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  1. This topic has drifted some. The USAA topic is important. It should be discussed. Information should presented and should be allowed to be challenged. I encourage another topic to be created, but let's focus on facts related to the program and the development of the school. I believe, the facts will ultimately show the character of those involved.
  2. Thank you, Dustin, we are on your time. Please let us know when you have to run. I read somewhere you praising Coach Propst for all his assistance, would be great to find out how much impact he's had in the work you've been doing.
  3. This is great. I've read a few pieces in the news and I don't think it is getting enough coverage, but it does sound like you are going to put together quality academics. Last question and if you have some time (I know you are busy fielding a number of press requests) I'd like to open up the question up to the members: So much work needs to get done before August 2020. Are you confident in your ability to meet such quick deadlines Thanks, Dustin and good luck with the project. Its a brave step and you are commended for getting into the arena.
  4. Question 4: Can you educate us on the academic side of USA?
  5. Question 3: Will USA be recognized by the AHSAA, or will you operate as a true independent?
  6. Its tough to find good programs, there is arguably only so many across the country. Question 2: I’m assuming there are many private investors involved in USA. Can you divulge some of your corporate partners, sponsors, etc. at this time?IMG started as a tennis academy, then added other sports as time went on. Will USA be a football-only academy, or do you have plans to add other sports down the road? What’s your short-term enrollment goal?
  7. Dustin, great to have you; I now you have been good busy. Following up on the question above: congrats on your new endeavor. Please enlighten us how this idea became a reality.
  8. Thanks for joining everyone. Again we'd like to thank Dustin for joining as he's had quiet the schedule since the big announcement yesterday. We are hoping that Dustin has joined. First question: Dustin, congrats on your new endeavor. Please enlighten us how this idea became a reality.
  9. Hi Everyone, USA Academy Founder and Chairman Dustin DeVaughn will be joining us for a Q&A today at 9AM PT As always, we'd like to welcome Dustin DeVaughn to Prepgridiron.com. Dustin DeVaughn is the Chairman and Founder of Ultimate Student Athlete (USA) Academy. USA Academy is a new school expected to be located in Coosada, Alabama. Mr. DeVaughn started USA Academy as a way to create a school designed to offer better opportunity for athletes and academics. With sponsors on board, USA Academy is expected to build a 19,000 square foot football facility and has recently announ
  10. Coach, again, we really appreciate you taking the time during this holiday season to share some insight with us. The members may want to ask a few questions, so if you have a few minutes to spare, we'd be indebted. That said, we are on your time and we know its Christmas Eve if you have to run. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you, your family and the Braves.
  11. Coach, that was last question, but I know there is a topic that many of our members want to know about. So if you will indulge me, I'd like to ask one other question: What do you think about the current transfer situation/phenomenon that exists in SoCal? It seems that it has really exploded in the last couple of years and has changed the landscape of both Southern California and National high school football.
  12. Not sure if you are aware of this coach, but you are winning a state title every 3 years. Which leads me to the question: How does this state championship compare to your previous runs?
  13. Wow! Didn't know this. If Pierce is anything like the other QB's Steve has worked with, he should be something to see. Question 4: Last weekend’s Geico Bowl would’ve been perfect if SJB was involved. Do you know if the CIF will revisit permitting its teams to participate?
  14. That must make it really difficult; unable to find games from CA or from TX. Question 3: How do you expect to replace DJ? Who is in the running for QB next season?
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