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  1. Never seen a “man” act like that. Then again.......
  2. I beg to differ. I addressed it to YOU and YOU CLAIM to be a football coach. YOU are the subject title. If @HawgGoneIt wants to go bitch route he can. It’s his board. But when the topic of the thread is a football “coach” or “trainer” or “recruiter” or whatever.......well....... I STILL beg to differ.
  3. The Princess and her crew got a house down their for the weekend. I may send you over to check on them. And I have zero idea how they pulled it off or any of that? All I know is she said they hosting a “house party” and not going to the game itself. She did say that nothing is in her name. I guess she does listen occasionally. She’s loving athens so far.......I hope not too much!
  4. My Wife’s watching the emmy’s red carpet and all these woke folk interviewing each other from kissing distance....... You better get on it. I know if it were the non woke folk you’d literally lose your shit!
  5. 😂 id agree with you on the Marietta game. After rewatching it, definitely missed a lot of calls. BUT.......the calls we’re missed both ways, so it be what it be.
  6. That falls on saban. He hired the coordinators. I honestly thought bama would win by 21+ but Florida fought back and schemes well on both sides of the ball. Both teams are breaking in new QBs and offenses, so we should see improvement from both.
  7. Well.......Mullen certainly outcoached Saban today. Didn’t win the game, but with gump talent they should’ve beaten florida soundly instead of sweating it out.
  8. Well, when you recruit QBs with more games in their HS career with less than 50 yards passing than over 200 yards passing.......you ain’t gonna win a lot. That's a crazy stat!
  9. No idea what “ketup” is? That some nj snookie sauce? Pass. Seasonings, like everything else you want to taste better, is what you use when you put food on a spit. I know y’all think “ketchup” and bbq sauce are seasoning, but that shit is for people who don’t know how to cook and kids under the age of eight.
  10. Marietta won a couple. Dave Boyd won one at Campbell
  11. Wrong!!! Wheeler never won a title until Lipscomb got there. First was in 1994 and he got there in 1992! Dude could coach but the fact that he always had the most talent certainly helped!
  12. And? There are countless men with egos who’ve accomplished much less.......that Dude has earned the right to retire whenever the fuck he chooses and if anybody thinks he is hanging on too long, they’re idiots who probably said the same thing last year. Or the SB ring before that. And I’m not a fan. But I respect dude. He’s a winner and keeps proving it over and over.
  13. Edgewater was runner upnin 8A I believe and Coach Duke and I text to this day. By the way, he said Marietta would’ve beaten the 2019 STA by “a lot”. 😂
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