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    2019 IMG Schedule

    at first glance it looked like the tag said INCEST... lol

    2019 IMG Schedule

    Young and dumb and full of ^%~
  3. And really most kids have been to camp Don’t need all that to experience dorm life.

    2019 IMG Schedule

    No. Not even close to all the best. And they recruit out of state as well the whole state vs state thing is stupid. It’s like saying the GA Bulldogs represent GA football when more than half the players came from other states

    2019 IMG Schedule

    It’s pure numbers. If you stack them you will do better. Looks at the link I posed for NFL players and states There was a direct correlation to the more you have the more you get. Recently there are a few HIgh Schools stacking the deck and buying teams. Numbers it’s all it is no state has magic dirt or water that produces better athletes. It’s just numbers and volume.

    2019 IMG Schedule

    You guys are so stupid. The only way a team can represent a state is if all the best players from one state plays all the best players from another. Other than that. Its school vs school. MNC silly
  7. Who says they haven’t. ? Show me the high school tennis forum. My Mrs played HS Tennis and College And she doesn’t like taking teens from school and putting that kind of pressure on them. Some make it but most end up f’d up. We focus on the ones that make it which are a select few. What about the ones that don’t? Would they have been better off with a normal HS experience? Finding their own way ? There are horror stories of teen prodigies that don’t make it and are fucked up mentally more of them that made it Even some that made it are still fucked up. saying a little balance is a good thing Fame and fortune comes at a price. Is it worth it
  8. I cant imagine how NCAA and the NFL survived before IMG.

    2019 IMG Schedule

    No shit my dad traded in a 68 and 69 GTO for a 70 something MG. I shit you not he is still pissed lol. I remember riding cross country in the cubby hole d the MG. Rough times lol

    2019 IMG Schedule

    57? One of my faves. But I M a GTO guy

    I think this is wrong, what say you?

    Haha sports nut you funny. Me likely you

    2019 IMG Schedule

    Yeah I know she has a teacher meeting Saturday. We normally go down Sat and stay over. Hey I get a glimpse of the rides and some beach time

    2019 IMG Schedule

    Love hot rod show at OC. Wifey and I going down Sunday we go to air show every Father’s Day as well Nothing like laying on the beach watching the Thunderbirds do their thing
  14. It will be funny as hell if they get one and the kid doesn’t sign with them. That kinda brings up another point. How much pressure are the kids they recruit and pay tuition for under to sign with them if they make the league? Whole thing is shady. I would questions the kids amateur status based on NFHS and NCAA rules
  15. Through all the smoke screens the goal of IMG is NFL. They are a sports agency and they want to represent them. That’s what the returns are meant to be for the investors. To date it doesn’t seem to be happening at the rate they hoped but it only takes one 50 million contract at 15% commission to pay off at 7.5. Mil. Not sure what it cost to run the program but I know they have not had a pay out yet. The kids they have in the NFL are not making much beyond league minimum and the ones drafted this year have yet to make the team. They need a #1 pick to cash in. This year 32 schools not named IMG had one. Same for the 5 years prior. Lol.