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  1. I like the systems they have at places like Mater Dei. More schools private and public should try to imitate the safety measures they use. I want to say the measures around here are much more watered down, and it’s probably changed since I was in school. At one point they used to lock the doors to the high schools and you wouldn’t be able to just walk in unless one of the office staff let you in. Generally, it would be either parents or school district administration members. If you were a parent, you would at least have to sign into a visitors log. We as students wouldn’t have a problem getting on campus, unless maybe you didn’t have your student ID. Again, most of the time we wouldn’t have a reason to be outside the school during school hours, unless we were having some kind of school function. Other than that, they would keep the doors locked. I think it would at least be a helpful step for schools to implement metal detectors at the entrances so these weapons could potentially be stopped at the doors. Even just that would be a start.
  2. What’s stopping something like this from happening at a private school? It already happens in Universities and everywhere else.
  3. Let it happen to one of their kids and they’ll do more than enough to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  4. It’s time for change. This happens time and time again and nothing is being done. When will enough be enough?
  5. I think I’m starting to get it now. So, this is saying black people and hispanics are responsible for the majority of the Asian hate and racism that we are all experiencing, and the media is telling us to believe it is the fault of the white people. That is interesting.
  6. Why do you have to be so mean? 🥺 Would it be too much for you to tell me when I’ve been shown to be a dumbass? Please and thank you.
  7. Try not to play into the role of male chauvinism 😌 Try not to ask if anything is real 🙄 Uhmm… If it sounds like something Redzone might say or do; think about it ☺️ Unless, you feel like playing dodge 🥄, or if you really step out of line; Dodge🍴🙂 In all seriousness, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Acting with class and dressing to impress are great guides to a first date but, if it’s all overdone and makes you uncomfortable, it’ll be difficult to make your date feel comfortable. Find the right balance. First impressions are lasting, and it’s important to remain true to who you are.
  8. I can’t understand what you’re saying. I know I speak my English broken sometimes but confusing is this me.
  9. Would that be Trump level insurmountable, or Faux News insurmountable?
  10. I think I have a great understanding of the Fox News Fax 😌
  11. That sounds like an interesting claim based on opinion.
  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was delivering to a store. Retail stores don’t play about their merchandise being on time. Time is money and they’re the, “Don’t play no games, just gimme my money” type.
  13. I’ve never felt bad for a semi-trailer before 😢 Poor truck.
  14. For one, that phrase has taken on the meaning of being seen as a cop out to denounce struggles another race has been going through; even if it was unintentionally. For example, the phrases “Black Lives Matter”, and “Stop Asian Hate” first originated to bring attention to a rising, and reoccurring instance of racially motivated killing and violence to the two races who felt like it was beginning to be socially acceptable or normalized. It’s easy to just say, “I don’t see color”, because that can easily rid the sayer of any emotional responsibility and ties to the issues that are being brought forth and proposed by the people of color that may be dealing with those very issues and more on a daily basis. Black lives matter right now is a cry out against police brutality and said police abusing their authority in the way they handle their confrontations amongst different races of people. As harsh as this may sound, they are wishing for police to treat them the same way they currently treat armed white men who have just slaughtered people. Stop Asian hate was a response to a rise in unprovoked attacks and verbal, and physical assaults due to the idea that all asians are a plague and were the cause and source of the pandemic, leading to the nation’s current predicament. After the ridiculousness that was “9/11”, the country faced a huge issue in how they viewed and treated muslims. I’m sure if social media existed then, the same type of hate that is spewed towards Blacks and Asians now, would have been seen online then. There is a lot of hypocrisy within America right now which shows a lack of knowledge in our history and how it came to be in the first place. Imagine we lived in a world where, one half of the nation’s inhabitants refused to abide by mask laws because they felt it rightfully infringed against their freedoms as American citizens. Then imagine, the same group of people that felt wronged, are the same Americans who tolerated and created a nation that infringed the rights of Blacks, Asians, Mexicans, Muslims and beyond for hundreds of years, up until 50 years ago. The mind set that one side may see, “I don’t see color”, as wonderful and the other seeing as total garbage probably majorly stems from what they’re listening to in the media. It’s just another simple and effective way to cause division. In fact, the entire political process is just a huge national division ploy. “I don’t see color” may sound innocent until you realize other people do, and the phrase is downright dismissing the importance of race.
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