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  1. That sounds like rumors at a high school lunch table. A bunch of hearsay. Not that it could not be true but I would not roll with what is said in a high school group chat or whatever as fact. If it were than pretty much everyone is getting laid and little Suzy rotch crotch banged the whole band. 🤫
  2. Garcia's parents will end up going down in the dumbass sports parents hall of fame...if they haven't already
  3. Honestly bro, your the only person I have ever run across that cares about grip training..not that there is anything wrong with that..😏
  4. It's pretty funny though.. it really could be a full script for an episode spoofing law and order spoofing high school football nonsense lol Could be a good South Park episode..
  5. There are a lot of ways this can effect Garcia.. NCAA will have to investigate why he switched from USC to Miami as well as if his amateur status has been compromised for NCAA eligibility.. also Grayson could have used an ineligible player and have to vacate any wins they had with him playing depending on how GHSA wants to look at it..
  6. New verse.. He was gonna subscribe to youtube, but then he got high..
  7. Umm not having to abide by any state DOE or athletic associations rules.. duh
  8. Not signing up for that but I will give you an assist on @Cossacks 8 haha post. Without your participation on this thread there is no way it gets to 8. Probably not even 3.. if that does anything for ya..
  9. yeah they pretty much drug RP's life history through the mud..sheesh
  10. That whole thing is some crazy ass shit.. Moral of the story is they should have hired a black coach.. just saying
  11. wtf? That guy got some kind of drug or gambling addiction? Or maybe he is addicted to the poontang
  12. Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee, It gets hotter than a hoochie coochie
  13. pretty good, pretty pretty good.. 8 haha's .. I haven't had a 8 haha post in a while...
  14. You could only dream of having a truck that cool.. That's the good green. The green truck in my pic is a fuggly green
  15. hehe. I guess that could be one reason to buy a ugly green truck
  16. Top Shelf.... Very 80's Jaime Lee Curtis like...me likey
  17. Big weekend for JGR and Toyota.. Bell, didn't see that coming.. That unnecessary rain caution really fucked Elliot as it turned out.
  18. Yeah he could win it. He is definitely fast and set the course record in qualifying.. Rooting for Dillon or Newman but it will probably go to one of the studs Elliot, Harvick or Hamlin but I have feeling about Logano..
  19. @HawgGoneIt who ya got?.. Did you watch the youngins yesterday?.. Great race and I know you have to be real happy about Ty Gibbs.. 1 for 1 fucking kid..
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