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  1. cuz they hire this guy "Weed Man" for their burner parties.. be a nice side gig for you @imaGoodBoyNow prolly tap some of dat college ass.. or end up in prison ..eh fuck it... go for it..lol
  2. yeah.. wtf? what an asshole..probably like 25 or something. wow! you caught a football.🤡 haha.. kinda funny though.. he is a ghost.. no team, no hudl lol nothing.. It's gotta be a joke of some kind..lol
  3. Oh, did we learn a new word today? Oh by the way, you're using it wrongly.
  4. correct Georgia is apart from the NE
  5. Grayson University down to #15 🤣
  6. cute 😏 but this is more cuter and more funnier..
  7. lol #hyphensandorspacesmatter
  8. Speaking of the mighty penis.. Imagine the horror my Dad felt not only when I bought the new Dead Kennedys album "Frankenchrist" but then found this gem inside and hung it up in my room....let's just say it pushed his hippie ideals ( like allowing me the freedom to express myself in my music) to the limit..hahahaha He still talks about that one time when I hung a poster of cocks in my room..I guess he didn't get the satire or knows who H.R. Giger is
  9. I believe the plural for penis is penii or is it penises or maybe penes. I guess you will have to ask @Cossacks for clarification
  10. c'mon man you know damn well @Cossacks loves him some so does Miss Sara
  11. @imaGoodBoyNow your whorascope said.. "don't be a big pussy, bury your face in one instead"..
  12. my whorascope today says,, "all signs are pointing upward"... yay me...
  13. It's an old middle school playground joke here up North..lol Buford fell for it though..of course
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