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  1. 41-17 puppy chow ND annually most overrated team in America!
  2. Did you get on Carefree Hwy and bump a Gordo?
  3. Had a shitty night against a good team. I’ve been saying we look out of sync and this was proof. Hopefully this will serve as a wake up call. We will get to see what these kids have in their stomachs the rest of the way.
  4. Perhaps he took a few aleve before the interview?!
  5. That’s an interesting theory. It may be correct. It also could've have affected the kids because it undoubtedly affected fcrp and his moods, which could affect the kids in his constantly being around them. It’s certainly debatable. Look. I have zip against fcrp. I just like to fuck with the cc folks on the vent because they get so worked up about it. Same as kirby smart. The pups mean shit to me. I’m an LSU alum. But those good ol boys get hot quick if you talk about kirby and his failings. It’s a hoot. Rufus.......this stays here! 😂 safe travels my friend.
  6. I think the sole purpose for hiring fcrp was to win. I think parents move their kids for winning, but scholarships and getting noticed as well.......because they’re trying to get them scholarships. Did I mention scholarships? I, ME, think what cc did in hiring fcrp was a calculated risk that paid off for them, until it didn't. He got cc national attn and two titles. I’m that sense it was worth it. But make no mistake, my friend, cc hired fcrp because they wanted to win! No other reason to have this type of person around your kids every day, IMHO. I don't begrudge them for it.
  7. So then it’s spot on that the cc board and community have a massive character flaw in that y’all hired a piece of shit human being in search of a ring, correct? If a kid and his family have questionable character for ring hunting the whole cc shebang does for the exact same thing. We agree?
  8. I’m not shifting shit, playa. I just responded to the cc and fcrp thing, which became a part of this thread . Any team from sowega who’s had success has a lot of other people from down there crying foul. Why is that? Jealousy? Fact? I’d imagine both. Then y’all started talking about virtues and you questioned kids and their families for looking for better opportunities. You painted yourself into a corner when you question virtue and morality. That was dumb. Like telling a man, “Your place of employment sucks, but it’s a team and you don’t want to let your teammates down by looking for a better opportunity, do ya”? I would say this for people, not directly to you, who question families that make decisions for the betterment of their kids....... When you want to pay for my kids college tuition, pop off. If you’re not willing to, sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up! Who the fuck are you to question my decisions for my kids?! Just my opinion.
  9. I have never been to cc, So I am not going to shit on them nor their community. I will, however, point out that fcrp is an enormous piece of shit and that is the reason why he hasn’t been hired. All of his transgressions are stuff that he brought upon his own self! He is morally bankrupt and has show. He is no different now than he was when they hired him. NOW.......with all of that being said, dude is a brilliant football mind. I would be interested to see what he could do on the college level with recruiting, coaching kids up and getting kids and schools to buy in. Not the type of “recruiting” he is alleged to have done at Hoover and apparently cc, but the saban type of recruiting. There was a reason why saban was going to hire him. There were also reasons why he didn’t.
  10. Your former coach 100% lacked both of those, yet is looked upon as a diety. what am I missing?
  11. Tis what it is. Full disclosure. Iff’n the Princess or Baby Boy has a better opportunity for success at another school at ANYTHING, I’d certainly consider looking into it. Having help facilitate transfers for over three dozens kids into Marietta City’s schools, I’m proud to tell you none were for sports! More disclosure. One girl Aasta A, will play lacrosse with the Princess this year. That isn’t why she is in Marietta City Schools, rather the International Baccalaureate program.
  12. He didn’t notice we beat st joes and should’ve beaten them by 3 TDs until our WRs decided “fuck it! We aren’t catching the ball anymore”
  13. Anything to distract from the stench of who-ville losing. Pretend to be classy in Defeat.
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