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    The only problem I have is when it’s Reggie Bush USC gets the green mile when it’s the SEC not a dam thing happens its not a coincidence that the SEC is the best conference the good ole boys made sure that it was set up to happen
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    I can see the arguments on both sides BUT, I don’t trust any legislation our esteemed CA legislators dream up. They have about 99% failure rate imo.
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    Are you playing stupid? Because your post makes it hard to tell. Anyone with half a brain realizes USC didn’t deserve the penalties they received. The power of college football was on the west coast over penalize USC and ignore what schools in the south are doing and presto changeo Dixie is whistling again the worst infractions in the history of college football committed by the U and virtually nothing happens certainly not what USC got Who was running the U when these infractions were committed? The same guy who dropped the hammer on USC 1+1 always =2 “Alabama was in the midst of having its name on four major cases in 14 years. It was a “repeat violator,” NCAA code for being eligible for the death penalty. It was Yeager and that committee that stepped back from the brink of nuking one of the top brands in sports.”
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    😂 did you really try to equate 1980’s SMU to 2005 USC.You’re going to need a big crane 🏗 to pick up that mic 😂
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    I can’t stand SC, but yeah the NCAA went in dry with no KY. It was bullshit!
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    Thanks for the confirmation. 👍 At least I have not been off base all these years. News just out from Istanbul... After losing the capitol? now the AKP loses Istanbul... If it stands and is not 'somehow' reversed, I wonder how that will work out for the US....🤔 And the fact that you guys have travelled explains a WHOLE LOT. I have always said that nothing was more influential growing up... I will say that most Americans are totally ignorant of world politics, and that is pretty evident the second you step off our soil. EVERYONE has a legit argument to many lands there depending on the year in question... that seems to be the basic problem. 🙁
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    Yep, backfired. Just made you look as ridiculous as he does.
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    Bro you have to drop party affiliation and look at the sphere as a full circle instead of only existing on the side you prefer. Biden is going to have an equal argument that the economy started under him and Obama and it did and it has continued to gain steam under President Trump and I give him credit for that. Look Biden is goofy and creepy and so is President Trump. Biden is an old Politician and he is no neophyte. Remember Trump was able to dominate Hillary because he is a male and she is a Female. Just him towering over her was a statement. This is not going to be the same dynamic. I don't know who will win. I will tell you that your assumption of Joe IMHO is more shrouded in party allegiance than reality. I for one underestimated Donald Trump as my Fellow Warrior @thc6795 pointed out in an earlier post. Never assume victory till you have achieved it. The battle of the Goofy ones. I will assure you I will have fun watching these two if it comes to past.
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    If teams play competitive schedules, the algorithm will work fine. Every week the ratings change. If you get a high rating beating a high rated team in week one and that opponent loses more games and underperforms all year, that initial week 1 high rating declines and it can decline weekly with a downward trend or trend up and make giant leaps up in the rankings with a big win or some playoff wins after a weak regular season will get a school a nice chutes and ladders roll, especially a marquee win in a power state final. Most schools we discuss on the forum have a marquee win by the end of September or a marquee loss. SFA 2018 rating was still heavily 2017 based for example. Mater Dei would be ahead of UCLA 2018 Incorrect scores can be addressed with one email to the site’s admin. MaxPreps can be incorrect sure. CP pulls from their data. The states are rated from on the field performance. Some states don’t play many oos games, if at all. Nebraska is favored by Massey, while Freeman favors HI and both don’t feel the other state is strong overall. But beyond a handful of states, I believe the 3 main algorithm ratings systems do a good job overall and once again, a strong sos will make the algorithm work that much better. You can’t remove subjectivity in state scaling, but quality regular season schedules is a good start at removing preseason data. I begin with their data and trim the fat. Top 350 opponents (that change weekly) are magnified. Some outliers, sure but you ever look at human top 50 and 100 polls? I like the risk/reward boxes and negative points for bad losses theme. I won’t change a thing for this coming season. St Edward last season was my last tinker. Their one low rated loss I played with the minus points and eventually reduced the negative,
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    Oh for sure, I’m sure he’s been in some incidents (others as well), but let me tell you gainesville isn’t the easiest place to get away with anything serious. The G’damn chief of police in gainesville graduated from Bama! They need to run his ass out of town lol!
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    Players shouldn’t be paid because they are only there 3 to 5 years and during that time they are rewarded with a free education that will last them a lifetime. No crushing student debt and no worry for them and their family on how to pay for college. Just to play a game that they love and choose to play. Other than a couple players throughout the schools history, 99 percent of the players do not benefit the school in the long run from a marketing and sales perspective. But all of those players will get degrees that will set them up for life. And most of the players who go on to play professionally might not have ever been able to do that if they weren’t developed by a college program.
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    California is right. The NCAA is arbitrary and it sucks. It should have been disbanded years ago. Their "slavery is good for the athletes" mentality has been obsolete for a long, long time. I would hope other states would follow suit. Rufus>>
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    Don't recall ever giving Stephen Miller and company any free passes...nor do I recall seeing him or said "company" call someone a "dumb n***er." Can you search us up some examples of either, or would you rather just chase your own pudgy tail some more? Either is cool.
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    Yall out here calling Joe out but what about ole Trumpty Dumpty? Wait "He's done so much for minorities"right? Get that Shit outta my face. Even a Tiger knows how to hide it's stripes long enough to catch it's Prey...
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    Sammy just disgraced his 4th screen name with this glaring error! His 2nd and 3rd personas are shaking their heads 😂
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    No on connected to USC was part of the Bush issue...his parent got free rent after he was a sophomore at USC and the money came from a Sport Agent who wanted him to leave early not stay at USC
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    @DevilDog @golfaddict1
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    DD has hit the key points. It is about opportunity, and not much else. Racism is less important. Turkey is a critical location as it’s a buffer between Russia and the West (it is the first line of defense in thwarting Russian westward expansionism). It’s close to Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe as well. Incirlik AB (city of Adana on the southern border of Turkey) was a staging base for missions into Iraq, and Iran if tensions escalate. various other locations in Turkey provide intelligence and surveillance into the region as well. Also we have nuclear capability in Turkey as well. Take a look at turkey on map, if we lose them, not only is it detrimental for advancing our causes but we run the risk of them aligning with opposing forces in the area. We put up with a lot to secure this relationship, I’ll leave it at that.
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    So what could it be now? Old age? He seems to be a shell of that video
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    And believe me no one in Texas would rank Bishop Lynch in the top 50 in Texas last year.
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    1st rule of warfare never underestimate your enemy. Never assume victory 🤝 In the Art of War by Sun Tuz he states in his 2nd article under Tactical Dispositions: . To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself. Also attack by Strategem If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.
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    U obviously have a Hard on for everything Rush and Rufus... I can’t get across my mind why you would make a thread asking if a Guy is upset with you like u want us to know ur Love affair with those 2
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    Either Get a room or PM the guy .. no need to destroy this website
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    The best year ever is right! About half the games listed above are PGL games. PGL, along with the two, mega Private Alliances that have formed, can ensure that the best is yet to come in terms of quality matchups and weekly media exposure via national television and live streaming.
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    I will be emailing the NCAA with my Thoughts on this unacceptable behavior https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sportingnews.com/us/amp/ncaa-football/news/lsu-football-program-faces-ongoing-inquiry-by-ncaa/r9zp8etjsi0n10ciht2of5l1x
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    Yeah they can come back just like a guy who got 25 with an L can come back.Its a long hard road when the penalty doesn’t fit the crime
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    They sit on a board who make the amateur rules that colleges have to abide by. You seem to have this resentment toward this job. They have a job they have a role. Do I agree with all their decisions no but they get paid to make those decisions. I have absolutely no issue with the NCAA.
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    Understand your opinion. I disagree with it but your entitled to your opinion. I think people just hate the rich and anything to do with people making money and lots of us people resent it.
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    For the record. This breaking news is from last year and really does not involve a "recruit". If and when something comes out of it I'll let you know. Carry on with "whatever"
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    1st 100m 1st 200m 3rd Long Jump (I believe he was less than 2 inches from winning) I would like to see him run the 400m Now he is beating kids who trained all year at the college level
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    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTfMyz4JiUv8IYLAjMnqT_E-KAGPxHUkHEu5HvEhSY8UZ9nM3As8r8PzFxQ4OB9Svvw0TcJVtqpCTT_/pubhtml you love to see it
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    Impressive, I’ve only been to 13, lived in 3 of them, besides US.
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    Ewww roasted you got me 60+ years on this earth and that’s the best you can come up with haha
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    How can you leave this humor? Party pooper! Don’t sweat the small stuff. The best is yet to come for ALL of us! Hope to buy you a beer the next time I’m in Daytona.
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    I was posting about OOS games involving top teams...not many of those in Louisiana.😜
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    I have a buddy with a still. He makes that Georgia Hi Proof. Met a dude over at Dega this last trip that makes shine too. Said he was from Frog Eye Alabama. 'Splained to me why the cross roads is called that. Back in the day they put out a concrete statue and if the frog's eyes are red, the shine is there. If the frog's eyes are white, just keep on going because it's dry. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frog_Eye,_Alabama Shared that Rye Charles with the ol guy and he invited me to roll down to Tallapoosa County if ever I wanted some home made shines and wines. He certainly looked the part with his trucker cap, cheap aviators and over-alls. Said the Rye Charles tasted like grapefruit. Cool ol' country dude. 😎

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