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    I dont think Mr. PrepGridiron gets enough credit for creating us fanatics a place to talk/discuss and sometimes lie (in Calis case) about the thing we love ... or just like ... HSFB. I think we very often take it for granted. The rules are very lax and for the most part we are left to our own devices ... You wont get that many other places, as many of us experienced after DJ shut down his site, before this one was created. So on behalf of myself, and the rest of the forum ... Thank you Mr. PrepGridiron.
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    I appreciate this. I love this community. Its great to meet and hang out with those I've had the chance to meet in person. Also give a lot of credit to @HawgGoneIt. He's been down since day 1 and goes above and beyond the call. Also, shout out @GardenStateBaller. He gets gruff, but he is passionate and wants (and does a lot) to see this place succeed. You too, @ECHS05. I know it isn't easy to come up with the games each week for the pick 'em. You and @THS2011 do an all-star job. Appreciate others like @dntn31 for keeping the polls spreadsheet. So many others I can list @whiteshoes and @Omaha Vol for their polls. @golfaddict1 for doing the massey like poll. @Adam Kurkjian for assistance with the Prepforce poll. @ATLien12x for being a huge cheerleader for this place. I seriously can call out everyone (well...most everyone) and speak to how you make this place great. Thank you!!!!
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    Are you on molly right now?
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    This is an objective viewpoint of the weekly status of NorCal football teams and was requested by a couple of other posters. Your opinions are welcome, but any outrage of false indignation will be ignored. Not sure if I will make a new thread each week or just update as we go along (would appreciate feedback on this). For each weekly report, I'll give a ranking of each CIF section. However, for this first one, I will summarize how they each determine their playoffs, as there is no uniform CIF manner of doing this. I will rank the top 9 from the SJS, 7 from the NCS, and 6 from the CCS (representing the relative size of each section) and top 10 overall in NorCal (no one from the NS, SFS, or OS are among the top 10 in NorCal for 2018). For these initial sets, I am not including the Central Section, but I will if people request it (given that some CIF-CS division champs will compete in NorCal for the regionals). As of Oct 15, 2018 Sac-Joaquin Section The SJS determines their 78 playoff teams over 7 divisions by a combination of four things: a. League champions (automatic bids) b. Calpreps.com ratings (non-automatic bids) c. School CBEDs (average daily enrollments) d. Traditional league strength designations (for example, teams from D-I leagues cannot play lower than D-II in the playoffs and teams will histories of dominance of lower divisions are forced to move up) Each league champion automatically qualifies for the playoffs and the remaining field is selected based on Calpreps.com ratings. The largest 12 schools that qualify are placed in D-I, the next largest in D-II, and so on. D-VII has only the smallest 6 teams. In order to be considered, a team must have at least 4 wins. For my rankings, I'll place their anticipated playoff division (which could change from week to week). 1. Folsom (D-I): The Bulldogs are the clear front-runner in D-I. With the close loss to De La Salle to open the season and the continued battery of other SJS teams, the defending state D-IAA champions are poised to defend their title. 2. Del Oro (D-II): This is based mostly on their demolition of Oak Ridge a couple of weeks ago. Other than that win, the Eagle coaching staff didn't really seek out the type of schedule we're accustomed to seeing them do, so they're a little bit of a question mark. Del Oro takes on Folsom in the regular season finale. Their very close win over an up-and-down (mostly down) Grant team should be cause of great concern. 3. Monterey Trail (D-I): This is based on two things... their big win over a good Sheldon team and default... because not many other stand out at this level and/or have some questionable games. They don't play in a great (or even good) league and have largely been untested, but they are undefeated at the moment at 8-0. 4. Capital Christian (D-IV): Going on a little bit of a limb here over Oak Ridge. Undefeated at 8-0, but with a win over Grant that is similar to that of Oak Ridge, minus the two severe blowout losses that the Trojans have taken. The Cougars are coached by former Del Oro HC, Casey Taylor, so watch out for this program in the coming years. 5. Oak Ridge (D-I): Nice win over Grant and none that are questionable, but the two aforementioned crushing defeats at the hands of Folsom and Del Oro are puzzling. While it's not shocking that they lost those games, the manner of how bad they were is. 6. Central Catholic (D-II): Challenged themselves against De La Salle and have a nice win over St. Mary's. Close win over Manteca concerns. Nearly dropped them one spot because of it. 7. Inderkum (D-II): This team could easily be as high as 4, but are lacking a signature win. Best win over Antelope matched by Capitol Christian, but the Tigers can't match the ones against Grant or St. Mary's. Still, Inderkum is a demonstration that there are going to be several good contenders for the SJS D-II crown. 8. Placer (D-IV): The defending NorCal 4AA champs are looking a little better than last year, but the concerns I had about them last year don't seem to be especially resolved. Their wing-t offense is very fluid and difficult to stop, but they don't seem to be especially adept at stopping other high-quality offenses. They're highly thought of by other websites (NorCalPreps and Cal-Hi Sports), so they may end up again playing much bigger schools in the NorCal regionals, should they get past Capital Christian. Both the NorCal and state games last year were shootouts. 9. Jesuit (D-I): Really kind of wanted to put Sheldon in this spot, but the Huskies have been playing just above the levels of their competition lately, whereas the Marauders have started to step things up. That said, those two teams are meeting this week to settle this, as well as the Delta League championship. North Coast Section The NCS determines their 5 playoff divisions loosely by enrollment, but have added elements of competitive equity lately. Additionally, teams always have the option to petition into a higher division. Last, there is an Open Division that should, at least theoretically, have the top 4 teams from the entire section. Because the division is designated as an "Open", both the champion and another team is allowed to replace the champion of another division. What is not actually clearly stated is whether or not a team that fails to advance to the Open championship game can be selected over their original division's champion. What has been taking place in other sections (and the NCS) is that the runner-up is selected to compete in the NorCal regionals, but that is not explicitly stated in the NCS bylaws. I bring this up because there is a possibility that Cardinal Newman, which is normally a D-III team, could possibly be selected to compete in the Open. The NCS could conceivably also have them replace the D-III champion by virtue of this Open placement. Other sections have much more clear language. Designated league champions are automatically selected to advance to the playoffs and the rest of the field is determined as at-large teams. In order to advance as an at-large, a team must be at least 0.500 overall, against schools with enrollments within their own original divisional placement (regardless of where in the United States they play), and/or within their league. This is the only CIF section that will leave placements empty if there are not enough teams that satisfy this 0.500 requirement. 1. De La Salle (D-Open): What hasn't been written about this program's dominance from over the last 20 years? Last week, they clobbered Foothill. Not a surprise, but the fact that the Falcons actually scored kind of was. While the Spartans remain the top team in the section and NorCal, they still appear to be somewhat vulnerable. 2. Liberty (D-Open): Easily the most consistent team in the entire NCS (including DLS), they have yet to truly be challenged. While one may read that to say that they haven't played anyone decent at all, they do have a solid win over a good Cardinal Newman team. They will play Pittsburg for the Bay Valley Athletic League title this week. A win likely secures a #2 seed in the Open Division, but they will still likely advance there with a loss. If DLS does not have a good night, Liberty is a squad that could conceivably dethrone them. 3. Clayton Valley Charter (D-Open): Placement into the Open is virtue of an early-season victory over Pittsburg. While the Ugly Eagles also have a not-so-great loss to Antioch, there may not be another obvious team that could take their place. 4. Pittsburg (D-Open... maybe): The Pirates have scored a couple of solid wins over St. Mary's and San Mateo Serra. However, the loss to Clayton Valley Charter puts their Open Division placement in doubt. In my opinion, they cannot lose either of their last two games against Liberty and Antioch, respectively. The Pirates lost their starting QB a couple of weeks ago, but I actually think they're better with the replacement, who led them to the state D-1A title game last year. 5. Cardinal Newman (D-III): If Pittsburg loses to Antioch, the Panthers would likely replace them in the Open, as they also have a win over Clayton Valley Charter. If the Pirates only lose to Liberty, then it's a real possibility that the Cardinals could be pulled all the way up from D-III. At 7-1, their only loss came against Liberty. 6. Antioch (D-I): This placement over Monte Vista is due to the win over CVC and the possibility they could also upset Pittsburg. Those two wins would likely catapult them into the Open. 7. Monte Vista (D-I): The Mustangs have a few nice wins over California, Granada, and Granite Bay, but they blew a late lead against Bishop O'Dowd and got absolutely smashed by De La Salle. Could have placed Rancho Cotate in this spot. Central Coast Section The CCS has the most unique playoff system in the state in that they have three Open divisions. From the outside, the system can appear very complex, but upon close examination, it really does make sense. The section has typically used enrollment to determine its division, with the exception of the top division (either called D-I or Open), into which the top teams could have either petitioned or been forced. The section's leagues are very fluid from year to year. With the exception of the all-private school West Catholic Athletic League, they are referred to as "Super" leagues, with multiple divisions. There may be as few as two divisions (Santa Clara County Athletic League) or as many as four (Pacific Coast Athletic League). Every offseason, a meeting is held for each league to determine which of their teams will be placed in the A (top), B (middle), or C (lower) divisions. The WCAL is always considered an A league. The automatic bids are generally weighed towards the higher-level leagues/divisions. At-large selection and seeding is determined by a point system that evaluates a combination of record and strength of schedule. I can go more in depth on that upon request, but I'll leave it simple for the time being. There are five overall divisions. The top three are Open divisions and only teams from A league/divisions are automatically placed in them. The bottom two are for teams from B and C divisions, however a champion from a B division could possibly petition into one of the Open division, displacing the lowest point-earning team down to D-IV or D-V. There are eight teams in each division. Once the field is selected the eight largest Open schools are placed in Open D-I. The next largest in Open D-II and the smallest in Open D-III. The larger eight B/C teams are placed in D-IV and the smaller eight go into D-V. What confuses people is that the champions of D-IV and D-V are not eligible for NorCal regional games. Instead, the top two playoff point earning runner-ups take those slots. While this is common for the state basketball tourney, it isn't for football. However, upon closer inspection, the reason why this is in place is that the B/C teams were complaining about having to face the mid-sized and powerful private school in the playoffs. The CCS told them that they could have their own playoff brackets, but they'd have to give up their state aspirations, to which the schools/leagues agreed. Last year, the two runner-up teams advanced to, and won state divisional titles. 1. St. Francis (Open D-II): Most significant win was against Notre Dame, from southern California, but a recent win over Valley Christian currently holds the most local impact. That is explained just below. The Lancers played quite well in a loss to De La Salle early in the year, but has since lost their starting QB for the year with a torn ACL. So far, their strong defense has prevented them from dropping any additional games. 2. Valley Christian (Open D-II): The Warriors have two losses, one to open the season against Wilcox and recently by 4 points to St. Francis in a defensive slugfest. The game that puts them at #2 in the section for me took place last week against Serra, which resulted in a resounding win. 3. Wilcox (Open D-II): Although the Chargers scored significant wins over Valley Christian and Palo Alto, they also had a very confusing close game against an up-and-down Los Gatos squad. Valley Christian's big win over Serra and overall better SoS puts Wilcox down to #3, in my opinion. That said, due to the CCS playoff point system, they are projected to be the #1 seed in what will easily be the toughest bracket in the section. 4. Serra (Open D-II): Prior to the game against Valley Christian, the Padres were looking a lot like the defending state D-2AA champions from a year ago. The shocking 37-6 loss calls a repeat into heavy question. Still, the magnitude of their other wins and a close loss to Pittsburg tenuously keeps them at #4. They'll finish the season against St. Francis. 5. Palo Alto (Open D-I): Positions 5 and 6 could easily filled by any of three different teams, but I'll go with the Vikings as their only loss has been to Wilcox. Their best win was against McClymonds. For me, they are the current front-runners in Open D-I, but they will get significant challenges from two other teams. 6. Aptos (Open D-III): This could have gone to Menlo-Atherton, but the Bears took a loss to Palma, who the Mariners will play in two weeks. I have Aptos favored in that game by a couple of scores. Undefeated at 8-0, they'll likely be facing Salinas for the outright Pacific Coast Athletic League title at the end of the regular season. Overall NorCal Top 10 1. De La Salle - had big win over Folsom to open the year 2. Folsom - most explosive offense in NorCal 3. Liberty - could legitimately challenge DLS, but wish they had scheduled up more in non-league 4. Clayton Valley Charter - traditional black and blue team, win over Pittsburg made sense after I saw the Pirates play 5. Del Oro - lacking huge win, waiting for them to face Folsom 6. St. Francis - monster defense will have to continue shoulder the load 7. Pittsburg - close game against Serra pushes them below St. Francis for the time being 8. Monterey Trail - will have to wait until the playoffs to see how good this team really is 9. Cardinal Newman - possibly their best team since the state finalist of 2006 10. Valley Christian - last time they played Cardinal Newman, they blew them out in the NorCal D-2A regional
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    I wonder if Urban will report this beating 😀?
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    It was cold, but we had fun anyway.
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    Just be thankful I didn't make a regular season thread. Pairings are here: https://www.vhsl.org/brackets/football/ Interesting games don't really start until next week, so here's a quick overview: Region 6A--Helped by a couple returnees from Bishop Sullivan, Ocean Lakes posted their first unbeaten regular season since 2015 to snag the top seed. Oscar Smith is still the favorite until someone beats them. Region 6B--Colonial Forge and Manchester both unbeaten and heavy favorites to meet for the region championship again. Manchester outscored their opponents 610-46, but Colonial Forge's tougher schedule got them the top seed. Region 6C--Three 9-1 teams, Freedom is probably the favorite. Top seeds WT Woodson have their first winning record since 2009. All four first-round matchups are regular-season rematches. Region 6D--Despite some personnel shuffles, Westfield is once again unbeaten and up to 34 straight wins. #3 Madison gave them their toughest challenge of the regular season. Region 5A--Top seed Indian River knocked off Oscar Smith on their way to a perfect regular season, but will get a stiff challenge from Maury and Salem. Region 5B--Unbeaten Highland Springs has won the last three state championships, but the last time they had a perfect regular season was in 2014, when they lost in the second round of the playoffs. The Springers have outscored opponents 505-39 and it would be a huge shock if they lost here. Region 5C--Top-seeded Broad Run was unbeaten on the field but had to forfeit their opener due to an ineligible player. They actually have a tougher route to the final than second-seed Stone Bridge, since #4 Tuscarora is likely much stronger than #3 Falls Church. Lots of district rematches here and anything could happen. Region 5D--Massaponax's only loss to Colonial Forge and they beat the #2, #3, and #4 seeds during the regular season. Region 4A--Everyone is looking forward to a Lafayette-Lake Taylor matchup. LT first has to avenge last year's upset loss to Smithfield. Region 4B--Last year's state runners-up Louisa are unbeaten again. Monacan and Dinwiddie are perennially strong teams that play against a lot of bigger schools during the season. Region 4C--Top seeded Woodgrove has been hot recently, but #2 Sherando is the favorite. Region 4D--Three-time defending state champs Salem are only 7-3, but those three losses came to opponents with a combined record of 28-2. One of those opponents was top-seeded Blacksburg, and no one will be surprised if those teams meet again in the region final. Class 3--Hopewell took last year's state title after a 6-4 regular season; this year they went 8-1 including an upset of Dinwiddie. Is this finally the year for Phoebus? Northside, Lord Botetourt, and Heritage-Lynchburg look like the top teams from the western half of the state. Class 2--Appomattox hasn't lost to a Class 2 team since 2014. Class 1--Defending champs Riverheads lost a game, but are on the thinner side of the bracket and still look like favorites. Last year's runner-up Chilhowie are the only unbeaten team. VISAA (private school) brackets: http://www.visaa.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/2018-fb-brackets.pdf Division 1--Flint Hill has won 20 in a row. St. Christopher's gave them a decent game during the regular season. Division 2--Top seed Fredericksburg Christian's only loss came to #3 North Cross. Division 3--Roanoke Catholic has won 29 straight and averages 54 points a game.
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    This is the third installment of the NorCal Report. For the sections in which the playoffs will be starting this week, the seeds are listed beside each team (# seed, division). Sac-Joaquin Section Regular season over. All ranked teams from last week won, except for Del Oro. That was expected, though, since they were facing Folsom. The only surprise was how close Placer's win was. Top four seeds in the playoffs get byes this week. 1. Folsom (#1, D-I): 40-0 dismantling of Del Oro was actually one of the closest games of the year for the Bulldogs. 2. Monterey Trail (#2, D-I): The Mustangs completed their demolition of the Metropolitan League, but we may still not find out how good they are until they face Oak Ridge in the semis. 3. Capital Christian (#1, D-III): The Cougars complete their undefeated regular season, may get interesting game in the semis against Antelope. 4. Inderkum (#3, D-II): The Tigers finish the season with an easy win, look to potential match-up in semis against Central Catholic. 5. Del Oro (#1, D-II): Given the recent results for the Golden Eagles, I half-expected their game against Folsom to be decided by more than 40 points. Considering Del Oro already has a blow-out win against #4 seed Granite Bay, their path to the finals appears relatively smooth. 6. Central Catholic (#2, D-II): The Raiders benefit from a strong non-league schedule to secure the #2 seed in the D-II playoffs. Great potential match-up with Inderkum looms in the semis. 7. Sheldon (#5, D-I): Because of the use of calpreps.com as seeding determination, the Huskies only received the #5 seed. Interesting game against #4 seed St. Mary's is a possibility in the semifinals. 8. Oak Ridge (#3, D-I): The Trojans could get an interesting potential game with #4 seed, Monterey Trail, in the semifinals of the SJS D-I playoffs. 9. Placer (#2, D-III): Strangely close game against Lincoln drops the Hillmen a couple of spots (Oak Ridge beat the Zebras by 36). Potential match-up with undefeated Merced in the semis looks very enticing. North Coast Section Regular season over. The only surprise of the week was Monte Vista falling to San Ramon Valley. Only mild drama as Pittsburg had to beat rival Antioch to insure a bid into to the Open Division. Because the Open Division only has four teams, there will be a bye week, while all other divisions start this weekend. 1. De La Salle (#1, D-Open): The Spartans capped the regular season by blasting California 49-0. Now, it's a two-week wait for Pittsburg in the first round of the Open Division. 2. Liberty (#2, D-Open): The Lions clobbered cross-town rival Heritage, as expected. Good challenge in Clayton Valley Charter in the first round of the Open Division awaits in two weeks. 3. Clayton Valley Charter (#3, D-Open): The Ugly Eagles continued their domination of Diablo-Foothill opponents. Next is a date with Liberty. Winner gets De La Salle in the finals, but also a bid into the NorCal regionals. 4. Pittsburg (#4, D-Open): The Pirates whipped rival Antioch to secure an invitation to the NCS Open Division. A lot of people see their game against De La Salle as a likely blowout, but I believe it's going to be relatively close as Pitt's D is quite good. 5. Cardinal Newman (#1, D-III): The Cardinals complete a 9-1 regular season and get the top seed in D-III. Road to at least the semifinals looks very manageable, where they could meet undefeated Eureka. 6. Rancho Cotate (#1, D-II): Cougars register their second consecutive shutout en route to garnering the top seed in D-II. Potential semifinal game against Granada looks very interesting. 7. Eureka (#2, D-III): The undefeated Loggers make a surprise visit to these rankings not because of their record or their playoff seeding, but rather because no one else seemed to want it. A bye this week, but a chance to play undefeated Las Lomas in the semis is on the horizon. Central Coast Section Last week of the regular season. Last week saw a moderate upset when Palma edged Aptos to force a rare 4-way tie in the Pacific Coast Athletic League-Gabilan Division. Huge game this week in the West Catholic Athletic League could have major implications in league, playoff seedings, and rankings. 1. St. Francis (D-Open II): The Lancer defense continues to be stellar, while the offense has been able to do just enough to win games. Will that be enough against a high-powered team like Serra? 2. Valley Christian (D-Open II): The Warriors record their third shutout of the season and hope for Serra to upset St. Francis to force a tri-championship in the WCAL. 3. Serra (D-Open II): Probably the CCS game of the year will be this weekend when the Padres host St. Francis on Saturday. A win would justify considering the loss to VC as a fluke. 4. Wilcox (D-Open II): The Chargers had a late-season bye last week and will have a virtual one this week en route to the top seed in either the CCS D-Open I or II playoffs (current projection is D-I, but that could change). 5. Menlo-Atherton (D-Open I): The Bears have clearly established themselves as the threat they were anticipated to be at the beginning of the year. M-A also won the CCS D-Open I title in 2016. 6. Palma (D-0pen III): The Chieftains recorded their second upset of the season (the other was early in the year against Menlo-Atherton). This week, they face off against rival Hollister for a chance at a league co-championship (Aptos will play Salinas for the other part of the co-championship). Central Section Regular season over. Two big games end in predicted fashion and therefore don't really impact rankings. Playoff seedings also go as expected. 1. Central (#1, D-I): Although the win over Clovis East was closer than expected, the Grizzlies remain solid favorites to repeat as CS D-I champs. Central gets the only bye in the D-I bracket. 2. Buchanan (#2, D-I): The Bears have a relatively easy time against Clovis North. Next up is 2-8 Clovis West, who Buchanan beat 35-7 a few weeks ago (remember what I said about the CS playoffs?). 3. Liberty (#3, D-I): The Patriots justified their ranking with a tough-fought 7-0 win over Bakersfield. Next true challenge may not be until the semifinals against Buchanan. 4. Bakersfield (#4, D-I): The Drillers fell to Liberty, but still got the 4-seed in the CS D-I playoffs. It's possible that St. Josephs could provide an interesting game in the second round, but I wouldn't count on it. 5. Tulare Union (#1, D-II): The Redskins scored a solid win over rival Tulare Western, 35-14 and secured the top seed in the CS D-II playoffs. It does not appear that they'll be challenged much until a likely rematch against the second-seeded Mustangs in the finals. T-U gets a bye this week. 6. San Joaquin Memorial (#1, D-III): The undefeated Panthers are solid favorites to take home the CS D-III title. Unsure that even second-seeded Bakersfield Christian will put up a huge fight. 7. Tulare Western (#2, D-II): Although the Mustangs took it on the chin last week, they don't appear to have a major roadblock towards a rematch against rival Tulare Union in the CS D-II finals. Overall NorCal Top 10 1. De La Salle 2. Folsom 3. Liberty (Brentwood) 4. Central 5. Clayton Valley Charter 6. Pittsburg 7. Buchanan 8. St. Francis 9. Monterey Trail 10. Liberty (Bakersfield)
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    I just found a photo of Block when Folsom played DLS. Remember how he didn't show his face...I think that's you and @NorCalRuss, if you would have just looked to your left you would have been $100 richer. At least you know what that pussy looks like now.
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    Sorry Sammy but it ain't happening this year
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    Auburn! St Thomas Aquinas because it’s funny when Los gets mad but I like Gator954. It’s tough. Yeah let’s just stick with Auburn
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    I am what I am, and you are what you are.
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    Bro you weren’t here when we were posting in Valley of the shadow of death 💀 (Florida board,Texas board) because we were evicted from our home site.Like a beacon in the dark Prepgridiron lead us through the crashing waves 🌊 to our home
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    I can solve a few mysteries in this thread. As to the OP. I gave LDT a time out for 48 hours a couple of weeks ago, after having warned him for various issues a few times. Everything from calling Sportsnut "Darkie" to foul language, gay slurs and just outright trolling constantly. That 48 hour ban was issued on a Thursday evening and was over by Sunday, but, he never returned. That's one mystery solved. Mystery number two: Rufus is blocked from the site, but not blocked from the site by anyone at the site literally. This of course stems from Rab. It's no secret that Rab has had multiple issues with the guidelines on this site, and there have been numerous calls by different members here for his banishment for the last, well, ever since I've been here. Anyway, he has had issues with language, gay slurs, racial slurs and in general trolling, spamming etc. Finally his inability to separate politics from football when this board has graciously provided him with a place that he could go and spout all the political rants he wanted without repercussion did him in. Contrary to any beliefs, his attacks of me had nothing to do with his ban. I pushed the indefinite ban button on him because after repeated warnings about keeping politics on the OT side of this website, and immediately following return from a recent "timed" ban for the same exact thing, he filled an entire page up with a politically charged diatribe. Involved in that same "argument" was Rufus, who "stood up" for his pal Rab and basically gave the ultimatum that he would leave if I banned Rab. I read that post, and knew that he was an honest man and was serious about the threat of leaving. I weighed that as I still banned Rab indefinitely, so, effectively, I did ban them both. The crazy thing about that one is that Rufus had enough respect for the site and staff to keep his political stuff mostly on the OT side, but fell on the sword for Rab who apparently had no self control.
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    This may not mean a lot to some teams/schools around the country that have transfers all the time like IMG, STA or some others that we see discussed on here, but, it's a big deal for little old Moultrie, Georgia and Colquitt County High School. Rush Propst era Colquitt County Packers officially has two players starting in the NFL now. One Offensive Lineman starting for the Kansas City Chiefs. Cam Erving. Biography Fourth-year offensive lineman enters his second season with the Chiefs in 2018. Spent two seasons with the Browns playing 29 games (17 starts). In 2015 started at LG against the Pittsburgh Steelers earning his first career NFL start. Traded to Kansas City from Cleveland (8/30/17) ... Originally entered the NFL as a first-round pick (19th overall) by the Cleveland Browns in the 2015 NFL Draft. https://www.chiefs.com/team/players-roster/ https://www.chiefs.com/team/players-roster/cameron-erving/ And one Defensive Lineman starting for the Miami Dolphins with one game under his belt. Jamiyus Pittman. Walked on at Miami this season, and made the starting roster the hard way. Played with the scout team etc., and got moved to the starting roster last weekend for the game against the Bears. COLLEGE (CENTRAL FLORIDA): • 4-year letterman (2014-17) and 3-year starter. CAREER: Played in 49 games with 33 starts; 138 tackles (67 solo), 13 sacks, 4 passes defensed and 1 forced fumble; 1 blocked kick; 1 reception for 4 yards and 1 TD. SENIOR (2017): Started 12 games; 47 tackles (24 solo) and 4.5 sacks; 1 reception for 4 yards and 1 TD. • 1st-team All-AAC. JUNIOR (2016): Played in 12 games with 8 starts; 28 tackles (14 solo), 2 sacks and 1 pass defensed. • 2nd-team All-AAC. SOPHOMORE (2015): Played in all 12 games with 11 starts; 45 tackles (19 solo), 4.5 sacks and 2 passes defensed. TRUE FRESHMAN (2014): Played in all 13 games with 2 starts; 18 tackles (10 solo), 2 sacks, 1 pass defensed and 1 forced fumble. Pittman-Jamiyus-1.pdf https://www.miamidolphins.com/team/players-roster/ https://www.miamidolphins.com/team/players-roster/jamiyus-pittman/ Very exciting for small town folks like me to get to watch young men that I basically saw grow up, play in the NFL.
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    Love this city! The food. The culture. The entertainment.... I’m currrently on day 3 eating the best ribeye steak I’ve ever eaten in my life (no exaggeration folks) at a place called “The Southerner Steak and Chop House”. The collard greens and mashers are off the chain as well. I just saw a party “bike” I guess we’ll call it that? It was was a trolly that about 20 people were peddling singing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’”🤣. Seemed like a lot of work, but to each his own. But last night I heard some of the most legit local country and rock music that I’ve heard in sometime. (I like hip hop too. I have 3 more days here). And (gasp) everyone gets along here😎 Anyone ever been here....recently....to confirm or deny my allegations? Peace, gents! BL
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    You and I waiting for that Sunday
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    If some slow ass weak team from Utah was factor in any ranking system - then that ranking system should be considered fing trash
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    Go have a cocktail or two and relax. We don't know who did the deed nor what side of the aisle they were on. I would point out that there are those on the left who immediately pointed the finger to the right. Who was supposed to be locked up for almost being raped? Please don't say that woman who went after Justice Kavanaugh. And who is supporting murderers? Even of an Islamist non-citizen? Tell us, what was your reaction when pallets of stupid amounts of cash were sent to Iran? Trump has this country prospering. He certainly does not kiss up to Putin (and anyone paying attention and with their head positioned outside their ass can point to many examples why). He is pushing our "allies" to actually BE allies. He is negotiating better trade deals for the country. Get your skull out of Rick Maddow's ass.
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    1) ATLien 100% 2) AztecPadre 99% 3) DickTurpin 75% 4) CalPreps 50% 5) ECHS 45% 6) GardenStateBaller - Top 300 John’s Creek
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    Just thought Id point out... La Salle OH was BLANKED, 33-0, by some little Missouri team named Trinity Catholic.
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  24. 6 points
    Wait a F-ing sec here. SJB crushed MD by 23 points and only beat JSerra by 7. Shouldn’t have JSerra beat MD by 16 points? Low and behold MD crushed JSerra by 35 points! What gives here all you daisy chainers? Explain this to me.....
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    I’m sitting here watching my fiancée in the ICU. It all started with severe headaches (and me thinking it’s one of her normal migraines) which turned out to be a cerebral thrombosis (a burst blood vessel). I hope coach Meyer the best because a little thing as a headache can be so much worse.