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  1. I have them as 2nd game on 3 game parlay. 60 dollars to win 311. Won with Carthage minus 3need FBM plus 3.5 and duncanville plus 4.5
  2. I have a 60 dollar 3 gamer with carthage minus 3, FBM +3.5, and duncanville +4.5 to win 311
  3. I understand what you are saying. And to be honest I know NOTHING about Palm Desert, but they are traveling from California. I expected them to at least be on par with El Paso teams. BTW--6A El Paso teams are usually on par with middling 3A Texas teams.
  4. I'm not sure who Ned is? And the El Paso teams are the weakest teams in Region 1 in Texas. I remember the old rivals had an article entitled "HSFB teams so bad they can't beat the New Mexico state champion" the NM state champion tends to pummel the best teams from El Paso and Franklin beat Permian 41-28 a couple weeks ago . . .
  5. Wow. THat is pretty bad. I expected Palm Desert to win. Permian lost to El Paso Franklin. A team from Franklin's District hadn't beaten Permian since the 1950s!
  6. Euless Trinity traveled to Washington to play Bellevue.
  7. I think you mean Gardenstateballer you are leaving out the "t"?
  8. Don't be that guy. What you said is the equivalent of Marietta beat SJP they appear to be 3TDs better than the next closest team in GA.
  9. you left out bands, brisket, and bobcats (cougars in training).
  10. I thought SJC only loss was to SJP? And fair enough I agree with your assessment re: last year's DV vs this year's SJC. Haven't seen much beyond highlights so not sure if graduation, injuries, transfers, inelligible athletes, etc have "weakened" them.
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