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    Wow this so helpful, those games were only played 5 years apart! Basically the same Bellevue team! That same 2009 Bellevue team that lost to Katy also got shutout at home by the #35 ranked team from California (#250 in the nation) so they must’ve been ELITE! Big win in Texas for the tigers. You really proved a point here 💪 De La Salle also lost 3 times and tied twice in 2004, big time down year for their standards.
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    Head Butt gate will forever live. I'll keep it for your viewing pleasure.
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    Thank you!!! I still to this day try to figure out how Colquitt lost that game. Don't get me wrong, Milton was a good team, but that was arguably Rush's most talented team and they laid an egg offensively. Like you said: the run was very effective, but they got away from that. Once again, we need brotha Hawg to come to the front of the congregation to explain this in further depth @HawgGoneIt
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    This aged well. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You had a beer can inside a Georgia high school stadium? Wow.
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    Just for this, Padre I'm gonna bomb the shit out of "those" threads..... Hahahaha. bgw
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    Here's why @AztecPadre, needs Ga HSFootball.... bgw p.s. cuz other football avenues are known to cause cancer and birth defects in the state of Cali
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    No, its just the typical ga infestation and ga's yearly attempt to get attention. We got use to it. Notice most threads are about ga until the season starts and rankings come out. Then they go MIA.
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    The St Joseph Regional vs Serra game was one of 6 games that were scheduled in the 2016 Honor Bowl hosted by Mission Viejo. In that Honor Bowl we had three teams from the East Coast participate. Yes, the SJR game was at noon followed by St Joseph Prep at 5:00 pm matched with Oaks Christian. The finale was IMG Academy vs Centennial which has still to this day been said to be one of the finest games in National High School football. What would you do differently to change this schedule GA96? Both coaches Infante and Hoffman raved about The Honor Bowl and both totally were moved when they had a chance to visit Camp Pendleton the day before. In regards to 2019, JSerra played St Joseph Regional at 4:00 pm hosted by Cathedral Catholic in San Diego. The Honor Bowl is not a showcase to parade football players on the national stage. The Honor Group’s mission is educating students, coaches and community about patriotism while raising money for injured, ill and wounded veterans. We take pride to have had over 180 schools participate from eight states and become more understanding of who a true hero is!
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    Larry and Gator are besties! bgw
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    You mean you don't believe they are saving any evidence of bribing foreign officials, or any indictments, until the best possible timing before election ? Many on the left seem to think this..... I guess they think a hillsmikey or mikeyhills ticket could STILL save the day.... 🤡 PS: you never said if you were an "all in" Biden jockstrap or not..... but feel free to go ahead and answer that one now...
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was EPIC. An EPIC failure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    No Fredrick. I was unable to take consecutive weekends off from work. #Snowgate forced me to watch the game from home. Use your head, man!
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    Choose your Ohio Character bro 75185e7fce6ddbb68d4c99f5ffa920ce.mp4
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    And folks, this is what's called "deflection". When the Idiot light scorches the forehead, the deflection begins to get the heat off. Nice try dipshit, now go back to fapping to the Valdosta facebook page. bgw
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    True, but then again, MD 40-0 over BG in 100+ temps...
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    There’s an angry mob faction here that you’ll learn to ignore. They’re the reason we no longer hold live Q&A sessions with influential people like yourself. Feel free to utilize the IGNORE button option like many of us 😉 Speak soon.
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    Yeah, we shared a quick drink. I knew I wouldnt see him at another state title game again for another 50 years, so I wanted to meet him while I could.😎
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    Chase had a positive type attitude that united everyone else. You have to have that type of leadership on the team to be successful for a run like 2014 and 15. I don't generally like to put heat on kids, and @Sweetlarry is right, coaching has to make moves when you run into personality/anger management issues like that. I think in the Milton game, our backup wasn't trusted enough to come in at that large of a moment. Jaycee did much better last year in managing his anger and all for most of the season. At Parkview that issue arose again and I think he basically threw in the towel. Justin had to pull him, but didn't. It was another time when I think the coach was damned if he did and damned if he didn't. The game against Milton we were never out of it totally so easier to understand the decisions of the coaches. The game at Parkview, idk, I'd have pulled the qb personally. How much worse could it get? Not a lot. And at least you look like you're trying.
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    Colquitt in 2018 was a great team. They were easily better than Milton, and I expected that game to go Colquitt's way. However, props to Milton for simply outplaying Colquitt that day. Despite that loss, I still believe Colquitt could have easily been one of the best teams in the country. Loved that 45-0 thrashing in the quarterfinals, it was truly a wake-up call. However, I'd still take Steven Krajewski over Jaycee Harden, both character wise and talent wise.
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    Having had the benefit of living in Italy when this all started and then coming back to the US, it's been interesting to see how both countries handled it considering the outbreak is mostly contained in Europe and they are starting to return to normal while the US is still seeing lots of cases. The Continental Europeans cracked down much harder and had a consistent national policy. For both better and worse Americans are a different breed than Europeans and would not have put up with a lot of measures that were put in place. Lacking a better way of describing it I feel like I got a brief taste of what it was like living in a Fascist country or Warsaw Pact country. Every time you left home you had to have an official paper stating your purpose or face arrest. You had to fill out a new one for every trip you took, even if you were going to the grocery store at the end of the block. Only one member of the household was permitted to leave at a time and the same person had to leave every time. All restaurant services except delivery were stopped and only pharmacies and grocery stores were allowed to stay open, everything else closed as non-essential businesses. All non-essential travel was banned (with a very strict definition of non-essential) with checkpoints set up to stop travelers from going between regions. Leaving your home to go for a walk or go to the park was forbidden. The army was in the streets stopping people and checking their papers. We are such a divided country that if the Italian-style measures were implemented half of the country would claim that Trump was trying to take over in a military coup and the other half would claim that it was the deep state or something like that. Some governors would have flat out refused to implement national directives out of spite. I kept waiting for at least a ban on interstate air travel, which would have limited the spread of the virus greatly, but it never came. US government is also much more decentralized and there are major constitutional hangups to banning interstate travel and/or deploying the military to force compliance that simply don't exist in Europe. Coupled with the size of the country it really makes nationwide regulations problematic as you don't need to put Wyoming under the same restrictions as NYC. The virus has also highlighted the fact that many US states are now exercising a level of sovereignty independent of the federal government not seen since 1865. As an interesting aside I just saw Italian officials confirmed COVID was present in Milan and Turin by December 19th, a full 6 weeks before the first official case. I would assume the virus has been in the US just as long. I myself got very sick for about five days within two weeks of returning to Italy after spending Christmas with my family. I didn't think anything of it at the time but as time goes on the more I think I may have had the virus.
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    I think a similar issue to what happened in the Parkview game to be honest. Qb got flustered and never recovered after an interception in the endzone for one thing. The game turned on that offensive play for Colquitt offensively. The qb was never back in the game mentally after that.. We had a few personality issues on the team that year as well, and even Rush couldn't solve that. This was a classic deal where you had so much talent and some of them were "me" guys who would quickly cast blame on everyone else. A couple would just kind of give up if that makes sense? Rather than try to uplift their teammates they'd sull up and get mad and be negative which imo filters to the rest of the team. As an example: If the qb sulls up, and blames everything on the line instead of tapping them on the ass and saying we'll get em next play or whatever, the line eventually quits on him.That line knew they weren't the biggest baddest dudes on the planet. They were fundamentally sound though. They didn't need blame cast at them from the qb position every play. Too much negativity and blame being cast the last two seasons from the qb position was one issue. It hurt us in the championship game against Milton and again against Parkview. Again just my opinion.
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    Apparently the speech gave Fox News an audience of 7.7M viewers. Online viewership was apparently several million more.
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    For Lakeland, it looks like Gabe Dindy is going to blow up as a prospect following this past weekend's combine in Jacksonville. 6'4" 278 lbs, 34.5 inch vertical
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    You know you’re my guy, but damned if you won’t make excuses for any and everything about crp for any situation that he doesn’t come out on top. The milton game was about as poorly coaches a game as I have ever witnessed from an offensive standpoint. The cc qb was not in a rhythm and they were running it up the guy successfully. Then, because they’re smarter than everyone else, said “fuck it” and threw more. It looked like they were trying to lose them game. Them the punkass shit afterwards. I’d beat Baby Sweets ass if he ever did that!
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    One thing I won’t do is make excuses. Refs miss calls. Passes get dropped. Kids fumble the ball. Shit happens. My Dad said when I was a boy, excuses are for losers and you never hear winners making excuses. He was right!
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    Screw NG clear as day catch
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    The solution in the short term is the same as it has ways been. Social distancing and hoping for the best with the virus hopefully weakening as it mutates between transmissions. Non-essential activities probably end up needing to be limited heavily, etc. until a vaccine or some other breakthrough happens.
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    i will also accept this:
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    if they aren’t bumping this in the locker room as the kids walk in, i am going to have to put a stop payment on my buster check:
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    HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6,200 out of a million? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    A lot of good playoff games played everywhere but Georgia always has a higher rate of game changing bad ref calls.
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    All that and you’ve still never won nothing. Has Tennessee ever been to a final four? Ever? The best hoops coach you’ve ever had was Summitt and she said “FUCK NO” when asked if she’s consider coaching the men’s team. 😂
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    Basically all these players are asymptomatic. So if Covid is here to stay do we shut down forever in fear?
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    It was a culmination of things in my opinion. I'll start by saying it's very easy to coach from the stands, so having said that... The major issue was that during halftime, Parkview managed to make some great adjustments on defense and Colquitt really didn't change anything about what they had been doing. By the time the Colquitt offense started trying to adjust the qb had already gotten flustered enough that it didn't much matter anymore. Definitely have to give a lot of credit to Parkview. They started bringing the heat on defense and their running back got stronger as the game went on. They made adjustments on offense as well. Colquitt folded before our very eyes. Team with their bottom lips and guts poked out and coaches with hand on hips staring at the ground. I knew the game was over just watching mannerisms of the players, well before the game was actually over. Qb throwing the ball into defenders asses and stomping off the field blaming everyone else. Etc. Etc. There was a lot wrong and on display. Not really worth reliving for me as a fan/supporter. Enough to make me sick watching live and rewatching it for sure. Some of what's being discussed here is true as well, about culture change from aggressive to not as aggressive or whatever you want to call it. Not saying one way is any better than the other over all, but, the proof will be on display as the season(s) progress. We have went from an "aggressive, the other team is coming hungry and trying to steal your futures" type mentality to a "we just love football and we play because we love each other" type mentality.
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    My bad man, I’ll take the L 🤦‍♂️😂
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    Maybe because more qames of significance are played here than some other states. No one cares about calls in games no one cares about.
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    My top 10 for Georgia in no certain order would be: Gainesville Red Elephants Etowah Eagles South Cobb Eagles North Springs Charter Spartans Jenkins Warriors Greater Atlanta Christian Spartans Josey Eagles Arabia Mountain Rams Mays Raiders Hardaway Hawks
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    That head coach of theirs better learn how to be more aggressive, then.
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    Honestly the St. Paul helmet sucks, but who am I to judge. Luckily they had you voting 100 times a day for them.
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    #excusethreadgold I shit you not, and eloquently posted. bgw
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    Mohammed ali son said ali would hated blm https://nypost.com/2020/06/20/muhammad-alis-son-says-he-wouldve-hated-black-lives-matters/
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    This is ALWAYS going to end with Plano East Special Teams in 94: (Correct link helps)
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    and FOX NEWS has him down 12 points to Biden....
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    Please forgive us for overlooking De La Salle We witnessed De La Salle fumble the ball 🏈 multiple times to keep the Tongans of Euless Trinity from ruining their own hopes of a championship and keep their season alive. That was so kind. The next year, De La Salle decided to take a courageous fall to the Utah superpower East; just so Allen could have a little time to shine in the national spotlight. That is just so thoughtful 😭 Their considerate actions don’t stop there. De La Salle has been admired and adored for so long; they understand the struggles of a promising new, and up-coming program. They allotted St. John’s a 21 - 7 lead to keep the game close and only manage a four-point win just so it would make it a tad easier for Duncanville to look a little stronger in the upcoming seasons. They clearly foresaw the future and realized the bigger picture. De La Salle; we have the utmost respect for your program and your dedication to making Texas football 🏈 look oh so good. How does one say a thousand thank you’s? By saying Thank you a thousand times. Thank you x1000 !!!!!!!

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