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    ... and what, 5-6 years of zero decent contribution to the boards from you? Your streak is more likely to continue well beyond NorCal's.
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    Lol! His would read: 1. SJB 2. MD 3. Cen10 4. Rest of the Trinity League 5. Alemany 6. Amat 7. Servite 8. Poly 9. Paraclete 10. Central Catholic 11. Jr. Braves 12. Jr. Monarchs 13. Prep Gridiron Over-40 All Stars 13. DLS ...and he’s serious.
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    Being offered the opportunity to play a Trinity League team is akin to an "act of God". Any good attorney could convince a jury of that.
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    Where are the parents when the refs fuck up and miss calls? Midway will probably never return to the state championship because these kids are soft and the coaches and parents allow it. None of them and I mean none of them would have lasted 10 fucking seconds in Panama. These kids and their little water breaks and touch football.
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    that guy won't turn down any tail with a name like that LOL
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    Y'all know that is an April Fools joke for sure. Superintendent King Doug Howell XVIII says... Rush is still fired and Colquitt football is in the crapper...
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    Texas doesn't care about the NCAA playoffs anyway. The only thing that matters is to win state. Which A&M did. #ScrewTheNationalStage People on the streets of Dallas didn't even know who Virginia was.
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    Well that cleared things up.
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    An allegedly black gangbanger shot him and that bastard alone is responsible along with any co-conspirators. I admit B.S. as it is no deflection. Young urban black males must have the same outrage as they do when a White cop shoots and kills them.. This was senseless. That dude worked hard in that community owning 7 businesses and employing those needing help the most. No one is blaming anyone. That gang culture is the reason same as white right wing groups and their violent acts. Both a bunch of sick ass people.
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    Shut your pudgy ass up, you cowardly little cunt. Leave this topic to the real men.
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    I agree, you need to get your fat ass down there and straighten them out. Leave the donuts and remote to me. Regards, BGW
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    You can’t forget upon graduation at IMG you don’t get accepted to college they also have the bribery program aval to you. That’s another perk they offer.
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    LOL. These high school transfers, sound more like a pro ball players retirement speech. LOL!!
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    All the lefties here are. They are complicit with infanticide. They are complicit with causing economic and social calamity with the influx of crime and illegals. They hate free speech that is contrary to their beliefs. They feel you should lose the right to defend yourself. They are domestic terrorists, only instead of bombs, they have mocha lattes and man buns 😂
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    Shit, not me. What ever he’s drinking, I want some. 🍺🥃
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    We will find out in the first game of the year if DeMatha is capable of winning the national championship. I believe that Bill McGregor is convinced they have the talent (at least 13 major division one offered athletes, front seven back on D, perhaps America’s best rb with an incredible line in front of him). Thirteen or more 3-5 stars. He has brought in a transfer QB from D. C.’s Wilson (started freshman year at SJC)(recent offer from Columbia is his first-sincere bravo to the Ivy League) who has a great deal of potential and who may be the key to the upcoming season. Fantastic potential. For all of the hyperbole about talent and transfers at SJC and SFA DeMatha is still the equal of any. For me the most interesting game is St. Ignatius-a game that should have happened in the ‘90’s when Chuck Kyle was winning national championships at Iggy and Bill had his (and D. C’s) best team ever-‘98 with Scott McBrien and their own 15 major division one offered players) Interestingly Bill has a strong Cleveland connection. He graduated from John Carroll after high school in Pittsburgh. I saw Iggy blow out Berwick in the late ‘90’s when the four or five Cleveland busses had a half mile long caravan following them from Ohio to northeasternn PA. I don’t know how many busses or cars will travel from Cleveland to D. C. this year but it will be a real pleasure to watch Chuck Kyle’s St. Ignatius play Bill McGregor’s DeMatha. In Landover. I believe DeMatha will be undefeated when they play.
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    The Hasidic Jews in Rockland County NY have contributed for sure.
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    Where the hell you been then guy? Been here all along? March 13th was all along? News flash? What the fuck dude? You my guy Theo Dorsey now or what? I thought he left the area a couple of weeks back. Lowndes fans hiding for years then showing up after Rush gets canned and ask why there's crickets. Ahahahaha. Ol' shady ass fuckers.
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    You sure have a lot to say for someone who writes like a 7th grader. Maybe you should drive to Lakeland and take a couple of English classes yourself.
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    Islamic Society of Baltimore. www.isb.org
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    ....the sound.....of silence! is it possible for someone to be so emotionally upset that they can't type? well we'll have to give curly a pass because we know that is keyboard is now hanging through his monitor glass shattered everywhere I would think even cuter would have some moonshine bravado to chirp it he's probably passed out after some alligator Lovin. what about nutsack? he's a complete Enigma himself