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    Steve Bartman says “Welcome to the club”
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    Prolly woulda made it blindfolded. Damn, just damn... led league in misses. You know? It falls on the coach, should have cut him, allowing Parkey to gather himself. Kickers, never notice them until they miss, tell me Parkey wasn’t noticed this season. Nice “ice the kicker” time out call by Coach Pederson. Regards, BGW
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    Drinking Hurricanes at Pat OBriens - here is quick thought after talking to Bergen Catholic today - told them about Battle of the boarder in LA - told them they could play TX team there with federation rules
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    I heard that the heavy hitters in Chicago felt so bad for the kicker that they bought him an all expenses paid trip to the grand canyon to help try to ease his pain.
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    In your head he is but please let’s see how this plays out there are stars and then those that just get results 😆
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    Austin Westlake QB’s going head to head to advance to the NFC Championship game when New Orleans plays host to Philadelphia You also Texas HS QB’s facing off against each other for chance to play in AFC championship when KC host the colts. There has never been playoff with as many combined TD passes as they two have thrown (89)
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    She is Muslim terrorist piece of shit. This is the infiltration to bring Sharia Law and terrorism here. You have to do it slowly or people catch on. That’s what happen with gays. They kept chipping away and chipping away and now they are a protecting group just on the basis of who they have sex with. Then they took the other freakshows with them and now have a group of LGBT scum that bully people, and businesses if they don’t submit. Trump is probably the most important President we could ever have because he is the last line of defense against Muslims, gays and illegal immigrants.
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    Fun fact. Monsignor Pace has played one OOS game in their history. 2002 Monsignor Pace 33, St John Bosco,CA 7 😂
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    If the NJ guys on this board was more like the NJ coaches - we would all get along so much better. Really good guys!
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    1. How many Texas coaches have said that? 2. We've only got a Q&A from a small sample of coaches a select few don't speak for the majority.... 3. I know yo Pink Romper wearing ass ain't trying to roast....
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    I am completely fucked up Texas Football baby!
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    Unfreaking Believable and then instructed me to google it. Just Damn.
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    I could have sworn that John’s Creek was going to stomp a ... you know ... in SJC. In fact I even said it, but I was wrong.
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    I always respond hard. No doubt about it. The Cmon Man should have been at the originator not the Arbitrator 🤣 This thread is not even worthy of another of my retorts. Now see how you adjudicated that with your Gif using a Sista to placate me. 😎
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    Already hitting that Mothers Milk or whatever it was on the drinking thread 😂.
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    That is one crazy ass movie. Now some idiots are starting an internet sensation by mocking the movie. Again I enjoyed the movie.
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    CIF should be embarrassed and I hope parents go nuts on them.
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    Lol the only people here butthurt is yall, lol calling a kid a 18/19 year old names lol let him make case it doesnt affect anyone. Yall the typical "kids are such pussies nowadays cant take racism" type of people ❄❄❄
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    Actually (at least by public expression and action) he does not mind all Muslims...only the Terrorist ones... He does not mind all gays...but will not promote 'personal choices'... He does not mind immigrants ...only the 'illegals'... You have a tendency towards OVERSTATEMENT......and it severely dilutes any argument you have..... Just sayin' 🤔
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    Best week of the year for football fans. Nothing beats the divisional weekend.
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    Wonder how good STA is expected to be next year. DLS is expected to be very good. This is a good game for DLS. STA will be the 2nd best team on their schedule 😉
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    We will see how it goes. Pace has one state title to its credit in 2003 when they beat Bolles. For the past decade, they have not been a force to recon with. Pace is in Opa Laka which is not the safest of places in the 305.
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    What fake hardship? NCAA is not going to set a bad example for this idiot. He's a disgruntled jock with no hardship other than his hurt feelings and ego.
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    This is why the dumbasses who post on this site and let trump cornhole them daily are among the most ignorant people on the internet and life.....
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    Keep in mind.... if you happen to be a Professor in Nano Physics in Texas.... some trailer trash sister banger in Iowa’s vote counts 3 times as much as yours... all in in the name of the antiquated electoral college
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    Total outrage! She never should’ve used the word ‘mother.’ Everybody knows he prefers sex out of wedlock...
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    @Horsefly maybe pictures will help 😎 Sickle Cell Trait African-Americans (among whom 1 in 12 carries a sickle cell gene) The NCAA requires mandatory confirmation of sickle cell trait status in Division III student athletes. Sickle cell trait is an inherited blood disorder that occurs when a person only carries one gene that causes abnormal hemoglobin, as opposed to the two genes involved in patients with sickle cell disease. Those with sickle cell trait normally do not experience adverse events, but can experience severe reactions, including sudden death, when severely dehydrated or during intense physical activity.
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    I am talking about the Disease Sickle Cell traced back to slavery. Not the act of slavery itself. I guess that went over your head. Sickle Cell is a deadly disease that African Americans to this day have to deal with. That's tragic and it is not shared by all. I damn sure wish it was. Not saying this is the cause of this young man's death but others have died in Cali with the Disease because they were unaware of the disease. It was passed to us genetically from Slavery. (FACT) Sport participation in adolescents with sickle cell disease. ... Sports and exercise in sickle cell anemia and sickle cell trait need special consideration. Young athletes with sickle cell disease are at high risk of dehydration, heat-related injury, exhaustion, painful episodes, and hip joint problems.
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    Who are you lmao 🤣 hows a Texas guy have for information then all the Jersey cats combined 🤦‍♂️ Why only 1 OOS ? Hopefully They we’re interested
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    you're very misinformed...and have a very narrow minded view of the world and cultures...not worth my effort...you and Ironlady are way too smart for me...🤡
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    No bubble bursting here. Those BNU teams beat eachother up every year. I gave BC the nod over SPP at the end of the season. Getting swept by SJR and losing to DePaul dropped them to 3rd in N.J. in my poll.
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    you a real good cheerleader!....maybe one day you'll have your own thoughts...🤡
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    what a warped red-neck point view...I'm glad I'm not as open minded as you are..you lost me with your first nonsensical sentence..😯
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    The military can build the wall, Army corps of engineers, and then transfer assets to homeland security to manage the surveillance and control of the border. interagency transfers happen all the time. That's not a major issue IMO. no I don't think we are in a declared war, war is declared amongst nation states, not limited by geography or tangible territory. That's why we could declare war against a war on terrorism as it was a war against a philosophy, that threatened our sovereignty. a national emergency is declared if all other resources devoted to that issue have been exhausted. As an example, one of the arguments for the wall is to be a barrier for drug runs. However, most drugs entering the country are from aircraft through legal points of entry. If we are not just playing political games and are truly seeking to address the issue of illegal drugs, an overview of how and why drugs are entering legal points of entry with aircraft would have to be explored BEFORE a national emergency is declared.
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    The best team from Cali over the past 10 years or so is Stanford and it’s not even close.
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    Fromm is a better qb than kelly Bryant.
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    Any person half good well, not going to judge you I' ve paid more for worst normally I don't have $24.95 left after making eye/c contact
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    You two English professors are really bored today......
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    USC should have fired Helton and hired Kingsbury as the head coach.

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