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    Translation. All the checks haven’t cleared from the poor saps that are about to get taken for $25K. The Banks in the Caymans ain’t as fast as they used to be
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    Gents. This chapter started on June 4th, 1990 at 0800 hrs and it all ended this morning at 0700 hrs. March 27th, 2020. I made it through my career relatively unscathed. I had one bout of cancer (God was looking out for me for sure) and a few burns, bruises, scrapes and sprains...and only 1 divorce ...over 29 years and 10 months of service. I AM NOW OFFICIALLY RETIRED from the Fire and Emergency Medical Services. 😲😎 It's kind of weird to be honest. Surreal. And it's unfortunate that I wasn't able to have a send off party like we always do for retirees. I'll maybe get it another day down the road. And I have postponed my retirement of a trip to Germany for another day for obvious reasons. So it's a little bittersweet in that regard. BUT...I'm fortunate to have been a able-bodied servant to my fellow man for almost 30 years. And I am grateful for what I now have as I move on to the next chapter of life at the ripe ol' age of 51. I've got my health. And I've got plenty of plans, and am willing and able. I feel a little guilty leaving at this moment with so much going on. Well...I'm not gonna lie...not TOO guilty. My replacement is a good dude who has a well-earned reputation of pretty much being a badass. The Division is in great hands as everyone is dealing with CV. The good news for you guys is now I'll be able to post even more🤣 Singing off as EMS-C #60981
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    I think the conversation jumped the shark when you had to go back a decade to make it relevant 😂
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    It started when I was young.. I was told to make good choices.. well I figured I would have a Woody either way.. for me the choice was easy and the obsession grew from there.. God help me..
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    There was no Rush. There was no Rush guy. There is a Twitter handle, and pics of some douche trespassing in shades at an abandoned warehouse. The end
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    GSB is tripping talking about a soft schedule. Looks like we’re playing Washington State on the road! Monarchs by 21
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    You better hurry up and get out of the bosses office before he comes back from lunch.
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    Love the watermark "not yet purchased."
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    This is why I'm on the fence in regards to politics... there's absolute SHIT in both parties. Screw the politicians... Pelosi, Clintons, and the lemmings in the Repub party, the whole shebang can go elsewhere. BGW
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    Biff does a great job of taking in mostly kids who would have been highly recruited athletes anyway and making it all about himself, always has been. Not a lot of talent development going on, just taking kids who would have been great if they played at SFA or some random public school. I guess I just have more respect for the coaches who take what they're given and make something out of it. To me taking a kid who can't get out of his own way his freshman year and developing him to the point where he's playing college football at any level is real coaching, not taking credit for developing a middle school All-American you won a bidding war for who would have been great already. The big problem with Biff is that when he was at Gilman at least some of his lesser instincts were suppressed because there were genuine quality people there in the administration and on the coaching staff, and I say that as someone whose family has gone to McDonogh for generations. He wouldn't have dared to talk trash on twitter or wear a wife beater on the sidelines at Gilman because the AD and Headmaster had the balls to tell him no. Biff really only had one blowup at Gilman and it's when he got ejected from a game at UMD where Gilman was getting destroyed by Manatee. He's got no oversight at SFA, they need his money too badly. Just to hammer home my "buying the best players isn't the same as actually being a good coach" point, Biff has an atrociously bad record all-time against schools that are even close to him in talent. Against teams ranked higher than his team since 2009 his record is 1-15. He's 6-14 against teams ranked in the top 100 nationally in this same time period. 91-4 against teams ranked outside the top 100 though. With all the talent he has it makes me think the main problem is coaching.
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    Probably sick of your incessant bullshit.
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    Tier 1 - Blondie, Bo, Barbara Tier 2 - Loni Anderson, Cheryl Ladd, Chrissy, Farrah, Tier 3 - Bailey, Teri, Lynda, Tier 4 - Cindy Tier 5 - Janet Tier 6 - Folsom
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    I’m gonna be honest, when I first scrolled and seen this pic I thought the steak was on some white bed sheets. I was like awe shit, he’s gonna bang the steak. We gotta find a cure and fast!!!
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    I was in Harris Teeter this morning when I happened upon a pretty heated conversation between two older guys in the wine department. They seem to know each other and it didn't take long for me to realize they were "discussing" politics. They were on polar ends of the political spectrum and they weren't agreeing on anything. What got my full attention was when one of the guys screamed out..."well, if you support The Cheeto, we can't be friends". Needless to say...that was profound. All of you know that I despise Trump. I do...and I don't see that changing anytime soon. But I have many friends who love the guy. And I don't see THAT changing anytime soon either. So what this little diatribe is about is this...I'm not gonna dump current friends that happen to love "Trumpy The Ass Clown". I reckon I can pity them...but as far as I'm concerned...we're all still friends. I'm not sure they feel the same way...but I hope they do. Like Ms. Violet said when I told her about what I overheard... "Rufus, we all gotta find a way to get along" I'm not saying 1800 tequila solves everything...but it solves a lot. Stay safe guys.... Rufus>>
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    So they have 3 good games. CEN10, IMG and DVille. That schedule is very underwellming for a team with the money and players they have. They need to join a top league ASAP. Playing canadian and fly by nights academies is a joke,
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    He got him a Coronavirus special flight.. 60% off
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    For those, late to the party... here's the Cliff Notes version... You're welcome, BGW
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    Last minute out of town golfing trip, tee time was colder than I anticipated so I asked my buddy to borrow a jacket for the morning. Look at this bullshit he handed me!🤣 (His daughter is a freshman at Bg)
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    How much y’all think USAA paid PrepGridiron to lock the other thread?
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    Dudes always wearing shades.
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    Teetering on the #excusethread edge, bro.... BGW #MOSTLYSOPHS
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    Thanks guys but financially I am fine... pride just taking a hit.. never had to ask for nothing or file something like that..plus I am used to working not sure what I am going to do with myself.. more concerned with my sobriety more than anything .. March 2nd would be 3 mths.. really want that chip.. More important than me I hope everyone else will be ok.. I know a lot of folks can't live on unemployment. Worry about them... Wife wants us to go volunteer for meals on wheel or food banks or something like that.. probably a good idea might do that
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    Why not give it to something that actually exists? I have an idea http://www.materdei.org/football/html/red-zone/index.html
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    Damn it, BDrop! How am I supposed to give you shit now that I know that you're not some awful hideous monster with a wart on his nose on the other side of that keyboard 🤣 ...thanks for sharing😎
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    But our socks come clean in the wash. BGW
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    Don’t feel to special, remember the cashier at Wendy’s is essential
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    What kinda “plants” we talking about here @imaGoodBoyNow?
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    You were a good artist, but more importantly, at least in my books, a decent man. You will be missed.
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    I'm outside plenty. Going on walks, projects in the yard...feels good. I don't go to movies much, but have watched about the same number at home now as normal. Had take-out for dinner last night to support one of our local favorite restaurants. They appreciated it very much, and we enjoyed it as well. We've gotten creative with exercising, supplementing equipment we have at home with other workouts. This is not what we wish for, but there are ways to make it better. Not ideal, but better.
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    one thing to keep in mind, it is CA and NY that make this country great It is not AL and AR.
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    PGL = Probably gonna lie
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    Courtesy of GSB.... #ANYWHEREANYBODY$25000NOTHAPPENING bgw
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    So, 73 7th-13th grade students and the cheer team are holed up in a Hilton Hotel somewhere near Fapout, Alabama and the founder of the school, Dustin Devaughn, has no plan whatsoever to protect them from the global pandemic. This is why people with no background in education shouldn't be anywhere near kids. Time for state government to step in.
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    It would still come in 3rd place in the Trinity League.
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    Pretty sure that guy has a few profiles on here. We have about three or four guys that clearly share one half of one brain, and the same personality. Never seen anything like it.
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    If you want great football and girls in class you go to MD. If you want great football and only dudes in class you go to Bosco. If you want mediocre football AND only dudes in class you go to.... Servite.
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    Woodrow Wilson is a defending state champ and St Frances didn’t even make the playoffs!! Blowout city!!!! 😂
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    Man this corona virus got the OT section popping for once, pizza 🍕 and cars, 😋 all we need is a @ChimpGrip Asian feet thread and this would be lit 🔥 GSB gone Scared everyone to the OT section
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    Kids taking classes at home? So when do they practice together, or do they have the option to practice and condition from Da Crib, and meet up in Cossada on game day
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    I'm still trying to figure out how they have 60 or so kids already on campus(per gsb) yet probst said it was nearing march and not a single kid yet? Oh can't forget they all getting straight A's to.
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    Oops, wrong thread. Well....maybe not.
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    What had happened was... Someone that was daily promoting a school that has never played a game yet, likes to embellish and make up stuff, and that person was acting as an agent of a certain school, begged for rescue and got it. If you give facts, then they really can't be questioned, because they are indeed facts. If you constantly make up shit, then you need to call the site admin out of retirement to lock threads because you're taking a beating and making the school look bad unnecessarily.
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    I think the funny thing is, all the Sudden MD and SJB are turning down games against the Tier 1 Teams.... This doesn't make sense, because if you have a Recruited up all star team, why wouldn't you play anyone who is willing to play you?... Especially when you cant fill your schedule... Sounds like Both Programs are doing some "Ducking" this year in order to protect their records with untested QB's and be in the "MNC" conversation, Rather then Challenge themselves with the best Competition...
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    no no no @Servino... It's new construction that they put up in the last month without anyone knowing.. because of course they didn't want future students to know they were actually building something.. shhhh don't let Rush know so maybe he will walk away... shhhh don't let anyone now where it is we don't want to seem legit or anything...We like the negative press.. lol
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    Where's that coach that was waiting in the wings to jump right in and take over?

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