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  1. yeah KISS was like 5th -7th grade.. I'll still pop them on every once in awhile for old times sakes.. Only KISS Alive II though 😋 .. Pops hated them. One time I got in trouble and he blamed it on me listening to KISS and ripped all the posters off my wall and took my albums..đŸ¤Ŧ He gave them back later when he realized he was being a hypocrite lol
  2. Cod likes music from all genres and era's.... from ABBA to ZAPPA
  3. You a nose guy imagoodboy? We can do a dual thread of noses and feets for you and the Chimp.. lol
  4. My Son is quarantined on base in Quantico... can't leave his area.. He was supposed to come home for Easter before he headed out to Oklahoma... Can't now and we can't go to his graduation from TBS.... Mom is getting upset!!!!! đŸ¤Ŧ
  5. yes I am good thanks for asking... Thank God for Zoom 😊 To be honest I did slip last Sunday (not the one two days ago). 88 days down the drain. SMH. Luckily I got very sick and ended up pouring the rest out on Monday then proceeded to make some phone calls. One of those calls resulted in me finding out there were some folks still meeting ( every morning 7am) in a large room with permission from the Church and calls to the health department which said it was fine as long as everyone followed the social distancing rules. So I did that and it was a Godsend for me as you may well know we need our medicine... Well to make this short Saturday morning the cops raided us ( all 11 of us) took our names and threatened to ticket us with public endangerment or some shit like that. Apparently someone in the neighborhood was counting heads then called the cops when we got to 11.. So we were dispersed.. Hmmm now what do I do?.. Well the liquor store opens at 9 and it's legal for folks to go there ..lol anyhow I came home made some more calls and one of my brethren walked/talked me through getting set up with Zoom and meetings on there. At first it was weird but actually not so bad. It was also pretty funny watching what the other folks in the room were doing while others were talking.. Picking noses, yawning, crazy faces .. one lady was folding her laundry .. well the question of I wonder what kind of panties she wears was answered lol.. None the less that is what I am doing now Zoomin and it's all good.. Moral of the story is I should have picked up that damn phone before I took that drink so I won't make that mistake again at least not today....👃
  6. For me it would deprofit the drug trade and all the crime that goes along with that..Spend the money we spend on fighting the war on drugs on rehab and prevention to include medical research on a possible cure or at least a vaccine (for lack of a better word) to stop the mental process that happens when a person who is discovered to have the addictive DNA make up takes a drink or drug...
  7. The same percentage of folks will become addicts as now.. Addiction doesn't care if its legal or not.. Only way for addiction rates to slow down is for addicts to stop breeding.. think on that one.. Here is a sobering truth out of every 100 patients in Rehab less than 10 will stay sober. If you take only the opiate addicts that number drops to 5 and today they make up a good 70-75 % of the patients in the recovery centers.. It is not uncommon for an opiate addict particularly if young (18-25) to be in rehab a good 7 to 15 times before they either die, go to jail or maybe get and stay sober.. It's insane the way these kids live.. Rehab is just a part of their lives and their cycle...well until they don't make it back ☚ī¸
  8. then this hit.. I was a done lol
  9. taoje.. doooooood..were slippin.. I hated this shit when I was a kid.. Old Man's music lol.. I love it now
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