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  1. So it wasn’t Lutcher (LA) beating West Harrison (MS)?
  2. or Friday, we'll also be streaming the 52nd meeting of my Owls vs. the rival Holy Cross Tigers, which also will draw a pretty big crowd neither of us has the championships of West Monroe and Catholic (Holy Cross last won it in 1963 and we never have), but Holy Cross hired Coach Nick Saltaformaggio last year who has taken two different schools to the Dome in the last decade with a championship, and our enrollment has now grown to 2,200, one of the biggest in the state, and we gave West Monroe all they wanted in the playoffs last year we beat Holy Cross in 2011 and 2017 so we might be due this year
  3. LCA's playing Acadiana... our LCA is as sketchy as any school you promote. they skeeze Louisiana out
  4. Don’t forget J.T. Curtis, the man who started this all in the early 70s
  5. What do fuck do you think Jake Paul fights are 😂
  6. Media should have been sent this a month ago
  7. I thought IMG was partially sanctioned by Florida… such that they were able to play Florida teams by Florida rules but they weren’t eligible for the playoffs
  8. Compulsory school age just means that kids of that age must be in school by law. Most high schools have kids (usually special education) that are older than the usual graduation age of 18, due to things like being held back, failing...
  9. now that would be a true cinderella run... i'm sure it's happened somewhere though, because 9 losing seasons in a row followed by a state championship qualifies or a state championship followed by 9 straight losing seasons
  10. This is Curtis’ schedule. They get a freebie in week 1, and if their OOS is any good, it may be a nightmare for them. I could see Jesuit, Holy Cross, and Shaw improving and Rummel, BM, and St Augustine staying at their levels. Someone has to lose those games and past success doesn’t guarantee future success W1 @ Central LafourcheW2 Oxford (MS) (Battle on the Border)W3 Christian Life Academy (VA)W4 @ St. Augustine*W5 Louisville Male (KY)W6 @ Archbishop Shaw*W7 Jesuit*W8 @ Holy Cross*W9 Archbishop Rummel*W10 Brother Martin* Honestly idk if I see J.T. passing McKissick. That last 25 or so wins he needs will be the toughest, and he’s getting up there in age
  11. i'd be more worried about Curtis... this might be another 5-5 type of year for them
  12. I mean, that’s every team we talk about on here 😂
  13. our LCA is called Lafayette Christian Academy, thank you and they might be the new version of Evangel
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