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  1. If I were retired or a kid in my early 20s with zero adult responsibilities outside myself, I would in a heart beat.
  2. Is it all the TL this year? Just private schools? So they're depriving Folsom of a game they so badly want?
  3. South Torrance made it? My older cousin used to play his Jr All-American games at South High in Torrance. Watching his games got me to want to play football as a kid when I was old enough. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
  4. At least the Trojans waxed LBP lol
  5. Not with Ohio, Cincy and Toledo also playing D1 ball.
  6. Lara's teams under-performed too. They should have won CIF every year with the talent they had. I played them 2 years in HS at the varsity level and once as a freshman in the 90s. We went 3-0 vs LBP. Then I coached against them later. The key to beating them is rattle their guys, talk trash and hit them in the mouth. They will roll over and quit. That's their MO.
  7. In the 1990s. they didn't play the level of teams STA is at. They played those at the level of CIF D1 first round loser Capo Valley in 1993 or lower like Canyon Country who bounced them by 6 TDs. Plus, football on Oahu still had public school kids attending the school they lived near. So talent was more spread out instead of concentrated in 2-3 teams on Oahu.
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