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  1. I don’t know the ins and outs of south Georgia education. I only go off of the small sample size here. On PG, the Colquitt representation vs the lowends representation has Colquitt in a landslide of epic proportion. The main lowends representative has trouble with basic English. Now I understand this is a HSFB forum, but damn! I would make my four year old niece start over reading the stuff 96 posts.
  2. Fuck! I spit my tea all over everything reading that!
  3. You’re consistent! Colquitt has never lost a game, according to you or the real Rab, that they didn’t get cheated.
  4. Pope and Lassiter are neighbors as well as two great baseball programs. As far as lowends betting boatraced by parkview goes, getting to the semis is something to be proud of. No shame in getting beaten by a much better team.
  5. Marietta has a solid TE, but our WRs are both under 5’6”. Great athletes, but very small. They look decent sized im the huddle because the damned team is small! Now I know y’all think I’m joking, but wait until you come to Northcutt. And then I want every one of you sonofabitches to apologize to me for thinking I was lying. Every. Damned. One of you!
  6. A lot of variables in kicking, but around .500 isn’t good. Hope he’s able to right the ship. Norvell is rumored to have got some big money guys buying in. They need it. Been doing well in the transfer portal, though I have no idea how it works that some teams can take ten guys (after signing 25) and other one or two?
  7. You know, I’ve often wondered about kids like 88 who go to camp after camp after camp. How often do they burn out? If they do burn out, how often do they bounce back? In the case of kickers, how often do they get dead leg? I played golf with a FSU donor who said, and he was spitballing.......I’m sure, that 88 hasn’t hit his stride at FSU yet. Said he was about .500 on FGA. Also thought he might get beaten out this year. I don’t know much about FSU football, but I expected 88 to kick ass down there. I reached out to LSU a few times about him, but they were locked on Cade York (who’s b
  8. Sure. Send me a list. She will get to know athens well, I’m positive. She has all of her Rush LOR’s and is ready. Had to pay $215 just now for some Sorority thing. Get the sneaking suspicion it won’t be the last, though I got in trouble for handing over the debit card. Mama told me after the fact that Beaux was gonna pay for that herself. When she said she “had to pay it now” while her Mama was at the store I gave her the card. When her Mama asked her what was going on she said, “Mom, Dad just gave me the card. I didn’t ask, he offered.” I just kept staring at the TV
  9. Beaux received you donation and letter. She said thanks and will put a Thank You card in the mail on Monday. Once again I appreciate your consideration. As an aside, I’d also appreciate it iff’n you’d not send any more propaganda to a young mind that’s finding her way. She said “Look Dad” and I smiled and said, “Baby, Mr. Rufus is senile. We will pray for him!” (Wink)
  10. Everybody has a breaking point. Even narcissistic people. Eventually. I used to think he was too arrogant to do anything “stupid”. Now, I wonder. I feel for his kids. They deserve better
  11. They may have, but only to avoid having charges pressed against them for child abuse. 🤷‍♂️ We are smaller than I even thought.
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