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  1. sexy smoke show time...dis one gots feets for Chimpy.. The 2nd one..well try not to get it all over the screen or worse in the 1st ones coffee..
  2. What part would that be, my foolhardy fellow?
  3. You Hardy Boys are about to get embarrassed... Nancy Drew is laughing at you 🐒🐒 The term is "hearty in your approbation and be lavish in your praise".. morons Didn't you fools go to Catholic Schools? ⛪
  4. That's what Harbaugh gets for going around and offering 400+ verbals to combine stars and 15 kids on highly ranked hs teams..he got some paper stars just not great football players.. lol
  5. None of the OOS or out of area kids are in Baltimore right now.. They can't have the kids (45 or so) in their townhomes or whatever so the kids have been taking classes online from their regular homes. They aren't getting together as a team and the players are doing whatever ( 7v7 , working out, etc...) on their own.
  6. Rise and shine.... Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. Can definitely see @Cossacks enjoying this.. never one to turn down a good cock fight lol
  8. If you watched the show.. The one was too fat.. or so they said I think it was more than that,,grades probably.. Doesn't take much to be a 3 star ..couple D1 offers and they give you that. The heavy kid had verbal offers when he was younger and bigger than the other kids his age only he did not grow taller just wider...of course we know what early verbal offers are worth.. bupkis You always have to leary of those kids that develop real early like in middle school a lot of times they fall off when the others catch up.. I have seen many many youth league surefire NFL superstars not do much in H
  9. COLLEGE PROSPECTS LOST TO GRADUATION Chris Braswell 6'3" 220 Senior WDE http://calpreps.com/5stars.jpg Jordan Toles 6'1.5" 190 Senior S http://calpreps.com/5stars.jpg Luke Hill 5'11" 180 Senior CB http://calpreps.com/4halfstars.jpg Blake Corum 5'8" 195 Senior RB http://calpreps.com/4halfstars.jpg Dominic Bailey 6'3" 295 Senior DT http://calpreps.com/4stars.jpg Demon Clowney 6'4" 225 Senior WDE http://calpreps.com/4stars.jpg Osman Savage 6'2" 225 Senior OLB http://calpreps.com/3halfstars.jpg Micah Mazzccua 6'5" 335 Senior OG http://calpreps.com/3halfstars.jpg Michael Statham 6'6" 300 Senior OT
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