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  1. Marietta has 4 year starter and Tennessee commit Harrison Bailey.
  2. 😂 You know nothing about Marietta? There’s no coaching controversy. No infighting. No parents, handlers or go betweens causing drama (alleged to have happened with grayson). Marietta may not win it all this year, but it won’t be because of a grayson style season.
  3. Marietta is excited to play them. I hope its 103• and 90% humidity at game time. Welcome them philly boys to the south with a little oppressive heat. Looking forward to a good game! Still will take the 16.5 if there are any takers? 😂
  4. Every red-blooded American man has done this or been in the car with a friend who has. My only puke in the car experiences were when the anesthesia messed with me after wisdoms were pulled and I got nauseous on the way to the ER with kidney stones. Wasn't for lack of effort though! 😂
  5. They were correct about you! You are a tween on Mommy’s computer in the basement. Carry on. Just keep the lesson. It’ll serve you well when you have your own money, home, job, etc.......
  6. Hit me back when your nuts drop and you put your money where your mouth is. I remember a lot of popping off by you, but when called out you dropped outta the thread. Typical loudmouth yankee.
  7. Funnier still another “man” would stalk my posts like the bitch you are. Yet here we are.
  8. It’d be awesome! It was his Great Grandpa’s call name when they stormed Normandy! He’d be honored. Does your life partner introduce as “hoover outlaw” while you’re sporting your faux leather chaps and coaches whistle?
  9. Boy.......is that your swing double? Body double? Or both?
  10. But still won’t aggressively go after it. Hits Driver a hair over 200 and 56• 85yds, but could get more distance if he listened or gave a rats ass. Despite what I do for work, he’d listen to a corpse tell him what to do before the Old Man. Now I know what my Dad must’ve felt like.......with my little brother! 😂 1059C97A-F3AD-4B66-B1A5-32B6461C8CCF.MOV
  11. Rather you get him than the gumps. LSU alums aren’t concerned with the pups. We gotta beat the gumps. Aranda showed he has fromms number.
  12. I can imagine there’s some folks to impress down yonder. You’ll be fine. Nothing some 1800 can’t get right. The Boy was a beast at the pool yesterday. Organized a football game with the many gorgeous ladies at the pool and became the life of the Hard Rock pool party. The DJ said he was buying drinks for the day for organizer of the game. When the DJ saw he was 12, I stepped in to claim said offer. After, the DJ let Baby Boy pick the 12 ladies for the limbo competition. They surrounded him and were hugging and sweet talking him. He loved it! mama didn’t. I’m in the doghouse
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