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  1. If the gophers go undefeated and win the big10 they deserve to go in as they would most likely have to beat ohio st in the title game that would be a quality win and if penn st keeps it close with ohio st it would be even better on paper. Idk bout an undefeated baylor as their best shot would be beating Oklahoma in a close one then beating them again in the title game which isnt a good look lol that would mean baylor beat a 3 loss team. I dont see the b12 going in , texas and Oklahoma shit the bed
  2. For some reason he was a great recruiter, idk why anyone would like to go to a place like arkansas in the first place then to play for the razorbacks lol. Stole lots of bluechippers from the state of texas lol
  3. I can only dream of Minnesota and baylor going undefeated, need some new names in the playoffs. That would be amazing for us who dont really have a team
  4. For some reason i see clemson losing a game lol maybe wake or the gamecocks
  5. King dorue from tascosa is tearing it up at purdue as a true frosh!
  6. Yes 19 is allowed in texas just aslong as you Turn 19 after the first Practice. If you turn 19 before the first official practice starts you cant play im sure in other states too so there is nothing sketchy about that.
  7. Minnesota has their first big test next week vs penn st. I hope theyre fr and not a fluke. Would like some new blood showing out
  8. Say baylor goes undefeated and so does Minnesota, where would yall place em? Say both win their conference. Highly unlikely but curious lol
  9. They wouldnt get too far even in the valley in 6a. Theyd go as far as valley teams go and i wouldnt guarantee theyd all win their district , valley districts suck but the top 2-3 teams per every district are decent atleast in 6a , 2-3rds and maybe once every 5 years a 4th rd app is what i can see those teams doing. In el paso 6a theyd dominate all but maybe 2 teamsbut then hit the 3rd rd wall vs the dfw teams maybe but then again who knows
  10. North shore did the same to them last year. They will still have a decent run. Idk if thats good or bad but i dont think theyll go as deep
  11. Seems about right. Frog is hyping up a shadow creek team that had close wins last year. They could’ve easily been knocked out before the finals last year
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