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    I'm probably going to regret this, but.... Regarding Atascocita, they are a decent Houston area team, IMO similar to Klein Collins or Spring Westfield; not elite but can be very good at times. They always seem to have a lot of athletic talent. They did beat North Shore in 2016 & 2017, the two years between North Shore's state championships. I don't know if Atascocita will be a top 10 team in 6A next year, but they could be. As Horsefly states they have a lot returning. As for Katy scheduling; Yeah, I would have liked for them to schedule someone other than IPN. But a number of things happened during redistricting that worked against Katy. The UIL restructures the districts every 2 years. Many schools will setup tentative non-district schedules prior to redistricting, and will partner with each other on that 2 year basis. For those that do not have tentative agreements it is often a mad scramble to get teams scheduled once the redistricting is announced. Katy had tentative schedules with North Shore, Atascocita, and The Woodlands (not a bad line-up). When redistricting came out the Katy district lost a team, meaning there were 7 schools in the district, and not the anticipated 8. Which meant everyone in the district (including Katy) had to look for a 4th non-district game. While also looking for a 4th game, The Woodlands were put into a 9-team district, meaning they would not have a 3rd non-district game. So, Katy now had to look for 2 games. Once the dust settled there wasn't anyone else available for that week 3 game. Excluding IPN, the non-district schedule for Katy is not that terrible, with 1 great matchup & 2 decent matchups. It was comparable to the 2016/2017 matchups with Klein Collins, Westlake, & The Woodlands.... and certainly better than prior years. Because Katy is in a public school district with 7 other schools, you are never going to see them schedule a monster non-district line-up. There is not enough district funds, and there is likely too much politics involved.
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    Oh no! Now they have to rely on their 4 star recruit to replace him.
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    Gather every one of those stinking illegal immigrants and ship them all to where they came. I said right after the election watch how fast the Demorats scream for the Brown vote. They know they don't own the black vote like they once did. So now lets see how stupid Mexicans are? I have news for you essay.... most of us aren't. You notice how with the Demorats black lives don't matter as much anymore? Now its lets do it for the Rasa, viva Mexico and all their bullshit. The rotten pig ass Demorats don't give a shit about anyone. Power is all they want. Im here in Texas surrounded by my family and many, many legal Mexicans and other legal immigrants. In fact a Haitian and Brazilian both work for me. Both here legally. Guess what they all support President Trump. You blind sheep keep believing CNN and MSNBC hell even the FOX poll. All saying President Trump is behind and will not win. News flash same shit was said last election. In fact my brother in arms Gunny even offered a 500.00 bet he would never be elected. No one took him up on it. Ask him now if he will make the same bet he wont be re-elected. Gunny is a very intelligent man Im betting he wont take that bet. However I will. Ill bet 4 of you sheep 500.00 each that President Trump is re-elected. (not you douchebagpussy66) your not a man of your word. I cant trust you will pay. When he wins you will come up with Jamaica fucked with our election and Ill have to wait or some shit. Any takers? BTW did you sheep see the crowds in FL? Did you see all those white people only? Hell know you didnt. There were people from all walks of life, people with different ethic backgrounds there supporting the President of the United States Donald Trump. Get used to it sheep you have another 6 yrs of this.
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    What is the feeling as to how these teams will compare to the 2018 teams? I'm sure it's been mentioned on, say, page 37 of some other thread with a title like "Georgia's best teams", but I don't feel like looking for it.
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    Please forgive me but I can’t resist. 15 minutes after taking the above picture I was able to photograph this. I’m entitling it “the hunt” but I’m not sure who is hunting who. And, please note the clay model of a cat in the lower right hand corner: “life is good.” I drank a lot of wine🍷😁 waiting for the right moment to take this.
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    I do. I spent 125-150 days each year on the road every year from ‘83-2013 when I retired. I spent a lot of Friday nights driving miles-sometimes hours-to see teams play. I once had a couple in Mojo’s Permian stadium tell me they had “never met a Yankee before.” I bought a scalped ticket in Valdosta to see them play Clarke Central. A friend in Cincinnati dragged me to a game at UC stadium in ‘81 to see his team, Moeller (in Faust’s last year) beat “some team from Maryland.” DeMatha Lost 35-0 that night. In truth however I do not know anymore than anyone else on here and, to be really honest, know less than most. Probably much less since this is a very sophisticated, knowledgeable board. But I built a career on my opinions and, obviously, I still haven’t stopped.
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    1/2 Yard of Del Cielo “Sneaky Slinkey” IPA (7.0%) from Martinez, CA at the Yard house!!!.... Nicely Balanced IPA with a smooth citrus finish.... I may need like 4 of these to get through the Warriors Game tonight!!!...🤣🤣🤣 Go Warriors!!!!!
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    I joke on here and crack on people about white perps getting the mental illness card and others not. In reality all of these types are similar, disgruntled types, a perceived slight or mistreatment and they kill indiscriminately. It's rarely a racial killing with these fucks. They target a specific person or persons and the rest are collateral that happen to be at the wrong place at the right time. People planning their weekends and this sick bastard clicks off safe. This could happen to any of us at anytime anywhere.
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    Bru McCoy is reportedly considering transferring back to #USC after a semester in Texas.
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    There's a lot of reasons why people hated Tim Tebow. Most hated him because the media made him seem like a god, or how he preached Christianity too hard. Some hated him because he was on a rival team. Others because he just seemed weird as F. My only gripe with him was that he stole the spotlight from the most talented player I'd ever seen play at Florida. How could a player THIS good have been overshadowed? The true MVP of 06-08 Gators... Every time he touched the ball was something special. About time someone put together a good recap of his NCAA career.
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    I'm as pro border security as anyone. But don't piss on my leg and try and tell me it's raining. I've noticed that a lot of Trumps (as did Obama folks) supporters don't seem to want to hold his feet to the fire for promises not kept. In this age, it floors me that people still believe what a President and politicians promise.
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    Hagler is my favorite fighter of all time. I grew up watching him fight. Still I wouldn't have him ranked as the best middleweight ever. It's hard to compare across eras, but men like Stanley Ketchel, Carlos Monzon, Bernard Hopkins, SRR, and Roy Jones, Jr. (at middle) to name just a few would have been difficult style matchups for him (and vice versa of course) and led to some great fights. Hagler never went up in weight to see how he would have fared against bigger fighters. Of the fighters I named above only Monzon remained a middleweight his entire career. Hagler was a phenomenal fighter but had difficulty with fighters that were boxers that could take his punch and had speed advantages like Boogaloo Watts or Willie "the Worm" Monroe, Senior. Like Monzon he took on all-comers at Middle and ruled the division with an Iron Fist so it's hard to fault him for not going up in weight. Monzon was 87-3 for his career and undefeated over the last 13-years of his career, and along the way beat Hall of Famers Nino Benvenutti (twice), Emile Griffith (twice, Monzon was one of 2 men to ever stop the legendary champ), Bennie Briscoe (who resembled Hagler both in stature, look, and fighting style), Rodrigo Valdez (twice), and Jose "Mantequilla" Napoles (who is arguably a top 5-top 10 welter of all time). He had one of the most accurate right hands in the history of boxing and like Hagler was blessed with an iron chin. Not saying Monzon was better than Hagler just wanted to bring attention to an often underappreciated legend of the sport. To be fair: both of the boxing historians in my family (may they RIP) thought Monzon was better than Hagler. I didn't see Monzon live so I couldn't say, but my dad had the most extensive boxing trivia/fighter trivia knowledge of anyone I've probably ever known in person; before his untimely passing last year we would go to most of the "big" fights in Vegas. At his funeral services classmates of his from Stanford mentioned my dad's encyclopedic knowledge of boxing and one friend told an anecdote about how a History Professor once asked my dad if he could name every US President in Order and my dad responded, "No, but I can name every Kentucky Derby winner from Aristedes (1st derby winner) to present (1972) and every heavyweight champion from John L. Sullivan to present." Ironically, I would use a similar line in law school while talking to my Admin Law Professor, US SCOTUS Justice Antonin Scalia so the apple didn't fall far from the tree. The other boxing historian in my family was my great uncle. He was a hall of fame boxing trainer who founded the first co-racial boxing gym in West Texas in the late 20s or early 1930s and was most famous for teaching George Foreman and Aaron Pryor the art of cutting off the ring (my great uncle's specialty). He had one of the largest collection of boxing videos of anyone and was adamant that Monzon would have beaten Hagler over 12 or 15 rounds. As a kid I also remember him telling me that Benny Leonard would have beaten one of my idols (Roberto Duran) at lightweight. I didn't see Monzon or Benny Leonard fight but my great uncle did and he's a hall of fame boxing trainer who worked with George Foreman and Aaron Pryor in his later years so I have to, at the very least, respect his opinion.
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    Why, does SJB have a huge nose tackle?
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    Man ESPN will probably have 2 teams from Iowa playing because one team has 4 star Guard. Biggest waste of opportunity ever over at that crappy station
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    Godzilla is Japanese and Kong is African. I'm sorry I got to go with the Homie Kong in that one every time. Plus Godzilla cheats with the Fire thing that causes Kong to Regroup and throw a couple of big rocks at his Japanese Lizard Ass. 🤣 I can't wait till The King rocks the Lizard
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    I usually don’t post in the circle jerk political threads in the OT board. BUT, don’t care if you’re a raging lib or right winger, someone who is a Welch has zero credibility about “paying” for anything and is hypocritical. Free advice. Be a man, have some pride and square your bet! You’re welcome.
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    I have to make a comment and I apologize to everyone on this board if it seems self serving but it’s directly relevant. Many of you know I am old. I graduated from high school in 1964.. Starting in eleventh grade I had a part time job as a food clerk at the former Safeway at 14th and U in downtown Washington. This was then almost an entirely black neighborhood. In fact I was the only white person, full or part time, who worked in that Safeway. It was a union job and paid $1.92 an hour which, today, is probably worth ten times that. My mother knew somebody who knew somebody which led to my working there. And, I wanted to save and buy a car when I turned 16. I rode a bus to and from work on two weeknights and Saturday. I was a curiosity coming from the suburbs: for both customers and those who worked there. I was also younger than everyone else. Over time I made friends, several who went to Howard U. At some point, after turning 16 and having a car (part time paid for it) I started “hanging out” with several friends from the Safeway/Howard. This led to parties, concerts which included James Brown and enduring friendship which for several lasted for more than 30 years. A lot changed in American inner cities in ‘68. But my friendships never stopped. The causes became more intense. I write all this because it may seem strange for a white kid to go to Camden especially when he may benefit athletically. But I had my own experience which seems very similar in many ways. The friends he makes in that school will be there for him for the rest of his life. He’ll also have an understanding and experience he may not have had in any other way. I suggest that it is one of the most rewarding experiences of his life. It was for me.
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    Not speaking for the Gunny but you have to agree or at least i do that when there are shootings like this, if the perp is a minority they usually dont make it out alive. Now dont get me wrong I would be absolutely fine with this if these sorry ass sick white bastards were being killed as well. Dude in SC all three of the bitches in CO. I would have been just fine if they would have all been wasted. would have saved the tax payers of those states money.
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    My research shows....as many times as is necessary to become a starter. Rufus>>
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    Gilligan talks much smack. Never backs it up with true knowledge. Just a quick internet connection that allows him to fill page after page with garbage he "googled or bing'd" and that's enough to declare every other user a clown, a loser and himself the greatest ever.
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    Women have had a major role throughout the history of US armed conflict. From providing medical aid to working in the factories, raising families alone and most recently, delivering the ultimate sacrifice for their country. By day four, women were on the beaches of Normandy, providing medical care surrounded by extreme carnage. We should never forget the women that endure the same emotional effects as the men! Thank you. I don’t believe the first picture is at Normandy, but the second one is.
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    Off the top of my head I'd add Daddy Bush and Jimmy Carter who both performed admirably while risking life and limb in the big one, WW2. Trumpy, with daddy's assistance and those dreadful bone spurs ducked that conflict in Southeast Asia that killed 56,000 real men. Trump pro American ? Bullshit, money and self promotion dictate his fake public persona. Your a fool if you believe otherwise.
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    How in the hell did this Rummel team get the crap kicked out them by the 91st best Florida team at home? And this Cajun clown parades them around. Lol. Someone should notify him we are laughing at him, not with him
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    The FBI went above and beyond to try blackmailing Dr. King. with fake suicide letters and he was investigated forever. This is a sad sack hit job attempt at conflating investigation of Trump for 3 years with a decades long social hit operation on one of the most well known and greatest African American civil rights leaders. Bullshit on it's face. Now there's bullshit on our face for even reading it. Lotta crackpot mofos on this OT shit over here. 😶 I think I'll just go read some Jack Cashill bullshit and get further hoodwinked.