol. 😂 I know you gotta be proud. It's a great feeling when your children excel. It gives you more pleasure than when you do something. My children are still young but I pray they can reach that summit one day. God bless
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    That's a good question. Naturally I would say IMG in 2015 but St. Edward's in '14 was an outstanding team. They were the most physical team we have ever played.
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    Colquitt is traveling OOS to play Grayson. And before you even start....have you ever been to Loganville? Believe me...it's WAY OOS. Take that...Fred. Rufus>>
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    These games are limited by the IHSAA but here are a few contests that will be interesting. Louisville (KY) Trinity @ Carmel – August 17 Evansville Reitz @ Henderson(KY) Henderson County – August 17 Warren Central @ Louisville (KY) Trinity – August 24 Marie Stein (OH) Marion Local @ Woodburn Woodlan – August 24 Bloomfield Hills (MI) Brother Rice @ Mishawaka Penn – August 24 St. Leon (IN) East Central @ Cincinnati (OH) Oak Hills – August 24 Owensboro (KY) Apollo @ Evansville Mater Dei – August 24 Owensboro (KY) Daviess County @ Evansville Central – August 25 Cincinnati (OH) Elder vs. Indianapolis Cathedral – August 31 (Marian University) St. Leon (IN) East Central @ Harrison (OH) – August 31 Mishawaka Penn @ Orchard Lake (MI) St. Mary’s – September 7 Cincinnati (OH) St. Xavier @ Indianapolis Cathedral – September 14 Ryle (KY) Union vs. Indianapolis Cathedral – September 28 (Tech HS) Lima (OH) Central Catholic @ Woodburn Woodlan – September 28 Indianapolis Chatard @ Cincinnati (OH) Winton Woods – September 28 Park Hills (KY) Covington Catholic @ Indianapolis Chatard – October 5 Indianapolis Cathedral @ Lakewood (OH) St. Edward – October 6
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    No need to check him when you just deny him the ball! Don't let him touch the ball and he can't do squat. See man, see ball...easy. If somehow he does get possession...well shit, you just get right up in his chest and slow down that first step of his. Get your butt down, slap the floor, and play some D! Beat him to the spot! Out-think him. Talk a little shit. Get in his head. And keep a hand in his face!!! Shut that sumbitch down! I got Bron y'all! Shit. Ain't nothin' but a thing.
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    The US added 223k jobs in May and the unemployment rate dropped to 3.8%. #winning As proof, I'd like to congratulate @HSFBfan for securing his first ever white-collar job!! He's now an employed paralegal. Best of luck!!
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    Please start posting your questions here. This Q&A is for @NicholasMalibu and @eaglesinsider. You're welcome!!!
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    1) Not a Glock fan 2) I stopped break dancing back in '88 after winning the world title. .
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    Official word from the BG posters is, "No talent and attempting to run the single wing offense this season." Cutting through the spin and posturing... They are being sneaky. They see how MD is operating now so, they don't want anyone to know who transferred in at numerous positions because Eddy and Rollo will go out to SJB and Hawaii if need be to pull defensive players to match what offensive talent BG transferred in. It's an arms race and everyone else can only watch and hope they don't raid their pantry.
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    Has Rush learned how to count to 11 yet? Until he does he couldn't win state let alone and the best in the country. Just sayin.
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    “The data only covered the period through 2016”. The rest is just made up shit cause we hate Trump.
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    I hope HSFB Fan succeeds at this new job and that he finds the work interesting.
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    Egg on face.... per usual.
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    Lebron could beat warriors by himself, sick with flu, foot in a cast, and with a concussion __________<_<_______<_<________________
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    Yes. They love your posts.
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    Last years GA 7A final... North Gwinnett kicked a walk off 40 yard FG with no time on the clock to beat Colquitt 19-17 after 2 penalties in a row put them in FG range.
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    Haha. Yup. I want to be compensated for this failure. How do they know I didn't have the greatest most epic question to ask him. One that could have made internet hsfb forum history!! Could have gone on the morning show circuit. Maybe even launched my own brand and gotten my own Netflix show worth millions!!!!
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    Lol @RedZone and @Sportsnut would be first to snap lol it’s comical that ur talking about other people snapping,,, y’all would be the first ones check ur posts .. you 2 are obsessed with The White Man
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    I’m no Ga. homer, but I keep it real. 1. Convenience or whatever, Ga teams play Florida, Alabama, South Carolina and others on a regular basis. Seriously, dude. Just those 3 states have literally 20-30 teams better than any team Folsom has ever played (minus DLS and Serra). 2. I support Cali, but Ga has as many D1s as Cali...with half the schools. Hell maybe less. 2016 Grayson had like 10 SEC calibur D1s. It’s not uncommon for Ga teams to be stacked close to that. Programs are great and all, but the elite programs have the Jimmies and Joes to make them elite. 3. Folsom is nationally relevant because of Jake Browning and his record for TDs playing against nobodys. If not for you (and maybe Sammy), nobody would be talking about Folsom on this forum. ....and yes, the EBAL is clearly below DLS’s calibur. But those are the team around them. Can’t travel 100’s of miles every week. And remember that DLS is like 33-0 against SFL teams.