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  1. Little too much baileys in the coffee or not enough? 😂 Let’s see your proposal. Show me how your gonna pay these kids. Enlighten me.
  2. Meh. Lost a lot of talent. We will be ok. Tough to tell with everything going how we will be, but we will surprise a few people. I’m not concerned.
  3. 😂 watched Del Rio for three years and the only time he attempted a pass over 10 yards was when they were down and had to Chuck it long. Great athlete in my eyes but will never seems the field at Florida as a qb. The backup was a better passer and that’s why he left.
  4. Yes. It’s neat. Congrats. Yale has a shit ton of rings from a time nobody give a damn about as well! Pretty cool.
  5. How old were you when lowends last win a title? The device your posting from has a calculator function. I’ll walk you through it, as I’m sure you need assistance. Ahhhhh.......2007.......Baby Sweets turned one around the time you last won a title. Now he’s a teenager. But hey, at least it’s not the puppies who last won a title when Carter was in office. Seriously irrelevant.......
  6. I remember a certain know nothing who is a bi-queens fan popping off about killings in Cobb county. A quick check of GBI stats said, in fact, that lowends County had a significantly higher murder rate than Cobb. You remember too. That’s when you switched to something else like everything else you attempt to be smart about.By the way, how are the homegrowns and their fearless OOS leader coming along? 😂
  7. The pinto I’ll give you. The RJD is for your mama.......
  8. Cheating is cheating. Lowends and valdosta have never won without cheating. Your murderville shathole County is the epicenter of cheating in hsfb. Own it. Like Marietta owned the bi-queens.
  9. So your school is caught cheating, punished and you’re better than Marietta? 😂 We know you’re not better in football.
  10. By all means share. You seem to know everything. Solve this bitch, bitch. And while you’re at it answer the question. What do you consider “under control”? Not that you decide shit for anybody, but I wanna hear this.
  11. They are not identical players. We talked about that. DJ explained how he thought they were different and how it will play out. He thinks Daniels is a much better QB, FWIW.
  12. https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2010/03/cdc-59-million-have-contracted-pandemic-flu how many people contracted this fuckstick?
  13. And you think your shathole county has never cheated. I won’t go into your embarrassing inability to communicate either spelling or context wise. Anybody who has attempted to decipher some of your nonsensical drivel knows what I mean.
  14. Actually I don’t. If I knew I wouldn’t ask! Apparently there is no controlling this virus. Many doctors say a vaccine that only 50% of Americans will get and will only be 50% effective. This means, by their guesstimates, that 25% of the population will be ok. That leaves 75% in harms way still. Is that what you meant by control?
  15. Didn’t your school have a “mistake”’that cost your baseball team? Don’t play that holier than thou shit here boy. Errrbody who knows lowends knows what y’all are about.
  16. What is “under control”? How can one control this? Is the flu under control? Was H1N1 which affected tens of millions more? I ask because I don’t recall the world stopping for it and I know two out of the four people in my household had it. So enlighten me on what under control means?
  17. So you’re saying you wouldn’t be talking shit as the defending state champion because that’s the past, but you’re willing to talk shit about the unknown future that you hope will be better? Makes all the sense in the world and is a true indicator of how fucking stupid you truly are.
  18. Fat fingers get me once in a while. 😂 Misspelling words constantly with spell check and constant misuse of words is a bit different. One question. Would you rather be a defending champion or a “the future looks bright” guy? Between the two there is one guarantee.......Marietta will always be the 2019 State Champions with our win over lowends. Success tomorrow isn’t promised. Being a pup fan surely you understand this.
  19. Good dude. We had a blast. Not the greatest golfer 😂
  20. Playing in John Smoltz’ CHOA tourney with.......
  21. And another red ribbon for the bi-queens! Maybe this OOS coach can heat Marietta since the last couldn’t
  22. Gotta suck knowing you had a chance to beat Marietta to win it all and failed, huh? And the pups, wandering through the CFB landscape like the Israelites for 40 years now in search of a title. 😂 yea. You got me. My kids HS and my alma later are the defending champions and I am angry! Better still that we went through your two schools to get the titles! Oh wow are the defending champions!
  23. That 4th grade IQ is rearing it’s special needs head every time you post
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