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  1. Yes it is, but we can't get rid of him because then we get Harris.
  2. The fact that you actually believe that: 1. those were pictures from Trump's toilet, 2. that Trump flushed documents down, and 3. that if he ever would do that, he wouldn't wait to make sure it all went completely down, leaving no floaters, makes me laugh at how gullible you really must be. Ridiculous! You really are a blithering idiot! 😂 @Bormio is probably right...The FBI got played.
  3. I guess you can't be all bad, Red Zone. Anybody who loves the Byrds has got to have some good in him.🙂 My favorites are "Wasn't Born to Follow," and "The Chimes of Freedom."
  4. You do realize that as president, Trump could declassify anything he wanted to declassify, right? So anything he wanted to to take with him, he would have already declassified, and then...no problem. There's got to be something else going on.
  5. Yes, we may be talking about the same thing. All I know about it was from this tweet by Eric Sondheimer:
  6. And yet the Diocese has been investigating those recent hazing allegations, and they have yet to come to any conclusion, even after 8 months. Just saying.
  7. Dem's ads supporting Maga candidates is backfiring on the Dems. Republican turnout in Arizona for statewide offices has been 128,000 to 156,000 higher than the Dems turnout. The guys you figured would be easiest to beat, are going to be the ones who will end up beating you.
  8. Here's a chuckle for you: https://media.gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/112/348/025/playable/d327c058c9ff4cb1.mp4
  9. Certainly not. That distinction goes to the Expert Witness Stan Kephart, who has testified in court more than 350 times as an expert witness on policing issues, as I mentioned in the opening post. “My conclusion … based on what I saw and observed in the video clips is that Ashli Babbitt was murdered,” said Kephart, a 42-year veteran of law enforcement and former director of security for the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics. He has testified on topics that include excessive force, police discipline, officer safety, and crowd control. “She was shot and killed under color of authority by an officer who violated not only the law but his oath and committed an arrestable offense.” Kephart said he saw nothing in the video evidence to indicate that Byrd should have felt his life was in danger or that he was at risk of serious harm from the 5-foot-2, 110-pound San Diego woman wrapped in a Trump flag. “In order for lethal force to be authorized, the officer has to be able to articulate that he or she was in fear of losing his life, was about to be killed, or grievously injured,” Kephart said in the documentary. “There is nothing I saw in that film that would indicate that was possible or probable from what unfolded.” https://www.theepochtimes.com/ashli-babbitt-was-murdered-under-the-color-of-authority-on-january-6-use-of-force-expert_4613702.html?utm_source=Goodevening&utm_campaign=gv-2022-07-25&utm_medium=email&est=ftApb01FiM190ki4kWdyd%2BcwdDAdvVXXVT1BWMTa9jp7Hnp60EspXq2fU60PJw%3D%3D
  10. Not sufficient to justify the use of deadly force.
  11. She had just started to try to climb through a window (that someone else had broken). Hadn't even gotten one whole leg in when she was executed. An unarmed tiny woman was murdered by the poor little frightened man with a gun and a star...hardly warranted use of deadly force. All the big bad cop had to do is push her back out of the window.
  12. Wrong again...I saw it over and over again with my own eyes.
  13. He wasn't charged, you blithering idiot, because it happened in Washington DC, which is about 95% Democrat. No Democrat can ever be convicted of anything there anymore, and either you already knew that, or, if not, then describing you as a "blithering idiot" is being kind to you.
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