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  1. Recycling?!? Pruitt was coaching HS TEs a decade ago. Now he’s old and recycled? cmon man.
  2. So those cheating fucks you support at dosta are screwed huh?
  3. Fact is orgeron has an undefeated national title season and har-BUM a and Michigan fans would trade it all for one
  4. So you preach stuff that you THINK and it’s gospel but errrbody else needs facts. Fact is Orgeron has a natty and har-BUM will never get one.
  5. He went 15 and had the best season ever. Nowhere to go but down. har-BUM in the other hand....... Good night Buddy. Go to bed with visions of har-BUMs sugar plums dancing on your tonsils.
  6. He’s been there a year and half less than har-BUM. Har-BUM shot his wad in 2015 and hasn’t gotten better. That’s called regressing Lil’ Andy. Michigan fans would sell their souls to do what orgeron has done. Hell, they sold them for har-BUM. We know Joey hat turns out.
  7. Yes. He had only beaten 5 top ten teams before then and had more higher finishes in less time at LSU. But Harbaugh!!! 😂
  8. Another uninformed (and wrong) post by Lil’ Andy. In 2016 he skullfucked Louisville and all world Lamar Jackson in the Citrus. Without his best player. In 2018 he skullfucked #8 miami In the opener and then bookended it by skullfucking UCF which had not lost for two years. In 2019 he beat #9 texas, #4 choklahoma and #3 clemson OOC and busted all the sec’s asses as well! No doubt about it, you are the dumbest fuck here!
  9. Har-BUM Michigan 49-22 (690) 0 division titles 0 conference titles 0 nattys 11-16 vs ranked opponents 1-10 vs top ten Coach O LSU 43-13 (767) 1 division title 1 conference title 1 natty 20-6 vs ranked opponents 10-6 vs top ten source was sports reference Orgeron coaches in a much tougher conference against much better opposition and has a much better record, overall, against ranked teams and top ten teams, not to mention titles. You’re a numbers guy, Andy. Tell us all again, you fucking
  10. And the queen is one chromosome from being king. Close ball spots is what losers bring up. How about you just win the fucking game?
  11. Harbaugh got lucky. Ain’t done shit since. Hasn’t had a better record since, has he? Tell me
  12. But he’s better at LSU than Harbaugh at Michigan and it won’t even fucking close. You very well may be the dumbest sumbitch I’ve ever encountered here! Congrats! Look at their records. Orgeron has had better percentage in a better conference and has actually won something.
  13. Let’s see. Their record was better. This is the same fucking argument you use for Harbaugh vs hoke. Which is it? Or is it different when you say it is to fit your jaded view? Fucking buffoon
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