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  1. pretty sure anyone can find a video of NG band and post it here.. just saying.. carry on Which one of these dorks is you?
  2. thats funny as hell..
  3. ohh so this is what the Skittles ads meant... I get it now..
  4. I think there is a big difference between a transfer student and a transient student.. The coaches I played for if you were not with the team during two a days and try outs then you can try out next year. There were no players let on the team after that. well there were no mid season transfers either.. This kid is not a transfer in my opinion he is a transient and personally I wouldn't let him on my team and I don't care how good he is. My team is made mid August... but that is just me.. besides what make this kid any more special than all the other kids who's teams either aren't playing foot
  5. Eagles I actually played against McDonogh my senior year at Joppatowne... All I remember is everyone was all enamored with the fact y'all had horses on campus. Was like going to one of the Vanderbilt Farms to play for us Po' Harford County Folks....lol I remember you guys were pretty big up front and got my bell rung pretty good by one of your pulling guards. Not cool when your hung over.. just saying We always played like shit on Saturday morning games. Damn party animals they pissed me off with that shit. We lost to John Carroll on a Sat morning in a game that would have sent us to the
  6. yeah well some kids play for the love of the game, for pride in their school and community. not every player is interested in being a "baller chasing offers". There are more things, many more things about participating in high school sports that are far more important than winning or being a "baller'... Like you said program reflects Coach and what they are about.. If Coach is a win at all cost coach then I guess it's what you have and what you teach the kids... sad if you ask me
  7. lol If he said something like that then he is as stupid as his parents are..USC may want to consider their options. Can't have dolts back there taking snaps..lmao
  8. That is all well and good unless it is your Son getting benched for the transient player.. Kind of sucks ass for a kid who has busted his tail for the program waiting for his shot to shine. This kind of bullshit has no place in High School football. High School football is not a business and loyalty should matter.. Save that shit for college and pro's JMHO.. And no my Son was never displaced by a transfer if anything it was the other way around but he was a Soph transferring in and graduated there but I still felt a little bad for the kids who's spot he took.. This Sr transfer shit is crossin
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