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  1. I don't buy it.... the closet TRump voter has been out for years now...
  2. There is none, honest. It is an attempt to stop disinformation... lies. People like you belive it and act on it. That is not healthy for the country. Not trying to sound harsh but I think you finally understand I do value honesty and there is no way to sugar coat it.
  3. Joe is a centrist... always has been. Just sayin. peace out
  4. Joe is a pretty good candidate, just ask Trump. He is the last Dem he wanted to run against.
  5. yes, big time wrestling type events are very popular with a certain segment of the population.
  6. it's certainly possible... what about GA and TX? looks a lot better for Joe right now, that is for sure
  7. I wonder just what the vote will show... My guess is that people are totally disguised with TRump and Joe will win easy. We shall see.
  8. certainly possible which battleground states you have on Trump's side of the count?
  9. your pace to lose Florida is just as stout Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are both a very heavy lift
  10. then you agree with me that @Blueliner post is incorrect good job!
  11. if this is true.... why is Trump and the GOP doing everything it can to suppress the vote? 😉
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