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    I wonder what is the NFHS position is on talking a kid into dropping out of his high school with one semester to go before graduation to play football for a school that doesn't exist.
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    It’s the only way they know how to compete. Lying and cheating used to work in the 90s. No longer in 2020. #KAG
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    Coach Samples sounds like a stand-up guy. Nothing to see here. This seems as minor as minor gets.
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    I ain’t mad at em. Just wanna watch the narrative change as the number of reclassified climbs. like a thermometer in Mayretta in August that bitch is climbing! 😂
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    Homeschoolers are people too! #loopholeadvantages
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    Please share with the class the last time a GA college has won a national title
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    Sounds like your personal ideology well-summarized. Kudos. 👍
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    It was freakin cold! Lost no bats in the process though. 10 yr olds team got out out in an elimination game of the 10U tournament but the 12 yr olds team won their tournament. They are stacked and it wasn’t even funny. It was a circus all day having 2 play on different fields... sometimes at the same time. My GF and I had to divide an conquer. We got there at 8:00 yesterday morning and left at 11:00 last night.I went home got a heating pad for my lower back and crashed
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    Higher approval rating at thus point then Barry. Dems spiraling the drain...cannibalizing each other....long time coming...Vegas and Colorado trump ralliesepic. Bernie the sociialist billionaire with 3 homes Farmer Mike the human punching bag Sleepy Joe with a mouth full of marbles Its over folks....four more years....thank God!
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    Kid hits dingers, whose the Dad? Because he ain’t get that from you
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    That's balmy. We used wood because there was nothing else. Seriously, the weather never dictated what bats were being used when I coached. They used what they had. And we play in cold-ass weather. Good hitters can hit with whatever they use. The wealthiest kids don't always win.
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    Probably less than the percentage of Marietta's starters that were transfers. Lol
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    Most attacks on tolerance these days seem designed to destroy it.... A common tactic to make someone overuse a good tool, so they will discard it... Tolerance has never meant acceptance... now matter how hard it has been spun. just sayin'
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    DOJ just announced Barr has NO intention of resigning. Damn that sucks...back to the bunker you go. You will get him next time.
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    Some of the kids have no family unit as support.
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    Any time a kid improves his max lift he gets to ring the bell, so, everyone knows he improved.
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    Isn't that the guy who couldn't even get anyone to call into his failed radio talk show program? Even is Mother? then stormed out of the radio station having a complete hissy fit?
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    Or that cow pasture in Alabama, GSB has been selling lately.... BGW
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    I never thought being a Conservative in a blue state could be so much fun! Thank you, POTUS!
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    https://news.sky.com/story/ryanair-boss-michael-oleary-accused-of-racism-for-saying-terrorists-are-generally-muslim-men-11940064 Just like I said. They claim he didn't mean it. It came out wrong. He didn't mean to say it that way or whatever. You, well, you get a pass because nobody knows who you are hiding behind mjd whatever.
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    Mater Dei basketball beats Harvard-Westlake 65-46 to advance to the final to play Sierra Canyon. Devin Askew vs Bronny James
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    Just wait. By August that IMG shit is gonna be oooooooooooold news.
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    Just between me and you...and nobody else...his cert is still valid...but he's fighting its decertification thru his legal appeal process. As far as I know...there is no time table for any finalization. If a school were to offer him a position...it might speed up everything. I do not believe that has happened. Rufus>>
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    https://blog.justbats.com/can-i-use-my-bat-in-cold-weather According to this blog... Marucci BBCOR is the best cold weather bat. You're in luck today. 100 dollars off the price.
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    Exactly. I suppose it’s great here if you’re among the elite or part of the “vulnerable” population. But for reasonable, logical, rational, non-delusional middle-class shmucks like me, it just doesn’t make sense to be here anymore
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    Whoever the Grand Lizard tells him who to vote for. Blind ass bitch. He wont tell you a specific name, all he will say is he is voting for whoever wins the DemoRAtic ticket. Like all the other blind sheep. Come on Racist pick a name who are you voting for you prick?
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    Just remember that when you wish somebody to kill them self you rescind all rights on feeling morally superior to anyone that disagrees with you
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    Except for the part where he won the election lol.
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    Hot off the press! USA Academy have cheerleaders... leaked spy photo's
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    Alcovy might as well join region 1.
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    Right. You can't tolerate someone unless you think they're wrong in important ways.
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    Look man I can appreciate a strong woman... But one who can crush my head like a grape with minimal effort... That ain't it chief..
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    Newman is up walking and talking. He has been released from the hospital.
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    I'm sure that Barr was like, dude...you're fucking my shit up, man. I you want justice, STFU and let me do my job. Trump trusts him with his life. He'll tone it down. I mean, what other AG could come in here and do what Barr is doing? None! Barr is unflappable just like Trump. The media will spin it, but at the end of the day Trump and Barr are tight and are on the same page. And yes...Trump needs to keep tweeting and talking about EVERYTHING else.
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    one thing is for sure. Libs are unstable but you say anything bad about Saint Obama they go bat shit crazy.
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    Here is the race. Look at how much faster 10.33 is compared 10.84 which is fast too.
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    Charmin just like Tommy Knotts brought it to SC
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    would "cult" be more accurate??...😉
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    @DevilDog This early and this fast...
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    There's a big "discussion" in the Bernie Bros camp about the VP running mate. Us sensible ones are screaming Michelle !!!! But there are those shouting...Stacy. Bernie better listen to me..... Rufus>>
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    Well, since you asked....a podcast tomorrow morning with Jeff Fisher from High School Football America!!! Hope you’ll join us. @HSFBA
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    The one kid said he went from failing to straight A’s in a few weeks! the teachers there must be fucking incredible!
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    Kaepernick showing disdain for law enforcement makes him a piece of shit. Full stop. No explanation necessary. Trump does the same thing, from a bigger pulpit, and you immediately defend him and say that he's right. Your positions on this have nothing to do with fairness or any appeal to rationality. Trump is an avatar for aggrieved white conservatives like yourself and so you defend whatever he does. Kaepernick is a black liberal who you hate so it takes you less than 3 seconds to call him a piece of shit. Everybody else has already reached this conclusion.
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    You dated? Bahahaha, what’s your definition of dating....Roofies? No, this mindset won’t give Trump 4 more, the Dumbasses that represent the opposing party did. You really are stunted. Damn, just damn..... BGW

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