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    I have posted on internet message boards of one kind or another since the late ‘90’s. For several I may have spent one to two hours a day on them, freshly obsessed with the new medium, the internet. For myself the boards included Chowhound, eGullet and Wine Berzerkers along with three or four high school and college boards. Over the years I’ve even shown up on German fusball boards, united airlines frequent flier boards and even rollercoaster enthusiasts (I sold them) along with several local boards in the D. C. Area. Today more are dead with others who contributed having moved on with more important or necessary ways to invest their time. Several of the boards have led to enduring friendships as well as contacts and friendships to share a passion with. i note all this because much of this type of communication, of basic contact has now disappeared. Whether the message boards have actually folded or simply only have a fraction of the participants they once had-for many they are only a shadow of what they once where. My Chowhound board (handle was “Joe H”) was the strongest with some posts having a million or more hits. Like high school football there were a lot of opinions about where to have a good meal. High school sports have long been a passion of mine. With frightfully heavy travel literally all over America I developed a love for certain home towns and their teams. I also met a lot of people many of whom I still talk to today. Today, many of these boards have disappeared. Many of those who posted have simply moved on and acquired a new interest or obsession. My purpose in writing this is to say we’re one of the few active boards remaining. For any topic. I appreciate, respect and thank all of you for allowing our respective passions and beliefs to be peacefully (!) and respectfully pursued. I value PrepGridiron and thank all of you for sharing with myself and others. This is a great board whose future success and growth I loudly applaud and encourage. Thank you, Gentlemen. Appreciated. Now to return to my many disagreements....😄
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    Merry Christmas to the best damn HSFB fans in the country! Thankful to have this platform discussing football with fanatics from coast to coast. Try to keep it all in perspective. Hope all of you have a great holiday! Yes, even @The Guru 😏
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    West Point on his official this weekend!
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    I start my radiation treatment in Jacksonville for six weeks on the 1st of July. Have to have two treatments a day. Hopefully I'll be done and can trek to Atlanta for the Corky Kell. Looking forward to some football. Go Packers!!!
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    I know many of you feel pride when your children accomplish goals and I want to share that my youngest earned Valedictorian of her Sr class. Will be starting at UT in the fall.
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    I dont think Mr. PrepGridiron gets enough credit for creating us fanatics a place to talk/discuss and sometimes lie (in Calis case) about the thing we love ... or just like ... HSFB. I think we very often take it for granted. The rules are very lax and for the most part we are left to our own devices ... You wont get that many other places, as many of us experienced after DJ shut down his site, before this one was created. So on behalf of myself, and the rest of the forum ... Thank you Mr. PrepGridiron.
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    I have decided to permanently ban this member. Long story short, his behavior was consistently that of a troll and he has had a detrimental effect on this community since he joined.
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    For anyone interested, I'm putting together a website on Massachusetts HS and college football that launches tomorrow. It will be called MassVarsity and run on the address massvarsity.com. If you like any of the stuff that I put in the Massachusetts thread, that's basically where it's all going to go. There will be stuff on UMass, BC, Harvard, Holy Cross and some of the smaller colleges, and obviously high schools, too. The first day, I'm releasing a story about all the transfers that are happening around the state, and I'm also starting a countdown for the top 40 teams in the MIAA that will end on the first day of games. There will be a lot more in the coming weeks and months, but keep an eye out. The catch is that a lot of the stuff will be paywall, so there will be some free content, but the kid has to make a little $, so there's that. Anyway, thanks for reading, and keep a look out. ✌️
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    Dear members, On behalf of The Chief and the Executive Committee, we would like to thank you for a phenomenal 2018 season. From a membership standpoint, we are up to over 800 screen names and record 17 actual members. We saw many firsts this year, including a record number of posters being banned, unbanned, and then banned again. We thank our Mods, especially Hawg who is the only mod who actually does any mod work. Our other mods will be reviewed accordingly during the post season. We saw a record engagement by the Texas posters, albeit most of the activity came during the last two weeks of their season. Thank you to the Texas contingent for your presence here on the only true National HS football forum in America. Also let us extend our congrats to this said group for their first MNC share since the highly controversial 2013 result. According to our flagship OOS scheduling service, Prepgridiron logistics, Texas will continue their integration with the rest of the country with a marquee matchup of a Top Texas 6a program with a nationally recognized brand program. We here at Prepgridiron would like to think that pressure from our members helped to drive the said increased engagement. Similar to how we drove the Folsom vs DLS series to fruition. We saw the continued growth of our signature "Georgia black eye thread" well into 2018, driven mainly by weekly Georgia upset losses to OOS teams, upset playoff losses, and a Geico appearance during the said 2018 season. While we feel sorry for the Georgia teams, we nevertheless enjoyed the clicks from our beloved members from the Peachtree state. We once again offered a state of the art Poll result and comp poll result thread, which is accessed regularly by many guests, for the latest results. Thank you to the SJB guy Dntn something, something for keeping the said results current, even after his team suffered a devastating loss in the CIF finals. We would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge our championship pickem team, which rallied from dead last to secure a tie in the inaugural inter site Pickem Challenge. The subcommittee on member aptitude will be accepting applications in July for next years squad, which will feature smarter guys. We are pleased with the successful channeling of the riff raff to the Off Topic Forum. This is a signature Prepgridiron featured service, and has reduced the hijacking of football related threads by over 75%. While we still have a problem with hijacking game threads, we will be forming a subcommittee to solve this problem as well. We'd like to congratulate the Calif guys for their successful campaign to rig the Calpreps algorithems, resulting in a back to back share of the MNC for California. While this years Mater Dei team was nowhere near the #OIAG team of 2017, the marketing campaign out of Calif resulted in a second place league team with two losses, being able to garner the MNC from (4) polling services. Well done boys. We also saw continued camaraderie amongst our esteemed members, as many met up at various games throughout the country. We encourage this said interaction and hope it will drive civility. Thank you again for your continued support and engagement. -The Comish PS. With 20 likes or 1 thumbz down to this post, I can avoid a filibuster and return uncontested as your beloved Comish in 2019
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    Merry Christmas to everyone. Even the small market teams
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    Thanks, dude! Ok, uh, I'd like to thank the Academy, the whole PrepGridiron family, my agent, THS for tabulating the scores, ECHS for picking the games, my mom, my dad (music starts playing), crap, uh, my beautiful wife Amy. I love you honey, without you none of this would have been possible. Dare to dream!
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    Mine would be astro photography. I built my own Telescope from scratch. Ground the glass mirror, but sent the mirror to have the coating put on it. I've been into astronomy since 1964. Posted are some of the photos I've taken over the last few years. First photo is with a 6 inch reflector using a modified HP Video Web Cam. Second is with my 4 inch refractor of the Red Moon. Same Modified Cam. Third is Jupiter with 3 moons with my 12 inch Orion 12XT intelliscope. Stacked and enhanced. Fourth is of the 10 inch reflector I built. I plan on going to Bowling Green for the full eclipse in August for some solar shots.
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    Happy Thanksgiving Crew from the best of you and the worst enjoy your Thanksgiving and please remember why we have it . 😀😀😀😀
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    I appreciate this. I love this community. Its great to meet and hang out with those I've had the chance to meet in person. Also give a lot of credit to @HawgGoneIt. He's been down since day 1 and goes above and beyond the call. Also, shout out @GardenStateBaller. He gets gruff, but he is passionate and wants (and does a lot) to see this place succeed. You too, @ECHS05. I know it isn't easy to come up with the games each week for the pick 'em. You and @THS2011 do an all-star job. Appreciate others like @dntn31 for keeping the polls spreadsheet. So many others I can list @whiteshoes and @Omaha Vol for their polls. @golfaddict1 for doing the massey like poll. @Adam Kurkjian for assistance with the Prepforce poll. @ATLien12x for being a huge cheerleader for this place. I seriously can call out everyone (well...most everyone) and speak to how you make this place great. Thank you!!!!
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    I was around when Jesus Christ had his moment of doubt and pain. I made damn sure that Pilate washed his hands and sealed his fate. I stuck around St. Petersburg when I saw it was time for a change. I killed the Czar and his Ministers, and Anastasia screamed in vain. I rode a tank and held a general's rank when the blitzkrieg raged and the bodies stank. Pleased to meet you. I hope you guess my name. What's puzzling you is the nature of my game.
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    Folsom finalized it 2020 schedule. Something Something Tree Something Something Rock Something Something Something And for the people that say Folsom doesn’t test themselves out of state. Montana School of Quadriplegic Deaf and Blind (I got Folsom by 17 on that one)🤪
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    We have a difficult time scheduling game locally here in California and we are always trying to be aggressive in our scheduling. We love competing against some of the best programs in the country so yes we will be doing some of the same in 2020. We are in the process of working on our 2020 schedule. We will probably travel out of state at least once and maybe twice depending on the weeks that we have available and if we have the necessary funds to travel. In terms of Texas.....yes we would be open to play Texas teams and have tried to do so in the past. The first hurdle is that Texas teams do not frequently travel outside of the state. Secondly, traveling to Texas is a little challenging because they play by different rules than we do here in California and we have to make sure we keep our kids safe. We most recently tried to play in Texas and contacted a very prominent team and they responded with "thank you but we would have to decline because we are looking for a lesser opponent". But the options are always there. We would love to come to Texas and play in front a Texas crowd against a quality opponent.
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    Well folks, now that I've had a chance to vent a little along the way since last night, I think it's time for some realism. Most everyone knows that Colquitt County Football has been through a lot over the past year, and there isn't a lot of sense in rehashing much of that at all really, but, the situation is hopelessly intertwined with the results of this season, so, there may be some references to it all. Probably deservedly so. I'll borrow a terminology from Coach Justin Rogers... This season for Colquitt County Football isn't the season that any of us envisioned, wanted or hoped for, but, it's the season we got. It basically is what it is, and, it's in the books. 9 wins and 3 losses is not too bad at all. It's definitely something to build on for a new staff. I know many from Norman Park are feeling all doom and gloom today, and, believe me, I get it. A lot of us have invested a lot in this program in time, money and emotion, and, having an abrupt end as we did after being so full of hope with the changes over the off season looming large, is, well, it's pretty hard to accept and deal with. You can all probably read along my postings since last night and witness first hand my own way of venting and dealing with it all. There was no doubt that we would probably have to take a step back considering all the turmoil in the off season, and having a new coach brought in pretty late, and then having coaches brought in and dismissed all in a short time frame. Having said that, most of us remained hopeful, and invested in the kids and program. Many of us did everything we could to support the coach and kids, and, I don't expect much of that to change going forward. There will of course be much grumbling as people deal with this all in their own ways and their own time. I hope the Packer Nation can continue putting one foot in front of the other, and place their angst where it really should be placed, which in my personal opinion isn't with the coach and staff, but, of course above there, as that is where the changes that put us into such turmoil came from. Overall, I really enjoyed this season. There was so much new stuff to take in, and of course we continued to see our young men grow into men on the gridiron as they too dealt with all of the emotions of the turmoil and change. They made us proud fighting through it all and never falling apart like they really could have. It's a shame that one bad night ended it all for them. It's a shame that our senior group was thrust into this situation by the adults that are tasked with putting them in a situation for success. Not just the BOE but them and the last staff that had their shortcomings publicly displayed and aired for the world to see. There was definite failures from all involved in that, as far as the adults go. I'm also proud of how the new staff came together in such short notice and put on quite the show for twelve games. It was honestly an amazing thing to watch how the transition went and watch the kids grow into it all. We have a lot of good guys that are a part of this staff, and in spite of the tough ending, they deserve some accolades for everything they did in such a short time to get us back to the playoffs again. They of course made some mistakes as did everyone. We are all human, and suffer the human condition, and the best any of us can do is strive to be better and try to make each other better for the sake of the kids. I think this staff did that. We will all grow together and be the better for it. There is much to remember from this season, some little things that I noticed as I watched different members of the team grow and play. Some bigger things that the entire team did together as well. Small individual things that some fans may never really notice or pay much attention to like some of our o-linemen standing over much bigger defensive guys after they pancaked them. Tay Tay Ponder emerging from a crowd more than once in returns this year in an amazing display of will and never giving up. I'll never forget that amazing display down at Bazemore-Hyder stadium from the whole team and staff. They could have rolled over down there after getting down so far so quick, but, the coaches called a brilliant game and the kids responded mightily, even in a loss. That was the moment I knew we were going to be in for a tough season, and, also in that moment this new staff earned my respect. There is much to look forward to next year already as well. The cupboards are far from bare and we have a whole off season to work and come closer together yet still. I don't know if any of the coaches or anyone much at all will read this, but, if they do... Congrats to this entire new staff for coming in to the situation they did and earning the respect of many of us as we all started getting to know one another. Congrats to the kids that responded and came closer together through this all as well. All of you guys together truly are a Packer Point of Pride. Thanks for everything and GO PACK GO!
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    The 0-2 Antelope Roughriders (Calif #432 ranked team) host perennial Nor Cal runner up Folsom in a highly anticipated OOD game on Friday. Despite being outscored in their first 2 game by a margin of 14-63, coach feels good about the game. "Not many schools know about Antelope, but Folsom found us and was willing to make the hour long drive to play us." Still glowing over the Bulldogs 41-0 win vs Antelope last year, the Folsom AD feels good about rescheduling Antelope in 2019. "Hey, we are on the verge of being ranked in the Top 20 Nationally in the lazy polls, and a combination of another blowout win along with losses by teams like SJP, Northwestern and IMG, would propel us into the National Top 20". The AD went on to add, "National rankings are everything to us. Our average season record has been 13-1 over the past 10 years. This is a big recruiting tool, and kids from Reno want to play for a Top National team".
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    Pick / Team / Pos. & Player Name / College / High School & State 1st Round: 1. Cardinals - QB Kyler Murray / Oklahoma / Allen TX 2. 49ers - DE Nick Bosa / Ohio St. / St. Thomas Aquinas FL 3. Jets - DT Quinnen Williams / Alabama / Wenonah AL 4. Raiders - DE Clelin Ferrell / Clemson / Benedictine VA 5. Buccaneers - ILB Devin White / LSU / North Webster LA 6. Giants - QB Daniel Jones / Duke / Charlotte Latin School NC 7. Jaguars - DE Josh Allen / Kentucky / Montclair NJ (played 9th-11th grade at Abbeville AL) 8. Lions - TE T.J. Hockenson / Iowa / Chariton IA 9. Bills - DT Ed Oliver / Houston / Westfield TX 10. Steelers - ILB Devin Bush / Michigan / Flanagan FL 11. Bengals - OT Jonah Williams / Alabama / Folsom CA 12. Packers - DE Rashan Gary / Michigan / Paramus Catholic NJ 13. Dolphins - DT Christian Wilkins / Clemson / Suffield Academy CT 14. Falcons - OG Chris Lindstrom / Boston College / Shepherd Hill MA 15. Redskins - QB Dwayne Haskins / Ohio St. / Bullis MD 16. Panthers - OLB Brian Burns / Florida St. / American Heritage (Plantation) FL 17. Giants - DT Dexter Lawrence / Clemson / Wake Forest NC 18. Vikings - C Garrett Bradbury / NC State / Charlotte Christian NC 19. Titans - DT Jeffery Simmons / Mississippi St. / Noxubee Co. MS 20. Broncos - TE Noah Fant / Iowa / Omaha South NE 21. Packers - S Darnell Savage Jr. / Maryland / Caravel Academy DE 22. Eagles - OT Andre Dillard / Washington St. / Woodinville WA 23. Texans - OT Tytus Howard / Alabama St. / Monroe Co. AL 24. Raiders - RB Josh Jacobs / Alabama / McLain OK 25. Ravens - WR Marquise Brown / Oklahoma / Chaminade-Madonna FL 26. Redskins - DE Montez Sweat / Mississippi St. / Stephenson GA 27. Raiders - S Johnathan Abram / Mississippi St. / East Marion MS 28. Chargers - DT Jerry Tillery / Notre Dame / Evangel Christian LA 29. Seahawks - DT L.J. Collier / TCU / Munday TX 30. Giants - CB Deandre Baker / Georgia / Miami Northwestern FL 31. Falcons - OT Kaleb McGary / Washington / Fife WA 32. Patriots - WR N'Keal Harry / Arizona St. / Chandler AZ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2nd Round: 33. Cardinals - CB Byron Murphy / Washington / Saguaro AZ 34. Colts - CB Rock Ya-Sin / Temple / Southwest DeKalb GA 35. Jaguars - OT Jawaan Taylor / Florida / Cocoa FL 36. 49ers - WR Deebo Samuel / South Carolina / Chapman SC 37. Panthers - OT Greg Little / Ole Miss / Allen TX 38. Bills - OT Cody Ford / Oklahoma / Pineville LA 39. Buccaneers - CB Sean Bunting / Central Michigan / Chippewa Valley MI 40. Raiders - CB Trayvon Mullen / Clemson / Coconut Creek FL 41. Broncos - OT Dalton Risner / Kansas St. / Wiggins CO 42. Broncos - QB Drew Lock / Missouri / Lee's Summit MO 43. Lions - ILB Jahlani Tavai / Hawaii / Mira Costa CA 44. Packers - C Elgton Jenkins / Mississippi St. / Clarksdale MS 45. Patriots - CB Joejuan Williams / Vanderbilt / Father Ryan TN 46. Browns - CB Greedy Williams / LSU / Calvary Baptist LA 47. Seahawks - S Marquise Blair / Utah / Wooster OH 48. Saints - C Erik McCoy / Texas A&M / Lufkin TX 49. Colts - OLB Ben Banogu / TCU / Prosper TX 50. Vikings - TE Irv Smith Jr. / Alabama / Brother Martin LA 51. Titans - WR A.J. Brown / Ole Miss / Starkville MS 52. Bengals - TE Drew Sample / Washington / Newport WA 53. Eagles - RB Miles Sanders / Penn St. / Whitehall PA 54. Texans - CB Lonnie Johnson Jr. / Kentucky / West Side IN 55. Texans - OT Max Scharping / Northern Illinois / Southwest WI 56. Chiefs - WR Mecole Hardman / Georgia / Elbert Co. GA 57. Eagles - WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside / Stanford / Dorman SC 58. Cowboys - DT Trysten Hill / UCF / Suwannee FL 59. Colts - WR Parris Campbell / Ohio St. / St. Vincent-St. Mary OH 60. Chargers - S Nasir Adderley / Delaware / Great Valley PA 61. Rams - S Taylor Rapp / Washington / Sehome WA 62. Cardinals - WR Andy Isabella / UMass / Mayfield OH 63. Chiefs - S Juan Thornhill / Virginia / Altavista VA 64. Seahawks - WR D.K. Metcalf / Ole Miss / Oxford MS - - - - - - - - - - - - - Round 3: 65. Cardinals - DE Zach Allen / Boston College / New Canaan CT 66. Steelers - WR Diontae Johnson / Toledo / Lennard FL 67. 49ers - WR Jalen Hurd / Baylor /Beech TN 68. Jets - DE Jachai Polite / Florida / Mainland FL 69. Jaguars - TE Josh Oliver / San Jose St. / Paso Robles CA 70. Rams - RB Darrell Henderson / Memphis / South Panola MS 71. Broncos - DT Dre'Mont Jones / Ohio St. / St. Ignatius OH 72. Bengals - OLB Germaine Pratt / NC State / High Point Central NC 73. Bears - RB David Montgomery / Iowa St. / Mount Healthy OH 74. Bills - RB Devin Singletary / FAU / American Heritage FL 75. Packers - TE Jace Sternberger / Texas A&M / Kingfisher OK 76. Redskins - WR Terry McLaurin / Ohio St. / Indy Cathedral IN 77. Patriots - DE Chase Winovich / Michigan / Thomas Jefferson PA 78. Dolphins - OG Michael Deiter / Wisconsin / Genoa Area OH 79. Rams - CB David Long / Michigan / Loyola CA 80. Browns - OLB Sione Takitaki / BYU / Heritage (Romoland) CA 81. Lions - S Will Harris / Boston College / Choate Rosemary CT 82. Titans - OG Nate Davis / Charlotte / Stone Bridge VA 83. Steelers - CB Justin Layne / Michigan St. / Benedictine OH 84. Chiefs - DT Khalen Saunders / Western Illinois / Parkway Central MO 85. Ravens - DR Jaylon Ferguson / La Tech / West Feliciana LA 86. Texans - TE Kahale Warring / San Diego St. / Sonora CA 87. Patriots - RB Damien Harris / Alabama / Madison Southern KY 88. Seahawks - OLB Cody Barton / Utah / Brighton UT 89. Colts - OLB Bobby Okereke / Stanford / Foothill (Santa Ana) CA 90. Cowboys - OG Connor McGovern / Penn St. / Lake-Lehman PA 91. Chargers - OT Trey Pipkins / Sioux Falls / Apple Valley MN 92. Jets - OT Chuma Edoga / USC / McEachern GA 93. Ravens - WR Miles Boykin / Notre Dame / Providence Catholic IL 94. Buccaneers - CB Jamel Dean / Auburn / Cocoa FL 95. Giants - DE Oshane Ximines / ODU / Hertford Co. NC 96. Bills - TE Dawson Knox / Ole Miss / Brentwood Academy TN 97. Rams - OT Bobby Evans / Oklahoma / Allen TX 98. Jaguars - S Quincy Williams / Murray St. / Wenonah AL 99. Buccaneers - S Mike Edwards / Kentucky / Winton Woods OH 100. Panthers - QB Will Grier / West Virginia / Davidson Day NC 101. Patriots - OT Yodny Cajuste / West Virginia / Miramar FL 102. Vikings - RB Alexander Mattison / Boise St. / San Bernadino CA - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 4th Round: 103. Cardinals - WR Hakeem Butler / Iowa St. / Fort Bend Travis TX 104. Bengals - QB Ryan Finley / NC State / Paradise Valley AZ 105. Saints - S Chauncey Gardner-Johnson / Florida / Cocoa FL 106. Raiders - DE Maxx Crosby / Eastern Michigan / Colleyville Heritage TX 107. Buccaneers - DE Anthony Nelson / Iowa / Waukee IA 108. Giants - CB Julian Love / Notre Dame / Nazareth Academy IL 109. Colts - S Khari Willis / Michigan St. / Lumen Christi MI 110. 49ers - P Mitch Wishnowsky / Utah / *Australia* 111. Falcons - CB Kendall Sheffield / Ohio St. / Marshall TX 112. Redskins - RB Bryce Love / Stanford / Wake Forest NC 113. Ravens - RB Justice Hill / Oklahoma St. / Booker T. Washington OK 114. Vikings - OG Dru Samia / Oklahoma / River City CA 115. Panthers - OLB Christian Miller / Alabama / Spring Valley SC 116. Titans - S Amani Hooker / Iowa / Park Center MN 117. Lions - DE Austin Bryant / Clemson / Thomas Co. Central GA 118. Patriots - OG Hjalte Froholdt / Arkansas / IMG Academy 119. Browns - S Sheldrick Redwine / Miami / Killian FL 120. Seahawks - WR Gary Jennings Jr. / West Virginia / Colonial Forge VA 121. Jets - TE Trevon Wesco / West Virginia / Musselman WV 122. Steelers - RB Benny Snell Jr. / Kentucky / Westerville Central OH 123. Ravens - OG Ben Powers / Oklahoma / Kapaun Mt. Carmel KS 124. Seahawks - OG Phil Haynes / Wake Forest / Enloe NC 125. Bengals - DT Renell Wren / Arizona St. / Lutheran North MO 126. Bears - WR Riley Ridley / Georgia / Deerfield Beach FL 127. Ravens - CB Iman Marshall / USC / Long Beach Poly CA 128. Cowboys - RB Tony Pollard / Memphis / Melrose TN 129. Raiders - CB Isaiah Johnson / Houston / Rudder TX 130. Chargers - ILB Drue Tranquill / Notre Dame / FW Carroll IN 131. Redskins - OG Wes Martin / Indiana / Milton-Union OH 132. Seahawks - S Ugochukwu Amadi / Oregon / Overton TN 133. Patriots - QB Jarrett Stidham / Auburn / Stephenville TX 134. Rams - DT Greg Gaines / Washington / La Habra CA 135. Falcons - DE John Cominsky / Charleston (WV) / Barberton OH 136. Bengals - OG Michael Jordan / Ohio St. / Plymouth MI 137. Raiders - TE Foster Moreau / LSU / Jesuit LA 138. Eagles - DE Shareef Miller / Penn St. / George Washington PA - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 5th Round: 139. Cardinals - S Deionte Thompson / Alabama / West Orange-Stark TX 140. Jaguars - RB Ryquell Armstead / Temple / Millville NJ 141. Steelers - TE Zach Gentry / Michigan / Eldorado NM 142. Seahawks - ILB Ben Burr-Kirven / Washington / Sacred Heart Prep CA 143. Giants - ILB Ryan Connelly / Wisconsin / Eden Prairie MN 144. Colts - S Marvell Tate III / USC / Crespi CA 145. Buccaneers - P Matt Gay / Utah / Orem UT 146. Lions - CB Amani Oruwariye / Penn St. / Gaither FL 147. Bills - OLB Vosean Joseph / Florida / Miami Norland FL 148. 49ers - OLB Dre Greenlee / Arkansas / Fayetteville AR 149. Raiders - WR Hunter Renfrow / Clemson / Socastee SC 150. Packers - DT Kingsley Keke / Texas A&M / George Ranch TX 151. Dolphins - OLB Andrew Van Ginkel / Wisconsin / Rock Valley IA 152. Falcons - RB Qadree Ollison / Pittsburgh / Canisius NY 153. Redskins - OG Ross Pierschbacher / Alabama / Cedar Falls IA 154. Panthers - RB Jordan Scarlett / Florida / St. Thomas Aquinas FL 155. Browns - ILB Mack Wilson / Alabama / Carver AL 156. Broncos - OLB Justin Hollins / Oregon / Arlington Martin TX 157. Jets - ILB Blake Cashman / Minnesota / Eden Prairie MN 158. Cowboys - CB Michael Jackson / Miami / Spain Park AL 159. Patriots - DT Byron Cowart / Maryland / Armwood FL 160. Ravens - DT Daylon Mack / Texas A&M / Gladewater TX 161. Texans - DE Charles Omenihu / Texas / Rowlett TX 162. Vikings - ILB Cameron Smith / USC / Granite Bay CA 163. Patriots - P Jake Bailey / Stanford / Santa Fe Christian CA 164. Colts - ILB E.J. Speed / Tarleton State / North Crowley TX 165. Cowboys - DE Joe Jackson / Miami / Gulliver Prep FL 166. Chargers - QB Easton Stick / North Dakota St. / Creighton Prep NE 167. Eagles - QB Clayton Thorson / Northwestern / Wheaton North IL 168. Titans - OLB D'Andre Walker / Georgia / Langston Hughes GA 169. Rams - OT David Edwards / Wisconsin / Downers Grove North IL 170. Browns - P Austin Seibert / Oklahoma / Belleville West IL 171. Giants - WR Darius Slayton / Auburn / Greater Atl. Christian GA 172. Falcons - CB Jordan Miller / Washington / Oceanside CA 173. Redskins - OLB Cole Holcomb / North Carolina / New Smyrna Beach FL - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 6th Round: 174. Cardinals - WR Keesean Johnson / Fresno St. / Palo Alto CA 175. Steelers - OLB Sutton Smith / Northern Illinois / Francis Howell MO 176. 49ers - TE Kaden Smith / Stanford / Marcus Flower Mound TX 177. Saints - S Saquan Hampton / Rutgers / Nottingham NJ 178. Jaguars - QB Gardner Minshew / Washington St. / Brandon MS 179. Cardinals - C Lamont Gaillard / Georgia / Pine Forest NC 180. Giants - CB Corey Ballentine / Washburn / Shawnee Heights KS 181. Bills - S Jaquan Johnson / Miami / Killian FL 182. Bengals - RB Trayveon Williams / Texas A&M / CE King TX 183. 49ers - OT Justin Skule / Vanderbilt / Centreville VA 184. Lions - WR Travis Fulgham / ODU / Broad Run VA 185. Packers - CB Ka'dar Hollman / Toledo / Milford Academy NY 186. Lions - RB Ty Johnson / Maryland / Fort Hill MD 187. Broncos - WR Juwann Winfree / Colorado / Dwight Morrow NJ 188. Titans - OLB David Long Jr. / West Virginia / Winton Woods OH 189. Browns - OT Drew Forbes / SE Missouri St. / North Co. MO 190. Vikings - DT Armon Watts / Arkansas / Christian Brothers MO 191. Vikings - S Marcus Epps / Wyoming / Edison CA 192. Steelers - DT Isaiah Buggs / Alabama / Ruston LA 193. Vikings - OT Olisaemeka Udoh / Elon / Sanford NC 194. Packers - RB Dexter Williams / Notre Dame / West Orange FL 195. Texans - CB Xavier Crawford / Central Michigan / Pittsburg CA 196. Jets - CB Blessuan Austin / Rutgers / Campus Magnet NY 197. Ravens - QB Trace McSorley / Penn St. / Briar Woods VA 198. 49ers - CB Tim Harris / Virginia / Varina VA 199. Colts - OLB Gerri Green / Mississippi St. / Greenville Weston MS 200. Chargers - OLB Emeke Egbule / Houston / North Shore TX 201. Chiefs - CB Rashad Fenton / South Carolina / Carol City FL 202. Dolphins - OT Isaiah Prince / Ohio St. / Eleanor Roosevelt MD 203. Falcons - WR Marcus Green / UL Monroe / North Pontotoc MS 204. Seahawks - RB Travis Homer / Miami / Oxbridge Academy FL 205. Bears - CB Duke Shelley / Kansas St. / Tucker GA 206. Redskins - WR Kelvin Harmon / NC State / Palmyra NJ 207. Steelers - ILB Ulysees Gilbert III / Akron / Trinity Catholic FL 208. Buccaneers - WR Scott Miller / Bowling Green / Barrington IL 209. Seahawks - DT Demarcus Christmas / Florida St. / Manatee FL 210. Bengals - ILB Deshaun Davis / Auburn / Vigor AL 211. Bengals - RB Rodney Anderson / Oklahoma / Katy TX 212. Panthers - OT Dennis Daley / South Carolina / Ridge View SC 213. Cowboys - S Donovan Wilson / Texas A&M / Woodlawn LA 214. Chiefs - RB Darwin Thompson / Utah St. / Jenks OK - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 7th Round: 215. Buccaneers - DT Terry Beckner Jr. / Missouri / East St. Louis IL 216. Chiefs - C Nick Allegretti / Illinois / Lincoln-Way East IL 217. Vikings - CB Kris Boyd / Texas / Gilmer TX 218. Cowboys - RB Mike Weber / Ohio St. / Cass Tech MI 219. Steelers - OG Derwin Gray / Maryland / Friendship Collegiate DC 220. Texans - RB Cullen Gillaspia / Texas A&M / Katy Taylor TX 221. Browns - CB Donnie Lewis Jr. / Tulane / Baton Rouge Central LA 222. Bears - RB Kerrith Whyte Jr. / FAU / Seminole Ridge FL 223. Bengals - CB Jordan Brown / South Dakota St. / Paradise Valley AZ 224. Lions - TE Isaac Nauta / Georgia / Buford GA 225. Bills - OLB Darryl Johnson Jr. / NC A&T / Camden Co. GA 226. Packers - ILB Ty Summers / TCU / SA Reagan TX 227. Redskins - CB Jimmy Moreland / James Madison / Royal Palm Beach FL 228. Bills - TE Tommy Sweeney / Boston College / Don Bosco Prep NJ 229. Lions - DT PJ Johnson / Arizona / Luther Burbank CA 230. Raiders - DE Quinton Bell / Prairie View / Long Beach Poly CA 231. Saints - TE Alize Mack / Notre Dame / Bishop Gorman NV 232. Giants - OG George Asafo-Adjei / Kentucky / Lakota West OH 233. Dolphins - FB Chandler Cox / Auburn / Apopka FL 234. Dolphins - RB Myles Gaskin / Washington / O'Dea WA 235. Jaguars - DT Dontavius Russell / Auburn / Carrollton GA 236. Seahawks - WR John Ursua / Hawaii / Cedar UT 237. Panthers - WR Terry Godwin / Georgia / Callaway GA 238. Bears - CB Stephen Denmark / Valdosta St. / Rickards FL 239. Vikings - WR Dillon Mitchell / Oregon / White Station TN 240. Colts - OT Jackson Barton / Utah / Brighton UT 241. Cowboys - DE Jalen Jelks / Oregon / Desert Vista AZ 242. Chargers - DT Cortez Broughton / Cincinnati / Veterans GA 243. Rams - S Nick Scott / Penn St. / Fairfax VA 244. Saints - OLB Kaden Elliss / Idaho / Judge Memorial Catholic UT 245. Giants - DT Chris Slayton / Syracuse / Crete Monee IL 246. Colts - C Javon Patterson / Ole Miss / Petal MS 247. Vikings - WR Olabisi Johnson / Colorado St. / Bear Creek CO 248. Cardinals - OT Joshua Miles / Morgan St. / Western Tech MD 249. Cardinals - DE Michael Dogbe / Temple / Parsippany Hills NJ 250. Vikings - LS Austin Cutting / Air Force / Keller Central TX 251. Rams - ILB Dakota Allen / Texas Tech / Summer Creek TX 252. Patriots - CB Ken Webster / Ole Miss / Stockbridge GA 253. Redskins - DE Jordan Brailford / Oklahoma St. / Booker T. Washington OK 254. Cardinals - TE Caleb Wilson / UCLA / Serra-Gardena CA - - - - - - - - - - - - - - # of Draftees per State (by High School): **IMG is getting their own category** 32 - FL 27 - TX 22 - CA 14 - GA 13 - OH 10 - LA, MS, NC 9 - IL, VA 8 - NJ 6 - AL, MO, TN 5 - AZ, MD/DC, OK, PA, SC, UT, WA 4 - IA, MI, MN 3 - CT, IN, NY 2 - CO, KS, NE 1 - Australia, AR, DE, IMG, KY, MA, NV, NM, WV, WI
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    IMO MD won on the scoreboard but it is still debatable who the better team may be. Styles can make for interesting match ups and this was the classic puncher vs. boxer scenario. MD finessed the win with a great job of offensive play calling after figuring out in the third quarter that they were not going to overpower IMG and needed the passing game to set up the running game. Watching them up close IMG was noticeably bigger, faster, more powerful...their running backs ran through MD's defense seemingly at will. Sanders and Cain are on a totally different level even for the Trinity. That may have been different if MD's DC had prepared better and responded to all of IMG's "offensive tells" of which there were many... but he obviously didn't... making a tough job a hell of a lot tougher. Noting the above, this game ultimately got down to MD's better offensive coaching and which team was going to be disciplined enough to have fewer PF penalties that killed drives and kept this from being a high scoring affair. The game evolved to what great games should... the last three possessions which had the whole place sucked in. Many will question IMG's decision to kick the FG ( Steeler, Mr. Cain and I could not figure that one as they were setting up ) when IMG was rolling through the MD defense but that's the way it played out. Bottom line is that if IMG can put more diversity in their offensive schemes, deal with their OL giving away plays and get in better condition, they will be as formidable as a team can be at this point of the season. As far as MD goes... they showed with that last drive they have everything it takes to man up and elevate their game when their backs are against the wall. In many ways one could say MD grew up by the 4th quarter and became a much better team which will serve them well come playoff time. Last observation about the event... which is what this eventually turned out to be... going beyond a normal hs game. The stadium was packed to the gills along with a huge crowd in the end zone gardens that prompted the PA announcer to ask them to move into the stands but nobody did because there was no room left for them to move to. Props have to be given the IMG fans who traveled across the county in force to be there. Steeler and I had seats on the 50 about half way up the stands with several of the IMG players fathers sitting with us including Noah Cain's dad who compared the crowd intensity to that of the DFW area of which he was from. Talking with them though out the game also gave us more insight about the reality of IMG's program which could be the subject of another thread. I was initially indifferent to both programs due to the intense transfer thing but figured the game may be entertaining. Well it went beyond just entertaining. I found myself gravitating toward becoming a homer and I think Steeler did too as we spent a lot of time discussing what we thought MD should do to exploit the IMG weaknesses and get the edge. I maybe learned a thing or two last night that may have softened that position. Every once in a while you attend a game that turns out to be the whole package and this game ended up being just that. Recruited teams or not, this was still HS football where the result was not a given and everyone in the house was emotionally invested in it. No one left unsatisfied.
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    Hello Guys...... I posted several years ago covering Illinois football and decided to return for this season. I will post my observations and predictions for Illinois OOS games and post other random comments. See you soon !
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    Congratulations to my son! he received his bachelors in BioChemistry from the University of Texas im beyond proud and wanted to share this great news with you esteemed gentlemen (3rd from the right of the robed young men)
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    Ok. talk to you tomorrow.
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    More proof that OOS games teach life lessons and provide lasting memories.
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    CONCORD — Two summers ago, on the heels of a blowout loss to St. John Bosco in the previous season’s Open Division state championship game, De La Salle players couldn’t possibly forget the outcome. The number 56 — Bosco’s point total — was copied on sheets of paper and taped to thelocker and weight room walls. The program has found another way to motivate itself. These days, De La Salle players only need to look at the school’s new video scoreboard to recall what happened in last season’s Open state final, a more respectable but third consecutive defeat on the California Interscholastic Federation’s big stage. De La Salle is still the undisputed king of the region, having not lost to a California school north of the Fresno area since 1991. But for the past three years, the program that once won a national record 151 games in a row has fallen short of scaling the Southern California mountain, losing to Mater Dei-Santa Ana 52-21 in 2017 and 35-21 last season after being beaten by Bosco of Bellflower 56-33 in 2016. The new video board at De La Salle was installed this summer. The Mater Dei game from last December remains its feature presentation. “That game has been up every day since the scoreboard went up,” coach Justin Alumbaugh said. “We just need a subtle reminder. It’s a subtle reminder that we can’t be fumbling, turnovers, guys out of a position on defense a couple of times. “It’s just a subtle reminder that the little things matter. That’s why we talk to the kids about that. That’s why we have it up there. It’s not to berate them or anything like that. It’s to give them a reminder that the little things matter, simple things like touching the line when we’re conditioning, making sure you have your ankle braces out at practice. Just adding things up, they manifest themselves in a big game like that. We have a big game coming early, and we want to make sure our kids are focused on all those little things.” The first big game of 2019 is Friday in Concord, opening night on national television against Florida powerhouse St. Thomas Aquinas, ranked No. 1 in the nation by USA Today. Aquinas has sent its share of players to big-time colleges and the NFL, including the Bosa brothers, Joey and Nick. For more Bay Area high school sports coverage follow Bay Area Preps on Flipboard. “I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a game,” De La Salle quarterback Dorian Hale said. “I thought last year, Folsom, was a really big game. But now St. Thomas Aquinas coming in for an ESPN game, I can’t wait.” De La Salle ignited its 2018 season last August, beating high-powered Folsom 14-0 in a highly-anticipated opener. Led by two-way stars Henry To’oto’o and Isaiah Foskey, DLS marched through the regular season undefeated and captured a 27th consecutive North Coast Section championship before the Mater Dei defeat. To’oto’o (Tennessee) and Foskey (Notre Dame) have moved on, but the Spartans return several notables. They include a quartet who made the Bay Area Preps HQ Fab 40 preseason player list — running back/free safety Shamar Garrett, Hale, receiver Grant Daley and receiver/defensive back Lu Magia Hearns. Running back/defensive back James Coby also will be counted on, as will sophomore standout Zeke Berry. “There’s a lot of guys who played, especially on offense,” Alumbaugh said. “In our defensive backfield, we have a lot of guys who are returning. We don’t have some of the big names that we had on our defensive line. It’s going to be up to our offensive and defensive lines, to see how much they can fill the void of some of those guys who left. “Lu was on the team last year. He has to be better than he was. Dorian has to be better. Other guys have to be better than they were last year. This team has a good vibe to it. They like working together. And they like playing football. They want to compete, and they want to get out there. So far I am pleased with their progress.” Expectations remain as lofty as always, which is why De La Salle schedules heavyweights like Aquinas in order to get the Spartans ready for a state title run. De La Salle has reached a state final every season since the CIF added the championship contests in 2006. The Spartans are 7-6 in those games. “Our goal is always to win the state championship,” said Alumbaugh, who is entering his seventh season as head coach. “We know the type of team that we’re going to face if we get to the state championship. The Mater Dei’s, the St. John Bosco‘s, the Corona Centennial’s, those are the teams that have made it every year since (2012). “If we’re able to make a state championship game, a team like Aquinas is the type of team we’re going to be playing. We know that. We have a pretty unique experience in that regard.” Indeed, they do.
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    First off, thanks to @Wosinc @Belly Bob @Extremely Humble for the mentions. I don't believe I contribute or cover enough to qualify, but I really do appreciate the fact that you guys thought enough of me to say something. That means a lot. I love debating (and sometimes agreeing) sports with all of you, most specifically HS football. After all, the one thing that bonds all of us together is our passion and love for the HS game. That said, there are so many knowledgeable and passionate people on this board that it almost seems unfair to single any out. So if I don't mention you here, please don't take it as a slap in the face. Everybody brings something to the table. But for me, I'd first nominate @PrepGridiron for not only his post contributions -- which are usually pretty unbiased and fair -- but because he's the reason we're all here by providing this wonderful forum. While I believe some of the obvious trolls non-serious people get too much latitude here, PG does a great job managing the board (as do the other admins). Next, I'd nominate @Cal 14 who IMHO has as good a grasp on CA football as anybody on the board. There are many that are super knowledgeable of SoCal and many that are super knowledgeable of NorCal, but very few that see and have strong insight on the amount of teams Statewide as Cal does. The quality work he did on the NorCal weekly thread is worthy of poster of the year all by itself as far as I'm concerned. That covered 7 different sections from the CA/Oregon border down through Bakersfield. Cal14 is the man! Honorable mentions to: @Sammyswordsman for the discussion he provokes and humor he adds. I know I often break balls when I feel he's gone too far, doesn't know what he's talking about, or is biased towards SoCal/Trinity, but I still appreciate his sense of humor and what he brings to the community. @Pops Like Sammy, I've known him on various boards for a decade now. We've had many spirited debates over the years and while I know he gets a lot of grief from many on this and DJ's old board, especially Canes, he's always been among my favorite posters to read. Team GA. @HawgGoneIt @TheMaximumHornetSting @ECHS05 @BUFORDGAWOLVES @ATLien12x just to name a few. I don't dig and troll on GA football like many others do, but I've always appreciated the ferocity with which you guys defend your State against everyone else on the board. And you guys are heavy contributors in most threads. @Belly Bob @Wosinc @Blueliner @GloryDays @Ararar I like reading you guys and appreciate the logic and methods behind your opinions/arguments. @Consuela @The Comish @The Stache For all the humor. All my NorCal brethren. We have to stick together against the rest of these a-holes 😉😋
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    I guess The excuse thread for 2018 starts in early February.
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    Translation. All the checks haven’t cleared from the poor saps that are about to get taken for $25K. The Banks in the Caymans ain’t as fast as they used to be
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    Folsom gets plastered by “something something Trail”. 😂
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    Check out Corona Del Mar (Ca). They run a very similar offense to that of Mike Leach. Led by Elite 11 4star QB, Ethan Garbers, who threw for 4135yds & 55tds as a junior. He is committed to Washington. 4star WR Stanford commit, John Humphreys, who had 103 receptions 1783yds & 28tds. (In my opinion one of the most underrated players in the country. Kid is freakish. No one, and I mean no one, has been able to guard him 1 on 1. Was by far the most impressive player at Mission Viejo 7v7. Even the St John Bosco DB’s were outmatched) https://scorebooklive.com/california/top-performers-from-mission-viejo-passing-tournament/ 4star TE, Mark Redman (washington commit), who has 21 offers from the likes of Bama, Ohio St, LSU, Georgia, USC & Michigan. Receivers go: 6’6, 6’5, 6’5, 6’0 Garbers week 0 stats: 23/27 480yds and 8tds. Not bad. No, they aren’t a top 25 team. No they don’t play top competition. Yes, there OL/DL are undersized. But for a tiny public school in Orange County, they are damn good. They will have a chance to break a lot of OC/CA records this year. Best part is, they all grew up in the same neighborhood as each other and have been playing together since they were kids. Check them out, I have a lot of pride in my alma mater and couldn’t be more excited for this upcoming szn.
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    All I know is day one in 2014 I was bullied by @zulu1128
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    Teams: DLS, Pitt, Cardinal Newman, Downey, Monterey Trail, Siena, Serra-San Mateo, Central Catholic The order of who did the best in my opinion: DLS, Cardinal Newman, Serra, Pitt, Downey, Central Catholic, Siena, Monterey Trail Quick hits: CN looked pretty good on both sides of the ball as well. Lots of skill guys. One WR in particular that stood out. They've got a really good QB with a great throw. They always look like this. If CN could ever get line play like DLS, they could be at least a regionally solid team. Serra might be onto something this year (at least on offense). Strong QB with plenty of skill guys to catch the rock. They were in a pretty good shootout with DLS that DLS ultimately won. Pitt is Pitt. They look exactly the same every single year. Fast and athletic. QB will be a question mark for them as usual. They've got a kid that's about 6-3 but a little skinny. Looks raw, needs to work on his motion, but there's potential there I think. Coaching! Central Catholic, to me, just needs a QB. Physically, those kids looked bigger than everyone and as fast as any team. But their QBs underperformed all morning. What you say, Russ? The rest were as expected. DLS: 1st Offense: QB - Hale, Center - Puckett RB - Garrett, Coby, Berry TE - Reid WR - Daley, Hearns, McAdoo, Bianchina, Tre Dean Seastrand (TE) and Norfleet (RB) were there but did not play. Both looked to be without significant injury. Both look to have grown a lot.1 1st Defense: LBs - Puckett, Reid, Hackett DBs - Garrett (FS), Bianchina (Spartan), Hearns and Coby at the corners. (Daley and McAdoo, Ellis, Majekweski (sp), and Dean saw time with the firsts) So let's get on with it. Hale has grown (6-0 180-185) and looks tough. His body is muscular and possesses a strong arm. He threw a couple deep outs to Dean and Daley that were money. The coaches teased us a little with some sprint outs, and it's clear (to me) that this will be a strategy on offense. His ability to throw accurately on the run is going to be a serious problem for defenses because he's fast and can pull it down and run just as easy.The backup Odell, was quite impressive as well. Certainly a pleasant surprise to me. He's got a pretty strong arm and is very accurate. He'll be a solid backup if (God forbid) something were to happen to Hale. Expect Hale to have a really good season. Puckett is the center. He looks to be about 6-1 230 ish. Looks like a beast, though. WRs are going to be really good by DLS standards. Daley is a natural at that position. Runs great routes, has good speed, and catches anything near him. Hearns has a elite speed, but doesn't look like he grew that much unfortunately. But he's got good hands, and like Garrett has that breakaway ability to turn short passes into long gains. McAdoo and Dean certainly grew. Both look like they're easily over 6 feet. Both have good hands, especially Dean. He's also got good timing and jumping ability. he demonstrated that a couple of times. Excited about this group. They did well for the most part today. RBs will be a strength. We know that Coby and Garrett can run, but they've got GREAT hands. DLS will definitely be trying to get the ball to these kids in space. They were both lined up in the slot on many occasions. Garrett had a couple of really nice catch and runs for TDs. Hale, Coby, Garrett will be a formidable backfield in my opinion. Hopefully, Norfleet pans out because he'll give the backfield some serious size. He "looks" the part (like a man), but he didn't play so we'll see. DBs will be just fine. I don't think they'll drop off much from last year...if at all. I just don't like that three of the four will be going both ways. But like at receiver, they've got a plenty of depth. They had a good day. Had about 10 ints through all games. LBs....We'll obviously have to wait and see with this group. Puckett was surprisingly moved to MLB (at least for today). He gives them good size and toughness at that position if that's the case. I expected him to be a starting DE. He's a player that DLS has been high on so we'll see how he assimilates to that position. They were ok at best today, but it was a 7 on 7 so we'll have to next month at the Jamboree how they look. Not a lot after those 3 guys either. Nothing today eased my concerns at this position. 😞 DLS will hold their own against STA in my opinion. They will score points, I have no doubt. But I'm not sure how their defense is going to handle the sheer size and the number of athletes that STA will put out there on offense. I think the overall lack of size and experience for DLS on that side of the ball is going to be problem. Against the rest of their schedule they'll be good, but STA and the Open rep will, once again, be huge challenges. Thoughts? Questions?
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    Good luck brother!! I’m also a cancer survivor, been clear for six years. I had neck and throat cancer. Had to have my right tonsil removed to start. Then three round of chemo and 35 doses of radiation. Lost 42 lbs, my ability to taste, eat and swallow. I had to have a feeding tube installed and was on a liquid diet for two months. Hardest thing I’ve ever gone through but I made it. You’ll make it too!!
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    Are you on molly right now?
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    The 2 CHSAA (Catholic Schools) in Westchester County, NY play Saturday. Stepinac (White Plains, NY) vs Iona Prep (New Rochelle, NY). Being they are both in the same league and are only 10-15 mins apart obviously makes this a heated rivalry. Iona Prep with the home field advantage for this regular season rivalry game. If anyone is interested see below. If you can’t get the local live stream there will be extensive twitter updates and highlights after I’m sure. I am going to be there for at least the first half, hopefully the full game if life doesn’t get in the way. Should be a good one. Stepinac opened up with a win over Central Daulphin East, PA last weekend. Iona opened up with a win over Bishop Hendricken, RI. https://mobile.twitter.com/KDJmedia1/status/1039982972575854592
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    9/9/64 Which makes today 54th birthday
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    Here it is boys, my view of things as we kick the season off this weekend. 1. Bellflower (CA) St. John Bosco 2. Santa Ana (CA) Mater Dei 3. Bradenton (FL) IMG Academy 4. Washington (DC) St. Johns Academy 5. Allen (TX) 6. Baltimore (MD) St. Francis Academy 7. Loganville (GA) Grayson 8. Fort Lauderdale (FL) St. Thomas Aquinas 9. Chandler (AZ) 10. Las Vegas (NV) Bishop Gorman 11. Austin (TX) Lake Travis 12. Hoover (AL) 13. Concord (CA) De LaSalle 14. Oradell (NJ) Bergen Catholic 15. Folsom (CA) 16. Akron (OH) Archbishop Hoban 17. Marietta (GA) 18. Baton Rouge (LA) University Lab 19. Corona (CA) Centennial 20. Honolulu (HI) St. Louis 21. Pickerington (OH) Central 22. Norman Park (GA) Colquitt County 23. Louisville (KY) Trinity 24. Mission Viejo (CA) 25. Hyattsville (MD) DeMatha 26. Katy (TX) 27. Suwannee (GA) North Gwinnett 28. Miami (FL) Carol City 29. Orange (CA) Lutheran 30. Rome (GA) 31. Scottsdale (AZ) Saguaro 32. Indianapolis (IN) Warren Central 33. Miami (FL) Cental 34. Harbor City (CA) Narbonne 35. South Jordan (UT) Bingham 36. Houston (TX) North Shore 37. Lawrenceville (GA) Archer 38. Olney (MD) Our Lady of Good Counsel 39. Wayne (NJ) DePaul Catholic 40. Miami (FL) Northwestern 41. Plantation (FL) American Heritage 42. Montvale (NJ) St. Joseph Regional 43. Westlake Village (CA) Oaks Christian 44. Brentwood (TN) Academy 45. Fort Lauderdale (FL) Cardinal Gibbons 46. Irmo (SC) Dutch Fork 47. Owasso (OK) 48. Henderson (NV) Liberty 49. Trussville (AL) Hewitt-Trussville 50. Philadelphia (PA) St. Joseph Prep 51. Austin (TX) Westlake 52. Aledo (TX) 53. Buford (GA) 54. Duncanville (TX) 55. Jersey City (NJ) St. Peters Prep 56. Hollywood (FL) Chaminade-Madonna 57. Converse (TX) Judson 58. West Hills (CA) Chaminade 59. Cincinnati (OH) Colerain 60. Phenix City (AL) Central 61. Frankford (IL) Lincoln-Way East 62. North Little Rock (AR) 63. Rock Hill (SC) South Pointe 64. Gardena (CA) Serra 65. Pittsburg (CA) 66. Powder Springs (GA) McEachern 67. Lakewood (OH) St. Edward 68. Cleveland (OH) St. Ignatius 69. San Bernardino (CA) Cajon 70. Upland (CA) 71. Roswell (GA) Blessed Trinity 72. Murfreesboro (TN) Oakland 73. Orlando (FL) Dr. Phillips 74. Marietta (GA) Walton 75. Muskegon (MI) 76. Southlake (TX) Carroll 77. Mentor (OH) 78. Phoenix (AZ) Mountain Pointe 79. Charlotte (NC) Mallard Creek 80. Tulsa (OK) Union 81. Cypress (TX) Cy-Fair 82. Apopka (FL) Wekiva 83. Anderson (SC) T.L. Hanna 84. Philadelphia (PA) Imohtep Charter 85. Euless (TX) Trinity 86. Salt Lake City (UT) East 87. Cincinnati (OH) St. Xavier 88. Baton Rouge (LA) Catholic 89. Spring (TX) Klein Collings 90. Longview (TX) 91. Chicago (IL) Phillips 92. Honolulu (HI) Punahou 93. Dallas (TX) Bishop Dunne 94. Mansfield (TX) Legacy 95. Little Rock (AR) Pulaski Academy 96. Pinson (AL) Pinson Valley 97. Detroit (MI) M L King 98. Wilmette (IL) Loyola Academy 99. Starkville (MS) 100. New Orleans (LA) Edna Karr
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    74 years ago, these heroes helped changed the landscape of the world.
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    Prepgridiron4 jeopardy.ppt Test your Site knowledge!! If you have Powerpoint, you can play along. Just open the link and click on "Slide Show"
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    I awoke this a.m. at my usual time, only today, it wasn't to run off to work. Today, it was to help the wife load a 21 lb turkey into the oven. Through the years, the family has shrunken until there are so few of us left that a 12-15 lb bird will be more than enough, but we still go with the customary big bird, if nothing else we'll enjoy left overs for a couple of days. Thanksgiving has really changed for me through the years. When my grandparents were alive, they were the glue that held it seemed. Everyone from far and wide always made the trip to their house and spent the day, some days leading up to as well, in order to gather in a family reunion type atmosphere. There were always so many desserts and secret recipes on display for us all to sample and compliment. Stuffing ourselves to the max, then sitting around the table, seemingly unable to move for some period of time before finally getting up and making way to the great room, where the elders would often talk for a bit until talk eventually gave way to snoring, an apparent overdose of tryptophan putting them out. The family group always grew and retracted in small changes through the years, as divorces and deaths affected the core group that always joined at the grandparents home, but as long as the grandparents were alive, eventually the wayward children of the divorcees would always find their way home, sometimes bringing along their new additions to the family group, by way of new mates or even children, which always were welcomed and accepted as best as I could tell in my young age. Sometimes they even brought their own "new" special recipes for us all to slather praise over as we gorged ourselves on them testing them on our "country tested" palettes. New men introduced into the family group were of course always vetted heavily in early morning conversations about hunting, fishing and work, in apparent tests of their man card and their worthiness of our female family members which have found the resolve to introduce them into our family unit. These vettings were always jovial and welcoming so as not to put anyone off, but they were important none-the-less as the men all found ways to bond through these vetting processes. Eventually the vetting of the new men-folk would find it's way to the grandparent's table which at times grew too small putting the tweener kids off to dine on the chest freezer made into a make-shift table with a tablecloth. Here at the dinner, grandma's pride and joy, would find it's way into the vetting process for the new men. The notorious pepper patch by the back door produced it's offering to the meal. Usually introduced by one of the older men of the family that had went to the back "stoop" and gathered a few peppers from the grouping of plants that grandma had tempered with her special mix of plant food that had created the hottest peppers known to any of us at the time. The grown men would start easy on the new guys, asking grandma where the peppers were to which she would get the knowing smirk and quickly produce a saucer loaded with a small variety of peppers, hand picked to be perfect for this vetting, by one of the guys. So someone would bravely say. "Yes please" to a passing of the saucer and grab a spicy cayenne, quickly crunching a bite from it while spooning grandmas famous dressing into their mouth with it. Then, of course, the challenge had been set, and the saucer would find it's way around the table from male to male until the new guy was left to make a decision. Ahhh, great times! Often these men would try to avoid the sampling, to which one of the older male kids would proffer to eat a cayenne as well, and the men would then all laugh and belittle the new guy until he pretty much had to go for it or risk losing his man-card in the eyes of the family unit. Everyone would watch as he crunched a bite off of one of the cayenne peppers that my grandpa always used mainly to create his famous pepper sauce. Little would the guy know, that this was just the set up for the real "treat" of a hot pepper that was to come next, given that he survived the green cayenne test. Next these little bitty peppers would be uncovered from under the cayenne peppers on the saucer. I never knew the real name, but they were barely an inch long and grandma always called them rooster spurs. Some tough and brave man would reach out and snag one biting it in half and chewing it, working hard to hide his discomfort as the rest of us knew he was on fire and eventually, in the same manner as before, the saucer would make it's way around the table from man to man, as the women in the know all watch intently. Occasionally, one of the younger male kids from the makeshift table in the back would "man" up and try to earn their spot at the big table, coming in and asking for one of the peppers and bravely eating it. We would all watch as sweat beaded up on the foreheads of the men around the table and their faces would go flush as they tried to get down the hot little morsel. Once new guy finally tried it, we would all guffaw in laughter, and his place would be cemented so-to-speak. His welcome earned, the hard way. Believe me... it was definitely the hard way, as those little peppers had a special way of testing one's mettle. Of course through all of this, my proud grandmother would sit back and watch as the men folk cried in the most manly manner as they chewed on her infamous rooster spurs. Alas, and sadly, those days are gone. The grandparents are gone and the family unit has all spread out, I assume some becoming grandparents and hence the gathering place for their own grouping of families and I suppose setting up to be patriarchs of their own dinners and traditions. Commercialization has ended or changed many of the traditions as the sales start on Thanksgiving day now, and folks trek out to shop for deals that should be offered all year, leaving their families behind in order to save a few dollars on Christmas shopping early. Some folks have to work on this day in order to prepare for the influx of sales goers as they unknowingly destroy the traditions of Thanksgivings past. My small family unit now has the tradition of watching the football games and patiently awaiting the sales to begin, spending days and weeks in advance carefully planning which sales to attend, and how we should all divide up in order to best utilize our allotted time at each sale. I begrudgingly do this each year now, as I am in between. Not yet a grandparent myself, but patiently awaiting the day when I will be, and we can hopefully start again building the family unit and tradition of gathering at the grandparent's house, and testing our mettle against some hot peppers and bonding over the pain. As always, I do have much to be thankful for, and some of it is those experiences I shared just now. Here's to family and friends spread across the world, including you guys on here... Happy Thanksgiving guys. May your day be everything you want it to be. Be happy and safe.

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