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    Folsom gets plastered by “something something Trail”. 😂
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    I’m getting an overdose of salt here. It’s always the case that some people take more pleasure in other people losing than they do in their own winning. My team lost. Congratulations to Bosco. Why the hate being spewed at Bryce Young? Who cares how far he drives to get to MD. I had a 45 minute commute myself over 30 years ago. He will do fine at the next level. More importantly, even if he never plays football again he will do well in life since he is a great kid coming from a strong family.
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    They didn't lose to a San Diego team that got smashed by another San Diego team. #winning
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    At the dawn of democracy, Plato foresaw an unfortunate end. vangelis aragiannis/Shutterstock.com Why tyranny could be the inevitable outcome of democracy Lawrence Torcello, Rochester Institute of Technology November 11, 2019 9.11am EST Plato, one of the earliest thinkers and writers about democracy, predicted that letting people govern themselves would eventually lead the masses to support the rule of tyrants. When I tell my college-level philosophy students that in about 380 B.C. he asked “does not tyranny spring from democracy,” they’re sometimes surprised, thinking it’s a shocking connection. But looking at the modern political world, it seems much less far-fetched to me now. In democratic nations like Turkey, the U.K., Hungary, Brazil and the U.S., anti-elite demagogues are riding a wave of populism fueled by nationalist pride. It is a sign that liberal constraints on democracy are weakening. To philosophers, the term “liberalism” means something different than it does in partisan U.S. politics. Liberalism as a philosophy prioritizes the protection of individual rights, including freedom of thought, religion and lifestyle, against mass opinion and abuses of government power. What went wrong in Athens? In classical Athens, the birthplace of democracy, the democratic assembly was an arena filled with rhetoric unconstrained by any commitment to facts or truth. So far, so familiar. Aristotle and his students had not yet formalized the basic concepts and principles of logic, so those who sought influence learned from sophists, teachers of rhetoric who focused on controlling the audience’s emotions rather than influencing their logical thinking. There lay the trap: Power belonged to anyone who could harness the collective will of the citizens directly by appealing to their emotions rather than using evidence and facts to change their minds. Pericles gives a speech in Athens. Philipp von Foltz/Wikimedia Commons Manipulating people with fear In his “History of the Peloponnesian War,” the Greek historian Thucydides provides an example of how the Athenian statesman Pericles, who was elected democratically and not considered a tyrant, was nonetheless able to manipulate the Athenian citizenry: Misleading speech is the essential element of despots, because despots need the support of the people. Demagogues’ manipulation of the Athenian people left a legacy of instability, bloodshed and genocidal warfare, described in Thucydides’ history. That record is why Socrates – before being sentenced to death by democratic vote – chastised the Athenian democracy for its elevation of popular opinion at the expense of truth. Greece’s bloody history is also why Plato associated democracy with tyranny in Book VIII of “The Republic.” It was a democracy without constraint against the worst impulses of the majority. Comment on this article Lawrence Torcello Associate Professor of Philosophy, Rochester Institute of Technology Lawrence Torcello does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. Rochester Institute of Technology provides funding as a member of The Conversation US.
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    You hear that? That is the sound of no one giving a single fuck about anything you have to say. LOL Edit: pardon my French, I may have had 4 or 5 too many glasses of Scotch
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    Even Paraclete D3 lost by less points to MT than overhype Folsom.
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    Looking forward to hearing about how Rockwall would beat Mater Dei.
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    Now DLS can beat Bosco and CalPreps can crown them national champ
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    HA!!!.... Actually Folsom heard that ACP Runs the Veer so that game is off....
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    I guess that brutal OOS schedule Liberty played at the beginning of the season finally paid off.
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    Congrats to Mater Dei. That was a very impressive performance. Good luck next week.
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    You kidding me? I'm overly anxious to see if my Trojans will be playing in the 2019 Cheez-It Bowl or the Tony the Tiger Bowl. This is where legends are made
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    Let us take a moment out of our day to remember those who fought bravely since the inception of our great country, through multiple world wars, overseas conflicts, and the ones that just keep us safe and sovereign on a daily basis today. Think about the hundreds of thousands that didn’t make it home alive and many more that came home changed forever to make and keep this country great. I know we’ve got a few vets here: DD, Russ, thc, HF, and there’s probably a few more that I’m missing. No disrespect intended. You guys have a blessed day on the behalf of your country and for your service. Haaaaand——salute
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    No, the House of Representatives will go down in history as having accomplished nothing for these two years, while they wasted the country's time making mountains out of molehill after molehill, all because they hated the president, and couldn't get over losing to a man they hated so intensely.
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    You wanna know my dislike for SPP fine here you goo @BUFORDGAWOLVES
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    The OC, San Juan Hills, Sunny Hills and Esperanza win CIF SS Division Championships.
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    Having different IP addresses doesn't mean anything. Congratulations, you understand how to use a VPN. As they say, if it quacks like a duck...
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    Great game and someone had to lose this is why we are hooked watching these games and the kids who play
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    The worst possible way to "watch" your team lose. You see the field, hear the crowd roar and have a general idea something big happened. But, you can't actually see the plays as they happen.
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    I feel sorry for anyone that thinks it is ok to even make a jacket like that. I knew the guy was a fruit already, but, this... Yeah, he's a definite clown.
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    I think its time CDM enters the discussion. Without a doubt top 5. They've dominated everyone. Alemany will be there biggest test so far this year. This game will be a great measuring stick.
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    Finally Bosco has to travel to Husky Stadium!!!
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    Remember when Folsom lost to Something Something Trail with 40 transfers?
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    Kids can attend PC for less than half that amount. It’s a tremendous bargain for those families that want a faith-based high school education for their children. I agree that the more expensive, all-male schools could definitely pose larger fiscal barriers for some. I live in one of the highest taxed towns in BC with one of the most reputable, blue ribbon public high schools in the state. I paid full tuition at DBP for all four years and we wouldn’t change a thing. There’s a marked difference in the True Gentlemen that those schools produce. It’s evident each and every day. If you want the Church to be a vital part of your kid’s life forever, there’s no better way to guarantee it.
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    Yes Mater Dei had 71 transfers in the 2017-2018 school year. That is for all sports boys and girls. You can very easily see who these students are on the CIF website. https://cifss.org/approvals/transfers/ Newsflash for you Block.... they were not all 5 star football players. I see a lot of girls on the list😉 I also see golf, lacrosse, cross country, field hockey, tennis, badminton. I didn’t even know MD had badminton. I always thought that Westminister got all the good badminton transfers.
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    Weve got a HSFB game on Sunday this weekend and it should be good. St. Johns takes on Good Counsel in the WCAC Championship, at Catholic University, at 6pm ET. Last years WCAC Championship between DeMatha & Gonzaga was an instant classic.... Hopefully this one is as good. Itll be streamed live on http://www.1stamendmentsports.com/ ... Or go to the page & click on their Youtube channel. Heres a link to the game on Youtube ---
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    Looks like bishop Gorman will be dropping in the tiers, and taking Servite who they waxed 42-21 with them!!!!
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    I got highlights from this game @frankyjames
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    When he first became noticeable was on norcal board going by the handle of G61, or something like that. It was during the 2014 season and there after. He was out of his mind back then, then disappeared after Folsom sank for a couple of seasons, reamerging after Folsom beat Helix in D-1 a few seasons ago. Now i see others like him. Some of those Texas posters are way out there also
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    @noonereal is gonna tell you Bosco is gonna win because he is one smart motherfucker.
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    What’s really funny is how we are told that The CIF has no rules and it’s just a free for all of free agency for our High schools mean while two of the better teams are declared out of the playoffs because of rules
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    Earlier this year when SLC played at Denton Guyer ---The student section of Guyer held up big signs that said, "We love SLC Mom's" I was like damn "Thought that was just Devildog and Texasball thing" lmao
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    I'm sure she'll be devastated once she finds out.
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    We will be everyone's big game for about 2 more years.
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    It amuses me that the master troll has not figured out that he is being masterly trolled. Well done, Eddie.
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    I was just looking at the other NP brackets. Finals are this weekend. DePaul plays Mater Dei St. Joe's Hammonton plays Holy Spirit. Little SJ beat Morris Catholic last week 76-22. They really are too good for NPG2. Both games at Rutgers University.
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    What a kiss-ass. No journalistic integrity whatsoever
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    Can't wait to see Epps final numbers for tonight. Shattered the school single season receiving yards record tonight.
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    I rarely ever am surprised by the stuff I read on this OT section anymore. I promise you though, if I post it here, I'd say it right to you in your face too. There are some people on here that need some help mentally. There are others that a nice break and reset would probably do some good, before they end up in the cart with those that need help mentally. Primarily at issue is how un-American the tribalism is. It doesn't fade like it used to. Democracy only works when the losing side is willing to accept the defeat dealt to them in an election. Each new cycle sees the fading of that and the voices of division grow louder and longer. It's so easy to sow discord now, that it's virtually all there is.
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