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  1. I believe a lot of what’s said, I just don’t think you want to be a part of the story. Testifying under oath is overrated!
  2. Gospel, though I set the bar low!
  3. She is done after this season. She doesn’t want to play in college. I get it. It takes a lot of time. She was recruited as a Sophomore and some last year. She might get two Lacrosse email a week now, but that will change now that the season is here.
  4. Baljeet, you’re begging for a subpoena kid! Be smart. This is grown folk stuff and you don’t want or need this in your life.
  5. Yes! Ben is good people. I met him a few years back during a Letterman’s Walk. If I see him this year I’m telling him to hire me! You know he’s almost worth Rufus’ money running the family company. Ok. Maybe not Rufus money, but strong nine figures is pretty high fucking cotton for a kid like me from the ghetto of SLC. 😂
  6. 😂 Awesome! Love watching my kids compete. I know how much being on a team will help them later in life. Good luck with your girls.
  7. The Princess has played since 7th grade. She’d been the only goalie to ever start for Marietta Varsity Girls Lacrosse until last night. Some hotshot Freshman All American came in and Beaux told the coach “Thank God!” After a rough game last night her Coach told her she was gonna start in Goal tomorrow and she told the Coach she would, but she should give the Freshman another chance. Honestly I’m good with her not in Goal. Her Defense has been awful (too passive) and she had gotten the shit beaten out of her since 8th grade because of it. She played 11 games her Sophomore ye
  8. Honestly I’d let him try them on and see what feels the best. Some linemen like wider pads and some like more narrow pads. You could even try a place like Play it Again Sports if you want to save a few bucks. Sometimes they have brand new stuff that you can buy for a lot less than a Dick’s or large box chain. Good luck and let me know what he ends up getting size wise.
  9. Another constant in this saga is the benefactors/ass kissers will continue to absolve, lie and deny and tell themselves and anybody who will listen that errrrbody is wrong and they are right. Bunch of fucking self righteous, narcissistic pricks. Whatever happens, I sincerely hope the kids involved in this shatshow escapade turn out well! The shit concocted by people who’d sell their lowlife souls for HS football titles is something that shows that old adage is spot on. Truth is stranger than fiction!
  10. Boy is getting a haircut on Friday. Good Litd I didn’t realize how long it was. Thick as all hell get out. Happy he had fun and they got a Win! Of the 13!goals scored, all but one were scored by 8th grade kids and the 8th grade goalie gave up three goals in 3.5 quarters. They're gonna get bludgeoned by Hillgrove tomorrow, but they gotta learn! Will be good for them! Princess lost 14-12 to River Ridge. We couldn’t control the ball on offense enough to score more. Got Wheeler on Thursday so should get a W there!
  11. Tonight in Lacrosse. He’s in 8th grade, so he can only play JV. They got the W vs Wheeler 13-5! Great job boys!
  12. You have to be lying. A poster here said he never recruited at hoover. Yet another said never at cc. tou know something we don’t?
  13. I am not reading that fucking thing. Ain’t got time. 😂 I just asked your thoughts. As far as Garcia goes, it could be as far reaching as losing his amateur status. At minimum, if it’s proven they were given money, they have to pay it back. Keep in mind here just how long this has gone on. How many different schools. Benefactors. Kids. Coaches. Mistresses. Lies. Stolen money. Merchandise. It’s absolutely crazy that this has gone on so some old, fat dudes with money can slap each other on the back and say they won a couple of state championships! The mal
  14. How deep do you think it runs? You seem to know him better than all but a few benefactors here, what do you think? Many on the vent are saying it’s people with axes to grind. Poor rush. Just an all around swell guy who everybody is out to get. He should be a salesman because the way he is able to manipulate people and their money is something! Or maybe those folks are just not a smart as they tell us all they are. One thing is certain and that is the drama the constantly surrounds him is like the dust cloud constantly around PigPen.
  15. All of those enablers throughout the years.......all in the name of winning some HS football games. Bet it all every fucking one is just as narcissistic and justifies it! Sometimes the sugar ain’t worth cuttin’ of the cane.......
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