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  1. you need to get back on your meds 😘
  2. noonereal


    The flu originated in northern China in late 1917. It seems to me that a great tale could be woven of it's inception. I know I would find that more interesting than another account of all the suffering and death. That has all been well covered. Off subject, I have been pondering Kantian ethics the last few days. Such mental doodling reminds me of you, lol.
  3. if I ever lose my respect for morality and ethics, I know I have a political party waiting to applaud me.
  4. if I lost my moral and ethical compass I could be a Trumpet too!
  5. noonereal


    ok, i will what's it about? WW1 or the flu epidemic?
  6. I know what it's like to have your kid applauded by 20,000.... It's a rush too. 😉 I am happy for you and your kids had such a proud moment.
  7. Qualified and quantified perfectly! LOL
  8. This is how I see it, hence the conundrum I face. 😖
  9. what do you think? I am gonna throw a few dollars on the game but am not sure which way to go. I believe this is LSU's year. I support the ACC so I don't want to bet against Clemson. That would take some of the fun out of it. So, who would you bet and why? Qualify and quantify as well as possible if you can but gut feels are appreciated to. After all, we are the football intelligentsia of the country here at Prep Gridiron.
  10. lol i was a big supporter of them, last year and this year, but they were not gonna be MNC with the beasts out west
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