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  1. This must be because NBA teams now think it wise to "rest" players and folks want to watch the stars sit on the bench.
  2. It would be the norther suburbs.
  3. Trust me I get it but never say never. You just can't tell what life will throw at you. Looks like my youngest has to move there for her husbands career. I can't see staying here with her so far away. The ONLY good part is it's so freakin' cheap! You can live like a king down there. I just wonder if I can survive the "culture shock." As you know, I am a true New Yorker. Broadway, the Met, MOMA, The Polo Bar... through and through. It's gonna be a tough decision. Of course, I could always become good buds with @concha. He would have to serve as your replacement
  4. Yeah, I saw that. I could not "like" it because I HATE Atlanta and I may very well move there. 😕
  5. May I suggest a mood stabilizer or therapy would be of great benefit to you.
  6. @imaGoodBoyNow Guess who? https://www.nydailynews.com/coronavirus/ny-covid-20201226-eg3fuoc5mzex5ofqvnalslvape-story.html and you are not allowed to utter the phrase that specifies who has perpetuated this alleged crime. If it were allowed, it would indicate this took place among the ___________. But, we can't speak truth without being called racist.
  7. I read this post of "alternate facts" and just think, deplorable. Trump has turned this country into a cesspool and this is the shit in the pool.
  8. This is just the start of the Trumpists revolt.
  9. This is teh one I can't stomach! Mother fucker is in line 10 minutes texting and talking then gets to the counter and starts to look around for what he may want. People, a failed species.
  10. Yeah, that sucks but the wait is the banks fault not a man because he has several transactions. Merry Christmas!
  11. No checks, no unemployment, no Covid business relief, government shutdown and TRump golfs in FL.Trumpism is sick folks, the man needs a slap across the face, a straight jacket and a prison cell.
  12. noonereal

    OSU Scam

    You are right, my bad.
  13. noonereal

    OSU Scam

    i doubt it ou is just not that good
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