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    Eh, lets just raze their cultural sites and stuff to the ground. That'll fix em. Idk, I was just trying to find a way to use that cool ass pic really. Figured some of you may like it.
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    Here’s your original, unedited post, skippy ... If you’re going to be dishonest, at least check to see if I have a a screenshot. You’ve tried this dance before and you get caught with your pants down every time. #teacher. #stillwinning
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    You are despicable. You are defending a terrorist and his terrorist state and approve of the last administration handing them access to billions, while at the same time having the temerity to criticize the current president for taking out a man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of your countrymen? What is wrong with you?
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    Yes, but Marietta vs STA in the Geico would've been a great game.
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    Congrats on winning a mythical trophy handed out by desk jockeys. Having the #1 recruited team must be an awesome feeling. I bet the City of Bellflower couldnt be more proud of kids not from Bellflower.
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    Democrat playbook Take in all the illegals Make them citizens Be in power forever It's very easy to see
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    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO In all fairness- MD is exactly the same, if not worse. Right @HurricaneNick?
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    Bingo. STA hasn't had an edge at quarterback since Ruddock. STA with a Carson Beck type talent, and SJB, MD, SFA, have no place to hide.
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    White House visit next week?...lmao
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    We will gladly take your QB from Carroll if he still is interested in joining us.
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    Hahaha that's fucked up bro.
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    Apparently not support the local kids and their football team.
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    Lame ass 70’s movie reference. You probably look just like that douche. Didn’t he get nailed for lying, then cried like a little girl when he got picked up? Hmmm, no wonder you chose that, you probably idolize that character. The smurf turf is ugly. How many lbs of carcinogenic dye do you think is in it?
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    Above is the link to the Brookings Institution’s detailed explanation for why America paid Iran.
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    Exactly. Kids like nick bosa are hard to find Absolute motor and hes hungry. Got hurt at OSU yeah sat out but stayed hungry and is now apparently doing great in the nfl. I'll watch him this weekend in the playoff game
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    Just having fun. The only reason I know this I have seen those brand bleachers at several fields. Maybe that company is owned by some big Auburn booster and will donate all they need.
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    "fear" isn't usually the reason why teams avoid playing them. It is a commitment to playing by a shared set of rules. Surely, you recognize how these academies are able to operate according to an entirely different set of rules? Lakeland was ahead 49-0 at halftime against the aforementioned ACA. It's not my fear of their football team that leads me to make this post.
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    I have a problem with the academies because many appear to be run by people who know nothing about and have no preparation for running a legitimate school. Compounding this is the fact that they do threaten to take students and athletes away from other, legitimately established schools. IMG is likely the least of my worries, though I still am inclined to question the legitimacy of their academic program. They have been around for a long enough time so as to be vetted by parents and the media alike. And they rather clearly provide resources and facilities above and beyond what a typical high school can offer. They most certainly have taken away many players from many schools. This post is primarily about the fly-by-night operations where we see, for example, an undergraduate student acting as the School Director after having founded the athletic program.
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    They aren't. They are about as fake as that MNC parade in Belflower today!
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    But there isn't any kids on the team from Bellflower or even any fans there with any affiliation to that school! LOL!
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    Given that you support and defend giving huge sums of money to a terrorist state - one that kills our brave young men and women - I probably would have bitch-slapped your pathetic face. You can go to hell.
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    The Bellflower MNC parade!
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    Remember when Nancy was the shrewdest politician ever, and was playing Drumpf like a fiddle? She literally stole the idea of holding the articles from some dumb TV talking head. That was awesome lol.
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    these clowns are too busy pushing the White house talking point/lie about us giving the money away....they can't handle facts..sad bunch of clowns...🙄
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    UCF style. They love fake natty’s in Florida
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    Yeah I heard Daniel Martin was. He’d be a game-changer, he has a very high future. His ceiling is higher than CDR. Not sure if it’ll happen or not though. He’s not at Grayson right now
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    Cry me a river for Christ's sake.
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    I like Leach but nobody is gonna be able to do what he did at Wazzu...
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    I already did twice princess... Maybe try to read, it says when you get back... and for the record, no, I say bring everyone home and let them goat fuckers kill each other off... America First, get on board
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    so you're ready to go to war huh tough guy??...🙄
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    He knows, thats why he wd rather have ice cream with Putin, then sit in the same room as Chuck and Nancy. Dont blame him one bit.
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    I think that it was accidental. They had to be on high alert, and have itching trigger fingers after just striking the US/Iraq. Mistaken identity is my guess.
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    Going back even farther, Dan Reeves was from America’s, Ga .
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    If I supported trump, no. Trump will be reelected. Humans are a failed species. You will have trump 4 more years.
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    There was a rumor last spring — not sure of source or veracity — that he was transferring to Mater Dei (and my recall is that MD “pulled” offer when it started to become a message board discussion point). happy for anyone that knows to clarify
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    One can do so every bit as effectively as you can for SJB being better than STA. Which is to say, not really at all. Any comparison would be purely subjective. The teams never played, and had one common opponent. And the outcomes with the one common opponent make it nearly impossible to differentiate between the teams. Subjectively, SJB was probably better on offense, while STA was probably better on defense. SJB has a Tanner Muse at safety (see Clemson vs. LSU Monday night) whereas STA has no such player. Overall speed and quickness on defense for STA are better than SJB. It is rich that Geico, with an obvious financial interest, and no track record of ranking or evaluating all of the teams, would suddenly declare them national champions. The move was only done as a way to try to bait other teams and state associations into playing in their event, which they hope to make a lot of money from.
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    I think you are a reasoned poster but this ^^^^^ is just stupid. If you are just trolling then have at it but if you are serious then I need to reevaluate your street cred. Nobody who knows anything about football would say that DLS got bitch slapped and the only ones that I have heard say that are a few Texans. ET had only 1 good play and that was because DLS messed up and that was why they won. See how that works.
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    Sport on. Evidenced by @Sammyswordsman claiming to represent the "national take" with all 10 of his names
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