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  1. None whatsoever. For about 5 minutes, it might be interesting, then Katy gets bored snd runs away with it. If for some reason not, I worry for them at state.
  2. I’m so happy to see you excited about this game 🙂 If they are streaming it, I will let you know.
  3. Does anyone else kind of want to see Westlake vs. Duncanville for a 6A Division 1 final?
  4. The top half of his head looks like Albert Einstein, the bottom half looks like Michael Douglas. Or maybe Dustin Hoffman.
  5. That’s what playing teams like Oscar Smith, and Timpview gets you… 😝 Should’ve played St. Frances and IMG Academy while they had the chance.
  6. What matchups would we have gotten? Could anyone tell?
  7. Rufus, that’s the last time I listen to you !
  8. It’s okay. We still love you but Why da h€|| you choose the Owassa ? What you doing ?!?
  9. How many Texas creampuffs have beaten state champions from other states? 😌 Can you name them?
  10. They’re going on vacation next week 😉
  11. King is done. Katy taking it over in the 4th. Davis with his 6th touchdown. Katy 49 King 34 4th | 8:20
  12. They literally just broadcasted them on the news this evening; proclaiming how disappointed they were after the first round exit, looking to make up for it 😩
  13. King’s offensive line is just pushing Katy around
  14. Shocker ! Katy - 28 C.E. King - 27 Halftime | 😳 @Frosty4024 May I ask that you please keep your Guyer away from my Katy. They’re obviously influencing them to not defense.
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