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  1. I hear you say you want man feet ? Here you are, man feet 🙂
  2. You have chosen ☠️ by combat . . .
  3. As my ex Best Friend @FreeBird once said, you Hippocrate!
  4. Did not Trump spend like the majority of his term complaining about and blaming Obama for all of his own problems? It goes like this:
  5. If St John Bosco had the opportunity to play St John Bosco, they would duck themselves.
  6. Good afternoon class; Just a quick reminder that the same group of gentleman who pushed the narrative and oppose the use and concept of masks because it infringes on their freedoms as American citizens and its their choice what they do with their bodies. Just made a decision to show that we place more value over the right to own a gun then the fundamental rights of women across the country of America.
  7. I thought maybe someone had posted a picture of one in the thread 🙂
  8. You know, The more I witness the arrogance and egocentric nature of men; The more I resonate with this quote:
  9. I think we’re back on track. 😍 😏 😽 🥳 @FreeBird
  10. For this to happen, I believe UIL would first need to cut down its number of teams that come out of the 32 districts. Right now it’s 4 teams per district. The two larger enrollment schools into 6A Division 1 and the two smaller into 6A Division 2. If that number was cut to 2 teams per district, that would allow for the 6AD1 and 6AD2 winners to play each other for the 16th game to decide just one 6A state champion. My only issue with that is I believe we would see the same two teams coming out of the districts every year with no possibility for upsets or disparity in playoffs. Maybe I am wrong but I think that would mess up what makes it special as it is now.
  11. North Shore played Westlake in the 2020 semifinals 🙂
  12. They played each other last year in the semifinals.
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