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  1. So the undercard will be on Friday at 11pm EST and the main event Sat 9:30 EST.. lol good luck with that.. hell im out cold by 10pm .. Anyway saw that the Texas ships are on that weekend I would much rather watch that. Better football, better games and they mean something... GEICO is a bust! Not to mention the Las Vegas Bowl will be going on at the same time as the Main event in Vegas and Rams vs the 49ers as well on NFLN 😂
  2. shush Rufus... They're still trying to figure out a way to get a GA team to Vegas..lol
  3. yeah not bad... yeah if the Washington team won that would be funny.. Back in the day Bellevue, WA would have smoked the GA teams with that double wing they ran to perfection..
  4. FLA vs GA in GA and StL vs something something out west.. seems to be making sense now lol
  5. not sure why.. doubt any of the teams left would be willing to let their kids get embarrassed on National TV
  6. He said AT as in at Marietta or Lowndes field.. no travel no worry about leaving kids behind
  7. haha FBG... first line busted me up... been there done that.. oops did I say that out loud?
  8. SFA/Harlem Globetrotters vs Marietta/Washington Generals... 🤣
  9. They might as well just scratch the Friday night game and just go with STA vs StL. This whole GEICO thing is a bust anyway and a waste of time and money for an exhibition game..SMH and no Marietta would not give SFA a good game. That is preposterous and would just be a 2hr commercial for ESPN top 300 players on SFA. Marietta would just be a footnote in the broadcast.
  10. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/bryan-bresee-184218 #1 in the country... Bryan Bresee .. Maryland 3A State Champ Damascus
  11. Is that anything like when my son broke the cookie jar while trying to steal cookies?... " but Dad I didn't mean to it was an accident" lol
  12. @Nolebull813 Ask that public school team from Middletown Delaware last year who were the heavy favorites to win states. Their new HC thought it was a good idea to travel down to FLA and play IMG week 7. They were undefeated and rolling towards the championship. Went down there got banged up ,beat up, lost their starting RB and didn't come back the same. Swagger all gone. They lost their final game of season to a conference foe and then got bounced first round of the play-offs.. yeah don't think that coach will be doing that again , he is lucky he still has his job..lol to make matters worse they didn't even get to play at the IMG facilities they had to play at Manatee High.. doh!
  13. That wasn't my point dipshit.. most Maryland publics can't play OOS because their schedules are full every year with county games they have to play. Some do and have beat OOS state champs before not this year though but you National freaks wouldn't care because to you they are "irrelevant".. and you GSB the champion of the kids to refer to any of them as irrelevant is shocking.. shame on you Sir Do you think any of these kids give a damn about who you think is irrelevant? I think not
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