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    Could you imagine the Bosa brothers coming to collect a debt? They would have been the best enforcers 😂
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    Fair enough. I will give you my opinion. But before I do, I am going to add context for what I have to say. I was born and raised in the Caribbean island of Jamaica. I lived there till I was 27. I have lived in the USA since. Some of my ancestors hailed from West Africa. As best as I have been able to track that side of my ancestry down, from Ghana and the Ivory Coast. But in addition to having West African ancestry, I also have ancestors that were Sephardic Jews, who hailed from Spain and Italy before coming to Jamaica; South China; and, as best as I can tell, Scotland. So, in that sense, I am a minority's minority. Growing up in Jamaica, I spent half my childhood (when mom and dad were together, and four years with dad post breakup) between a bucolic, country town, Buff Bay and Rollington Town/Rockfort, two working class communities in Kingston. The second half of my childhood was spent with mom in East Central Kingston, and urban, Kingston ghetto. Back then, and probably today, about 93% of Jamaicans would, to the American eye, be seen as African Americans if they lived here. The remainder would be seen as unclassifiable, or as one of: white, Chinese or East Indian. Based on my ethnic diversity, I have been viewed in the USA, by some not all, to belong in the unclassified category. As such, I have been mistaken for being Hispanic, as well as middle eastern. The point I am trying to make is that I am and will always be a minority in any country in which I choose to live. I believe that gives me a unique, outsider's perspective when it comes to race and ethnic identification. During my time in Jamaica, I never experienced overt racism. Yes, people get given nick names based on how they look, and color certainly factored into such nick names, but they were never used in a disparaging way. Are they racists in Jamaica? Of course. There are racists in every country in the world in which different ethnic groups live. But it was never considered acceptable in the Jamaica I grew up in to act in a racist way towards others. So, it was actually when I came to the USA that I experienced overt racism for the first time. Generally, I handled it well, as I was not in fear for my physical well being. However, there was one instance in New Jersey involving the cops in which I was in grave fear for my life. I recounted this a few years ago when I first started posting, so I won't repeat the incident in this post. So, where am I going with all of this? Jamaican slaves were emancipated about 27 years before America's. However, unlike conditions in the USA, Jamaica was never widely settled by Europeans. Therefore, when slavery ended in Jamaica, it ended. There was no Jim Crow, no lynchings, none of that crap. Many former slaves "captured" plots of hillside land and became self sufficient. Therein lies the reason, in my opinion, why Jamaican's attitudes toward race are healthier than prevailing attitudes here. Free people, or at least people with the perception that they are free, relate to others that look differently in a more healthy way. America is at a cross roads in my opinion. It can accept the fact that it is a pluralistic, multi-racial society or it can fracture into different countries. The choice is with its people. I don't pretend to know what would be better and it is probably not reasonable for me to proffer suggestions since I will forever be a "foreigner." With that said, how do I view the demands of the students cited in the article? I view them as unreasonable and unrealistic for the most part. I have no issue with having organizations in a campus setting that largely revolve around race, country of origin or ethnicity. However, to demand a safe space on the campus of Rice which is largely white makes no sense in today's context. If you are not comfortable at a school like Rice, there are other good options available. If the African American community at Rice feels it is being discriminated against or threatened, it certainly has the right to petition University administration and demonstrate if redress is not forthcoming. But I don't think the school owes any community separate buildings, etc. My answer has been long winded because that is who I am. I have never opened a Twitter account as I could never express myself effectively in that medium. Whether you agree with my position or not, I trust I have made it clear where I am coming from.
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    😄 I don't think doing coke and lying about high school football games is akin to making dreams come true big boy.
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    Definitely an interesting read. Most of us have been following, if only loosely, those kids' careers. Families with "old money" had to get it from somewhere. A good many of us may be surprised at how a lot of folks got their wealth. One thing, you can't buy talent and intangibles like the Bosa Brothers had, so, this story is pretty irrelevant to their careers in football outside of being able to afford private school educations or whatever. Still interesting though.
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    They played high school football. And everyone on this board knows who they are. So fans of hs football as this side of the board is should be interested
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    Hoover is very much relevant. That’s why those teams schedule them. Nobody cares if it impresses elitist HSFB snobs
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    Post WWW II dummy, some education you got yourself in Montvale. Mother of God. bgw
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    Shut up, go practice your instrument. Hahaha. bgw
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    I like Block on this forum, he provides comic relief and is harmless unlike some of the racist homophobic tools that post here. I say we nominate Block as the official forum idiot so he can have an official title, heck I’ll even donate for a badge and a safety helmet for the little guy, who seconds my motion? Commish, is this possible?
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    Please Mr. Something, Something Trail, No More Veer!!!... We can’t take it anymore!!!... God Bless Something, Something Trail, this never gets old!!....🤣🤣
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    In the meantime, similar to your analysis of the perfomances in the Eilte 11 QB thread, I'll be interested to see what you think of the various Percussion units as they compete in the Heart of Georgia Marching Band Invitational this year. Your posts on the QBs weren't bad, so I'm excited for what you can share regarding your other interest, and particularly how the tempo of the bands are kept on the big stage of such a competition.
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    @Wosinc @AztecPadre @imaGoodBoyNow @BUFORDGAWOLVES Tell me I'm wrong!
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    @ngdawg you’re not 16. Everyone here is aware of that, not our first rodeo. Sixteen year olds don’t write paragraphs routinely on obscure high school football forums But I’ll be honest that’s not even what gets me. Believing Blessed Trinity is top three in Georgia is still the weirdest thing about you so far
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    I don’t need or want any personal information. My impression is that you are too well spoken (typed😎), have too many facts about things that happened before you were supposedly born (much less when you were like 4 or 5 years old), don’t make enough grammatical errors, and can put together too coherent a post to be 16. This doesn’t mean that what you say is correct or incorrect, just that it is well packaged. I’ve dealt with a lot of 16-year-olds and you just don’t fit the mold. And you still well may be block. We never did nail down just where he lived. Plus you said you were 5’6” - that’s a dead giveaway for block. On the other hand you may just be the most grounded, put-together 16-year-old in history, in which case take the above as a compliment. But somehow I doubt it.
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    Club Cossack here I come!! Why wouldn’t I want strangers in my pool for $60 bucks!
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    Forgot about that generous life building skills offer I gave him. Actually have a painter coming over today to give a bid. My go to now on will be, “you gotta be kidding, you can do much better and lower than that, I got a kid in Georgia chomping at the bit to come out here and paint this fucker for free”
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    I remember when he was drafted by the 49ers and some wondered if his family connections would be a turn off and cause issues for the fan base? Dude was living in backfields and disrupting offenses right away and never heard any more concerns about his family’s past after week 1 😂.
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    Hell no. Not unless opponents start having family members found chopped up and put into suit cases then dumped on the shorelines of Lake Michigan.
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    Looks like they don't teach math at Colquitt either, 18-13=5. Just kidding, though. And yes, what we lack in education, we make up for in...well I don't know to be honest.
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    You're a smart ass you can guess...
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    Is 78 the number of lbs gained since college? Mix in a salad. Which reminds me, I should too.
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    Welp, keep checking things off this list, and that one is taken care of now too. Thanks for the reminder. Which gets me to thinkin', anyone else feel smarter just being in an Ivy League thread?
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    Been gettin' shit done in the yard this morning, but it is on my list of things to do today...
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    Well, did I mention that 2017 was a relatively weak year for marching bands in Colorado? Are you implying that they'd be "Norcrossed" if they went against an Indiana foe?
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    If the virus is still spreading come football season, it would seem highly irresponsible to place hs football ahead of community health concerns.
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    I see that Block has his bowl of Fruitloops, juice box, lawn chair set up in front of his IPhone 3 in his mommas basement and is raring to go this morning. So Block have you found the right disinfectant to clean the smell of Something Something Trails ass off your face?
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    This forum is like the African plains, if you show signs of weakness the lions will pounce. Your parents may have taught you there version of maturity but the rest of the world doesn’t really care. These are just words without a face so don’t take them seriously, you should only worry about what the people you love and respect think of you, the rest of them can just fuck off.
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    #nightnight 🌙 Just because nobody has talked about Colquitt in this Folsom thread. Daijun poppin' NG like Orville Redenbacher.
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    Bro go into your parents medicine cabinet and take a Xanax your taking this way to serious
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    Ahh shit, that’s funny!!! But hey, it started out like this. bgw IMG_1395.MP4
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    I see they remembered to exclude the long snappers
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    Do a little research other than Fox News. The BLM sign was painted in Martinez CA, (about 8 miles from DLS high school) with a permit from the city so those right wing nutballs tried to paint over it illegally to make a racist point.
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    A random parking lot at zero dark thirty involving an exchange of copper wire for cash?
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    You clearly did not read the ACTUAL op-ed...yet you link this headline from Russia Today. The op-ed states Biden shouldn't debate because Trump is just going to lie the whole damn time. The writer says Biden should only debate if Trump agrees to live fact-checking that will be reviewed and read-off at the end of the debate, to catch any lies. It also says Biden shouldn't agree to debate unless Trump releases his 2016 tax returns. The ACTUAL title of the op-ed is "Biden Should Not Debate Trump Unless..." It's baffling how you rage on and on and on about how little you trust the American news media (which you seemingly always confuse for the Editorial section) yet see no irony in your linking an article from this Russian rag that totally distorts the actual view from The Times' editorial by Thomas Friedman. It's almost as if you HAVE to be a parody, a really good one.
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    You're just stupid. So you repeat tired lines like this. In fact, we put a government in place to govern the population as such. What other purpose would it have? Idiots like you are the type of people who are throwing tantrums in Costco's all across the country right now. That's a private business. This has nothing to do with government tyranny and everything to do with disagreeable and uneducated retards like you who wouldn't know whether to shit or wind his watch without someone telling him to.
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    Step on my toes... And I'll break ya nose...
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    I wanna see your coach rip off his shirt and lead the cheerleaders. Whooo hoooo, while getting skull dented. bgw
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    Consider the source.
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    Is that USA Academy field in the background. #itshappening
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    Come across meth addicts often do you? 😝 That's exactly as phrased ... ...by you 👍 ...or didn't you recognized your OWN syntax? 🤣 You asked about election interference.... Well all three...... ruskies, china, universities..... .... all played propaganda games, on youtube and facebook etc. Why so focused on just one? According to the Mule report ...there was no collusion... While that question was already answered, the real question is if all this 'election interference' is going on, how come the current intelligence agencies allowed it to occur? ..and if there were no collusion, you would be in a fairly ridiculous position.... to try and blame T for it.... Of course.... of course we interfere in their elections (and everyone else's) with propaganda as well.... go figure...
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    They should be. From all the Pac 12 football I watched last year Jayden Daniels impressed me the most at QB. I see MANY of the major recruits all across the country putting ASU in their final 5 now. That was unheard of before Herm got there. The tide is shifting.
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    Bill's in some trouble going by the way it looks. At best he's the dog of dogs that Hillary likely should have left years ago no matter if she still loves him or not. But Trump was on the Lolita Express too and I'm sure you'll just bluster away at how it means nothing. Can't have it both ways, Pizzaboy. Trumpster on the Lolita Express with Epstein and Maxwell
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    Ok fine. Don't believe me. It's actually better for my privacy that you think I'm not 16. And yes, 16 year olds do post on obscure forums when they love football as much as I do. And that year, Blessed Trinity deserved to be in the top 3.
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