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  1. What I like most is that the teams that he’s called “shit” or “overrated” are the very teams that would be favored over Aquinas in this list 😂
  2. I know but It’s Guru’s alma Mater 👨‍🎓 from what I understand.
  3. Over the next several days, I will be providing decade long potential efficiency simulations of the Almighty and always offensively efficient Florida POWER 🏠 ST THOMAS AQUINAS against the top 25 texas baby 👶 🍼 teams. Season 1: Episode 1 2009: St Thomas Aquinas #5 Florida / #45 Nation (3A D2) Canadian 14 - STA 47 (3A D2) Pottsboro 0 - STA 49 (3A) Daingerfield 26 - St T. Aquinas 34 (3A) Gilmer 34 - St T. Aquinas 42 (4A) Waxahachie 28 - St T. Aquinas 35 (4A) Denison 28 - St T. Aquinas 38 (4A) Longview 30 - St T. Aquinas 28 (4A) Lake Travis 35 - St T. Aquinas 28 (5A) Tyler 35 - St T. Aquinas 38 (5A) Klein 20 - St T. Aquinas 21 (5A) Klein Collins 22 - St T. Aquinas 26 (5A) Euless Trinity 35 - St T. Aquinas 33 (5A) Allen 31 - St Thomas Aquinas 28 (5A) Stony Point 34 - St T. Aquinas 28 (5A) Cedar Hill 32 - St T. Aquinas 35 (5A) Cinco Ranch 28 - St T. Aquinas 35 (5A) S.L. Carroll 31 - St T. Aquinas 34 (5A) Westlake 34 - St T. Aquinas 33 (5A) Coppell 21 - St T. Aquinas 26 (5A) The Woodlands 28 - St T. Aquin. 34 (5A) Bowie (Arl.) 28 - St T. Aquinas 35 (5A) Katy 27 - St T. Aquinas 24 (5A) Abilene 35 - St T. Aquinas 21
  4. I posted scores of the top 4 Florida teams after you claimed they were more offensively efficient with their opponents as opposed to Texas teams. You went straight to plan B: Insert insult then pretend to be owning the argument without a rebuttal. 🤡
  5. The real whopper is the fact that you “don’t like”, “care”, or “acknowledge” Texas football as elite status; yet here you are everyday pleading your “case” as to every which way Texas “sucks”. Sounds like a “You” problem; my “friend”.
  6. Or perhaps, the “Gimmicky“, “overrated”, offenses are just too sophisticated for your mind to comprehend. So, your defense: “Defense sucks”
  7. Another example of “The Guru” not being able to emotionally accept the fact that a Florida state champion lost to an “overrated” Texas team with a “gimmicky” offense.
  8. I’m guessing I used too many large words in my post for you to understand the point. My apologies. I notice when you don’t have a valid response, you use a cliche insult. That’s why you’re somewhat of a bad troll.
  9. There’s this dude Goatbe Bryant. He just lives in the Texas comment sections just like Guru does here 😂 Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the same person
  10. They still try to do it now in the “Undertheradar” comment section. 😂 What I also find hilarious is how bad they want Texas to play OOS again. They should be thankful Texas stays here on account of both North Shore and Duncanville were favored over every single state champ around the nation besides the obvious select few. Carroll, Longview, Katy and even some of the 5A teams were favored.
  11. National #3, State #3, 6A #1 - State champion: Miami Central 48 (14 - 1) - Dallas Madison 6 (11 - 2) National #26, State #5, 3A #1 - State champion: Carthage 42 (14 - 2) Dallas Madison 13 (11 - 2)
  12. #1 IMG Academy 7 - St Francis 35 #2 STA 26 - Atlantic 0 #3 Northwestern 21 - Lowndes 48 #4 Miami Central 13 - St Francis 49 The top four Florida teams as of now along with their efficient offensive output. Perhaps these four may have dominated their competition a little better if they acquired a fast-tempo, sophisticated, offensive game style similar to Texas.... By the way, Atlantic is ranked three spots behind Katy-Taylor nationally. You know Katy-Taylor right? One of the “overrated” Texas teams still playing. From the looks of it, St. Thomas Aquinas may not be able to keep up with our high-volume, gimmicky offenses.
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