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  1. And you were right, Bama better come locked and loaded. After LSU win over #2 Georgia and jumping to #5, their sniffing out the #1 team and when you get a group of kids in college, high school, or the Peewee level that believe they can win, they are hard to stop. Bama will have their hands full, but Nick Saban carries a four-leaf clover in his wallet
  2. If we get there. If Georgia (Fromm) plays against Kentucky or Florida like they (he) did tonight they won't be in the SEC Championship game.
  3. You fly a Mexican flag on your avatar, so I make the connection your a Mexican, bingo I'm right, you say your half Italian so I talk about you drinking Coronas and eating spaghetti. I didn't call you a wet back or a wap And you made reference to my being from the South. So what! So suck it up buttercup. Button line is, FOOTBALL
  4. "Poking fun" is exactly what I said, that's all I've ever done. Be a "whiny baby" if that hurts then you are a whiny baby...I have read way worst from several on this site.
  5. And you sir are a liar...never did no such thing. I poke fun here. but I can also take it in fun... But I don't lie on folks and I don't like being lied about.
  6. It's called sarcasm, I don't really want to block anyone, just here to talk football and have some fun doing it.
  7. I only have nice things to say on here... ...Block Wosinc and that Mexican/Italian who drinks Corona with spaghetti
  8. Back above ground, power out but other than limbs on the ground I don't see any damages, but it's dark maybe daylight will reveal more. Got generator started and fan on Ms Mary so maybe she can get some rest before we wake up to 3 kids, 4 grandkids, pets and a son-in-law who came to get underground with Mom and me. The pic above may not be Michael but it's still a beautiful picture, and I agree who ever took it, sack swangs real low.
  9. when talking I sometimes use the phrase off of Seinfeld "yada yada yada" Back to football
  10. Just down the road from you, in Moultrie. I have a storm shelter my wife had me buy about twenty years ago. It was to give her peace of mind. However tonight it gives me peace of mind. Going under ground until morning.
  11. Well I sure don't want to get between Rab and Block if their in a boat race... ...I'll take $10 on ORabidOne.
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