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  1. naw.. I am afraid we would have to disconnect those bad boys and go with a nub job..
  2. Oh Hells yea! That girl would rock your world.. just don't piss her off and cum too fast she might Bionic Woman your dick off...
  3. YEAH, If her hands are bigger than your cock it's probably not going to be a fun time for either of you..😳
  4. Honestly never really paid attention to their feet.. but I don't recall any of them having really funky feet. I suppose if you stay away from the street walkin hoes then you don't run into that problem .. what would give me the willy's though is..... I guess I am an Anti-Manhandite
  5. Dude we all seen that shit 100 times on Kung Fu Theatre in the 80's..lol
  6. Here's the longer version for those that don't know the movie..lol
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