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  1. It appears that Louisiana may be down this year.
  2. In that case . . . any idea what factors have enabled PE to find unprecedented success for a TAPPS program? (I know nothing about Dallas PE)
  3. How good is Aledo supposed to be this year? Every power eventually falls off . . . admittedly I don't follow either program nearly enough to know if this is a commentary on Aledo or on the team that beat them.
  4. I agree that Desoto wasn't impressive. But man that St. Augustine offense is terrible! Hard to imagine them being competitive with the top Louisiana teams with an offense that bad.
  5. Weird. Texas doesn't allow gambling either and I've never had a problem.
  6. I have about 10 pairs of AE so I'm partial to them.
  7. Does anyone have any links? YTTV doesn't carry Bally Sports.
  8. The team that lost to Highland Park were favorites.
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