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  1. Come one come all to the freak show...
  2. Your hate only fuels his fire...
  3. no it wasnt... I have never seen so many pussies afraid to tackle in a football game in my life.. 7v7 bullshit.. but I touched him lol I guess you like NBA basketball as well 😂
  4. ball game.. as the D finally makes a play....dont know what sport these two were playing but was not football lol
  5. shit defense.. 7 on 7 lol UCLA 67 WSU 63 nonsense
  6. this is far worse than any Big 12 game...
  7. good grief instead of running it out WSU throws it and WR fumbles UCLA ball.. wtf
  8. as ridiculous as this game is Chip the dip goes for it on 4th down and passes on a 36 yd field goal with 2:35 left..wtf? WSU ball lol
  9. me thinks Big Drop over hyped this game
  10. lol Texas or the rest of HSFB world could care less about what you want or the BS rankings, HSFB is and always will be about state championships..Until the NFHS recognizes a National champ that is always what it will be. Your dumb blog sites aside.
  11. I heard youthbuild had a 28 year old welder at RB..graduated with his GED in 1999.. lol
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