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  1. I love ❤️ Mater Dei. and have nothing but respect for their program and community. In fact, I enjoy watching them just as much as anyone in Texas. Thing 2 on the other hand, not so much.
  2. No worries, We still have Thing 1 & Thing 2:
  3. D*** it you, I was in a quiet library and my phone just decided to play your video when I went past it 😡
  4. I choose Don Bosco because I believe SJR will win.
  5. Mater Dei - 10 Chandler - 9 Thompson - 8 St. Edwards - 7 St. Johns College - 6 Lovejoy - 5 Colquitt County - 4 Seminole - 3 Lake Oswego - 2 Don Bosco Prep - 1
  6. I hope all the players on SJR lose a shoe. Then they just lose the game.
  7. …and King just lost to Atascocita, so they are 6-1 too.
  8. @dntn31 @Cossacks May we have SJR included in next week’s pick’em, so I may pick against them?
  9. Okay. You have my word. I will keep my numbers to myself.
  10. If I may, it is rather simple, really. At the end of week seven, I was ahead by 7 points. [301-294] This week I won six and lost four for games 35 points, which brought my total from [301] to [336], while you won eight and lost two for 41 points, which brings your total closer to mine from [294] to [335]. So, after this week, [I am still on top by 1 point]. ☺️
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