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  1. another insightful, though provoking, riveting thread from you You have a way with words, sir all the best noone
  2. Good ole Joe, getting the job done. A man we can all be proud of.
  3. Harris is unelectable in 24, I hope the dEms realize this.
  4. in 24, if he runs, he may well get the gop nomination but he would lose in a much bigger landslide than he even did this time
  5. Why would anyone hate Good Ole' Joe? The man comes in with more integrity than any president in our life time with the possible exception of the first Bush. Good Ole' Joe won't steer you wrong @Nolebull813, you can chill.
  6. You need to lay off that Limbaugh. It's making your head mushy. Peace out
  7. You know bull, this post is not false, it's insane. Peace brother
  8. This sentence made me laugh. You figure the economy is doing pretty good now do ya? LOL
  9. This must be because NBA teams now think it wise to "rest" players and folks want to watch the stars sit on the bench.
  10. It would be the norther suburbs.
  11. Trust me I get it but never say never. You just can't tell what life will throw at you. Looks like my youngest has to move there for her husbands career. I can't see staying here with her so far away. The ONLY good part is it's so freakin' cheap! You can live like a king down there. I just wonder if I can survive the "culture shock." As you know, I am a true New Yorker. Broadway, the Met, MOMA, The Polo Bar... through and through. It's gonna be a tough decision. Of course, I could always become good buds with @concha. He would have to serve as your replacement
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