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  1. I don't want my post on this side. I don't like this side..I choose to self delete my content
  2. Sheeet you be tappin all dem asses like this dude be tappin kegs
  3. how come tik tok posts are so huge on here?.. can't even get the whole vid on screen and the image quality is bad....😕
  4. and don't forget Miss Jessica.. and dat ass
  5. I prefer the original,, Miss Phoebe..
  6. then there is that..😋
  7. I don't use my phone for internet much.. I am still on computer lol
  8. but look.. it's winking at ya...
  9. All the fly by night rogue shyster teams can all just play each other.. well if anyone has the money for it because there damn sure ain't gonna be any ESPN money for LCA reclassers vs the Scientologist.. lol
  10. ohh.. you wanna see pussy... enjoy
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