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  1. It’s funny how there never seems to be anything interesting going on in Florida to distract you from spending all your time obsessing over Texas threads... Thank You Guru for sharing your special day with us...this concludes, “A Day in the life of the “Guru” !
  2. East Mississippi C. C. vs. St Francis Academy... Why? For the record, there were a few characters from Maryland last season claiming that St. Francis scrimmaged and beat a college team pre-season; hence why some were so confident and convinced they would put Mater Dei down. They’re all around the same age, aren’t they?
  3. Not unless you hire a crew of Asians. Asians saved the world once, it can happen again.
  4. He just has that Benjamin Button disease
  5. Is there a site listing mythical national champions for football? 🏈 Other than the wiki?
  6. According to G.S.B, the STA game is on. Hopefully, this is true.
  7. If they happened to run the table, what are their chances for taking the MNC away from the Bosco?
  8. I’d be willing to bet the term, “not a good year” is just relative to your motives. I’m certain if Duncanville were to win against St Francis Academy & St Thomas Aquatics, you’d claim it’s a bad year for St Francis and we’d just never hear from the “Guru” again.
  9. ...but housing isn’t the reason they were ever termed unbeatable and why they’re being discussed at the moment. It’s the amount of Division 1 talent on the team. Yes, Mater Dei and St John Bosco are schools but they fit the bill, talentwise. Here is 2018 Mater Dei, IMG, and St John Bosco compared to 2015 Bishop Gorman, 2019 St Francis Academy, and 2019 St Thomas Aquinas.
  10. No, not really. Getting to see Mickey Mouse and a Sequoia is enough of a reason for me.
  11. Okay. If traveling is what allows that to take place, I can only imagine where yours are.
  12. Incentive? Other than getting to go to California.
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