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    These strikes in Syria are nothing more than a sleight of hand to get the American publics attention off the Trump-Russia connection. This airstrike did very, very little actual damage to the airfield. We used $110-million dollars in missiles to do a couple hundred thousand dollars of damage. We didnt WANT to do much damage... we didnt want to cause much harm because we arent doing it to send an actual message to Syria/Russia. It was 100% intended to take the attention off the Trump-Russia scandal and make people think "Trump definitely wouldnt have done that if he was in cahoots with Russia". But what did he really do? Destroy a few planes and put a few holes in the roof of a couple plane hangars? Thats NOTHING compared to the fact he probably changed the mind of 75% of the world about him being in bed with Russia. Blah. Nonsense. I guarantee you... America will do absolutely nothing else in Syria vs Assad or his government. Bc thats all it took to take the attention away. It'll be tough TALK from here on out. And talk means absolutely shit.
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    I know I'll catch shit for this but I have to. DLS losing OOS early in season is night and day difference compared to the seasons last game. I know everyone improves but the difference between DLS's first game to last is much greater than other teams first to last. The reason is their line play and the time it takes to get it going. I would take DLS over every team they lost to early in the year If they were to play again in last game. They may lose still (Bosco 09, STA) but it wouldn't be an ass wipping. Exception is last year. They didn't have the players.
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    i do... last year it was obvious Desoto wouldve struggled big time without Robinson Duncanville's young defense was excellent... according to max preps... it appears theyll have at least 60 seniors on their roster we know what samples does with that type of talent
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    Other then combat where it is more reaction then anything. I cant imagine a time where I would grab a gun point it at anyone and pull the trigger. What is wrong with people? Don't give me "it's the guns fault" Ive never bought that bullshit. CA has strict gun laws and this crap still happens. You don't blame the fork when an obese person shovels food down their gullet. Just sad man.
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    The Roswell name reminds me of Astro trying to say Cogswell (Cogswell Cogs )
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    That year you really could not have gone wrong with either of those 3. I got to watch SJB in the bowl game and man those kids looked like grown men playing D1 college. The game was so fast and hard hitting. How cool would a bowl series with those 3 teams have been at the end of the year?
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    Georgia boy and proud of it but Andersonville is not something to be proud of. From what I've read, I don't really think the treatment of prisoners was intentionally poor but more a function of no available resources. It seems as though the Southern troops were only marginally better off than the prisoners and that probably was due more to not being crammed in as tight. MHS, I would tend to disagree about being as divided. There are divisive problems to be sure but underneath I tend to believe we all feel that we are Americans. At the time of the Great Northern Aggression/War Between the States/Civil War depending on your persuasion, the feeling of national belonging didn't exist as it does today. Back then was still too close to the nation's founding and people had much more allegiance to their state than their country. I tend to believe that is reversed today. The Great War, WWII, Korea, all these cemented the feeling of working together to combat a great evil. The population migrations after WWII from the south to the north and back again weakened the local ties. I am not saying people don't still have pride in their home or their heritage, just that in many cases identification and affiliation with those areas are not as tight.
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    no one hates GA It is the overreaching posts that made GA a target.
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    Not to excuse Andersonville, as it was horrible, but I think there were a couple reasons it got really bad late in the war. The south Georgia location made it harder for the Confederate government to oversee. More importantly, Confederate troops were starving - hard to feed POWs in that case. In fact, Union camps got worse because Stanton reduced rations to what Rebel troops were known to be getting in terms of food.
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    That's one reason I don't post over there more, even though they pretty much keep it football, there is so much bs posted.
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    seems like a guy just running his mouth... i see a lot of that on that site I seriously doubt Peterman is either a millionaire or looking to leave Desoto for FM Marcus or anyone else Im also pretty sure Douglass would be the starter unless they transfer in a superstar.... he even challenged Robinson for the starting spot last year... and it was pretty close
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    In some big games there were letdowns. Since Rudock probably O'Korn late in the '12 season playoffs run was the best performer. As far as being overrated, Imo Freebeck takes the nod over Allen. Lescano/O'Korn '11 season was the oddest.
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    Max I feel any person willing to join any of our armed forces voluntarily knowing they may very well see combat, as being a special breed. Doesn't matter if you joined the Navy or the Coast Guard.
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    He was definitely out of it after the knees. And if docs asked him those Q's soon after the knees I'd suspect he was in la la land. Even his post fight speech was slurry. The life of a fighter man ....
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    It now looks like W wasn't able to answer the physician's questions correctly during the five-minute break. He couldn't give the correct date and in fact answered that it was February. So the physician deemed him unfit to fight, and the ref called it a TKO, on the grounds that the knees were legal and on the physician's advice. http://www.sherdog.com/news/news/Audio-Emerges-of-Chris-Weidmans-UFC-210-Corner-Weidman-Thought-it-Was-February-119947
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    fair, but all should serve... lot's of other ways to serve your society for two years one thought, in Vietnam, if it were a volunteer army, would we ever have pulled out? it was in large part because of a draft, all with a bit of a tooth in the game, that protests finally ended our involvement
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    I agree. Again I love America. Its a few of the Americans I could do without.
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    It wouldn't have been close. Roswell would've gotten up for the game, been hype, gameplanned with a then John Ford (Coach) Roswell would've handled them. 31-7 at the very least. I could see a case for bigger, not smaller. Talent, coaching, and depth would be much in favor of Roswell. Sorry, that smells like a blowout
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    I like you brother but thats an ironic statement coming from a Texan. Nobody thinks higher of themselves than all of Texas does. Thats partly why I think so highly of Texas. ?
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    As opposed to the most recent, most racist prez ever who just left office?
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    All 3 were indeed strong... each has a legit claim with pros. BTW's are road OOS wins vs 2 state champs and beating MC (state champ win 3). DBP fans can share the potency of MC that year. Allen and SJB we have two power state undefeated schools... that alone is imposing. Then you look at Allen's QB and SJB's OL and yikes. BTW and Allen ran the table in 2014 also... SJB lost to close ones to BG and Cen10-Corona.
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    I wish Cass Tech would have played someone legit last year.
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    How many different school districts do these kids live in?
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    District Track meets in Texas are starting this week.
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    DeMatha St. Joseph Prep St. John's Colerain
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    The past 5 years MD is 1-5 vs SJB and they are the second best team in the TL, that is not parity and teams beating MD then is not impressive. That one win last year doesn't elevate OLU, servite, j Serra and SM to parity level. SJB has lost one league game the past 5 seasons and Allen is undefeated. thats not competition. Guyer beat SLC and Allen beat guyer all in the same year. Now that I think of it, even SLC and Trinity's district has been competitive and I sure would have pitted them against the TL in 2015.
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    Andersonville is a largely forgotten chapter of our history - it is simply too horrible for us to want to remember.
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    Same here. Edit switched Cass Tech for SJC. That was a very difficult pick.
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    I have A LOT of respect for DBP, but this had me laughing a bit lol.
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    Donald Trump said it the other night on FOX.
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    I don't dispute that at all but when he killed close to half a million people, the same folks in congress praising Trump wouldn't give Obama approval for military action. hell many of the same people praising Trump wouldn't even take in these people as refugees now that Assad has allegedly killed much less all systems are a go.....makes little sense ------- also there was absolutely no benefit in Assad gassing his own people... and many foreign governments claim the people they're fightin did this Trumo couldn't have been better ...for Isis
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    LOL....some people might say...Rab needs more than that...but we'll go with YOUR interpretation. You are such a swell guy....(Smile). Heading to the....Blessing of the Fleet. Catch you guys this afternoon when the Masters hits Amen Corner. Rufus>>
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    They are human beings just like you and I. Unfortunately this is a country that has had civil war, religious war and essentially terrorist gangs of one kind or another AND a dictator along with outside armies and air forces from Iran and Russia. And Trump now thinks he can drag America into this. For what? So Americans can be killed? So $20-50 million dollar planes can be blown up? So we can spend several billion or more dollars? What do we get? Nothing. Except a larger war, perhaps with Iran or even Russia. What does he get? Topic is changed and he becomes a war president with the Russians supporting him temporarily off the table, he gets widespread support and his lies are believed while the press is partly silenced. Trump is going to take us to war with someone; he is doing his best to change every value that this country stands for. As for the innocent children who were bombed why doesn't he bring them here to our hospitals? I am serious: I believe our ultimate hope will be the Generals and their consciences and their love of the United States.
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    Judas was the one responsible for Jesus being crucified... for 30 sheckles of silver. Which is about 30 quarters today... Pilate brought out Jesus who did nothing wrong... and Barabbas a hardened criminal.... who killed,Stole did everything in the book. The people chose Barrabas... And to be honest That same crowd that chose Barabbas over Jesus still exist.... Just in a different generation...
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    Anybody can beat anybody...when they don't actually hafta play them. Gospel.... Rufus>>
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    United States Marine Corps. 8 years. 0321/8541 MOS. E-6 Oregon and Texas National Guard. 4 years. 18B MOS. E-7 Glad you served with honor. Ill compare military resumes anytime you want to. Doesnt mean you are always right. Usually, the loudest are seldom right. Trumps ducking 5 times is disgraceful to me. Carry on.
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    I don't think anyone there could have put a team together to beat the 4 Texas boys that day.

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