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  1. Rumor has it Cy-Fair was very fortunate to hire, “Shade” to shine her lights in the Midway quarterbacks eyes as they were throwing the ball. #LightGate IMG_8441.mp4
  2. That’s fair. I can agree with this. I believe this season alone would’ve been a huge step forward. Some have stated that Texas has been “left behind” with the introduction of private powers and I believe this season would’ve given the state the chance to show the legitimacy of our ability to play our best teams on the grand stage against those major competitors; compete against them and not “hide”.
  3. Understood. “Texas fans do not understand that their football is overrated”. Fair enough. Texas is overrated in comparison to whom? What aspect of Texas football allows it to be perceived as overrated?
  4. I guess we’re just going to ignore the fact that Steele was a 2010 5A DII state champion & 2011 5A DII state runner-up; undefeated and looking for a third straight title game? You do understand you can bash Texas without sounding like a complete tool ALL THE TIME, right? That’s a great point but while this is true; do we find ourselves questioning the legitimacy of the Bosco when they find themselves in odd struggles? 2019 - St John Bosco 27 - Servite 26 2018 - St John Bosco 35 - JSerra 28 2017 - St John Bosco 21 - St John 17 2016 - St John Bosco 20 - Gorman 35 Points against: 2015 - Orange Lutheran 31 2014 - Long Beach Poly 33 2013 - Loyola 24 2012 - Notre Dame 24 2012 - Orange Lutheran 21 Not even remotely, because everyone knows they’ll simply steamroll 99 percent of the teams they play. Katy had that exact same aura about them in that period of time. You may even hang around them for a bit, like Steele did, but you’re going to lose. They will out coach you, out condition you, and force you into mistakes that you don’t normally make. Everyone here has fallen victim to it. They aren’t flashy and will not make huge highlight plays all over the field but they will play an impeccable brand of disciplined, position defense that you pretty much have to out athlete to win against. {Cedar Hill 2013; North Shore 2018, 2019} were fortunate to have a championship caliber athletic bunch along with their coaching to pull off the wins. Even during those matchups Katy was either leading or had a shot at taking them down. Katy has been a consistent power here for awhile now & have been in the state’s head until maybe 2016. 2015 was a senior heavy team and once teams started beating them the next season, it proved to everyone else beating Katy wasn’t just a dream. Now you see teams not looking like deer in headlights against them: Westlake 32 - Katy 29 [2016] Katy 50 - Klein Collins 49 [2016] The Woodlands 26 - Katy 3 [2016] North Shore 20 - Katy 17 [2016] Katy 14 - Lake Travis 28 [2017] Katy 35 - Katy Tompkins 31 [2019] Katy 35 - Ridge Point 28 [2019] Katy 27 - Cy Fair 14 [2019]
  5. THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS: November 24, 2006: Two hours before kickoff of the matchup of the year, or decade, or maybe ever, Todd Dodge's plan got stuck in traffic. The Southlake Carroll coach wanted his players to think of Euless Trinity as just another opponent, but the Dragons were in danger of not even making it to the game. It was Nov. 24, 2006, the day after Thanksgiving, and the roads outside of Texas Stadium were packed. The Carroll buses, loaded with the state's No. 1 ranked team, were in the middle of it. "I remember we had to have a police escort to get us through everyone," said Tre Newton, a Carroll running back who later played for Texas. "That's when it hit us that this was a really big game." Ten years later, there are some very big games in this second week of the football playoffs. But none can match the second-round collision of undefeated defending state champions that was watched by nearly 60,000 fans. It might've been more than that. "I've heard that the crowd was in the sixties," said Steve Lineweaver, who coached Trinity from 2000 to 2014. "It was incredible," said Dodge, who led Carroll from 2000 to 2006 and now coaches Austin Westlake. "To come out there after halftime and see every seat filled." IMG_7068.mp4 Wait a second. Texas Stadium, the Cowboys' home from 1971 to 2008, had a capacity of 65,675. Isn't the record attendance for a Texas high school football game 54,347? Yes, officially. It was set in 2013 during the Allen-Pearland 5A Division I title game at AT&T Stadium. But according to many people who attended the Carroll-Trinity game, however, that's not the real record. More on that in a moment, but first, let's set the scene. In 2005, when 5A was still the largest UIL class, Trinity won the 5A Division I title and Carroll won in Division II. When they fell into the same Division I in 2006, the matchup was so delicious that the schools' 20,000 presale tickets were gone days before the game. Carroll and Trinity were 1-2 in the state rankings, and although only about 10 miles apart, they had never met in football. There were connections between the programs, too. Lineweaver was a former baseball coach and football assistant at Carroll. Aaron Lineweaver, son of the Trinity coach, was an assistant on Carroll's staff. The game couldn't possibly live up to the hype. But it did. John Cobb, a 1994 Trinity graduate who is now the social-media coordinator for the Trojans' booster club, was in the stadium early that day. Shortly after the doors opened at 11:30 a.m. for the 1 p.m. kickoff, he had his spot. In tribute to Trinity's big and tough offensive linemen, he was wearing a wig, dress and pig's nose, much like the Hogettes, the famous fans of the Washington Redskins. He sat there, watching in amazement at the fans streaming in. "It kept filling up and filling up," Cobb said, "and then the upper deck was filling up." Trinity running back Samir Baker remembers his coaches saying the same things that the Carroll coaches were telling their players. Don't get distracted, they said. It's still a football game. But the crowd was huge. Green on one side, black and red on the other. Evenly split, evenly loud. "We were kind of in awe," Baker said. "I can't even describe it. It felt like a video game. There were so many people screaming at the same time." As kickoff neared, Trinity players performed the Sipi Tau, the fierce chant-and-step routine that many fans know as the haka and the Trojans made famous in Texas. The Trinity side of the stands exploded in cheers while the Carroll players were still in the locker room. FullSizeRender.mov That was by design. "I told one of our middle school coaches, you've got one job. Come in and tell me when they're done with the haka," Dodge said. "Because we are not going out onto the field until that's over." Dodge didn't want the passion of the Trinity players to add to the already intimidating atmosphere at Texas Stadium. "We knew it was a really big game and the media had been talking about it," said Carroll quarterback Riley Dodge, the coach's son and the state's 5A Offensive Player of the Year in 2006. "But to walk out for pregame and half the place was already filled?" IMG_7066.mp4 The game was even better than expected. Carroll, boasting the state's best passing attack, took a 9-0 lead at halftime. Trinity, a team that could grind most teams in the trenches and unleash its strong-and-speedy running backs, scored twice in the third quarter to take a 15-9 lead. Early in the fourth, Dodge's 7-yard touchdown pass to Blake Cantu gave Carroll the lead back before Trinity running back Justise Campbell broke free for a 69-yard run to give Trinity a 21-16 edge. The lead changed for the final time when Dodge scored on a 2-yard quarterback keeper with 37 seconds left, clinching Carroll's 22-21 win. The winning touchdown drive was only 35 yards, set up when Carroll stopped Trinity short on a fake punt with 2:30 left. A lot of people questioned Lineweaver's decision not to punt, which would've made Carroll drive farther for the winning score. Lineweaver said that he simply didn't want to give the ball back to Carroll, which had won 43 straight games. Todd Dodge said he understood the decision, and so does Riley Dodge, who is now an assistant coach at Flower Mound Marcus. IMG_7064.mp4 Ten years later, there's little discussion about the fake punt. Most of the talk now is about the intensity of the game - "just absolute huge, huge hits," Todd Dodge said - and the atmosphere - "I'm getting goose bumps thinking about it now," Lineweaver said. Both coaches also proudly talk about how the players from each team embraced after the game, showing their mutual respect. Carroll won its fourth state title in five years that season. Trinity won state the following season, and did it again in 2009. Carroll won in 2011, led by current head coach Hal Wasson. Each program has a long list of memorable games, but the 2006 clash is at the top. It's the one game that Lineweaver, who won 258 games in 22 seasons as a head football coach, describes as surreal. "That game had surreal all over it," said Lineweaver, now retired from coaching. "It was so electric. It was like a dream." The announced attendance was 46,339, but that figure was taken at halftime, when some fans were still trying to get in the building. Standing on the sideline in the final minutes of the game, I remember talking with other writers about how the upper deck looked nearly filled. YouTube was still in its infancy in 2006, but you can find a few grainy shots of the crowd. The size of the crowd is unknown, but Newton offers a unique perspective. As the son of former Cowboys offensive lineman Nate Newton, Tre was on the Texas Stadium field for dozens of Cowboys games. The tunnel to the field that he walked down with his dad was the same one he walked down with his Carroll teammates on Nov. 24, 2006. "When we came out for the second half, that place was rockin'," Newton said. "To me, it felt like a Cowboys game."
  6. DeSoto vs. Southlake Carroll, 2012 5A DI state quarterfinal
  7. Allen vs. DeSoto, 2012 5A DI state semifinal
  8. Westlake vs. Cedar Hill, 2012 5A DII state semifinal
  9. Katy vs. Cibolo Steele, 2012 5A DII state semifinal
  10. It would be neat if someone made these for every national championship winner.
  11. I think St Francis Academy and St. Thomas Aquinas both have replacement games to reschedule. Maybe they’ll play.
  12. Were they in contention for a mythical national championship?
  13. To be fair that St John Bosco team almost lost to Santa Margarita 40-38 and St. John’s College 21-17 after college had already lost to De La Salle. Probably not the greatest year to be taken to overtime by them.
  14. We get it. You hate Texas and or believe it’s highly overrated. N E W M A T E R I A L
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