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  1. Meh. Don’t know. I do know the lean to of a school slapped up the home grown boiz and sent those hillbilly fans back down 75 with an L. Can’t imagine how miserable that ride was, being that four months later it still consumes your every thought.
  2. And speaking of distorted jowls, tell me, how did it feel to get bent over by the Marietta staff with no Vaseline? I know you’re used to it, but it still had to hurt. Emotionally if nothing else.......
  3. The question I asked was YOU pop off about “home grown” and “local pride” then go to alabama to get a coach. I’d think somebody like yourself who spews constant bullshit about the greatness of your local community would lose their mind over the fact that apparently you don’t have anybody qualified to coach your local kids up. I guess going outside is good for you when it suits your narrative. That runner up way of thinking, I reckon.......
  4. So you call names and make stupid comments as opposed to answering the question?!? 😂 runner up is a great season! Tip o’ the cap!
  5. All that local pride Bullshit you spew is a joke! Who is leading your “believers and hard workers”? A fucking coach from out of state! So much for all that “Local identity” garbage! lemme guess.......that’s different! Amiright?
  6. The Princess and I love to duet this song! one of my all time favorites!
  7. The Princess and I love to duet this song! one of my all time favorites!
  8. Prayers up for my Brother Keith Fulton and his family (Son Kristian will be a 1st round pick in a few weeks out of LSU). He lost his Dad today to the Corona Virus in New Orleans. This shit is real and it’s scary. Y’all stay safe-
  10. Yes he was. Ridiculous talent. Lotsa demons. I’m not throwing stones! 😂 One of my proudest accomplishments as a Dad is passing along the love of great music to my kids. For the Princess turning 17 a few days ago and Baby Sweets being 13, their musical tastes and knowledge are second to none in probably any age group. If one of us misses a beat dancing somebody will call them “Billy” because they got a dance that ain’t got no steps.......
  11. 😂 Yes. You got me mtp! The cracker version of Richard Pryor, you are!
  12. Let the bad guy win every once in awhile.......
  13. Gotta suck to ALWAYS be the best team and continually get screwed by errrrbody. Or....... gotta suck to constantly make excuses for not only losses, but your teams players acting like punks.
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