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  1. noonereal

    Probst lawyering Up.

    LOL, if not fired, they are forced out. It's just how life is. Piss off your boss and you are toast.
  2. noonereal

    Millions of illegals to be deported next week

    Turns out it's only 2000. What Trump does well is make a mountain of a molehill. Obie did more on deportation and never got a headline.... but of course the media love Obie and is out to get TRump.
  3. noonereal

    Cancer sucks

    Wow, I thought I was all alone. I started treatment two weeks ago, I have 5 weeks of daily radiation coming up, starting the end of July. Best to all.
  4. noonereal

    Millions of illegals to be deported next week

    the musings of an idiot
  5. noonereal

    Millions of illegals to be deported next week

    We know. But with all respect, kid, you post as an idiot. peace
  6. noonereal

    Millions of illegals to be deported next week

    If true and not just another made up story by TRump, don't you think, once again, it was wildly inappropriate for TRump to speak of it in advance? This guy is a menace. Support his policies or not one simply cannot support the man.
  7. noonereal

    Former BC star arrested

    Paramus Catholic was "that school" back in the early 70's.
  8. noonereal

    Former BC star arrested

    amazing with all the different drugs in this day and age, only a real dope would seek out LSD.
  9. noonereal

    Former BC star arrested

    who the hell sells LSD in 2019?! well, apparently he does.
  10. noonereal

    What happened to these once powerhouses?

    BS What took down Bosco was "father hate football" and "the alumni that matter."
  11. This post surprised me from you as it is blatantly dishonest. The market under Trump experienced an artificial rush because Trump announced he was taking the cover off the cookie jar. Even since it has been flat. But what really get's me is in trying to ignore how the market was given to Obie. That he was able to recover the market to the extent he did was a credit to sound policy which is completely absent under Trump. You are not ever gonna give the black man credit and you are gonna never hold Trump accountable. It is what it is, enjoy the demise of America.
  12. noonereal

    My “lock it in” never too early National Top 10

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! Kid, you are a hoot. See the black eye thread. It was created for you.
  13. The market is stagnant no doubt Russ. It just cant get up to it's high of January 2018. Not at all like the continual rise we saw year after year with the last administration.
  14. noonereal

    Democrats now want to censure Trump ...

    something to consider: It's better to let people think you are an idiot than it is to open your mouth and prove it.