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    Your guy's in trouble. But you are in denial. Only a matter of time ...
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    its is gong to end up a big nothing burger, both sides are guilty and both sides will make a deal and we will never know anything about it except for what they want us to know.
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    DeSoto plays Irving Nimitz. Duncanville plays Irving Macarthur. Desoto or Duncanville should pummel either team in their sleep.
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    Can't wait for playoffs to start!
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    Don't worry over him... He's just doing cartwheels again... The symbols of the country are more important than the actual government of the country in his weird and bad cartwheel routine.
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    Way to daisy chain, guys. I'm glad daisy chaining isn't the main factor in deciding an overall ranking. I love the fact that most of the best teams nationally are playing other top teams. These tougher schedules will create some loses, that otherwise, would not be expected. Teams will have off nights and will lose to teams they would normally beat. It sure makes ranking teams in a national poll very interesting, but that's the fun part.
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    I got slaughtered in pick ems this time.
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    Again, people with more competitive juices than you have are challenged to move up and prove to themselves they can succeed at the highest levels.
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    I think the ever changing strike zone had a lot to do with last nights score.Nobody on either team knew what it was which I believe forced pitchers to come over the middle of plate more than they wanted
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    There are going to be some awesome "memes" made very soon!
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    Aliens made these planes .. there's no way someone woke up one day and just made this technology no fucking way but I leave that conversation after I get a couple coffees in me
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    Nope.... But I've already said that awhile back though (Midway/Duncanville/Sasche discussion) All I do now is wait...
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    I've read a bunch of pitchers on both teams think the playoffs baseballs are too slick and calling them juiced. Maybe these guys are right. Too many solid hit balls. Just seems weird.
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    If they drop to #250, can we stop hearing about them?
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    I should get a uber boost this week I only missed 2... St.Eds and Hoover...
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    Barrett ain't even as good as the 3rd string QB at Iowa State (Kyle Kempt). I mean...he actually BEAT Oklahoma..... Rufus>>
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    You are definitely on the naughty list for that comment. JK of course!
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    Me too. Maybe I got 6 right. Not even going to try to cross check it.
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    You could increase the credibility of this statement if you added BG to mix.
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    Just for the record...I believe it was 2nd year Desoto won state with current coach - didn't they go 6-6 the first year????
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    we're finally back on track for once after decades of democratic disastrous policies
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    And finally, Hudl recap of the San Angelo-Permian game.
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    You mean, like EVERY team in the LOOOOOUSIANER swampland?
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    Is it ever not about race for you? Get a fucking life.