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    Could you imagine the Bosa brothers coming to collect a debt? They would have been the best enforcers 😂
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    Fellow Board members in all of the South - especially Florida + Texas Yell at people to put masks on...call your elected leaders and complain to force people to wear masks. You will not have HS football in the south in the fall if you do not adjust quickly and lock down etc....we locked down for 11 weeks in NJ ....we will have football as people are taking this seriously still and following the rules.........its insane people will not wear a mask in a store .....hope it changes but scary seeing your numbers spike....stay safe and praying for HS football in the fall
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    If I was the Gov Abbot of Texas - I would go on TV tonight and state there will be no high school football in the fall if we do not get 100% compliance on masks immediately ...pretty sure you would see instant changes in peoples routines
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    Spot on. I’m trying to explain to grandma that Jesus doesn’t stop the spread of corona inside the church because she’s adamant about going & she hit me back with “You think God would let me get sick in his house?” Might have to start drinking at 11 am today.
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    I want to say thanks to Helix high school for stepping up to take open date with Cennt10 on 9/4 after the canceling of the Honor Bowl game with SFA . The game signed in less than 24 hours.Should be a great game. I wish Folsom had taken the game.
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    Fair enough. I will give you my opinion. But before I do, I am going to add context for what I have to say. I was born and raised in the Caribbean island of Jamaica. I lived there till I was 27. I have lived in the USA since. Some of my ancestors hailed from West Africa. As best as I have been able to track that side of my ancestry down, from Ghana and the Ivory Coast. But in addition to having West African ancestry, I also have ancestors that were Sephardic Jews, who hailed from Spain and Italy before coming to Jamaica; South China; and, as best as I can tell, Scotland. So, in that sense, I am a minority's minority. Growing up in Jamaica, I spent half my childhood (when mom and dad were together, and four years with dad post breakup) between a bucolic, country town, Buff Bay and Rollington Town/Rockfort, two working class communities in Kingston. The second half of my childhood was spent with mom in East Central Kingston, and urban, Kingston ghetto. Back then, and probably today, about 93% of Jamaicans would, to the American eye, be seen as African Americans if they lived here. The remainder would be seen as unclassifiable, or as one of: white, Chinese or East Indian. Based on my ethnic diversity, I have been viewed in the USA, by some not all, to belong in the unclassified category. As such, I have been mistaken for being Hispanic, as well as middle eastern. The point I am trying to make is that I am and will always be a minority in any country in which I choose to live. I believe that gives me a unique, outsider's perspective when it comes to race and ethnic identification. During my time in Jamaica, I never experienced overt racism. Yes, people get given nick names based on how they look, and color certainly factored into such nick names, but they were never used in a disparaging way. Are they racists in Jamaica? Of course. There are racists in every country in the world in which different ethnic groups live. But it was never considered acceptable in the Jamaica I grew up in to act in a racist way towards others. So, it was actually when I came to the USA that I experienced overt racism for the first time. Generally, I handled it well, as I was not in fear for my physical well being. However, there was one instance in New Jersey involving the cops in which I was in grave fear for my life. I recounted this a few years ago when I first started posting, so I won't repeat the incident in this post. So, where am I going with all of this? Jamaican slaves were emancipated about 27 years before America's. However, unlike conditions in the USA, Jamaica was never widely settled by Europeans. Therefore, when slavery ended in Jamaica, it ended. There was no Jim Crow, no lynchings, none of that crap. Many former slaves "captured" plots of hillside land and became self sufficient. Therein lies the reason, in my opinion, why Jamaican's attitudes toward race are healthier than prevailing attitudes here. Free people, or at least people with the perception that they are free, relate to others that look differently in a more healthy way. America is at a cross roads in my opinion. It can accept the fact that it is a pluralistic, multi-racial society or it can fracture into different countries. The choice is with its people. I don't pretend to know what would be better and it is probably not reasonable for me to proffer suggestions since I will forever be a "foreigner." With that said, how do I view the demands of the students cited in the article? I view them as unreasonable and unrealistic for the most part. I have no issue with having organizations in a campus setting that largely revolve around race, country of origin or ethnicity. However, to demand a safe space on the campus of Rice which is largely white makes no sense in today's context. If you are not comfortable at a school like Rice, there are other good options available. If the African American community at Rice feels it is being discriminated against or threatened, it certainly has the right to petition University administration and demonstrate if redress is not forthcoming. But I don't think the school owes any community separate buildings, etc. My answer has been long winded because that is who I am. I have never opened a Twitter account as I could never express myself effectively in that medium. Whether you agree with my position or not, I trust I have made it clear where I am coming from.
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    Keep doing what you you do!
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    Good lord🤦🏽‍♂️
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    I heard a huge possible OOS coming to Marietta in lieu of armwood not coming. Disappointed you’ve been silent. You usually don’t shut up.
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    😄 I don't think doing coke and lying about high school football games is akin to making dreams come true big boy.
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    Definitely an interesting read. Most of us have been following, if only loosely, those kids' careers. Families with "old money" had to get it from somewhere. A good many of us may be surprised at how a lot of folks got their wealth. One thing, you can't buy talent and intangibles like the Bosa Brothers had, so, this story is pretty irrelevant to their careers in football outside of being able to afford private school educations or whatever. Still interesting though.
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    They played high school football. And everyone on this board knows who they are. So fans of hs football as this side of the board is should be interested
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    Hoover is very much relevant. That’s why those teams schedule them. Nobody cares if it impresses elitist HSFB snobs
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    Post WWW II dummy, some education you got yourself in Montvale. Mother of God. bgw
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    Ok, thanks. Like this message if you would want to see me organize the whole tournament into a bracket. I just want to know if it would be worth doing it. @Omaha Vol @BUFORDGAWOLVES @954gator @AztecPadre @Sweetlarry @LT4Spartan06 @Sammyswordsman @Horsefly @DarterBlue @HurricaneNick @ChimpGrip
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    I found the mask Lowndes will be wearing after Valdosta kicks their ass this season... The mask Valdosta will be wearing when they best Columbia... The mask both Lowndes and Valdosta will be wearing after they play the Packers...
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    Just tell them you want your coffee Pulled over for no reason
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    You know what's crazy? You literally have people out here saying shit like "the virus isn't real" or "the media is lying" or "i'm not wearing no damn mask" when you have people with the corona virus telling them that this is serious business and not to take it as a joke. People have died from covid-19 and that still seems to be going over people's heads. Like I said before, if it doesn't directly affect them, then they're gonna continue to do them.....and that's sad.
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    Ha! I guess you don’t know Paterson, NJ. 😂
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    Meanwhile fans are back in the stands (up to 10,000 per game) for baseball in Taiwan and Japan. Thankfully in America we know better than to listen to scientists and experts or look at how countries like Japan and South Korea, who have had multiple viral outbreaks this millennium, deal with the problem. It's surely not hurting us now. You guys might want to pick a European american football team to root for this fall, might be the only non-NFL ball you'll get. Finish Maple League starts back up July 31st and games will be livestreamed. No wrong answer except for the Helsinki Roosters, they're the Alabama of Finland. I'm a diehard Porvoo Butchers fan now. Have been for the last 5 minutes.
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    What NASA didn’t know is that I snuck some shrooms onto the rocket🤪
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    Shut up, go practice your instrument. Hahaha. bgw
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    Is that USA Academy field in the background. #itshappening
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    Failed species? The test isn't over yet. And I know that this will make you cringe but we are spirits having a human experience. Actors in a play brother. Some of us have been here before many times and some are rookies, so to speak. You can tell which ones are rookies. Don't you see any signs of hope anywhere. I do and I aspire to be better and do better in thought and deed every day. I fail quite often but the upward trajectory is certain. We all eventually will find ourselves at the same place but not at the same time and not in the same manner. But I do get the point you are making and it is not lost on me that I need to go the unproven (to you anyway) spiritual argument to counter the failed species argument. Hope all is well brother. Btw, you place blame on humans but what about the damn deer? Those menaces. You have not forgotten about them have you?
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    @Omaha Vol @BUFORDGAWOLVES @954gator @AztecPadre @Sweetlarry @LT4Spartan06 @Sammyswordsman @Horsefly @DarterBlue @HurricaneNick @ChimpGrip @Columbiafan The bracket is complete! The link is below. Let me know if I messed up anywhere! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1j4P_9R8SmklLeuVCvtsM0WwItURcPcWVtFDLXrVoU6E/edit?usp=sharing
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    The real benefit of a mask is to decrease the distance your breath travels to affect the other people around you. 6ft. of distance between two people is without a mask, but, your breath can't travel that far with a mask on so you are protecting others more than yourself by wearing the mask. It does also keep you from touching your face but, for the most part the mask is meant to keep me from spreading it to you or you from spreading it to others in a confined space by impeding the distance our breath travels.
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    Most feared!
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    The fucking Bengals... Not the Chiefs The Ravens The Steelers No... Cincinnati... This is the equivalent of getting in trouble for cheating off the dumb kids test...
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    You know the real reason Sanchez is making his way into North Florida is so that in a few seasons he can make his way down into South Florida. He'll then get a part time job w/ STA, maybe special teams assistant or whatever, and then ultimately link back up w/ Tate Martell and get him to STA for one or two seasons and then another shot at a college.
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    get a fuckin room you two
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    Tom Brady checked the ball for him.
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    Certainly Dusty has built the school, fieldhouse, stadium, and indoor practice facility by now.
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    Wow this so helpful, those games were only played 5 years apart! Basically the same Bellevue team! That same 2009 Bellevue team that lost to Katy also got shutout at home by the #35 ranked team from California (#250 in the nation) so they must’ve been ELITE! Big win in Texas for the tigers. You really proved a point here 💪 De La Salle also lost 3 times and tied twice in 2004, big time down year for their standards.
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    13 men? No wait we have 12. Wait, but we play football with 11. Nah, we'll just keep 'em out there and hope they don't notice. (Gets flagged once) Alright take one off! (Another flag) Take another off! (Another flag for pass interference) Ya know what, let's just give 'em the game! Everybody good with that? Yes? Ok good.
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    He will learn soon enough. LOL. The newbies from their local Regional threads don't realize that we are waaaaay ahead of them and their usual sh*t won't fly here.
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    high school sports returning: all sports should be delayed, but it definitely should happen. At the professional level, it's less about the players and more about the workers in the arena/stadium without a job. the second wave: we are currently in the second wave, and it's important to realize that. Things have to change quickly. biggest fears of doctors nationwide: doctors don't mind getting sick on the job, that is not a concern. The concern is the family back home. those who claim that masks reduce oxygen intake: especially for N95s, it's simply an excuse. N95 masks provide exactly the same oxygen intake as opposed to not wearing a mask. You could run a marathon in both and not feel a difference. students returning to school: if the right precautions are taken, it is safe to return to school. The risk is worth taking because it's greater than the payoff of online school. convincing others who don't believe COVID is something to worry about: lead by example. Make the non-mask wearers feel like a minority so that they are positively peer pressured to wear masks. People don't really believe in the virus until one of their loved ones or distant family gets affected. Encouraging non-believers to read stories online about the virus's deadly impact is important, as well. the biggest worries while shopping: the biggest source of COVID in stores is close contact with others. The second biggest is wearing gloves. Don't worry about the groceries themselves, it is very unlikely that the virus is transmitted through vegetables and other goods. wearing gloves to grocery stores: extremely counterintuitive. Do not wear gloves. The gloves attract the particles and allow them to stick to the glove's surface. People can subconsciously touch their face with a glove without even realizing it. Also, a simple shake of the glove can release those particles right next to your body, immediately infecting you. Unless you wash your gloves each time you come home, never wear them. Wearing gloves makes others believe that they can skip washing their hands, and that is the worst misconception of them all. The only thing you should be wearing to a grocery store is a mask. staying healthy: use basic hygiene. Coughing into your arm or mask and washing your hands periodically should keep you safe for good. Encourage others to the same. reassuring loved ones who are older: always trust and believe. Never take unnecessary risks and push your kids/grandkids to take precautions. Don't fear, believe. social gatherings: small gatherings are fine if proper precautions are taken. Groups over 20 should not be allowed, even if precautions are taken. businesses opening: it needs to happen, but not now. We should take let the virus recede a little (so a few months later) and then proceed with proper precautions. Lives are greater than business. a final message to everyone: wash your hands, wear a mask, and be smart. This is not a joke, but together we can get through this.
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    No need to wait. Here’s 11x (yes, eleven) I found instantly where you mentioned him by name. Let’s go pull the other times where you called him KW
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    Its old they just got fined for it now. Filming a TV series. Its the Bengals no one needs to cheat against them. I could see if it was against the chiefs
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    They cancelled the Seahawks to take on SJB? Obviously a huge upgrade in competition.
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    The St Joseph Regional vs Serra game was one of 6 games that were scheduled in the 2016 Honor Bowl hosted by Mission Viejo. In that Honor Bowl we had three teams from the East Coast participate. Yes, the SJR game was at noon followed by St Joseph Prep at 5:00 pm matched with Oaks Christian. The finale was IMG Academy vs Centennial which has still to this day been said to be one of the finest games in National High School football. What would you do differently to change this schedule GA96? Both coaches Infante and Hoffman raved about The Honor Bowl and both totally were moved when they had a chance to visit Camp Pendleton the day before. In regards to 2019, JSerra played St Joseph Regional at 4:00 pm hosted by Cathedral Catholic in San Diego. The Honor Bowl is not a showcase to parade football players on the national stage. The Honor Group’s mission is educating students, coaches and community about patriotism while raising money for injured, ill and wounded veterans. We take pride to have had over 180 schools participate from eight states and become more understanding of who a true hero is!
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    And folks, this is what's called "deflection". When the Idiot light scorches the forehead, the deflection begins to get the heat off. Nice try dipshit, now go back to fapping to the Valdosta facebook page. bgw
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    Happy Father's Day to all. Here's to us and guys like us.
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    Why do you think I mentioned Miami Central vs. St. John Bosco? Last time I checked, this site doesn't restrict anyone from discussing teams that are only within the top 50 in the country. Anyways, try to keep these boards clean so that people who actually would like to discuss the topic at hand can. This thread has potential for good conversation, and you seem to be ruining it. Sorry if that offends you in any way.
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    Even though we all knew it would be cancelled, it still sucks. On the bright side I can talk trash on what would have been. DLS by 6 touchdowns easy.
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    I feel like Maxpreps hasn’t learned anything over the past 10 years. In other news, Georgia adopts St Francis Academy and Corona Centennial finds refuge in an Illinois league. Details at 6:00 😉

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