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    I wasn't thinking straight last night... I wanted something spicy while I was at my uncle's in Marietta... So I cooked some stir fry with dried chilli flakes... Oh sweet Jesus I fucked up horribly... Oh so very horribly... I accidentally made homemade mace... This isn't the first time I've done such a thing... But last time It involved habaneros... And a classroom... Nobody to this day knows it was me... Quite sure I would've been suspended or expelled... Any way... I fucking maced myself yet again... I screamed and screamed got the bright idea put my head in the sink with cold water.... Even unwiser idea.... I think I'd much rather be struck by lightning.... The fact I'm not blind is miraculous.....my uncle got a good face full of it too. My aunt wasn't home... So she just laughed when she found out....
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    Have at it boys. I can already feel the hate through the screen 😂 Prep Force Preseason HSFB Rankings
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    What a waste of a great porn name...just to play football
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    Something the FL teams have had a hard time figuring out.
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    Honestly, it was hard to get the kids up for this one after playing for the scrimmage world championship last week.
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    Lol Are you telling me that the BG coach does not have the time to start 10 topics a day? Whoever he is he has some enthusiasm about hsfb so that's cool.
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    I am Thinking more like 14-0 Servite!...
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    Oh he did poorly; he's old, feeble and looked unprepared. But let's not project this onto his military record. I hope we put this behind and let's move on to the business of the nation. Enough is enough on this investigation
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    I see one of these coming soon between the Chicken Kings 🤣 Spoiler Wendy's acted a fool
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    Amazing how the So called Police couldn't see the irony in what Old Slinging Sammy was conveying. 🤣 I immediately got his intent.
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    I feel for you buddy. 10 months of building goodwill toward Folsom out the window in 1 week
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    Hahaha. How dumb do they look? That kid is smart to call the PD and tell them he is not running just looking for a well lit place to stop. Well raised kid. Then cops try looking for other reasons to try and trap him into saying something wrong. Lol. I'm glad this is getting all kinds of press. I'm his newest fan. Hoping he has a great year on the field.
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    247sports reports Martell didn’t report to practice today
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    Shit he’d probably get fired if he misses a car payment
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    No, many liberals PRETEND they care about people. It's their "that goes for everybody else, but not me" attitude. Believe me, there are as many rich liberals as there are rich conservatives - maybe more. You have Hollywood, the music industry, Broadway, Silicon Valley, many lawyers and judges, many on Wall Street, politicians, college presidents, etc. Even the liberal first family, the Kennedy's, have a vast amount of wealth. And before you say they care about people, what about Teddy the K letting Mary Jo Kopechnie drown? The Clintons also have their fund bring in a lot of dough. Conservatives are no more money hungry than liberals, nor do they care less about people. The difference is the Left takes advantage of the three biggest bully pulpits in the country to spin things their way: the news media, Hollywood, and the education system - especially the colleges.
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    Why is STA more than 2 TD underdog? What do they know we don't? And where can I place that bet?
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    I forgot to mention that DLS will have a kid named Myles Bergman returning this season. 6-0 290. Badass rugby frontline scrum guy. He was injured all of last season so we never got to see him play. He started and played a lot at DT. He looked strong. Quick off of the ball for a smallish stout guy. Roe and Bergman should be good at gumming up the line even outsized by STA. The DLS DL should be solid...Tasi 265, Roe 270, Bergman 290, Crespi 240. I like Tasi at DE. Kid is a beast and will breakout this year. Roe has several FBS and wrestling offers. Crespi has small school offers. Subs will be Seastrand, Tafaeono, Tagaloa, DLS will be alright on Friday. DLS will be as good or better at every position this year compared to last...except at LB and Foskey (DE). The coaches say they're athletic. But all only around 200 lbs. We have to wait and see how they do. This will be a competitive game. 👍
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    Youve been in pretty consistent with this countdown... Im ready for it to end.
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    You've probably seen a game there before in all of your travels, but if you've never seen a game in Tehaaaaas, you'll love it. You're in for a treat. I was there for DLS/ET. Nothing like I've ever seen when it comes to HSFB. Went to Allen Fri night and saw a game with 25-30k fans, a band with about 6 million members, a dude skydiving into the stadium, and scoreboard the size of Jersey. The next night DLS/ET in front of about 15K. All of the radio stations talked about HSFB games, times and locations, etc over the weekend. Gotta give credit where credit is due. I wish I could go to this game for sure. Have fun and report as ya go!😎
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    And by a douchebag no less 🤣🤣
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    I've actually seen that game and the revisionism is over the top. DLS fumbled on their first play inside the 5 yard line. They actually held Bosco on that series. Forced a FG. Then DLS threw an INT on the very next series inside the 20 yard line. They held again but got a soft pass interference penalty to extend the drive. I think Bosco missed the PAT and so they had a 9-0 lead. It was 9-0 within 3 minutes and Bosco did practically nothing. Do that on the road against any competent team and you're probably going to lose badly. Add in the fact that the early 2009 DLS team was probably the worst version of the Spartans since 2005.
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    The word on the skreet is, Marietta looks like a much improved team over last season. They also added another WR to their already loaded offense, 3* Michigan St. commit Ricky White ... https://247sports.com/Player/Ricky-White-46080062/ Marietta vs. St. Joes Prep PA is looking like a legit Top 25 matchup.
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    What states can say that at least their 5 best programs are all public? I believe Arizona would fit this criteria.
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    $150 make it out to cash ill PM you the PO Box address
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    Obviously it's my beloved Bolingbrook Raiders. In 3 colors red, black, and white (actually these may only be in black, the red and white may still be last year's) In black only In red only New field
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    San Diego State has the best helmets
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    Coach, most of the players on your team had never even been in Santa Ana before they transferred to Mater Dei to play football 😄
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    I never liked a Tiger. NEVER. Not a ernge and blue wearing barner type nor a purple and baby shit yella wearing Columbo tigger neither.
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    I have more confidence in SJC as a program than SFA. We just haven’t gotten to see SFA vs an elite team yet. I watched the Lee game and Lee was right with them to basically halftime. Don’t get me wrong they are very talented but I haven’t seen them play a team on their level yet.
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    PS...where’s my pizza?
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    Whatever you say, clownboy. I get it...the left is collectively sack-deep in you, and you can't think independently nor critically. I feel bad for you. Go stick your head back in the sand. Good grief.
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    I used to think elite teams shouldn't get beat by double digit. But after last years MD team, who beat IMG but got handled by SJB only to win a close one when it matter. I'm starting to think even the best of them can get humbled easily at any given time.
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    Adam FullOf Schiff If there was ever a smug face screaming "kick my ass, please", it's his. .
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    Can't we institute a rule that you can't bring this up again til a week before the rematch with DLS. Otherwise my head may explode.
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    Actually that was 'flagged for investigation'..... ... resulting with no evidence or charges of laundering money of any kind, not even Russian rubbles. and bet lost..... So what day is the pizza party?🤡
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    There’s a Home Depot in Manhattan now. 😊
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    The name is irresistible We’ve got something-something-Valley — you’ve got Niceville i picture them in black and white with 1950s haircuts
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    For the Ohio posters..... I have never said or implied that i hate Ohio football... I have a great deal of respect for it.. It has great tradition.....legacy ......history.....coaching.......players....etc...etc..etc..... What i am QUESTIONING..... is why Hoban is so highly ranked when they don`y play a schedule proving that they are worthy of their ranking.You can`t tell me that many of their opponents are very challenging...they have maybe 3-4 tough games per year.......their toughest play-off opponent last year was Washington Massillion......the equivalent of ESL....the proof was the 46-40 game won by Massillion in the last minute on their home field..Chicago Mt. Carmel has handled ESL pretty easily 2 years in a row in the play-offs and then got knocked out in the later rounds.The Chicago Catholic league is the oldest high school football Conference in the country.....look it up if you don`t believe me....but it doesn`t get the respect on the national stage that it should. Hoban is a good team....but not top 15 worthy nationally. They haven`t proven themselves against a schedule that would confirm this.Most likely they will win the state again this year......because the level of competition doesn`t test them enough. I see that they are playing 2 Canadian teams this year.......Why don`t they try to reach out to teams like Christian Brother`s.. MO......Detroit King.......Nazarath Academy IL.......it would provide a clearer baseline for evaluating them.
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    Not true at all. There's too much respect between the two admins. That's the reason there's no line on the game @Sammyswordsman
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    They lost to the 92nd best team in Florida at home by multiple scores. And most of that team is back! Lmao!!! Pass on this ass!!!
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    Bakers mustache is kind of creepy.
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    I don't have any words of wisdom for you. Only that your testament made me miss my mom and dad who always incouraged me to be kind to those that need love the most. Your testamony in a few short paragraphs were powerful. There are those that could find themselves in your words. You have to be lost to know the feeling, and then find your way back again. It sounds like you are/have been there. Maybe what you were meant to do is already behind you and your second chance is to just enjoy life. Sometimes we don't know what we were meant to do or our purpose in life. I do know that however so brief our being around someone is, we change their lives. You may have already touched someone in a way that will forward the human race. Possiably even in your post on this thread. Who knows.
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    Probably... I do have a relative that works there...
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    If that frame wasn't so blurry you could see me in the background on the sideline. Standing there it honestly looked like a clear fumble, it was just perfect timing with him extending his arms and the ball coming out it made it look like he was losing control while going down. But, when you look at the replay his knee was clearly down... what can you do though? The refs did everything they could, immediately following the play they all huddled up and came to a conclusion.
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    Word from my Cali connect that DLS is trying to track down the refs from the Lakeland game to come officiate the STA game. I will reserve bets until further notice

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