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  1. first thing i thought he learned a new phrase, how cutting edge (he thinks) he is
  2. If I predicted something like this 5 years ago you would think I needed to be committed. This is more surreal than the fools playing protest during a pandemic.
  3. 1) noone weights 200lbs and is 6ft 1in 2) I worked the hot fields during the summer from the time I was 5 till I was 21. Often crawling on hands and knees for 12 plus hours a day under the hot summer sun. 3) Confidence can be mistaken for narcissism if you disagree with someone. I was given the nickname "Mr Humble" so I doubt I am narcissistic. You are not very good at reading between the lines. 😋
  4. We won't even wear a mask. We deserve Trump. He really does represent us perfectly. This is like living The Twilight Zone.The irresponsibility and spoiled nature of the average human is shocking and I have always considered humans a failed species.I don't think anyone can argue with me any longer.Friends are flipping out that bars are not opened, that their favorite restaurant is only outdoor dinning.It's disgusting.And let's not forget the irresponsible "protester" or statue destroyer.What we are living is surreal and it's the failed human race that has done all this.
  5. i thought trump was good for big business.... 🙄
  6. can you imagine, we have to timeout the president of the united states? and deplorables still worship him
  7. i agree with you on this one, all guns in the usa must be banned this is totally unacceptable.
  8. It's obvious to all. Don;t you have family that can help you seek help?
  9. and you are an idiot! (said with affection 😘)
  10. LOL, the irony coming from the site idiot
  11. This is more about Trump than it is the police. All the pent-up anger.
  12. how does this thread figure into high school football?
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