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  1. “Feels like 120” is still cooler than Palm Springs where the high today was 121 degrees. It had cooled to 114 when I took this screen shot but note the day’s high temperature.
  2. For those who have never seen 120 degrees this is the current report for Bullhead City:
  3. I’ve been in Bullhead City at 118 degrees. When you breath it feels like flamethrower is going down your throat. One day in Houston in the 90’s I was at the old Astroworld and was told it was 96 degrees and the humidity was in the mid 50% range. I was able to walk around Astroworld that day even though the wet heat was awful. In Bullhead City I remember seemingly burning my hand on a door handle. Also the steering wheel of my rental car was almost too hot to touch. 118 degrees feels like it sounds. But at Fort Mohave, Az which is just south of Bullhead City the forecast for tomorrow is a near record 121 degrees. With a 15 mile an hour breeze and a brilliant sun I cannot imagine being outdoors. Of course the virus in AZ is nightmarish so you wouldn’t want to be indoors either....
  4. I have a close friend who lives in Bullhead City, AZ. This is their weather forecast for the next four days. Not sure about football practice.
  5. My wife and I had our 24 year wedding anniversary on Tuesday. For the first 17 years I travelled 125-150 days a year including 30-40 days a year in Europe (business). My wife had her own career as a program support manager for the National Science Foundation. She is ferociously independent. In 2013 I joined her in retirement. We have been together almost every day since then including being virtually locked in 24 hours a day since the first week of March or so. I love being with her and I think (!) she feels the same about me. Perhaps the irony of this is that for all of my travel (she went with me 20+ days a year) we love sitting home but dearly miss the “option” of going out. She also has her own 55” television along with a 24 inch monitor, iPad and iPhone. And 500+ television channels. We also share the same values and, in 27 years together, have never gone to bed without resolving an argument. Also, this is important, too: that which is really important for her is typically easy for me to go along with and vice versa. But....she hates football and German soccer and doesn’t drink wine. I have half to 2/3 a bottle a day. Biggest disappointment was when she told me that she could no longer wear five inch heels.... And she can’t stand Trump either😁which makes up for a lot. I am incredibly lucky.
  6. Just saw him on television. 1300 cases of COVID in Dallas county in March and the state basketball tournement was stopped. Now there are 1300 cases EACH DAY in Dallas county. 10,000+ in the state of Texas today alone. And football has more contact. Even if games are played there would not be any spectators. There is also the probability that classes would be delayed if there are any at all. Earlier this week W.H.O. confirmed that the virus is airborne and is suspended in the air indoors for perhaps an hour or more. This has incredible implications for anything indoors. Today alone there were 70,000+ cases of COVID in the United States....
  7. Vancouver is my favorite city on earth while I’ve had more than 100 trips to Europe and have probably spent more than two years in total from all those trips all over Europe. I love it there and miss it.
  8. The yellow line is NY dating to March. The blue line and all of the lines beneath it are other American states and their explosive rise dating to late May/early June when Ttump pushed governors to open states up. Too early. The near vertical ascent of NY is matched by AZ, FL, SC, etc. America has 25% of all the virus on earth and 4% of the population. And we have Trump. They don’t. He’s killing us.
  9. And, by the way, do you know that Europe, Canada and Mexico do not want Americans to enter their countries? If we do it’s a two week quarantine. Sonorans are thanking Trump for building a wall. He saved them a lot of money! https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/08/mexico-border-towns-stop-americans-crossing-covid-19-coronavirus
  10. Look at the Drudge Report: I am being serious. Matt Drudge has turned on Trump. Just click on it tonight and look at the headlines and links. Drudge is as anti Trump as it comes. http://www.drudgereport.com You won’t believe it’s Drudge! Click on the link. READ DRUDGE!!! I don’t believe I am saying this..... Read Drudge!!
  11. Do you understand that World Health Orgsnization takes the lead in situations around the world? That Trump is spinning them because they won’t agree with him? It is criminal, unconscionable for Trump to pull us apart from them. Like NATO, like our allies, pull troops out of Germany, sidle up to Turkey, deny the Ukraine. Do you understand what Trump is doing to America? Or maybe it’s just his prejudice that many listen to? And the second amendment? Carry a semi automatic weapon in public? Trump likes this. Even though he screamed when Don, Jr. talked about joining the military (neice’s book).
  12. Trump wants schools to open just as he wanted states to open in May. Wanted 19,500 in Tulsa WHERE VIRUSES HAVE NOW SPIKED, 3,500 in a church is AZ, an aircraft hangar in Portsmouth. **Tulsa city-county health department director Dr. Bruce Dart said today that Trump’s Tulsa rally “likely contributed” to “a dramatic surge in new coronavirus cases.”** Trump doesn’t care who dies (10 secret service agents, 8 White House front people, son’s girl friendso far). Fauci is gone. Trump no longer includes him-got tired of Fauci’s honesty. And science in general. Trump who paid someone else to take his SAT. Trump, who his own sister called a “f’ing fool.” (Neice’s book). Trump doesn’t care if we all die. It’s only about him.
  13. I am a Republican-stop this “leftist” bullshit. Trump doesn’t give a damn about you, me or anyone else. He’ll kill us all to stay in office, I sincerely hope I’m wrong but there are not going to be many college or hs football games played this year-starting next month. Nobody is going to sit in any stadium without a mask. There are not going to be many who will put on a helmet and wear a mask underneath. But that’s where we are going. And sitting in a bus to go to a game? Flying on a plane? Interstate? Cross country? None of it will happen. No wonder GSB loves Trump: he’s the only chance for there to be school, much less out of town football games. I don’t think s lot on this board understand what a threat this virus is? For much of the United States you are not going to see a doctor in person or have a procedure done in a hospital.
  14. TRUTH 56,311 had the Covid virus today (a new record) we are now over three million. 20% of all those who get the virus end up with at least a night in the hospital. Most stay multiple nights to weeks. Texas added 10,000 cases today. Florida had 30,000+ in three days. Following states had record hospitalizations today: CA, TX, MS, AL, GA, SC, NC Over 200,000 forecast to die by November 1st. Then there is Phoenix and San Quentin. Trump: “we are in a good place.” His lies are killing tens of thousands unnecessarily. Trump pulled the U. S. out of WHO today. (Unbelievable) WEAR A MASK!!!! Don’t trust anyone inside without one. Outside stay away from crowds: 6 feet. Wash your hands. A lot. (I wear surgical gloves when I go into a store.)
  15. New York Times tonight: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/04/health/239-experts-with-1-big-claim-the-coronavirus-is-airborne.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage
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