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    I have Colquitt going to the State finals...again!
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    It seems better if SJB and Gorman squared up and Servite vs Liberty
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    If Dela hadn't committed the 4 to's last year against MD, the scoring would have been more for Dela. Yea, we get it that the last 3 seasons, two of which there was no qb, and last year a soph learning the system, that Dela has been way down from say 2015 and before. But just to dismiss that the veer won't work is a little short sighted imop. If Dela can get some players on the lines like they have had in the past with a true qb and a routinely excellent rb like they always have had, the veer can still work, though it definitely needs passing to go with it. There was some moments in that game against MD where I could see the veer was working and if not for some shoe string tackles by MD, Dela's back would have been off to races. Dela just need to find a way to get the players they used to have. By the way, last year's MD was better than the 2017 MD in my opinion, and better D-line. There was no shame that a non elite DEla team gave them a good game.
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    lol As I recall, the collapse was so spectacular I came out of retirement. Not sure how you missed it.
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    You know me, my heart always goes out to GA. 😊
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    What if he sues for reinstatement? Good lord ,you’ll have to put a tent on that circus 🎪
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    If I'm not mistaken all 9 were underclassmen on last year's roster.
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    First of all....I can defame anybody that lives in Colquitt County cause I'm an "OG" card carrying member of Packer Nation. Second of all...I've know Tick a helluva lot longer than you have...even back from his Pony League baseball days. Finally...Tick happens to be a personal friend of mine. You ask him if he knows Rufus. I've been the one who has stood up for him...much to others dismay. Rufus>>
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    Good, it balances out the voter suppression. 😉 https://www.kaporcenter.org/florida-gop-leaders-admit-voter-suppression-was-motive-behind-voter-laws/
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    The only way we can give an honest answer is with a picture of your cousin...
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    MD had several majors players that were pulled out of the open game due to both injuries and to suspension. Plus Dollars and Cridell were waiting for a bus to catch back to the IE.
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    Interesting... considering DLS played MD a hell of a lot closer than those other teams not named Bosco.
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    In other News greg Russo Finally got his HC job Northern highlands
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    After years ofECHS05 pinging Ned for Georgia to be given Calif like consideration regarding beginning power points, and the subsequent collapse of Ga High school football in 2018, the question is will Ned retaliate for being embarrassed by the results. Personally, I think that the DC/MD area should be rated up a notch over last year, as well as some of the Dallas and Houston programs. Georgia should be lowered a notch based on coaching changes and their OOS struggles. I am sure that most guys on here would agree with me.
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    I Demand to see the Guys Credit Score im just curious
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    Coach Pop is a great coach and an even better man. Mad props for him.
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    The Ayn Rand disciple is back eh? That is unfortunate, I had hoped I wouldn't have to hear from him any more.
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    I'm shocked. TOTALLY SHOCKED !!!!! Rufus>>
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    No she doesn't. She pretty much nails it. I truly hope those who don't believe voter suppression is real would just listen to her. If they have any intellectual curiosity they would but it is a waste of time if their mind is already made up.
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    You will find out in August. They will be on a Tier that would put them in the Top 25-50 in Fla.
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    I will make a friendly wager that in 2020 DLS will do just that. Beat the SoCal rep in the open. Which looks like, by the way that SJB is loading up, it will be them.
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    First you need a good qb, which they have now. Then you need a good o-line, which last season they didn't have. Then you need a top flight rb, which last season they didn't have. Its hard to make blanket statements when the pieces aren't there. All I'm saying is that " If " Dela gets all the pieces at the same time, I do believe the veer can work, but has to be implemented with the passing game, like it always was in the past with Gutierrez, and the other good qb's they have had. To base everything off of the last 3 Dela teams doesn't do justice imop. The defense has been just as much a problem as has the Offense. Last year was an improvement for sure, but this is similar to the rebuild they had starting in 2004, gradually getting better and hopefully they can get players. If they don't get the players, than yes, they won't beat the "Win at all costs" programs like SJB and MD. By the way, did you see the documentary on High School qb's with Real and the GA kid. That really gave me an insight as to the coaching at SJB. That offensive coordinator for SJB was some kind of prick. I wouldn't want to play for someone like that. I would think Rollo and MD's staff treat their kids a little better.
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    I believe the Huskies were a QB away from a different outcome.
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    It's important what the people think about the Mueller investigation, that's true. Perhaps we ought to wait a bit until it actually is released. Regardless, it's amazing with so many indictments and convictions that some people are so naive as to believe that the President is a choir boy. It's unbelievable. Were the tables turned.................
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    Neither was the #3 private school in Oaks.
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    What I was tryna intimate was people aren’t always what they seem. “Changed” or not. Thought the pun would be obvious. I forget where I am sometimes. 😂
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    Chimp, im gonna give you some advice. Don’t take advice from people on the internet. Lmao! Putting stuff on the net is like getting arrested. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of.....public opinion! Someone will say you are a sicko, and someone will say you need to tap your grandparent’s siblings grandchild. 😂 me? I say to stop choking yourself while you masterbate to Japanese foot porn and go find yourself a nice Texas gal!!
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    Calpreps had an Iowa team over Miami Northwestern in 2007. The year MNW won the National Title. An Iowa team. Say that out loud. Lol. That MNW had more D1 players on it than the whole state of Iowa. Calpreps is about is credible as CNN holding the Steele Dossier. Its garbage in, garbage out, and the only people who cite that trash are the ones who are pushing a narrative that is supported by Cal-Shits
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    Chip remains a pretty dim bulb, and I guess not a big fan of the Constitution thingy 😂
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    Is it safe to say this is done? GSB, can you now tell us who SJB is playing in Week 0 (Aug. 23)?
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    MD’s DLine blow up almost every Veer play...unless DLS finds a 300+ Center with light quick feet, they won’t ever beat a SoCal team again... The Veer doesn’t work when the center gets pushed back 2 yards into the QB...
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    And DLS 5 Star LB who’s a complete game changer had a broken hand. They couldn’t replace him with 4 stars like MD did.
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    Pity is a dime a dozen... Save it for someone else...
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    Seriously though why isn’t Folsom calling SJB
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    https://twitter.com/dariusdaniel/status/1106980553021108229?s=21 Fastest 40 at Miami Rivals combine (4.51) STA Junior WR transfer to Archer. Georgia Southern offer so far (I think 50 pct of South FL got offered by them).
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    Coach Pop is a POS who’s team European scouts did an exceptional job finding Parker and Ginoboli. Add those two players into lucking into the first overall pick when a once in a generation forward Tim Duncan came out of wake forest you have championship teams no matter who was the coach. Ask Aldridge and Kawai what they think about Pop.....

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