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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/live/2023/03/30/nyregion/trump-indictment-news Grand Jury Votes to Indict Donald Trump in New York: Live Updates Your thoughts? :
  2. B-B violence isn’t the reason kids are being murdered in what’s supposed to be a safe place used for higher learning. Inner City streets aren’t a shock value to America and its gang violence. As Donald Trump stated; undocumented immigrants are responsible for the majority of the crimes in our major cities. Which I suppose is why he pushed for the wall. To not only dampen crime but to secure the border. Do you need me to count every time you or anyone else has blamed Democrats? I have my counter ready.
  3. I wasn’t asking you 😌 I was going to look into it myself. I’ll get back to you once I find the answers that I know you don’t know.
  4. #Every Guy Who Says I Can Fix It Myself #Also Every Guy Who Has The Job Of Waiting For His Sophisticated Lady To Get Ready For A Night Out
  5. https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/trump-blames-chicago-violence-undocumented-gang-members/30585/?amp=1 It would be informing to know how many of those murdered in Chicago were done so in a school shooting; as apposed to those killed by undocumented gang members who are apparently the cause of most of the crime and murdering happening in the major American cities.
  6. In case you forget; I hate to bring this up but Donald Trump couldn’t remember the names of the country we were at the time bombing but could accurately remember and describe the chocolate mousse cake he had just eaten. Just saying.
  7. And according to Fox News, a SIDE DOOR. That is the key, right there. Plain as day. Close the side door.
  8. It’s not as ridiculous and idiotic as you’d like to believe. The entire world is watching as an uptick in school violence plagues American schools and institutions. These types of incidents don’t happen on a consistent basis in other major countries; and in the rare occurrence that one happens, steps are taken to make sure it never happens again. So, again that sheds light on where America’s priorities really lay.
  9. The difference is one is reality and the other is hypothetical.
  10. Knives and cars aren’t being used to kill our innocent children while they are learning at school. Which was once imagined to be as safe a place they could be. That is why this situation is focused on what we can do to stop school shootings.
  11. I don’t get what this power trip era with referees is supposed to accomplish; 😞 It’s doing more hurt than good.
  12. That is amazing 😱 The fact that deepfake technology is steadily getting more advanced by the year scares me. Have you seen the one with Tom Cruise?
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