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    Beating Abilene in Texas when they were ranked 1or 2 in country beating Bergen Catholic with 23 players dressed out the last State game will always make me mad...bad game all the way around especially for me all the BTW losses and their are a lot
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    That is tough...I see both sides kids want to basically begin College type atmosphere and basically have football 101 and I get that but it is apples to oranges in terms of high school ball...they should not be able to compete for State Champ
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    Oh Lord, you better exclude a few posters from pulling a trump and embarrassing this board. You know who they are. Plus we have already had the MNC coach on here for a while.
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    First game we went to over 80% of our team had never been on a plane...50% had never been out of Florida period theycwill remember that experience the rest of their lives....no matter the outcome our kids have seen many places and experienced many different regions that they may never been able to see
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    First black Marine Jim Rundles passes away at the age of 94 on March 13, 2014. Jim Rundles came into the Marine Corps at a time that all branches were segregated. He helped bring about the modern thought by Marines, that all Marines are just a shade of green. This man survived Montford Point and World War II. RIP and Semper Fi brother.
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    Stephen Hawking died on what has become known as Pi Day, which is also Albert Einstein's birthday. Timing.
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    I hate to do this to a fellow georgia guy, but I gotta keep it real: you can't be talkin shit when u see who colquitt has scheduled for their oos games.
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    Ill be decked in Green and Silver, with a "DLS is #1" foam finger on the day this game is played.
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    She would speak to God out loud herself for a good 3 to 5 minutes while I smashed. Just looking at her, I may yell out "Oh God" a coupla times myself.
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    Coach, looks like you've been able to answer all the questions. I can't express enough how thankful we (and I think I'm speaking for our Members) are for you to come on here and share some insight. I hope we can do it again. I'd also like to thank @GardenStateBaller and PGL for suggesting the idea and making this possible.
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    Start puking Rab, Mater Dei is one badass school not only in athletics but academics as well... Buford aspires to be as badass as Mater Dei... you bulimic menopausal saggy tit toothless fat bitch! I don't like you. Sincerely, Aspiring Asshole of Assholes
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    For reference: team in white is up by 2 points with 2.4 seconds left. HS basketball Tappan Zee (White) vs Ardsley (Blue) https://mobile.twitter.com/KDJmedia1/status/970071588665282563
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    You guys should read the actual link....
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    @TheBlockIsHot is going to make even ardent anti-DLS posters @Mjd33 and @ECHS05 into DLS fans......#winning
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    Because they need tackling dummies for the scout team. What better place than south GA for that.
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    Oh Yeah....that's what Italy really needs. A Fascist government. Sounds just like you Trumpys...... Rufus>>
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    I understand your feelings...I just believe that the end game and opportunity outweighs any downside...most kids will not play College football but for one, two weekends a year they feel like they are
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    i knew Cocoa was ready to be very good...I grew up on MErritt Island and saw that they always had athletes but never won...the ingredients were all there nSB poses a different challenge because it is in a different area with different demographics
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    You have to have players first and foremost...must have stable staff at least the majority of coaches...support from community and especially Admin...resources such as sponsor like Nike helps...facilities help bring kids and tradition also helps
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    Does he too believe Georgia is the best brand of football in the country? Also, ask him, what are his thoughts on Calpeps as a whole? Asking for a fellow poster.
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    Come on rab we all know if you want to touch your feminine side all's you have to do is put your hand between ur legs!!
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    Folsom over Cen10? Did @TheBlockIsHot hack your nudes?
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    For the record...would not smash!
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    I called around, to about 75 schools last fall looking for an OOS game with the help of prepgridiron. I had 2 lined up and they fell through. Going to DC was an easy sell for my parents and admin. I was looking for a good program. Did we bite off more than we can chew? Absolutely! The kids are and community are excited though. I respect what they’re doing there. They’re freakin loaded and will have trouble finding games every year. So for them to dish out some money and help with travel says a lot about where they want to be.
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    The racial issues that we all face, wether we even realize it or not, is of primary concern to me. The last few years have been a golden opportunity to heal some of these problems. But it seems that instead of embracing the "BLM" movement like we should we have ( and I mean white people ) instead thought it an attack on white people. Couldn't be further from the truth. From my perspective, I have never felt like I had to feel guilty for past wrongs or that white lives do not matter. I'll go out on a limb and say that not one person who supports BLM doesn't feel that all lives matter. It's just that over the centuries and more relevant to us the last several decades have shown that black people have been getting murdered. A lot of it on video. How easy is it to say that the murders are wrong and they should not be getting shot? Doing so is not saying that it is your fault. I guarantee that If any white person would go up to a black person and say "I support you and think you have every right to life as anybody else and i believe black lives matter", you would be welcomed and respected. And no one will look at you like it's your fault people are being killed. To do that, imho, is the easiest thing in the world to do. And you lose absolutely nothing by doing so and you will actually gain quite a bit. I just can't see how it lessens a person to care about every single person. Even the ones you disagree with or don't even like. We all are so much more the same than we are different. We all have hopes and wants and sorrow and pain. When we care enough to help those with hopes and lend an ear to those who are sorrowful We grow personally and as a society. Good post brother. Thoughts?
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    As the President plays musical chairs with his staff, news of administration corruption gets lost in the shuffle. Just so we don't forget, here is an off-the-cuff initial list of corruptions, some of it penny ante some of it massive, reported just in the last couple weeks (more to remember, more to come, more to be developed, feel free to add your own): John McEntee, Trump’s personal assistant, fired for “serious financial crimes.” He was escorted out of the WH without being allowed to grab his coat, but don't worry about him, he was immediately hired by the Trump 2020 campaign. Tom Price, former HHS Secretary, forced to resign over half a million dollars in travel expenses. Ryan Zinke, Interior Secretary, excessive travel expenses and $139,000 to replace 3 doors (but they open and close really well). Scott Pruitt, EPA, also huge bills for personal travel, insisting he needed the extra security of first class travel because someone once shouted something insulting at him in coach…(insert snowflake comment here). Also a $43,000 ‘cone of silence’ so nobody can overhear him eliminating environmental regulation… Steve Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary, worth $300M, racked up over $1M of taxpayer funded military airplanes to fly him and his wife to their European honeymoon among other travels. Ben Carson, HUD, $31,000 dining room table he lied knowing about (but massive cuts for poor people are necessary). Wilbur Ross, Commerce Secretary, richest man in the Cabinet. His holdings are starting to look like massive conflicts of interest, with the Russian holdings starting to look suspicious, so this one is a stay tuned. Donald Trump, President, are Emoluments even a thing? Foreign governments are routinely spending large sums at Trump hotels to curry favor. God only knows what’s happening at the foreign properties. The VSG continues to do nearly weekly promotional appearances at his properties, charging for access to him and pocketing the money. This week we learned that the Defense Department spent $140,000 at Trump properties in the first few months, on meals and lodging. Presidential seal is being used to sell branded merchandise. Don Jr, supposedly not in the administration, travelling to India selling condos and foreign policy all in one. Ivanka Trump, WH something or other, is receiving more than $1M per year from projects with state-owned companies around the world, even as she works in the WH without proper clearance and travels the globe as a representative of the U.S. Government. Jared Kushner, too many WH assignments to list, is involved in too much corruption to list. The biggest we’ve learned so far is he secured loans for himself and his family in excess of half a billion dollars after meetings in the WH about possible infrastructure projects. The stay tuned story is the suspicion that Kushner pressured the government of Qatar to bail out his family debt and changed American foreign policy to punish the Qataris when they didn’t come across. In any organization, the tone is set at the top.
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    Remember in 2014 and 2015 when the Varsity Board was thriving?
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    All these years and finally an Aunt Esther angle! Yes!
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    Totally agree with Dan here. I started working at 14 for 1.75 an hour 3 days a week to pay my way. I have 5 brothers and a sister, not the traditional 2.5 family. If I wanted something I had to figure out a way to pay for it. I paid my way through college, even though I had some decent scholarships. I stayed close to my family to help out. I worked many years as a laborer, but after 14 years and college I was lucky enough to find a job that was also my hobby. I then worked 30 plus years toward a pension and savings in a 401K. I retired at 58. I paid every debt I owed and gave to those that needed. I'm 65 years old and have traveled the world. I still work, only it's on my terms and I still save half of what I make. I draw SS because SS isn't voluntary, it's mandatory to pay in. I earned it, and I want what I work for back. Life is good if you plan a little, and work toward a long term goal when you reach that goal. Even if you can't afford it, buy a cheap house and fix it up. If it gets too tough, sell it for a profit. Then start over. It's not so hard you can't do it, you just have to want it.
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    A promoter mentioned the possibility of a game but never heard a word from Colquitt about terms of the game so I guess it was fake news
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    1) The S GA teams draw *huge* home crowds for the most part, 10K+ @ $8-12 per depending on general admission or reserved seats. Add in concessions and you are looking at close to $100k +/-. Traveling means they forgo that income. 2) It is hard to get to anywhere other than neighboring states. Grayson caught a lot of flack for taking the bus to Shreveport last year. That's pretty much about as far as you want to go on a bus. Maybe a little farther but for sure not to the West Coast. Then you are looking at a bus ride to either Atlanta or Jacksonville to the airport and from there a flight to wherever plus buses and lodging on the far end. That gets expensive whether you take the whole team or a subset - which most GA teams won't do no matter how much it bothers people on this board. When you add the lost revenue and the cost of moving the team it just doesn't make sense most of the time. There are some exceptions to be sure but as a general rule, that dog won't hunt. That's why GA doesn't mind playing out of state teams if they come to us.
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    True I did miss that point and you’re right that’s not always the case Lmao we just accept him as he is. For all his quirks he does a lot good for the board
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    CA has the best Highschool 🏈 OBVIOUSLY with #1 Mater Dei and #3 St John Bosco both looking for games for week 0 and week 5 at home we would love to help fly in powerhouses from down south or the Midwest everyone we have called is making excuses email me if you want smoke and your high school is a Powerhouse California taking all fades #weWillMakeUfamous
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    I don't normally get into politics, but this is just an observation. If this were a corporation that I worked for, I would be freaked out with all the turnover, both the resignations and the terminations.
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    The best OOS teams I have seen in person are 2011 Trinity 2006 Lakeland 2008 STA 2016 SJB
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    Well look who’s complaining about someone using (or not) English? The monkey with a typewriter. Can’t make this stuff up.
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    Trump claims he would have stormed the beaches at Normandy with only a butter knife.
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    You know full well no one is “trying” to convince anyone of anything. They’re simply trying to present an objective analysis of a much-awaited game. You, on the other hand, provide nothing of substance, while continuing to stir the pot with your relentless, non-productive, off-topic, and content-free effluent. I’ll say it again: folsom = bullshit.
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    No worries my brother...The way I figure it, the picture was worth the price of admission all by itself...
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    Might be worth it to enjoy the dejected Blue contingent filing out onto Winton Ave with 7:54 remaining in the 4th.
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    Jay Sekulow?!..LOL...if that's the best he's got he's in deep shit.....Ted Olsen just turned him down along with other "power" attorneys in Washington...they want nothing to do with lying Donny....nobody is throwing their career away for Donny... ...you've got to be over 100 "nothing burgers" by now??....
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    Toughest opponent would be Gorman, IMG, BTW in 13
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    Just because moral rage Queen Nolebull813 doesn't believe gender reassignment is an actual medical thing, certainly doesn't make it so. You and the Bible thumpers you worship are some of the biggest hypocrites going. If it wasn't for you dumbshits, this former girl would have wrestled boys, likely lost a ton, and barely blipped on the local news. Your insatiable desire to tell everyone what to do with their privates, through force of law, caused this nonsense. In closing- This former girl has more balls than you.