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  1. Probably vandalized by those associated with UM. Just like Robin Williams did in the movie “Best of Times” to get his own people feeling disrespected. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Pay no mind.
  2. As good as tOSU is running and slinging it — the only hope most defenses have to slow or stop them is for them to stop themsevles. This pretty much begins and ends with the o-line. As long as the o-line isn’t committing penalties and is halfway doing their job, there’s not much a defense can do. Focus on EW&F and TreVeyon and Miyan will get you. Focus on the run and Stroud will find one of those receivers — or Ruckert. As you said, pick your poison. If the Buckeyes defense can be just pretty good — they are gonna be tough for any team to beat.
  3. Hopefully Ryan Day is a good enough coach to scheme out the only hope TTUN has in disrupting his offense. I believe he is.
  4. Nobody living outside of GA knows or has heard of any place inside GA beyond Atlanta and Augusta. For good reason. There are probably a lot of folks born and raised in GA that have never heard of it either. Also for good reason.
  5. And Stroud still put up most those numbers in a single half. Nobody else did, despite how bad MSU is defensively. As for taking the Big 10 seriously, you mean like when tOSU tore up Bama’s defense on the way to winning the Nat’l title in 2014? Pretty sure those were “playoff games” against “real talent”. You’re suffering from selective amnesia.
  6. Everyone knows it to be true EXCEPT inbred GA fan. And there’s no helping them.
  7. Cen10 is probably the 2nd or 3rd best team in the country. Hell, they nearly beat #1 or #2. Of course they’d destroy GA’s best.
  8. The defense gave up way too much, but the offense was nearly flawless. As good an offensive performance as you’ll see most Saturday’s. Purdue didn’t have much of chance to even slow down the Buckeyes. Ryan Day showed mercy kneeling on the ball at the end. Defenses sure are in a pickle deciding whether to sell out on TreVeyon Henderson and the running game or worrying more about Stroud, Wilson, Olave and Smith-Njigba.
  9. Not true. I simply acknowledged they’ve been playing close, tough games. Because of that and how tOSU has been playing, I didn’t expect a boat race as others did. I also acknowledged that tOSU isn’t deserving of a playoff spot right now. So my comments regarding NEB aren’t to build them up. They aren’t a good team. Mediocre at best. By record, they aren’t even that. As I already said, the game shouldn’t have been close. Unimpressive W. CINN had one of those too against Tulsa. Even less impressive than when tOSU beat them by 21. Tulsa lost to UC Davis of the FCS. Any team worthy of a top 4 spot should have annihilated Tulsa. CIN and tOSU didn’t.
  10. That’s not reality, just your perspective. Big difference there. Having said that, I do agree that tOSU’s road win @NEB wasn’t very impressive. While NEB has been playing opponents tough, the Buckeyes have so much more talent that the game shouldn’t have been as competitive as it was. That’s kinda how their season has gone thus far, though. They didn’t dominate Minnesota or Tulsa as they should have either. Good news is they are playing freshman at several key positions, who have all shown improvement. The defense has also shown a lot of improvement. They just might be a much better team in a few weeks than they are now. But I agree that as of right now they aren’t deserving of a playoff spot. However the path to it is right in front of them. If they run the table, including winning the B10 championship, they’ll be deserving.
  11. He sure won today. His team beat the media darlings of the AFC. They should have beaten Cincinnati nearly 6 weeks ago and easily could have 3 wins now. Still, not bad for a team that only won 1 last season and had lost 20 consecutive. Jimmy Johnson’s Cowboys won just 1 game his 1st season and didn’t beat a team as good as BUF. If the Jags defense can play anywhere close to level they played at today (for the remainder of the season) there are potentially 3-4 additional W’s on their schedule. If that happens, Urb just might be ok.
  12. He has no clue. Major bias is shining through. Happy Gilmore may be a hot commodity right now, but he wasn’t a good HC for tOSU and wasn’t that great of an assistant or co-DC. Cincinnati isn’t worthy of a top 4 spot. But neither are my Buckeyes.
  13. Circumstances he inherited? That’s rich. You mean a roster of players that went 12-1 the season before he was HC then went 12-0 the season after he was let go? Happy Gilmore dragged the program down to its ONLY sub-.500 record since 1988. With a roster that went 24-1 before and after him. You don’t get to use tattoo-gate as an excuse, as the roster was still LOADED. You’re giving us Buckeyes fans a bad name and really need to STFU. Cause you’re clearly the ignorant douche in this scenario. As you were.
  14. Cincinnati is who most skeptics thought they were. They needed a braindead slide by Tulsa’s QB and then a goal line fumble to hold on against TULSA — a team that lost to FCS UC Davis. People forget that their head coach was 6-7 at Ohio State in between Tressell and Meyer. The only losing record tOSU has suffered in forever. Cincinnati and Happy Gilmore are vastly overrated. The crying for Argentina needs to stop.
  15. Great point, judging by his comment. More like, “you should know better…”
  16. You know better than citing score comparisons. They mean nothing. Every week is different. Every team matches up differently. Team performances vary throughout the season. We not only see Team A > Team B > Team C > Team A scenarios quite frequently, but also teams winning rematches all the time. It’s fine to believe IMG is the better team, but not for the reason provided.
  17. That’s because you are looking at and factoring in the wrong things. Having a loss or more in league in 2014/15 doesn’t mean a thing. Every season is in it’s own vacuum. For one thing, Folsom was much better those two seasons than they are this season, right? And so were Del Oro, Oak Ridge and Granite Bay (in one or both of those seasons), one of which overcame numerous injuries to drastically improve by seasons end. In short, competition wasn’t exactly the same. I’ve made this point many times re: the 2009 D2 playoff bracket, which is the deepest, best I’ve ever seen in the SJS. St. Mary’s 2009 team might be the best they’ve ever fielded. But that team just happened to be in the same bracket with the best team Rocklin ever had and arguably one of the best Del Oro, Folsom and Grant Union ever had. St. Mary’s had section winning teams that weren’t near as good as the 2009 team that lost in the quarterfinals. Same goes for Folsom. Their 2009 team was as good or better than some of their other Section winning teams, but just faced tougher comp. I’m telling you that, talent-wise, this current Rocklin team is on par with the other teams I mentioned. Records and accomplishments be damned. They are better in some areas, but not as good in others. On the whole, they are similar. But could become more accomplished by season’s end.
  18. Truth. Not only that, up until the early 2000’s they still used the old CA tiebreaker system that was only used in league games. And even then the outcome was still recorded as a “tie”. While we have better systems in place than ever before, it’d be nice to have a true regional/state system like other states do.
  19. I suppose the relevant question is, did THAT kicker get to kick off a tee?
  20. Yes sir. Totally agree. As I've contended in the past, if a regional system had been in place all these years there's little-to-no chance DLS wins 151 consecutive let alone 300+ in NorCal, even though they still would have been the clear cut best program in NorCal. Grant Union just had way too many teams capable of competing with them and beating them. Unlike say Folsom, Grant Union played a style of ball that matched up much, much better against the Spartans system. And they consistently fielded huge athletic lines similar to what Euless-Trinity fielded when they beat DLS. And they had skill talent and speed unlike anyone else in NorCal to compliment it all. Not just a couple good classes here and there. But most every season. And churned out numerous D1 FBS athletes and multiple NFL'ers from Donte Stallworth to Onterrio Smith to Paris Warren to C.J. Wallace to Christian Tupou to Syd-Quan Thompson to Devontae Booker to James Sample to Shaq Thompson.. We fans (and the players themselves) were cheated out of so many awesome match ups over the decades. Hell, after we had thought they'd learned their lesson by implementing State games in 2006 then Regional games a few years later -- they cheated us out of a Folsom-DLS matchup in 2014 when Folsom had their best chance to compete. We got cheated out of Elk Grove-DLS in 1997 and 1998. The Lance Briggs led teams with mucho D1 talent that took out Grant's star-studded teams in 1997 and 1998. We got cheated of seeing DLS face some of the CCS's best teams during those days too. Or Grant Union and Nevada Union facing those CCS juggernauts. Go back even further. We got cheated out of Cordova v. De La Salle during the 80's. And Placer playing any medium sized school in the 70's. It sucks to think about what could have been..... If you are interested and haven't already seen it, Mark Tennis wrote a nice article about potential match ups over the years back in 2012: https://calhisportsfootball.wordpress.com/2012/12/04/what-if-norcal-open-division-bowl-games-had-been-going-on-for-years/ The Pacers did win D1 in 1996, despite 2-losses. It took them a bit to gel and get going. But once they did, they were lethal. They had a D1 QB that threw 47 TD's to only 3 INT's, a future NFL WR and shutdown DB in Stallworth and a sophomore RB that went on to score 53 TD's just 2 seasons later. Plus a ton of other athletes. But had NU qualfied for the postseason ....... who knows. Their 1996 team was legit. As good as that 1996 Pacers team was, I'm not sure they beat the 1998 Elk Grove team though. '98 EG and '85 Cordova with Troy Taylor might be the 2 best teams I've seen from the SJS. But Grant's 1996, 2006, 2008, 2009, and 2010 teams are all up there too. I know 2009 and 2010 both lost Section, but they were super good and lost due to odd circumstances.
  21. Correction, 2nd best regular season team. IDC about records. We all know who the better team really was. It took everything to go just right for SF (including that Ruf check swing call) combined with long term injuries to May, Seager, Knebel, Betts, Kershaw, etc. and they only won one more game. If the Dodgers were just hit half as hard as they were by key injuries, they probably win 115 games. But I digress..... I hope you're right about this ATL series. I just hate how over-reliant Roberts, Friedman, and Co. are on analytics/sabremetrics. We saw it burn Tampa last postseason and we've seen it come back to haunt the Dodgers many times in the past too. I wish they'd just trust and rely on their stud pitchers sometimes and maybe try hitting/bunting against the shift from time to time instead of trying to hit 5 home runs every game. They should have won a couple WS already, not just one during a short season.
  22. It was an amazing kick, no doubt. But I'm not sure he gets that kick off in an NFL game. He approached it more like a kick off with a few extra short steps. You don't typically get that type of time in the NFL. Most kickers take 2 steps to follow through. Very quick. There is a huge difference, as NFL kickers routinely boom the ball through the uprights on a kick off but don't on a FG attempt. The extra steps matter. Also, HS kickers get to kick off a tee. NFL'ers have to kick from the turf. That also makes a big difference. They also have narrower uprights (nearly 5 feet narrower).
  23. Roberts getting cute again not starting Scherzer in GM1. It may not have cost them, as they only scored 2 runs but still..... What the eff was Chris Taylor doing on the bases? That should have been an easy advance to 3rd with 2 outs. I have no idea why the hell he stopped. Might have cost them the game.
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