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  1. Thanks! I think he's an assistant at Bosco now. He played both ways as a true frosh at SDSU (safety and Wildcat QB). That was his only season. Speaking of Tesoro...they might be facing a relegation to the Sea View if they keep doing what they're doing.
  2. Yo...why are there rapists and wife beaters playing too? Being in the League is the ultimate privilege. It should be revoked for life for all those assholes. Not just the white, male bigots. Ya done with your Whataboutisms yet?
  3. Yeah. The usage if slurs is demonstrative of hate.
  4. Are you implying Jackson being in the NFL is part of some Nazi plot?
  5. You got any proof that half the Philly D are Nazis?
  6. Jokes don't involve slurs. For example...friends of different ethnic backgrounds joking amongst themselves about their varied ethnicity. You might joke about stereotypes but you aren't using slurs.
  7. Good! This world needs to purge bigots in power. Gruden hopefully is just the first to finally face accountability for their bigotry. It's gonna be a huge fall from grace to go from privileged to less than.
  8. 😆 That's an angle I never actually thought about 😆
  9. 😆 😆 😆 @ this fucking bitch trying to be the most Leftist Leftist on Earth. 😆 😆 😆
  10. It's actually a nickname from football camp as a kid. We all gave each other fucked up sounding names we still address eachother as adults decades later. All of them were based on physical traits including race. I'm still friends with these guys more than 30 years later. So spare me with that tripe. FYI, 1/2 Japanese & 1/2 Korean. FYI 2...Charlie was probably the worst Asian nickname given to my Vietnamese pal. Nuance & context are vital to understanding
  11. Especially since usually the most talented MV players were guys who didn't quite win the #1 job at MD or SJB.
  12. That Poly team was almost upset by Tesoro in the SS Finals. What a game that was! Preston King from Tesoro was the best player on the field. If a heart ailment didn't get him at SDSU, he could have been a great there too.
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