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  1. GSB and I are at opposite ends of the earth politically. He is also a passionate promoter of his business and some times this may seem like a bit much But he also loves hs ball as much as anyone on this board. He has also created his own market where one may have only marginally existed. Should I also mention that business aside (and the necessary need to promote those who trust him) he knows more than most on this board. Deep respect for the politically misguided GSB.
  2. I’m a DeMatha fan but FWIW I saw Mojo play Midland Lee in Ratliff stadium (late ‘80’s), Plano, Southlake Carroll (in the ‘90’s) and Marshall. Deep, deep respect for TX ball. But Massillon, Valdosta, Moeller (under Faust), West Monroe (‘90’s), Lakeland (‘90’s) would match anyone. TX is not alone with great hs ball.
  3. Thanks, ImaGoodBoyNow, much appreciated. My wife and I are essentially shut down in the DC suburbs waiting for a vaccine. We stay away from crowds, don’t eat inside restaurants and am sick of television. I have heart valve disease (moderate but eventually I’ll need a procedure) and we both have high blood pressure (controlled) so the virus could be catastrophic to us. And hs ball is shutdown in much of the mid Atlantic. FWIW I have developed a passionate love of rugby specifically New Zealand and Australian (NZ has full stadiums) and watch the streamed games on ESPN+ ($50 a
  4. I’m sorry but your post is outrageous. When Prattville, AL, Bradenton, FL Manatee, DLS, STA and many others were strong Bosco played them all in their stadiums and won. I am not a Bosco fan but I have deep respect for their past willingness to go everywhere in America and play the best teams on the road. Florida, Alabama and California have programs and traditions that can compete with Texas for Friday nights. For public schools, in their prime Manatee and Prattville were special. STA and DLS speak for themselves.
  5. Are you aware of Don Bosco’s OOS games from the past? When they were on top they travelled and played (and beat) everyone.
  6. I am also having some difficulty with this: Chuck Kyle and Iggy, St. Ed’s-I go back to the ‘80’a with some of these games. Ed’s, Iggy, Gerry Faust’s Moeller (now back to the ‘70’s) but, from my heart, Bishop Who? Don’t throw out a half century of great Ohio ball for a Bishop Who.
  7. Many on here are minimizing the pandemic. We don’t: we have two friends who died and another who went through hell. Meanwhile we wear masks everywhere we go. Absolute best wishes to the coach!
  8. https://www.maxpreps.com/m/news/zBUlt3uw4EGqSqVc2-am_g/top-100-high-school-football-coaches-of-all-time-by-win-percentage.htm Coach Lad is not # 1. Gerry Faust is not on the list. He was 178- 23-2 at Moeller with four national championships. Valdosta has two coaches. DeMatha’s Bill McGregor is #10 active, #23 of all time. Massillon’s Paul Brown only coached in hs for 8 years-was 80-8-2.
  9. Wonder if this is a a style ofcrecruiting players for spring ball?
  10. There is no identification or “feeling” for the city they represent. I agree with you: these are AAU summer games. Nothing more.
  11. Video is much better!!!! Especially when Fox News plays it. Thank you!
  12. Even Fox News would have corrected him.
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