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  1. Josh Rosen, a Jewish-American said he is an atheist while attending catholic, SJB.
  2. So they don't teach the word "Irony" at North Shore HS?
  3. Does that mean Texas teams will travel out of state?
  4. LIfe is just like this. You can be replaced at any time at your job by somebody who is better at it than you. No matter how hard you work. You'd rather not teach kids valuable life lessons? It's not like they suffer. They transfer to top publics like St. Mission Viejo or to the other TL teams where they get recruited to D1 schools. St Mission's last 3 starting QBs were TL transfers: 2 weren't starting. 1 lost his job to a frosh phenom and the other was 3rd string behind 2 other D1 QBs including this year's top QB. Both ended up at D1 schools on full schollies. The 3rd guy is being recruited too.
  5. The gap might be smaller than their last attempt when JSerra boat raced them, but even CDM can't compete in the TL. The only publics in OC/IE that can are St. Mission Viejo and Cen10...and that's for 3rd place.
  6. This probably means my El Toro Chargers might not make the D4 playoffs with a 1-9 regular season record again.
  7. Better coaching. Plus, draw of NBA players sons in hoops might lead to a model for football with NFL guy's sons.
  8. True. But weren't they like D9 just about 6-7 years ago? They're trending way up and again there is no super team for LA/Ventura County Area kids. There's 2 for OC/LB and IE kids but none for LA kids. They have the most resources outside Jokes. Jokes keeps proving it can't do it. Also, look at what the hoops team did once former NBA players living in LA sent their kids there. You don't think they can do this with sons of former NFL guys in the area? I do.
  9. This new format could work to enable Servite to wn that elusive D5 title they lost out on multiple times in the late 90s.
  10. Sierra Canyon is gunning to the be the next super team. They have the very deep pockets to pull this off and they're far enough from MD and SJB to allow it.
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