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    We're still waiting for you to learn that lesson.
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    Dude I put the bitch on straight ignore. I really can't stand the motherfucker. I seriously would skull fuck the bitch.
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    I wonder how many people ACTUALLY have died from this super-cold? Every other cause of death seems to be going down since the virus hit. 🤔
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    Yeah man. That @I AM IRONMAN post was just, well, uncalled for.
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    OHHH Snap @Sammyswordsman is going to be stoked! Not only do they use Tiers but they also have Servite on their watchlist...
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    Why would mail-in ballots help or hurt one group over another?
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    You could also post pictures of an abortion clinic SAFE a CHURCH not safe. Fucking idiots
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    The virus known as Joe-Vid 19 was unleashed after Biden moved to the top of the democrat contenders. Once the New world Order caught wind they knew that Biden would get crushed by Trump in a debate. He can’t string two coherent sentences together. Now Biden won’t have to debate live against Trump. Don’t want voters to see the onslaught. Then they are now pushing for mail in voting so they can rig the election. This Bio Terror was released by the deep state to increase Biden’s chances of winning. Democrats are on record of wishing the country gets destroyed just to own Trump.
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    Do you have any links or evidence to support your claim of Democrats stealing more elections? Of course you don't because there isn't any and you just pulled those claims right out of your ass. And why would Democrats support ideas and issues that would help them lose? Why would a Republican? Do your own research instead of listening to people who are giving you wrong information. Oh, I forgot, you don't believe anybody or anything unless it comes from Trump right? In that case, research would be a waste of time for you.
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    And let's not forget Chicken Little cried that the sky was falling AFTER he, and the other floating turd that won't flush, and the medical commissioner ALL said to not worry about the virus. Just go about your lives. Go to your favorite restaurant, theater, and attend the Chinese New Year Parade and party....and don't forget to ride the subway to all of these events. Giving hope...Fucking unbelievable. I'm still laughing🤣
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    So going 1 out of 2 vs the team BG already beat by 2 scores in Cali? Great win no doubt, but they came back and beat you by multiple scores in the playoffs. Just saying beating BG was the big coming out party. BG just wasn't the same though.
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    Before I go any further, I think its important I do a bit to distinguish the difference between bodybuilders, strongmen, and powerlifters. The latter two train primarily for strength, while bodybuilders train to have the best and most proportionate physique possible. Anyway, Greg Kovacs was the heaviest bodybuilder who ever lived. I know I guy who once train with him during the bodybuilding off-season, said Greg weighed 440 with a visible six-pack, at a height of around 6'3". His contest weight I believe was 335 pounds on stage. He was a large eater too, eating in excess of 20,000 calories a day in his prime. While he didn't have great proportion, he was very strong for a bodybuilder. Some feats of strength he is known to have done - 675 x 5 incline bench for warm-up 140 pound dumbbell curls for sets of 10 685 pound barbell rows 500 pound shoulder press for 10 reps One hand lat pulldown 385 pounds Him in a picture below with 5'10" 260 pound Jay Cutler - who had 22 inch arms by the way
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    I’m sure the Guzzlin’ Guru is too busy munching on mom’s meatloaf to even know about it yet.
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    Too many juiced up guys end up like Dallas McCarver at an early age. The amount of synthetics and Test these guys use is more than the body can handle long term for some. Not to mention massive amounts of diuretics and burners like Clen and ephedra. A little Test and HGH isnt bad, but massive amounts will cause serious problems. Massive and healthy dont go hand in hand.
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    Its really hilarious. The party that is SOOOO diverse and seems to despise "old white men".....Is nominating an OLD WHITE MAN!!! Only in America. LOL Now, remind me again who ACTUALLY runs this country??? Based on the Dem nominee, it sure as shit isnt those mouthy Muslim bitches and Pelosi.
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    Guru's moms basement looks like the hotel room after sta got beat 24(31) - 7 by DBP
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    Top two in the first tier just like Sam had it! I don’t want to hear any tier slander all 2020. Tier 1 Trinity on top. \|/ @Sammyswordsman
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    Wow! Plus they lost their DC to USAA.
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    Dude did you see how CNN was fluffing Coumo's balls because he was "giving people hope". That he was being a "leader of the people". That he was rallying his State. This was all said because he said "we are seeing positive results using chloroquine". Trump stands up there and says we are seeing great results using a drug called chloroquine. The media loses their fucking minds. Coumo stands up there and says we are seeing positive results. The media says he is a leader. All the while blow drying his balls. No wonder only people like hawg and bgw trust the media.
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    Just get a good grip on that soul glow afro! 😂😂🍕🍕
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    Sure you would. You would be the first one up here screaming where is Trump? What is he hiding from? Like I said it doesn't matter what he does you're against it.
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    You’re eliminating the vast number of Pacific Islander kids that play out here.Although a small % population wise they take many spots on football teams.
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    Damn arms are 100 pounds each!!! Haha. BGW
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    Come on that’s gotta be photo shopped. His arms are 2X bigger than cutlers
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    He's probably boycotting MaxPreps now since they snubbed the gray beards. I think he's all in with a new butt buddy over at HSFA.
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    Oh wait, nevermind. Just noticed this was their HIGH SCHOOL article. Not their prep/JC one.
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    It’s hard to get too excited about this with the season potentially being in jeopardy. But I appreciate the link.
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    Not sure what that has to do with the fact that most local news covers the President, at least to some extent, pretty much every day...or your weird take that people who watch local news are somehow less informed about Drumpf. I mean, if you think that scouring every source you can find, looking actively looking for stuff to rage about qualifies as "informed," then I'm not exactly sure what to tell ya, brah. 🤷‍♂️ Carry on.
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    You are in no position to sacrifice the life of another. Thank God for that! I would not want anyone to sacrifice their life for me. I have and am quite capable of taking care of myself, thank you very much. You raising issues of people's difficulties strikes me as very hypocritical as you have never ever show empathy or compassion for anyone over the years you have posted. But I suppose I should be glad you have had an epiphany!
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    Doubt it...he would probably challenge the virus to a fight...or pushup contest!😂😂😂😂
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    I'm having enough trouble wrapping my head around the bullshit we do have up there than to try imagining someone else. I bet right now that he wouldn't tout an unproven drug or snatch the mic from his experts though. Big money on that.
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    He would probably be smart enough to let the experts do most of the talking.
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    So he's currently where Obama spent most of his presidency also - without the benefit of a national press slapping and pulling each other's hair every day to be the first in line to tongue his balls. Thanks, Hawg. Great info.
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    Name ONE lib or any media other than Fox who support Trump's take on Chloroquine. Ill wait
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    Haha. Your last question is purely rhetorical. They all know the answer. 7 pages of these guys bashing you and Trump. ….and you and Trump are continuing to be absolutely correct. 😎
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    Gaffigan's videos from his apartment during quarantine are pretty hilarious too.
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    @Belly Bob Thanks for these. Fun. One of the things we've been doing on our shelter in place weekends is opening a bottle of the good stuff we've been saving for special occasions and watching stand-up. Can't always say if it's the wine, the material, or both, but it's feels good to laugh, and then spend the rest of the week recycling the lines over and over by inserting them into every possible situation in which there is even a remote connection.... 😷😷😷
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    So I see that our resident leftists are still promoting their weaponized cold virus by touting the number of deaths! You guys still haven’t answered my question. How do you rate your virus’ overall effectiveness? Is it up to your standards? Keep rooting for the virus...assholes!
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    If trump would have said fuck chloroquine, we have protocols, I dont care what the Drs are saying. The media, the dems, would be all over him. Demanding to use it and you would be leading the charge. Easy to be in the media today. Whatever Trump says your against it.
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    You aren't answering nothing DId you see what Dr Brix said or not? I dont give a shit what the CDC has said, they have been wrong about everything.
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    Sure I don’t. I understand that last week they told us to brace ourselves for this week. This week was going to be like no other. Same shit they tell us every two weeks and it never happens. Hell week never happens. All their pretty charts and graphs are fucking wrong. Guys like canes swallow these charts like they are spoonful’s of cum. And don’t give me your bullshit well 17k people have died from the Wuhan. No they fucking haven’t. No one knows how many of that 17k actually died from the Wuhan. Dr. Brix told you this yesterday. A dude gets diagnosed with Wuhan, walks outside and gets crushed by a bus. Guess what? They declare cause of death The Wuhan. GTFOH
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    Name 3 people that have me on ignore lol coming from the Guy who’s the most hated poster on here haha
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    I get that viewpoint, I just don’t see it that way. Might as well play in the southern section if you’re going to schedule Cen10 SJB & MD. I do think MD should play Gorman annually & wish they would. BG was supposed to come to CA & play Servite but canceled.(Servite went to BG last year) Servite will be for real this year & not just another good looking easy W for BG. Take that how you will.
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    Moeller under Faust in the late 70s started it imo. Before them, only publics were winning hsfb MNCs. MD and DLS continued the trend along with Iggy, STA, DBP and BG. The rest is history.
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    2008 Lake Travis is not an all-time great team by any standard.

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