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  1. The only one of the 4 that made headlines prior to Trump making chumps of them was AOC. Anyway, it's really not important. Trump owns them.
  2. As usual, you are out of your fuckin' mind. Trump OWNS the media. Works them like a ventriloquist works a puppet. You can't not understand this.
  3. 4 rookies are meaningless. That they hurt the Dems is Trump's genius. IMO In any other time we would have never heard of them doing all the same stuff. Christ Bernie is the biggest radical but he is straight up establishment..
  4. No, no, no, no, no. The only reason we even know of the "squad" is because of Trump's political genius. He has made them the fact of the DEms. Trump has successfully made them house hold names. He has told the country what they stand for. He has TOTALLY defined them and used them,.
  5. I told you in the Email. it's a liberal conspiracy!
  6. Donkey is the best team in Tx. They beat a 500 team from Maryland. Very impressive.
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