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    The playoffs will return to GPB next Friday, thank ya Jesus!!! Actual football instead of 3 hours of live look-ins from Football Friday Nights.
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    Your guy's in trouble. But you are in denial. Only a matter of time ...
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    Follow up article on the situation http://usatodayhss.com/2017/de-la-salle-carondelet-second-arrest-football-player-rape-charges
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    Don't worry over him... He's just doing cartwheels again... The symbols of the country are more important than the actual government of the country in his weird and bad cartwheel routine.
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    I got slaughtered in pick ems this time.
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    'Sixty Minutes', the LEFT WING WHACKO TV news organization of 50 years! Had a segment tonight, I KNOW that was intended to dispel the Trump contention, that North Korea was on the verge of possessing ICBM capability! Only thing WAS though, it was CONFIRMED that this wasn't just sabre rattling by the Trump Adminstration! Maybe NOW, the anti Trumpers will realize, that he has THEIR interest at heart, unlike Barry, who perpetuated this crisis over the past eight years!
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    some people on here will be very happy to hear who B.C. may be playing next year...it's a team south of the Mason Dixon line....let's see if it comes together....
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    Total embarrassment to Bosco among others.
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    It's really NOT important he speak at all. If he did it would just fall into one of these 3 categories. They have the 3 Ds and nothing else. 1-Denial 2-Delusion 3-Deflection I think we have heard quite enough of those 3 for one day. Tomorrow is a new day though.
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    Guaranteed that the Podesta Group is scared shitless of the Manafort indictment. TIming = zero to do with Trump but potentially quite a bit with the Podesta boys.
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    My bad I thought they were serious but they gotta be kidding with those last posts lmao
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    Who the fuck cares, concha? DAMN you are a priceless idiot.
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    Bump - for @DBP66. The "also" was in reference to DBP as well. *BTW I know this is not literal. I know he is not an actual employee of this school or these schools. But he is obviously a schill for DBP. So the idea that he is someone who is trying to get "both sides" of a story out is a joke and anyone who sees this board knows that. That's the point.
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    Silly Wabbit. Mater Dei offense successful only because the fairies roaming about in CA secondaries. Just ask Rab. As to the second part, no need to travel outside the state when there’s elite teams on every corner in GA.
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    Lived in Crestview Hills (2 blocks from Dixie) for 28 years. You are young my friend. Enough said.
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    Too bad JIMBO has a FORTY-MILLION dollar buyout or his a$$ would be out with a swift kick to the rear as well.
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    Not telling you to think bigger regarding you lol. Saying frost is thinking bigger!
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    I'm just glad that we finally dispensed with the silly notion that McKinley was ever in any way close to being a Top 10 team.
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    I beg to differ. It was 89 points. Consider yourself...corrected. Rufus>>
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    Sometimes sports and politics intersect in amazing ways. Girona, Spain is a city in Catalonia strongly supportive of independence. Their soccer team is also a newcomer to La Liga. Yesterday they hosted the reigning European champions, mighty Real Madrid. On the back of 2 second half goals, they earned an amazing 2-1 upset in front of a crowd waving Catalan flags.
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    Aliens made these planes .. there's no way someone woke up one day and just made this technology no fucking way but I leave that conversation after I get a couple coffees in me
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    Yep, they should drop to, at least, #1050 in the rankings!!!! Just terrible!!!! How dare they take the #1 team in GA to double OT!!!
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    Nope.... But I've already said that awhile back though (Midway/Duncanville/Sasche discussion) All I do now is wait...
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    If they drop to #250, can we stop hearing about them?
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    Seriously, what is your point? Just be honest and say you are upset that SJB is positioned in front of BG. Both teams have 2 losses and still crack the top 10. There are a lot of teams with fewer losses that would like a shot at either to prove they deserve a better ranking. Plus, I have never inferred that Cen10 has put together a schedule tougher than BG. They have no money, and can’t travel, but don’t shy away from competition. They played BG in 2014 and lost in the last minute by a point. I’m sure in the MNC argument for that year you considered that as an arrow in the BG quiver.😜. Plus they have played IMG twice. Not too many teams with huevos that big.
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    Couple things about college football in Florida. Scott Frost is the man and I hope he goes to Nebraska and not the Gators. Speaking of the Gators, you know it's bad when you are a knock off brand of LSU. They need a offense first coach like Mike Leach. Florida State should fire everyone but Jimbo and if that doesn't work fire Jimbo. Lol. I'm probably in the minority but I actually like Lane Kiffin and wish him success. They are undefeated in the conference and I hope he takes it all. My Bulls completely shit the bed against Houston. If we win out hopefully we can take the NY6 bowl against some Big 10 or SEC team. FIU is 5-2. Good for them. Lol. And Miami is the worst top 6 team in the history of polling. VTech wins by 21 plus next week
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    Idiots announce this on the eve of the Virginia governor’s race. Not only pathetic, but stupid.
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    Crazy game, one thing is for sure, Bama defense would prison -rape either team. Just no consistent play on either team to warrant worry from Bama fans.
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    So if St John Bosco is number 3 in Cali, and is worse than STA who is worse than Centennial who is worse than Liberty then Liberty,AZ is number 1 in the country!!!!
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    Yea so far they're good.... everynes so used to them sucking.....
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    Just for the record...I believe it was 2nd year Desoto won state with current coach - didn't they go 6-6 the first year????
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    we're finally back on track for once after decades of democratic disastrous policies
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    You mean, like EVERY team in the LOOOOOUSIANER swampland?
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    Obana, HILLS and her lil band of misfits, were in contact with the Rooskies in 2009! WHERE'S the INDICTMENT for THEM? You DEMS are fun to watch! You jist cain't fix STUPID!
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    Yeah they got so bad after the black dude left that they won a state championship the first year the white guy was there. Remember the city council didn't want to win with Whitey so they tried to fire him but the players stood up for him. But then again blacks are the most racist people on the planet.

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