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    Steve Bartman says “Welcome to the club”
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    I heard that the heavy hitters in Chicago felt so bad for the kicker that they bought him an all expenses paid trip to the grand canyon to help try to ease his pain.
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    I could have sworn that John’s Creek was going to stomp a ... you know ... in SJC. In fact I even said it, but I was wrong.
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    .... collapsed about a week ago after a workout and never woke up. Cause, if known, was not released. RIP. Prayers for his family, as well as his teammates from Bosco and Cal.
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    Lol the only people here butthurt is yall, lol calling a kid a 18/19 year old names lol let him make case it doesnt affect anyone. Yall the typical "kids are such pussies nowadays cant take racism" type of people ❄❄❄
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    Actually (at least by public expression and action) he does not mind all Muslims...only the Terrorist ones... He does not mind all gays...but will not promote 'personal choices'... He does not mind immigrants ...only the 'illegals'... You have a tendency towards OVERSTATEMENT......and it severely dilutes any argument you have..... Just sayin' 🤔
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    The Muslim Brotherhood has officially infiltrated Congress. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/01/07/democrat-rashida-tlaib-blasted-for-antisemitic-tweet-accusing-dual-loyalty-israel-bds/
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    She is a liberal piece of shit who has made every wrong decision one can make. Easily the worst Supreme Court judge in history. Please make this scumbag go away
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    More proof that animals do indeed eat their own kind.
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    Grayson was cut blocking down the field
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    Yep. They also have the #3 recruiting class (2019) too.
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    USC out here shooting themselves in the foot,Neck and chest.... They need to let Helton go.... As much as I can't stand the Trojans it's gutwrenching to see y'all like this....
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    It sure sounds like USC is going to lose their new OC Kingsbury. It’s a real sh&t show what’s happening at SC now. Swann should have fired Helton. It is unprecedented for a school to not allow a coach to seek other jobs. This is going to turn off other coaches from considering SC. I just question why KK took the job in the first place if he is looking elsewhere now. Sc just had a great recruiting year, at least for skill players. Who will coach them? im not sure either whether they addressed their biggest weakness which is line play. It’s really a sad commentary when I say that SC weakness is their offensive line when historically it is the o-line that made SC a powerhouse throughout all their glory years.
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    Coaching. And a splattering of talent at skill positions doesn't mean they are getting what they need, namely the 4 and 5* lineman, as well as depth. Injuries just cripple UCLA every year, with no depth to replace them. Usc is now nowhere close to being a top recruiting class anymore. They use to be in the top 3 or 5 every year. Some reason most of the best players want to play outside of LA. This goes in B-ball also. If La kept their talent local to the bruins, they would always be near the top with Carolinas and Duke etc.
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    I am talking about the Disease Sickle Cell traced back to slavery. Not the act of slavery itself. I guess that went over your head. Sickle Cell is a deadly disease that African Americans to this day have to deal with. That's tragic and it is not shared by all. I damn sure wish it was. Not saying this is the cause of this young man's death but others have died in Cali with the Disease because they were unaware of the disease. It was passed to us genetically from Slavery. (FACT) Sport participation in adolescents with sickle cell disease. ... Sports and exercise in sickle cell anemia and sickle cell trait need special consideration. Young athletes with sickle cell disease are at high risk of dehydration, heat-related injury, exhaustion, painful episodes, and hip joint problems.
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    Bergen only has 1 date for OOS From now on most likely
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    you're very misinformed...and have a very narrow minded view of the world and cultures...not worth my effort...you and Ironlady are way too smart for me...🤡
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    you a real good cheerleader!....maybe one day you'll have your own thoughts...🤡
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    what a warped red-neck point view...I'm glad I'm not as open minded as you are..you lost me with your first nonsensical sentence..😯
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    This is not a good thread ...will send you a PM.
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    So you're saying MD(NJ) is on par with those teams and wouldn't get drawn and quartered like a middle ages witch ? Or are you high?
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    The military can build the wall, Army corps of engineers, and then transfer assets to homeland security to manage the surveillance and control of the border. interagency transfers happen all the time. That's not a major issue IMO. no I don't think we are in a declared war, war is declared amongst nation states, not limited by geography or tangible territory. That's why we could declare war against a war on terrorism as it was a war against a philosophy, that threatened our sovereignty. a national emergency is declared if all other resources devoted to that issue have been exhausted. As an example, one of the arguments for the wall is to be a barrier for drug runs. However, most drugs entering the country are from aircraft through legal points of entry. If we are not just playing political games and are truly seeking to address the issue of illegal drugs, an overview of how and why drugs are entering legal points of entry with aircraft would have to be explored BEFORE a national emergency is declared.
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    The Nutty White Jesus Sect is at it again. And the NEWLY ELECTED PRESIDENT CALLED THE BLACK MOTHERS OF NFL PLAYERS BITCHES YOU KNOW THEY ARE SON OF BITCHES. What Bible did he learn that from? I will vote on the Homosexual King James V and I. 😎 She was sworn in on Thomas Jefferson's "Dirty Quran". You know how you'll love that hypocrite. Many view him the same as you view her. Now he has someone to call him names as he do others and you go Nutty 🤣 Imagine if Muslims did this in front of a Mosque to Trump.
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    Sure. Similar type thing. Austin Peay. John's Creek is to SJC what Austin Peay or UMass is to UGA. No fans are applauding those matchups.
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    The Bush violation stuff was nuts...always seemed odd that USC got it so hard when Alburn, Duke, Ohio State, Miami, Penn St and few others commited much worse infraction but didn’t get hit as hard. if USC can get on track with a good coach, they will be challenge for NC real soon. USC, Texas, Ohio State and Alabama are the school that “recruit themselves”...you add to that good coaching and your off to the races...
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    Makes sense and I’m not surprised. I recall reading somewhere that Stanford has the highest percentage of kids accepting scholarship offers compared to any school in the country. This is an interesting article about Stanford recruiting and it gives me a good appreciation for the success they have had in football. https://watchstadium.com/news/david-shaw-stanford-recruiting-02-07-2017/
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    Ironically they have the least amount of California players on the roster then any other college team in the state.
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    The best team from Cali over the past 10 years or so is Stanford and it’s not even close.
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    Possibly. And maybe Fields isn’t as good as advertised. Maybe Fromm is so great, he’s a future 1st round pick that plays like a Ryan Leaf in big games...
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    @RedZone Should I buy a couch 🛋 for my 🐕 .... it’s ur call
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    There would not be enough chlorine in the world for me to take a dip in the Briarwood indoor heated pool!
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    Any person half good well, not going to judge you I' ve paid more for worst normally I don't have $24.95 left after making eye/c contact
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    You two English professors are really bored today......
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    Only reason you all tried to deminish the game as a "scrimmage" was we did what a bunch of loaded rosters with the precious "star ranking filled players" couldn't do and you all didn't want the "national championship game" against mater Dei to lose credibility Hell Carol City played them in the kick-off week previous 2 years and were beat convincingly both times Btw it was funny everyone claimed how we would get blown out on here but never once tried to down play it as a "scrimmage" until AFTER the big bad IMG got their ass handed to them and their teeth kicked down their throat by a team who has more drive and heart in one finger than that entire team has in their entire body
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    IMG shouldn't be talking crap, they got embarrassed by a team with 2 rated players LMAO
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    They lost 50-0 to Carol City. That alone should answer any question you have

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