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  1. Did somebody ax, “who bitchwhipped lowends in their last title game”?
  2. I was told it was a mutual agreement (due to the Kell and an apparent “better” opportunity for CC) and Marietta will try to reschedule for 2023 down south. Who made the decision on your side? No clue. Was told our AD wanted the Kell if it were at home or in MBS. Hope it helps and we make it own there before Baby Sweets graduates. Wasn’t too bad a drive for us, though I would have thought we’d take 75 and the map had us take 85. I think it was more miles but less time.
  3. I think, but don’t quote me on this, we had a wink-wink deal with the CK for this season and Coach Morgan wanted the exposure. I would love to play in Colquitt and will certainly ask about it for future reference.
  4. @Ga96 is a parody of himself. Only a bitch would avoid if questions about their cheating ass program while constantly talking shit about everybody else.
  5. 😂 Bro. Quit being a fucking clown. No dam middle school athlete is getting a fucking house to go play ball at a high school. Grayson recruits, but you do as well. Stop. You never answered how much #elite229cheatingsbitches charge their recruits to be trained? How much is it?
  6. Good Lord. This ho can’t get cc out his mouth. I heard lowends has a few more kids coming this spring from florida. Shocked!
  7. https://theathletic.com/3083242/2022/01/21/jamarr-chase-vs-kristian-fulton-bengals-titans-a-new-chapter-for-good-friends-and-their-fiercely-proud-fathers/?source=user_shared_article Good read
  8. I have as much chance playing QB at LSU as Caleb this fall and my eligibility expired decades ago. Not sure what the hold up to uscw is, save he’s trying to drive his price up. Somebody here said they had a 6M NIL package for him so I am not sure wtf he is waiting on?!?
  9. Do any LV/West Coast guys know him? New LSU hire. Just curious what type of guy he is? Maybe his Dad can break off some NIL deals! 😂
  10. One of the best to ever play the position. Got to know him well through my Buddy Al Pupunu, who played with him for the Chargers. Great dude! CTE is real. I can’t imagine what he was going through, at that stage, but when you have guys like him and Duerson committing suicide and making sure their brains were intact to be studied it tell you he knew. Hate USC, but love Junior Seau!
  11. @Ga96 is the biggest fraud here. He lies. He cheats. He refuses to answer any questions about his dirty as program or his #elite229moneyhustle garbage. Hilarious he bitched about ranking services and money and when asked if #elite229becheatingtho was free he clammed the fuck up. Awesome!!!
  12. Good move. Should play immediately in an offense that chucks it around and matches his skill set. Their coach developed Herbert, who some here would say is the best young QB in the nfl. Best of luck to him.
  13. I don’t. I think the judge is pissed because he has found out how much bullshit has been “added”’to the suit. Not saying LSU is completely innocent. I’m not a Pollyanna like some folks. But he has already waded through so much garbage and has removed so much from the suit I can see it all going away.
  14. The dude that tried to hood ornament his old lady will get a slap in the wrist and probation/community service. The WR is going away
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