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  1. It warms my heart to see some of my finest work still being so relevant 5 years later. Let's all drink to this fine thread! (and let's keep it going another 5 years!)
  2. Hey bull, tell it like it is, this place rocks when I stop in! 😘 Peace brother
  3. Wait... what is with you folks? We have not defined what "significant surge" is. We have not verified who said this if anyone. We have not taken the timeline of this statement into account. (if said) What does "about to" mean, specifically? We have not verified that the stated vaccinations rates are accurate. We have not considered serious cases vs just symptomatic cases vs atypical infections. We have not compared these numbers to teh rest of the nations. Should I go on? Folks, use your fuckin heads, it is not there for decoration. As to the OP, he is a mindless gerbille. He has no clue what he has posted. His dog pees on his leg every morning and laughs. His wife married him as a goof. His mom refuses to say he is hers. His boss keeps him around as the company piñata, he is good for moral. The guy finds his navel fascinating. His neighbors hate him because the homes on his black instantly dropped in value. The guy is a loser, the guy...
  4. What can't be? His post is void of context. It is likely not even accurate by any measurement. How can you comment in any way shape or form on it as is? You are far too intelligent. Me thinks you are simply posting from want not reason. 😉
  5. I always was and still am, the best. 😉
  6. I don't do that kind of look. It's just not me. If you are about homey, casual, comfortable girls, then it makes sense. I was always about the true head turners. I definaty approached dating as competitive. I had to have the one everyone wanted. I do not recommend the template I set for myself if you want a long term relationship. I was gonna say, be sure your jewelry, if you wear it, is all silver or all gold. I prefer silver, it's faster in style. Belt bucket too. But honest, with the Gates thing, I can't say. Mix and match might be the appeal, I just don't know.
  7. I speak from a universe that eludes you, one of reason and fact. all the best noone
  8. You should have just sent me a pm. Casual clothes, Paul Smith, it's 2021. On the suit, way important, get a good one. It's gonna cost you but it's silly to buy carp because carp looks like crap. Then, make sure it is fitted and fitted properly. By now you need a subscription to GQ. It's way cheap and you get a free cap with the subscription. On the cologne, be bold. Consider Jimmy Choo Intense. That all said, coupled with my prior advise, there is no substitute for confidance. Not even a pile of cash.
  9. Lose the Nike crap, puma is good for athleisure wear. I worked with Marc during his Perry Ellis days. I don 't favor his house.
  10. In fact, he did not. As with TRump, our broken democracy made their assent possible. You really need some intense tutelage. You are posting dumber than a box of rocks
  11. I saw this bullshit on a high end audio board, I flipped out. But what do you expect. Trump did not show up at the 911 ceremony even though Bush, Clinton, Obama and Biden were there. The man is human trash.
  12. Cuomo and Gavin have been the two best governors in the country but the right hates sucess and the libs think it prudent to eat their own.
  13. Bull, I love ya, I really do. But I swear, you don't cook minute rice for an hour. all the best noone
  14. Imagine if you were not an idiot. What a wonderful world it would be! Dude, your hero is a spoiled frat boy who got his ass kicked for being an arrogant prick. Next 911 we will cry and hope we don't get attacked again. Great fuckin logic from your boy.
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