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  1. https://www.cleveland.com/pdextra/2009/03/football_cincinnati_moeller_co.html The two best Ohio teams since Paul Brown at Massillon in the 1940’s are Gerry Faust’s Moeller in the mid ‘70’s through ‘82 (left for the head coaching position at Notre Dame after 1980) and St. Ignatius in the ‘90’s. Faust had five national championships and Chuck Kyle at Iggy had three. The Cleveland link above summarizes their runs. At one point Moeller won 105 out of 106 games.
  2. I am retired now but every year, for perhaps twenty or more years, I stayed at the Westin Poinsett in downtown Greenville and had dinner at nearby Soby’s. With afternoon appointments in Charlotte snd then Atlanta the next day I always looked forward to the Greenville stay. Falls park and the bridge above it is one of the most beautiful downtowns anywhere.
  3. FWIW I saw DM (Danny Ferry, Carlton Valentine) beat Mater Dei at Takoma Academy (outside of DC) in ‘84. Sat on the MD side. Fantastic 100-150 who came from SoCal for the game. In fact my wife and I flew from DC to CA and were married in Malibu. There’s more to this but best I stop for now. I must add this: just saw the broadcast of Montverde and Compass Prep. The top games today have nothing in common with years ago.
  4. What was Columbus’ record the year before when they scheduled the game? Hampton, VA Bethel andDeMatha’s only losses the year of their games (Servite, too) was to Moeller. Regardless, Notre Dame thought he was so good that they hired him to be their head coach.
  5. The Moeller game was the year after Faust left for Notre Dame where he took over as head coach after his incredible success at Moeller. Something like four national championships in six years and the ‘82 game was USA Today’s first year ranking teams. Moeller finished #1 and Servite #4. The game was played next to Kings Island at the adjacent 10,000 seat stadium. Servite with Beuerlein was one of California’s best teams in years. In this game they actually led through part or all of the third quarter. But Moeller pulled it out by two td’s or so. That was 39 years
  6. When DeMatha ended Power Memorial’s 71 game winning streak on their second try in ‘65 (only game Kareem/Lew Alcindor lost in hs) Kareem went into DeMatha’s locker room and congratulated them. (Three players on that DeMatha team played in the NBA.) Off topic: I have actually shaken Kareem’s hand. Twenty or so years ago my wife and I had dinner at Chinois on Main in Santa Monica. When we walked out I stupidly was not looking where I was going. Kareem, sitting at a table had his legs out and I tripped over one. I didn’t fall but he helped “catch me.” Afterwards I apologized profusely
  7. Thank you, MA Fan. Appreciated.
  8. I am 74 and remember reading about Wilt at Overbrook in the ‘50’s. I met several at Hershey who saw Wilt score 100 points in their arena. For myself Kareem is the best I ever saw and this includes the two games with DeMatha at Cole Field House. I would choose Wilt over Kobe to play against Kareem.
  9. Wilt is not a maybe. Relative to their era Wilt is one of the greatest ball players of all time.
  10. I do. My second Moderna shot is in 8 days. Everyone should care. Get your vaccine shot when you’re eligible. Wear a mask, too! You’ll be protecting others. I knew three people who died from Covid and a couple who went through absolute Hell. They were in their 40’s.
  11. Really don’t know. Actually, I’m just wondering if DeMatha played their game against St Mary’s Ryken yesterday. Can’t find a result anywhere.
  12. Thanks for the mention of DC Sports Fan. I had forgotten it.
  13. https://pressofatlanticcity.com/sports/high-school/holy-spirit-football-to-play-dematha-catholic-possibly-on-espnu-in-ocean-city/article_e3b5fcd3-892c-5411-81ce-e9ac2e0c8dab.html Hopefully most of us will have been vaccinated by then and we’ll be well on the road to normalcy. We hope! Personally I get my second Moderna shot next weekend.
  14. Yes. DeMatha plays St. Mary’s Ryken today. Schedules are abbreviated.
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