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  1. You clearly don’t understand desoto is a suburb And so are all the cities youre naming and you’re comparing it to actual lousiana cities. Compare monroe to a town like say temple or something where it might be a good comparison. Compare them to nola suburbs maybe
  2. Hed do bad in any borderline playoff and worse team. Not just in the bengals
  3. Damn so Bru mccoy Really thought hed be reunited with his qb Just for him to leave. Hell land in the b12 or b10 imo
  4. He was very good before the injuries. Imo team let him down that sb.
  5. Kid transferred last year , didnt play a snap due to injury
  6. Any reason why theyd deny any player regardless of star rating,offers etc
  7. From ignorant people. If the parents had moved to the area to work. Thats a tie to the area then him landing at md wouldve just been a result of them being a good school with great sports. Whats the big deal. Not like md or duncanville are giving out jobs to parents of stud athletes to move to the area
  8. so an out of state transfer who has no ties to anyone in the area moves into a powerhouse is considered recruiting? Thats like considering a texas kid transfering to say mater dei because his family moved to the area. Dont sound like recruiting more like a legitimate move with some aspirations to play at a top program , then the other kid is just a kid with bad parents and or selfish attitude,
  9. Big diff in poaching and a bratty kid with bad parents and a kid moving from out of at state wanting to play at a powerhouse program. Doesnt sound like recruiting just people wanting to play at a powerhouse like it is at most top programs around the country minus the imgs sfas etc
  10. 3 schools in two years? Kid will probably end up leaving. Kids like these are everywhere and dont do much ever after hs. Mostly on the parents
  11. Where have i or the rest of the normal non troll texans have said rules arent broken in texas you clown 🤡
  12. Thx for proving a point, in texas you get punished. Also that’s basketball
  13. Watched him play at the under armour all american game. He won mvp. That’s literally all 4-5 stars he was going against also he can be from any state doesnt matter hes gonna end up in juco
  14. So a hs kid ran a nfl level 40. Got it thx. Thats as elite as it gets in football numbers also nice of you to ignore the 3.91
  15. Lmao a 4.5 is elite for a hs kid even college rb. A 3.91 is elite agility for any level even the nfl. You clown and lol lazy? How
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