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  1. They look about 7’ but they may be standing next to womanlets.
  2. Hands, feet, hips and maybe height are usually a dead giveaway.
  3. Didn’t you say hate against Asians didn’t exist?
  4. Was this whole thread just you getting bored again and wanting to tease Texas? …because I see the ‘worst Texas OOS’ thread is back.
  5. It is wrong to say this creeps me out more than Resident Evil 8?
  6. No, just with his phone search predictions
  7. @Frosty4024 @Champa @Nolebull813 I don’t think they’re close yet ? I may be wrong Cheers for 90s babies 🥳🥳 I still have awhile before I reach the 3_s. I was just curious and surprised when a few users said they were in their 70s 😳
  8. About as unbelievable as the Auburn-Thompson game I imagine Buford fans are feeling a little down:
  9. I introduce to you and everyone one of the drumming prodigies from Japan: Junna 🥁✌ *[This song is probably one of the most difficult to attempt to play]*
  10. You say no one is talking about it, then post all the videos of the media talking about it.
  11. I bet Carthage would lay waste to USA Academy 🔥
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