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  1. Are you going to tell us now he was the most unfairly treated President in American history?
  2. If Longview lost, where would that go on “the list”? 🥺
  3. Does this mean everything the right says is not biased or misleading; just the truth and factual? Isn’t that something that goes both ways?
  4. I am not sure how many of you are aware of this but, that “name”, as innocent as it may seem to you, has created a lot of harm and turmoil towards Asian communities over the past year. Physical violence, Verbal abuse, threats. https://stopaapihate.org/reportsreleases/ Are you going to try and convince me it is just by sheer coincidence that a massive increase in anti-Asian attacks nationwide is currently going on after the pandemic started and names like “Kung-Flu” and “China-Virus” became the label for it? #StopAsianHate
  5. No one hates America. It would be nice if America lived to its’ title of ‘Land of the Free’. What does Free mean? From my own experience, you are “free” if you disown your own native language to speak English. We do after all speak only English here. I would believe going back to my own country and feeling unwelcome & unwanted here in America would also fit into the meaning of “Freedom”. After all, Asians have no business in America, Is this right? I do know being a “disease carrying Asian” disqualifies you from freedom automatically. So, I do know some of America’s po
  6. I think I’m just going to postpone this book of stereotypes for awhile. One week, I’m poking fun at Colorado. The next week, Winter Storm “Elsa” almost takes out Texas #StopAsianHate
  7. You know, that is interesting. I am always seeing people speak this particular naively optimistic, cliche, rhetoric but it just never seems to line up with what is actually happening here in our America. Why is that? #StopAsianHate
  8. @Frosty4024 @Yard Dart @KatyNation008 @Champa @Texasball @Texasvic @Horsefly @Texasfrog @DevilDog @State Champ @CCBlackhatter @WILKINSON @ArealPoster Texas people. Let us know you’re okay if you see this 👍🏻 Anyone else in the path of that? It seems like pretty much everyone but California and Florida 😒 Then again, they could probably use a break. #StopAsianHate
  9. He, Ted Cruz and Rick Perry should go vacationing together. I hear freezing to death to keep the Feds away sounds like a pretty decent deal. #StopAsianHate
  10. Yes, the adrenaline junkies. Adrenaline Junkie: a person with a compulsive desire for excitement and adventure. Urban Dictionary: The craziest son of a bitch you will ever meet. Will literally risk their life just because they can. It’s a relative term and I can appreciate their thrill-seeking activities but I typically see them as more of the second 😝 #StopAsianHate
  11. ..and what do Reps and Conservatives think? I’m intrigued to know. #StopAsianHate
  12. True. I have to give California that. They probably have the best ‘hot’ weather. California and maybe Hawaii. Florida can be third
  13. We have one of those. Titanic on two VHS tapes
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