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  1. Bosco wins it. You heard it here first.
  2. it's not just Russia, every country has we can never repair all the harm that has been done
  3. This is when it all came togeather.
  4. he is educable, you, not so much 😅
  5. The man is scum. You know it, I know it, the world knows it. You ignore it, I do not. It's all very simple.
  6. LOL, well there is. She sings in the choir I enjoyed last Monday eve.
  7. You are quivaling about less than 1%, lol
  8. They began clicking against Gonzaga.
  9. I only became anti gun after Parkland. It was the comments from the right afterwards that made me adapt my new anti gun stance. Before that I was very neutral, as I am on most issues.(I have 3 guns, lol) Geez, I even won the local Turkey Shoot at the police range in the 7th grade. 🏆 (East Paterson)
  10. Why do you cling to your roots so? I believe this the correct philosophical question for me to ask at this juncture.
  11. Not sure playing all of the Big 3 makes for a bad schedule.
  12. My comment was meant to highlight the juxtaposition of gun violence in America and Trump's position which essential closes it's eyes to it. I am not as superficial nor misguided as to suggest that the average Pleasantville fan is a Trump supporter. Not a red hat in that crowd would be the observation for the non visually impaired.
  13. mock /mäk/ Learn to pronounce verb tease or laugh at in a scornful or contemptuous manner. ---------------------------------------------------------- I suppose I do. Not in a malicious manner but rather in an object frustrated way. Church and it's ceremonies have their place. They build community (mini globalism, if you will) provide sanctuary, preserve art and history. They too offer great architecture and music. Lot's of positive.
  14. You hold your beliefs too close for reason and science to penetrate. Again, I wish you the best from this blistery, beautiful day.
  15. they do that kind of thing in church, that is why I quit going it's not healthy
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