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    Shangri-La Academy will be coached by the Dali Llama and an actual llama. I have put together their full schedule and all credit goes to me. All games to be televised on China Global Television Network and Russia 1. A beat reporter from Pravda will be embedded with the team and cover all games. Tried to get games with a bunch of 1A public schools but they all backed out #cowards #nomncforyou. Another satisfied client. 8/22 @ Wuhan Wet Markets (#1 ranked team in China!!!) 8/29 @ USA Academy (AL) (will be played in their awesome stadium that totally physically exists just like Shangra-La) 9/4 *Mars Prep (Martians have been getting transfers from as far away as Jupiter and Uranus) 9/11 @ Archbishop Hoban (OH) 9/18 *Life Christian Academy (VA) 9/25 @ Berlin Rebels (GER) 10/2 @ Capital Prep (CT) 10/9 @ Saint Frances Academy (MD) 10/16 @ Pyongyang University (NK) (coached by Dennis Rodman) 10/23 *Middle Earth Hobbits 10/30 @ Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry 11/6 @ Bishop Sycamore/Youthbuild/Whatever They're Calling Themselves In A Given Week To Throw Off Debt Collectors (OH) * Home games to be played on an unmarked field on the Tibetan plains Thank goodness for China. #batsoup #shanghaied #UFO Please give credit to my new LLC, Universal Football Operations (UFO) for all matchups
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    8/22 has been canceled and replaced with the Wuuuuhan BatEaters
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    Shangri-La Academy @Shangri_LaFootball Proud to welcome our first transfer, @RajhniPatel from Bhutan, a country with a proud football tradition. c/o 2023 DT (ignore that he was born in 1985) 6'10, 375 (measurements converted from metric so maybe not exact)
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    In other news Thanos has reclassified to USA
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    #itshappening #trusttheprocess
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    This presumes that the head coach has a significant say in the matter. As it has been described to me by a Folsom supporter, and former booster, who also supports other schools in the area, on behalf of some of his employees, there’s a very conservative and stubborn element in the administration. I haven’t, and won’t, press him for details since we now have a business relationship that I can’t compromise, but he’s a pretty straight shooter. At some point, Folsom will be a victim of their own success and may have trouble getting good OOL opponents on their terms. Then, will come the “we can’t get anyone to play us” reason which would have some truth to it. If two years ago, on the night they travelled to Chaminade and St. Mary’s travelled to MD, those destinations were switched, Folsom might have lost the game, but just think of how much they could have won in terms of respect.
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    IMHO, zero (0), is the optimal number of confederate flags at pretty much any rally, but maybe that's just me. 🙄 Here's another link with a little more background information. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/lock-her-anti-whitmer-coronavirus-lockdown-protestors-swarm-michigan-capitol-n1184426 Reminds me of how the Tea Party started. These are some of the same business groups that want people to go back to work in a pandemic but also want Congress to pass a law that prevents them from getting sued if workers get sick -- Maybe we should invest in testing and health infrastructure to make going to work safer instead. 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷
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    Man. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you guys were being sarcastic. International players are people too! 😫
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    Shangri-La Academy coach ducking GOA... CBL reports a lucrative deal was offered to SLA to come to Vegas and play at "The Death Star" but the hold up was SLA required all coaches have a high roller suite at the ARIA. CBL CEO CodBeard says "The ARIA requirement was an excuse to not schedule the game and SLA are cowards" he also stated "SLA will have no chance at a MUC ( Mythical Universal Championship) without GOA on their schedule" For all your MUC scheduling needs visit CBL@GoDaddy.com *disclaimer.. This message brought to you in part by the Cult of the Golden Orb, Golden Orb Academy and CodBeard Logistics. No animals were harmed in bringing you this message. We are not responsible for lost fees, valuables, lost wages, travel expenses or real estate foreclosures in conjunction with anything related to enrollment, donations or promises of the COTGO, GOA or CBL ...That being said. Are you the Lemon?
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    Below is a comprehensive list of European QBs that had huge futures in American football.
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    That’s the thing, folks like you act as if those are the only drugs being used. They aren’t. (I read there are about 60 different drugs being trialed and tested for this virus worldwide) trump says something and his minions think he somehow decreed these drugs be the source. I trust my doctors to make the best recommendations for a course of action for my health, I won’t be riding the trump hype train of what he says should be. Totally ridiculous
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    Shangri-La Academy @Shangri_LaFootball Calling out all the Georgia publics... nobody's got the stones to play SLA!!! And quit complaining about 5th year players, less than 101% of our program is reclassed guys #respecttheprocess #fortyyearoldmenplayinghsfbaretherealunderdogs
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    PU QB'd by the Supreme Leader who had 18 holes-in-one his first time playing golf. Rumor has it he's scored a touchdown on every snap of his career but this is his first out of country game so we'll see how he does without the anti-aircraft gun to mow down opponents who get within 10 yards of him.
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    Was ordered to not leave the OT Forum. Just got out. Couldn't be happier!
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    So the Scientologists at CAI who GSB promotes get kids from Canada and now the Canadian academy GSB promotes get kids from Germany. Does this go deeper? Is there a German football academy who are clients of PGL getting kids from India and getting ready to play the toughest schedule in HSFB history?
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    One on the right looks like she needs to lay off the nachos... I’d still hit it though.
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    It's not even a real thing man. It's just the flu. Some overblown press created hype. Time to get out there and go to work. Shop till you drop. Governors are chomping at their bits to crank it up.
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    People who have something against our instruction and the opportunities we're giving to beasts from the ethereal realm are just plain anti-American bigot racists! So what if our entire starting OL is made up of actual Yetis, they deserve the same opportunity to beat up on 15 year old high school kids in a game of football as anyone else.
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    I'm thinking a Human Melon bobbing and weaving is easier to strike than a 95 mile fastball
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    Interesting thing... it was a French study that everyone was pointing to to begin with also. I wonder how long we'll have to wait until the president comes out touting that new study from the French? Still waiting.
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    ASSHOLE!! That was DAMN good!!! HAHAHAHA BGW
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    You thought of the true and real Bay homie. Well done.
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    GSB again proves he has no clue what he is talking about and lies... There were no forfeits.. SFA got zero forfeit wins from the MIAA teams and the other MIAA teams got zero forfeit losses FACTS... Another fact last time McD played SFA there were three McD players carted off the field. 2018- St Frances 10-0 (1 fft win from COF Academy who refused to get off the bus to play) 2018- McDonogh 3-6 ( zero fft losses) 2019- St Frances kicked out of MIAA for football... McDonogh has become the fourth Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association A Conference football team to drop St. Frances from its 2018 schedule. “The safety and well-being of our student-athletes is our highest priority, and after careful consideration, our administrators and coaches believe this is the best decision for our players,” Deegan and MacMullan said in the letter. In last year’s McDonogh-St. Frances regular-season meeting, two Eagles suffered broken bones and another had a stress fracture exacerbated during the game. Former McDonogh coach Dom Damico, who stepped down in April after 24 years leading the program, said the Panthers were just “bigger, stronger, faster, better.” “The safety and well-being of our student-athletes is our highest priority, and after careful consideration, our administrators and coaches believe this is the best decision for our players,” Deegan and MacMullan said in the letter. “It’s like a college team versus a high school team,” he went on to say after that 28-0 St. Frances win. “We’re not deep enough or strong enough to play them. That’s just a different breed of football. … They’re playing at the national level trying to win a national championship. We’re trying to make the playoffs in the A Conference. It’s a different approach, but they’re a great team.”
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    Moco in spanish is bugger.
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    We are petitioning to have Bernie's name on ALL stimulus checks. I mean...it is a "socialist" thing.... Rufus>>
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    You know the deal... no game unless you abandon your false religion and convert to Tibetan Buddhism and game must be at a neutral site on the deck of the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov
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    Noted that Chiptard the WonderRacist is: Unrepentant about his racism Unable to distinguish between "racial" and "racist" due to being an imbecile I see my decision was and is correct. He remains on ignore. Forever.
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    Shit what you guys know about the General
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    His .105 lifetime batting average kind of brings into question whether or not he can swing a bat.
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    Larson is an equipment dependent athlete. I'm going with the dude who can swing a bat 🤣
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    Man, it'll be tough to get any harder hit than New York is getting hit. Unless of course there was a highly infectious person showing off their guns up there in Lansing. That thing could be really bad if there was a positive case among them. "Here man, check out my gun. *cough cough* Damn allergies. *cough cough* that stupid cunt Whitmer! *cough sniff*"
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    I don't think you can have a problem with immigrants or even African Americans flying flags of their home regions or countries while you fly a Confederate flag. I know that people do. I can't say whether anyone on here flies a rebel flag, but, I figure quite a few on here would have issues with a Mexican immigrant flying a Mexico flag but have no issue with a redneck flying a Confederate flag.
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    Hope there wasn't a super spreader type situation among them. We've learned first hand down here in south Georgia how one highly infectious person coming in contact with a few hundred others turns out.
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    "Citizens are frankly tired of being treated like babies. As adults, we now know what needs to be done to stay safe." What a pathetic looking group who fancy themselves very very differently. Ignorance on steroids. In a way I feel sorry for this group of societal rejects.
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    They put the bouncers on the flyer? Usually they put hot chicks on those 😂
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    When is the next episode? I can’t wait to see how this comes out.
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    Pretty soon Earth Prep Academy will be pulling kids from Mars. The whole damn solar system has been stacking transfers, so EPA has gotta start finding more talent and fast. #StayTuned
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    If you have PPA (personal Auto) your carrier should be giving you premium credits. Most State DOI's have mandated. No my Autos are with another carrier. AllState I am getting a premium credit. Check with your carrier.
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    They fly them both around here. I guess I'm not really that troubled by it. They fly this one too... Free country. I only feel some type of way about it when their ilk bitch and moan when other Americans protest too.
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    To be fair this year is already being heavily altered.... Half these teams will be lucky to even play a game. I'd like to beat this schedule too but I'm not about to sit around and act like the Coronavirus ain't happening. And even if it does go away by or before August people are probably gonna be wary of traveling for awhile.

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