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  1. @Sammyswordsman gets an A and moves to the head of the class.
  2. Trump has been a major impediment and his calling it a hoax absolutely added to the proliferation of the virus which of course means more suffer and deaths than would have been had he not said such irresponsible things. Sorry, just speaking truth.
  3. i would hope we all want to be on the winning side of this virus.
  4. Geez, I know someone else like this if that is how you need to be to get by, I have nothing negative to say, it's a strategy that works for some.
  5. I have no agenda. I am but a concerned citizen.
  6. it's above your pay grade to understand it appears
  7. ok, you got me, i can't be bothered do this, watch both men at there press conference today one is strategic, analytical, honest , caring experienced and determined always qualifying and quantifying the other is contradicting himself continually, speaking in generalities without thought or attachment to truths while always being political first with no experience the contrast is obvious. mind you, previous I had no use for Cuomo and never voted for him.
  8. Have you watched what is going on in NYC? With the city closed?? No flu ever caused anything like this in our lifetime. and, we are still in the early stages!
  9. If it is an internet rumor, Donny will be proliferating it during his presser.
  10. In one month, more Americans killed than Americans killed in 19 years of war in Afghanistan. If that is not sobering, I don't know what is.
  11. The most powerful economic wheel in the world, NYC, is closed to help achieve some of the successes we are having. Think about that. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo differant than Trump called it, a hoax.
  12. Yes!!!!!!!!!1 and so should you. Too much to type but yes, absolutely.
  13. Trust me, the sky is falling. Honest, I sort of get how you are not "getting" it. You don't see it in your neighborhood yet. Reminds me of 911. On 911 I saw the second plane hit and got my family out of town to our country home, just before all the roads got shut down. It was sort of surreal. When I left the city that morning people wrer running up the streets to get where they were going... when I got to the country people we casually coming home from work with no sense of urgency. It was but a TV event to them. I think the same may be happening now. BTW, I think if you ask again, who knows someone with the virus, every in the NYC metro knows someone. Most will know a few. I know I do.
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