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  1. Doesn’t matter if they know what’s coming, they still have to stop it. And therein lies the rub.......
  2. Safe travels, though I’m sure you and your much better half could fall asleep and the vehicle could get to mole-tree sans driver. Let’s win! Good luck and keep em healthy!
  3. One thing is for certain in all of this. Rush is in for himself and it’s all about him. If a few kids get scholarships along the way, so be it. He is an alpha narcissist. A cocky little bastard. But I like it. He knows football and would’ve been fun to watch in a bigger setting, though I think he is where he’s supposed to be. Banging moms and causing havoc in the hamlet of cheatersville! The perfect backdrop.
  4. Second to last sentence was totally unnecessary. Regardless of the gospel that it was.......
  5. Cool story. Any yokels cheeky about the transfer coming in and getting the nod, seeing as how rare it is cc gets transfers?
  6. All to win in hsfb! Some small peckers down there. Lord.
  7. Nope. Not good! I wasn’t sure we’d win anyway but this is tough to overcome. Still don’t know if QB1 is playing either.
  8. That’s right. Is he selfish pos that got voted off the baseball team? What a guy!
  9. Well that lack of offense (17/18) certainly wasn’t crp fault, by golly! Don’t believe me? Ask him. Or most cc fans. 😂
  10. That’s because he’s a fucking piece of shit. Hard for some of y’all to say but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it isn’t a fucking turtle.
  11. Decent game. Our kid had similar numbers. 18-29 217 3TDs and 8 carries for 43 yards. He didn’t play in week two due to being injured (not Covid). Not sure if he’ll play tomorrow night.
  12. Kinda like your shithole state and their football season.
  13. Nah Sis. I’m certified. Lived in district twenty years, have a daughter graduating in the spring and and eighth grader. All in. Came from Utah so no dual loyalty like you have in cheatersville. As an aside, proud of you for actually forming a sentence that wouldn’t be filled with red check marks! I might have added a comma after “fan”, but still. Baby steps.
  14. I’m gonna ride it until we aren’t the champions any more. After that, I’ll ride it for everybody who has not won a title since we have. You can bet there will always be somebody who will have it rubbed in their face. Why be here otherwise?
  15. Cool. I knew wheee you were going, just messing with one of my minions. I’ll reach out when we come through. We usually stay one night in Nola before it after LSU games.
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