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    Dear members, On behalf of The Chief and the Executive Committee, we would like to thank you for a phenomenal 2018 season. From a membership standpoint, we are up to over 800 screen names and record 17 actual members. We saw many firsts this year, including a record number of posters being banned, unbanned, and then banned again. We thank our Mods, especially Hawg who is the only mod who actually does any mod work. Our other mods will be reviewed accordingly during the post season. We saw a record engagement by the Texas posters, albeit most of the activity came during the last two weeks of their season. Thank you to the Texas contingent for your presence here on the only true National HS football forum in America. Also let us extend our congrats to this said group for their first MNC share since the highly controversial 2013 result. According to our flagship OOS scheduling service, Prepgridiron logistics, Texas will continue their integration with the rest of the country with a marquee matchup of a Top Texas 6a program with a nationally recognized brand program. We here at Prepgridiron would like to think that pressure from our members helped to drive the said increased engagement. Similar to how we drove the Folsom vs DLS series to fruition. We saw the continued growth of our signature "Georgia black eye thread" well into 2018, driven mainly by weekly Georgia upset losses to OOS teams, upset playoff losses, and a Geico appearance during the said 2018 season. While we feel sorry for the Georgia teams, we nevertheless enjoyed the clicks from our beloved members from the Peachtree state. We once again offered a state of the art Poll result and comp poll result thread, which is accessed regularly by many guests, for the latest results. Thank you to the SJB guy Dntn something, something for keeping the said results current, even after his team suffered a devastating loss in the CIF finals. We would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge our championship pickem team, which rallied from dead last to secure a tie in the inaugural inter site Pickem Challenge. The subcommittee on member aptitude will be accepting applications in July for next years squad, which will feature smarter guys. We are pleased with the successful channeling of the riff raff to the Off Topic Forum. This is a signature Prepgridiron featured service, and has reduced the hijacking of football related threads by over 75%. While we still have a problem with hijacking game threads, we will be forming a subcommittee to solve this problem as well. We'd like to congratulate the Calif guys for their successful campaign to rig the Calpreps algorithems, resulting in a back to back share of the MNC for California. While this years Mater Dei team was nowhere near the #OIAG team of 2017, the marketing campaign out of Calif resulted in a second place league team with two losses, being able to garner the MNC from (4) polling services. Well done boys. We also saw continued camaraderie amongst our esteemed members, as many met up at various games throughout the country. We encourage this said interaction and hope it will drive civility. Thank you again for your continued support and engagement. -The Comish PS. With 20 likes or 1 thumbz down to this post, I can avoid a filibuster and return uncontested as your beloved Comish in 2019
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    i may have been mediocre but i was best mediocre player on the team...all i was missing was size, speed, football IQ, dedication, grit, quickness, and a nose for the ball. if i had all those things i would have been really good. "If i was any good, i would have been good." ~Eddyr2
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    I like this post, because I know without a shadow of a doubt you meant to respond to a different post. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    Dude.... I just paid $92 to watch this game on my TV... Where the fuck were you an hour ago...
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    An excuse on why a post shouldn't go on the excuse thread. We are in an unchartered waters. 😂
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    Has anyone else noticed that DLS has played 9 different programs appearing in @dntn31's Comp Poll and is 14-7 against those programs? Not bad for a team of skinny kids who have to play both sides of the ball.
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    With SFAs win over Lee... Our experts at PrepGridiron have won the 2018 Pick Em contest at PrepForce.com. Which included the likes of PrepNation, HSFBA, FlaHSFootball, Rivals, 247Sports, MaxPreps, PrepForce, and the almighty PrepGridiron community. This deserves a shout out... Well done fellas. Proving the most knowledgeable HSFB "experts", reside here.
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    Nothing wrong with being the #3 team in CA annually. They do things the right way. On the up and up. And they never ever suffer any forfeiture losses by dressing ineligible players. They are the envy of hsfb fans across America. No repairs needed.
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    Where is Stingman? He was busting my chops for dropping Cen10 in my poll. Also, you too Wooderson. No way Cen10 should be ranked ahead of Chandler. Looks like I was right after all and you guys were the ones full of nonsense. All you haters out there need to recognize. Trust the guy who picks the most games correctly. Pick'em champ!
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    Leaving stadium. Heavy traffic Would one of the Texas guys update the props bets. Best game I've ever attended. Incredible talent on that field. A little over an Hour back to Collin County with this stadium traffic about 1.5. Really appreciate you guys making What Up Texas a great thread. Peace
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    My two cents. A lot has changed since 2003. There have been several books written that give great insight into the inner workings of the De La Salle program. There has been a greater push for interstate matchups between national powers. There have been changes to practice regimens. There have been additional sites/publications that rank teams and players. There have been changes to 7 on 7. They've added a state championship and have modified the format several times. There have been changes to recruiting paradigms in CIF sections. There has been a new head coach. Amidst all these changes, I think De La Salle has fared very well. I think its indisputable that they have not had the same success in the fifteen years before 2003 that they have had in the fifteen years after, but they have arguably been the most consistent program in the country during this latter stretch. Yes, they don't have a glistening OOS record; yes, they have failed to win the ultimate goal in the last three years, but the program is not at the crossroads that the OP suggests. IMHO, De La Salle will continue to do De La Salle. They will adapt to the new landscape with the same principles that brought them success, but I don't see them changing their admission policies to compete in the new arms race.
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    The difference is... MD was getting 20 mediocre players like yourself. Now they are getting highly touted players due to some "naturally" occurring phenomenon...
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    The deep, rich history of the Cheez-It Bowl has never seen such recklessness with the football.
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    1. Santa Ana,CA Mater Dei 2. Bellflower,CA St. John Bosco 3. Bradenton,FL IMG 4. Houston,TX N. Shore 5. Duncanville,TX 6. Concord,CA De LaSalle 7. Baltimore,MD St. Frances 8. Irmo,SC Dutch Fork 9. Lakeland,FL 10. Allen,TX 11. Washington,DC St. John's 12. Philadelphia,PA St. Joseph's 13. Corona,CA Centennial 14. Indianapolis,IN Warren Central 15. Miami,FL Central 15. Miami,FL Carol City 17. Honolulu,HI St. Louis 18. Longview,TX 19. Ft. Lauderdale,FL Aquinas 20. River Ridge,LA Curtis 21. Baton Rouge,LA University Lab 22. Akron,OH Hoban 23. Folsom,CA 24. Broken Arrow,OK 25. Phenix City,AL Central 26. Chandler,AZ 27. St. Louis,MO Christian Bros. 28. Leesburg,GA Lee Co. 29. Lakewood,OH St. Edward 30. Horn Lake,MS 31. Katy,TX 32. Montvale,NJ St. Joseph 33. Milton,GA 34. Moultrie,GA Colquitt Co. 35. Peoria,AZ Centennial 36. New Orleans,LA Karr 37. Westlake Village,CA Oaks Chr. 38. San Juan Capistrano,CA JSerra 39. Cincinnati,OH Colerain 40. Murfreesboro,TN Oakland 41. Washington,DC Gonzaga 42. Hyattsville,MD DeMatha 43. Las Vegas,NV Gorman 44. Dallas,TX Highland Park 45. Draper,UT Corner Canyon 46. San Diego,CA Cathedral 47. Oradell,NJ Bergen Catholic 48. Mission Viejo,CA 49. Mentor,OH 50. Southlake,TX Carroll Just missed: Aledo,TX Jenks,OK Clinton Township,MI Chippewa Valley Zachary,LA W. Monroe,LA Ft. Lauderdale,FL Gibbons Jacksonville,FL Mandarin Lawrenceville,GA Archer Wake Forest,NC Anderson,SC Hanna
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    Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and and awesome New Year. We might not agree sometimes, but we all love football. So, I wish everyone the best.
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    One more thing,,,as for all the MNC hoopla, I could care less.
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    Ok y’all allowed to stay. but seriously great job Representing the GRID
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    The problem is with the sections, you can’t do it in Nor Cal the Same way, that is why you have to have an Open Regional.... If we are all Honest up here in Nor Cal the reason we wont do it because No One Especially Folsom, wants their shot at a Bowl game to go through DLS.... Nor Cal Coaches Know, Especially Folsom, that the 1-AA team we send will Struggle with the San Diego team... San Diego Teams hold Several Lower Division Bowl types of titles and have no desire to compete for the open.... Folsom is the only Nor Cal team who cares about the open, but that is only once every 5 years when they have a loaded team.... It is mainly the “Carnival Barker” and the the other Folsom Spin Dudes on this site who have a way over inflated opinion of Folsom that try to make them Open worthy.... Folsom’s Coach never talks about the Open being a goal so I don’t think they care enogh to play a “win or go home” game with DLS... My guess is Folsom’s Coach is perfectly happy where he is at... He never has to put one of his “Loaded Teams” bowl births on the line against DLS... it is a perfect situation..... “The Folsom Rule” is working to perfection and The Coach gets to wave to everyone in the Parade....Life couldn’t be better on the Blue Turf..... I am using Folsom as an example, but I would bet the Other Section Coaches feel the same way.... I know you didn’t ask for all that, but I am buzzed after the office x-mas party so there’s that....🤣🤣🤣
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    It would be a proof positive that we are what we think we are. The rootinest, tootinest bunch of knowingest, poll critics and high school football fans in the land.
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    "Hers" never takes an apostrophe. It's already possessive in form. You need a comma between "her's" and "Sherlock," since "Sherlock" is in the vocative. And it's "would have," not "would of". "Of" is a preposition, not a helping verb. Are you sure you're qualified to evaluate essays?