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  1. Mark Levin and KennStarr both lied several times. 12’ distance shortened to 6’ for observation; votes coming in until Friday are segregated but they are a small fraction of the 43,000+ vote difference.
  2. For many it is only now that we realize our Vice President elect is a woman, a black woman. I am so proud of America!!!!!!
  3. Drudge Report who turned against Trump a year or so ago:
  4. Yes, I mailed in my ballot-at the Post Office. I’m watching this on ABC. BBC is carrying this live, too.
  5. Please, right now, click on Fox News and then click on CNN or mSNBC. Different worlds. Fox will lose a fortune when Trump is no longer in office. Again, please, right now: click on the three networks. They will speak for themselves.
  6. One more: I drove and walked around downtown Washington this afternoon and, once again, was proud to be an American.
  7. Yes, I mailed in my legal ballot almost a month ago.
  8. Fox News is not showing what is happening around America. Wilmington, DE is lifetime special right now. Turn on MSNBC or CNN. Fox is reporting a different world.
  9. I wear a mask in public. I have heart disease snd could die if I get the virus. My wife, too. We respect and fear it.
  10. Bullshit. I am a lifelong Republican of German ancestry (and whatever other crap you need to know about me). I hate liberals and burkas. But I hate Trump the most. Bravo Lincoln Project! Trump owes $421 million due in the next four years. Much of this to Putin where trump has had relationships in Russia dating to the ‘80’s. Americans have voted to remove Ztrump from office. Americans.
  11. Trump has minimized what the virus has done to us. He could care less if anyone dies from it. Rumor is that Barr has it now. Also look up Chris Christy’s opinion after spending a week in the hospital.
  12. “Trump brought peace to the blacks.”
  13. 128,000 tested positive for the virus Thursday. Did he breathe on you? I know two people who have died from it and several more who were hospitalized.
  14. GSB, your market will return next fall. Serious: back off the proTrump stuff. A lot of us (me!) are lifetime Republicans who hate Trump. I don’t like liberals, AOC or burkas either. But Trump doesn’t give a shit about you or me or anyone else. Certainly not our country. When Trump is gone you’re going to need your credibility.
  15. Putin will have an opinion on Trump and his entire family. Trump owes $421,000,000- much of it to Putin and the Saudis.
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