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  1. Sometimes those "poverty programs" can rise up and bite ya. Snicker, snicker.
  2. Here are signs that the protests are making a difference: State authorities in Australia are preparing to ease curbs, with Victoria announcing that crowds will soon be permitted at sporting and cultural events, while Sydney is set to emerge from lockdown on Monday. The nation’s two most populous states reported a total of more than 2,300 cases on Sunday. Malaysia will allow fully inoculated people to cross state borders from Oct. 11 after the country reached a milestone of vaccinating nine out of 10 adults. In the U.S., Southwest Airlines Co. pilots asked a court to temporarily block the company from carrying out federally mandated coronavirus vaccinations. finance.yahoo.com/news/australia-malaysia-ease-lockdown-curbs-095344989.html
  3. Huge protest in Italy yesterday, against covid mandates and "Green Passport."
  4. Final score Servite 48 Santa Margarita 21.
  5. Should be a good one. Will it be streamed?
  6. Centennial 69-14 win tonight. 👍
  7. Yeah, I got that one wrong. I took Edison (-2 1/2).
  8. Good question...don't know the answer. I imagine after taking a first quarter 21-0 lead, the Friars got a little complacent. Kind of looks like the Friars have taken the air out of them now. Three 3rd quarter TDs, and now a three and out for SM. 42-14.
  9. Not any more 35-14 Servite.
  10. I provided more evidence to back my take than you did little Nicky...I was right to call BS on your thread. Neither one of us can prove we're right, but at least the readers of this thread now have seen both sides of the story. I'm good with that.
  11. So, as everybody knows by now, this thread started with unsubstantiated claims of racist behavior in the Servite/O Lu game. I doubted him, and asked for a link. Little Nick couldn't provide one, and told me to do my own research. So I did, and found no link to any story in the local newspapers, no mention of the alleged incident on any of the local boards, and no mention in Servite's twitter, nor in O Lu's twitter. All breezy Nick could provide, was a vague apology for some unknown incident, which he proceeded to call racist. I called BS, and was going to leave it there, when, without looking for it, I found something to back up my take on this alleged incident. The green portion of my post has turned out to be the true story, and unlike Breezy Nick, I WILL provide a link. There is a weekly podcast run by Dan Albano of the Orange County Register, and Scott Barajas (who I believe is a Mater Dei Alum, but I'm not certain about that). Anyway while recapping the Servite/O Lu game, Barajas stated that the Orange Lutheran fans were upset about something...namely the half-back pass for Servite's final TD. Since the Friars were already up 49-12, the trick play didn't sit too well with the O Lu side. (Barajas managed to point out that it was not the first time he had seen Servite HC Thomas do something like that)...At least that should make Nicky happy. That's what this was all about. I'm sure they let the Friar fans know about it, and evidently got told to f-off. (That last sentence is just speculation on my part, but the issue was the late trick play when already up 49-12). The podcast discusses the game between the 32:00 mark and 45:00. Barajas's comments on the incident (which doesn't mention racist behavior) starts at the 38:15 mark. Here's the link: https://www.buzzsprout.com/34776/9320216
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