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    Merry Christmas to the best damn HSFB fans in the country! Thankful to have this platform discussing football with fanatics from coast to coast. Try to keep it all in perspective. Hope all of you have a great holiday! Yes, even @The Guru 😏
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    Good to see wrongs be recognized and a good man given the gratitude he deserves. https://www.realcleardefense.com/articles/2020/01/18/navy_to_name_aircraft_carrier_for_pearl_harbor_hero_doris_miller_114981.html Navy to Name Aircraft Carrier for Pearl Harbor Hero Doris Miller
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    My son went to Doris Miller elementary in San Diego in the 90s. It's in Murphy Canyon. I know his story well. Plus he's a Texan
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    Saw this aerial Rose Bowl picture earlier and thought it was definitely bad ass!
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    The same positions as North Shore and Duncanville.
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    Thanks for the kind comment. It was neat. my kids have been blessed to do some pretty cool stuff as far as sports goes. My Son and I were in the players lounge after the SEC championship and the playoff game vs chokie. many LSU players know my Son by name now, which for a kid who just turned 13 is pretty fucking cool. I've has many friends ask if he knows how lucky he is. I truly think he does. That makes it even better!
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    Lame ass 70’s movie reference. You probably look just like that douche. Didn’t he get nailed for lying, then cried like a little girl when he got picked up? Hmmm, no wonder you chose that, you probably idolize that character. The smurf turf is ugly. How many lbs of carcinogenic dye do you think is in it?
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    Powerball and other Texas idiots just wait to see who an OOS team will play so they can claim that they only scheduled them when they were down. Typical move.
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    We knew going in to conversation with Coach Propst of the potential backlash from people that have seen the headlines. We out countless hours of due diligence in to the research on the allegations before we ever made contact with Coach Propst. We are confident in our research and decision to start our program with one of the nation's best high school coaches in the history of the game. And yes, we reached out directly to Coach Propst.
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    Can we get a USA Academy roster, so we know who we have going against them Canadian monsters?
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    Damn I might have to send the wife out for more alcohol 😆
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    Would just like to point out that USA Academy quoted and answered promptly the question before and after this one. Seems a lot like the same tactic that was used at the press conference to me.
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    Damn bad weekend to be a osu and patriots fan @Bormio coming in to work Monday like
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    Does Pencil Neck actually think it's helpful to his cause to keep talking and talking and talking and talking...? He is one of the least appealing human beings on the planet. Don't they have anyone with a shred of personality? I last about 15 seconds before I wish I was there so I could punch him in the vagina.
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    Daughter graduated from there last year. They had waiting lists for freshman and sophomore classes. However, some of the other programs have had issues (girls BB comes to mind). Basketball is doing well and baseball is probably one of the top 3-4 programs in the state, girls soccer is a dynasty - and yes, they have football issues-but the quality of the coaching staff (and the recent addition of Rob Johnson and Sam Baker-and maybe someday Bret Johnson?) should slow the bleeding. Facilities are top-level but location doesn't work in their favor. School is also fundraising for a capital campaign to add more classroom space and a theatre. School is fine-football will work itself out.
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    Payback for football. DeMatha 72 Rancho Christian 65 Paul VI 70 Sierra Canyon 62 O’Connell 73 Mater Dei 72 DeMatha 71 Mater Dei 60 (January 4th) Note: both Paul VI (Fairfax, VA) and O’Connell (Arlington, VA) are in the WCAC but they no longer play football with DM, GC, GZ, SJC and McNamara. Interestingly Paul VI is moving to a magnificent campus in Loudoun county, VA and will probably start playing the stronger WCAC teams again.
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    At least MD has Beat SFA and IMG the last 2 years.... SJB has beat Neither of those teams.... Cen10 has even plays IMG twice and will be playing SFA.... If this is true it is embarrassing for SJB.... These dude’s are talking all this “Everyone’s Afraid To Play us” Smack and here they are telling SFA “No Thank You” when SFA is willing to come to Cali and play them... So in Back to Back Years, SFA will come to Cali and play MD and Cen10 on Bosco”s home field.... And SJB is taking it easy with GC and whatever non top tier team they find this year.... Disappointing if True....
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    you FUCKING idiot it will end with President Trump being re-elected. Save yourself the heartache and mental breakdown and kill yourself now.
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    My fellow Texans...I have good reason to believe that Duncanville will be playing two really good OOS games this coming season. one at home and the other will be OOS - both will be against very elite OOS programs. I can't say one of the games at this time. However, STA FL told me this week that they are playing DV in Ohio. Funny thing is another very elite program is claiming the same vs DV in Ohio. Until proven different - I will say it's STA FL due to it was actually STA coaches who shared this information with me.
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    He's gonna be looking like one of Sammy's Trinity League guys soon...
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    But he said the equipment was already there on the grounds and making tons of progress. So lets see it playa!!
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    Catfight! Finally.... This should be a good one. Go Tigers! 😉
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    So then you are block? Fucking dumbass... three posts up you ask who is block? Now your replying. Just another one of your fucked up personalities to put on ignore...bitch.
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    Because of where they are located. Sierra Canyon is in the San Fernando Valley so they are geographically better situated to draw from the local talent pool plus areas of Ventura and LA county. Their main competition for local talent is Oaks Christian and Grace Brethren. Take Bryce Young as an example. Sierra Canyon is much closer to where he lived in Pasadena than Mater Dei is. Secondly, Sierra Canyon is the new ‘in school’ for celebrities and the super rich to send their kids. There is a media buzz around the school. What they are now for basketball has the potential to happen for football.
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    Don't waste time with Him you'll learn real soon that he's a troll... He turns everything into a win for himself no matter what... His team can lose by 20 points and it'll still some how be a win...
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    Every screwup he makes is on purpose because winning, and teaching, and ownage. It must be a spooky place, there inside his head.
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    Yes, but Marietta vs STA in the Geico would've been a great game.
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    City of Bellflower will hold a parade for St. John Bosco's football team beginning at noon on Friday at City Hall. The parade will go north along Bellflower Blvd. to Bosco's stadium. Southern Section, state and national champions. It’s official. Sierra Canyon and Paraclete are guaranteed the two automatic football playoff berths again in 2020 from the Gold Coast League. They can each go 0–10 and will make the playoffs. Other schools don’t want to play them. Isn’t high school sports unique?
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    Better lighten up on the moonshine or you'll be down to two by football season...which'll still leave you twice as many as some posters on here...lol.
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    Dude...you crack me up...Oh to be young again...love these posts....make sure she meets your feet quota! And doesn't have an Adam's Apple.(just re watched hangover 2) lol
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    ***Breaking News*** The demoRATS have asked for a delay in impeachment hearings while they attend funeral services in Iran.
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    Dude, it'd be worth it. You'd likely get sent to prison for 25 to life like all other Republicans shafted by the liberal establishment, but it'd be worth it. I can see it...she'd be at one of her curbside shitshows that she does ranting about some delusional nonsense, and you'd just grab that sucker right off her head and run (like ya stole it)! You'd have SS chasing you down the street and you'd just be holding that wig up high as you ran. She'd be left standing there looking like Curly Neal with lipstick on. Man, that'd be worth it. Make it happen, GSB!🤣
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    Tell her that her and her husband, Sidney Williams, should be in jail for their role in the one united bank/Tarp scandal. If Obama wasn’t elected president and his administration didn’t swept it under the rug, the husband at minimum would of served time .... also, tell her @DBP66 should be vetting her calls better.
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    Bloomberg is a fraternity brother of mine (preceded me at Hopkins by a few years). Hell would freeze over before I would vote for him.
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    https://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/deerfield-beach/fl-ne-bryce-gowdy-mental-health-20200101-ryf43wlw25e6too3bdce6lt35i-story.html I know many of us have been impacted by this silent killer. Mental illness is no joke. So many people could've helped Bryce and family if they had been alerted to their feelings and needs. That's the problem in most of these situations. Those in pain don't communicate their feelings due to the perceived stigma involved. All of us must act to prevent future suicides. 800-273-8255
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    It's damn sure virtual. All anyone has seen is virtual renderings, and a video of a field full of broom sage with a chubby dude flappin' lips about what might happen. There ain't nary a tractor moving dirt or bush hog cuttin' broom sage in the video. It's all virtual.
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    Nah he just posting on a great season he had Texas doesn’t need any validation (except when they do)😂
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    The “Longhorn Rita” .... God Bless TX!!!!....🤣🤣🤣....
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    I don't think in the workplace people get replaced so quickly or easily. It cost a lot of money to hire/train new people and they don't replace an otherwise good employee because somebody else says there is a 4 * looking for that job. Life lessons do not neccessarily need to be unfair and as dismissive in order to be taught. There is more important lessons to be learned than just that life can be brutal. They will find that out soon enough. As far as a kid who has been in the school and worked to earn a spot since a freshman should not be expected to just go to another school. I understand that kids do come in as transfers and I have no say about that as that is their business. As for the kid who transfers JUST to play football and if that player goes to college thinking that if he doesn't like where he is at he can just leave and throw away any commitments he may have made to the school or coach and teammates, it isn't teaching him to work through a particular situation. A school who has 3rd stringers getting scholarships is crazy to me. I mean, good for the football coach but I wouldn't want to sit when I can play if I am D1 worthy. These kids, IMO, can and do get offers from any school they are at. They do not need to play for SJB or MD in order to have scouts look at them. The coaches are not so bad that the kids have to go to Negro or the Stache.
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    But the kids get to come back rockin those sweet Mickey Mouse ears. They then get all the chicks.
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    I thought you'd appreciate this...
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    Kid was bullied his whole life so he lashes out over the internet. He’s an idiot. If you need me to slap around him again just holler
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    If people read and studied anything other than American His-Story. They would drop a lot of the Facade. On 2nd thought they probably wouldn't. Diversity has been a blessing to America. The most Diverse Nation on earth is the the Most Prosperous AND POWERFUL. The Navajo Code Talkers (Marines) were instrumental in winning WWII because their Language was so unique the Japanese couldn't decode it. Diversity Garret Morgan a black man whose invention led to the Gas Mask Saving lives in WWII. Diversity Charles Drew and Blood Plasma leading to Transfusions saving lives to this day. Diversity\ The Arabs giving us Algebra and our Number system. Diversity. You damn sure don't count like this I, II, III, IV You count 1, 2, 3, 4, That came from the Arabs. Diversity. And all the wonderful things that many Europeans contributed to the world THAT WE ALL PROFIT FROM. Diversity.
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    Yeah, but it's not like he was lying. Errybody knows Dville said oh hell nah!!!
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    Same thing I was thinking. I remember that thing. Fame and money often make people trade in their values at the door.

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