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  1. That's Blair pretty much every season. Bergen happened to be on that level two years ago. It's almost impossible for a non-boarding school to stay on that kind of level for an extended period.
  2. Calling it a down year is far too kind... they barely have a team. They forfeited seven weights (out of 14) and did the same against Bergen.
  3. Bosco forfeited 7 weights against Bergen tonight. That’s embarrassing.
  4. "rally from 10 down" although true, it's not really how a wrestling match works. If no results changed but they started at 106, you would have said Bergen cruised to a win. Bergen just got their two transfer big guys back in the lineup at 220/285. Both sophomores and both are pretty promising - I know Boyce is a football player. And "down" for Bergen wrestling means they're #7 in the country. Not too bad. Joes hasn't beaten Bergen in wrestling since 1997 - fairly incredible streak, probably close to 30 in a row. Delbarton is also excellent - if you like wrestling you won't
  5. Right - and good luck with that.
  6. How are they greatly benefiting from their schedule? Non-Public 3 and 4 are seeded by committee. So, in fact, the schedule is their biggest liability when it comes to their playoff seed.
  7. The average high school football fan in America has never heard of any of these schools - they follow their school and maybe a rival or two. I really think you live in a fantasy world sometimes.
  8. Any public school can choose to accept students (athletes or not) from out-of-district. Highlands has been accepting tuition students for quite some time - well before the current coach was hired.
  9. "as long as he wants" - ask Greg Toal or Mike Teel about how that worked out for them at Bosco.
  10. No - I think you got the wrong guy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doug_Pederson
  11. We know you're the Bosco spin guy, but even for you this comment is ridiculous.
  12. If true, that makes your comment even dumber. Just trying to shit on Bergen I guess.
  13. It’s not a football or basketball game. It starts at a random weight. “Up at one point” means nothing.
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