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  1. Asserting dominance! 😂
  2. I think you’ll improve, as last year was an absolute shitshow with that much talent on offense. You lost two stud OTs and a great RB, but you’ll plug the next 5*s in and keep moving. The biggest question will be kirby. Will he get the hell outta the way or keep his finger in the Offensive pie? That last question will tell the tale. I’ll say this.......iff’n he has another two loss season, folks are gonna really start questioning him and his ability to coach. Edit: we agreed on multiple QBs. If the noonan kid were that good he’d have went to the draft. I pray we get to find out, as I think LSU will surprise a few people.
  3. All liberal havens will close. Sadly the kids have become even larger pawns than heretofore.
  4. Great news for the puppies! noonan isn’t anywhere near the QB those mouth breathers think he is and Daniels can actually play. Sincerely hope noonan gets the nod. Chuckle they think he could carry JeauxJeaux’s ball bag. He isn’t good.
  5. 😂 I gotta drive back to Marietta tomorrow after a quick stop to Notre Dame
  6. I took 5mg a few hours ago and nothing. May have some Crown and take another.
  7. I got 7 packs of different kinds. Lowest mg is 5 and highest is 25.
  8. 😂 Turned 50 last week and never smoked weed once but wanted to try it. My cousin said something similar.
  9. Bro, I am still your friend even though you’re a homosexual.
  10. Illinois went rogue? #loadingup
  11. With Burrow singlehanded leading us. 19 kids making nfl money says otherwise. Dude is a fucking baller though.
  12. Here is where we disagree. We had 14 kids drafted and 5 more sign FA contracts. The staff did a great job of coaching the kids up. It will be almost impossible to duplicate last year, as it was the greatest CFB season ever witnessed. But undefeated seasons are tough to come by, ask pup fans who haven’t had better than a two loss season with all of their 5* kids and great coaching.
  13. Still avoiding the question. What a fucking mook.
  14. You wanna explain this to “football guy” who said tathan was getting more run than Burrow. TIA
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