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  1. We’re now over 14,000 deaths in the U. S. but unless more die than WWII-is that your goal? Or does it have to be the Civil War, perhaps more appropriate for Trump’s racism? Half million dead or so. A few hundred thousand who lose legs, arms, breasts-what have you! You expect a lot!
  2. My problem is I have seen Manatee play-in Bradenton under Kinnon. Also went to the Shake Pit (fast food hamburger/frozen custard drive in) on Manatee Avenue after a game with Riverview. Long, long time ago but that was a big deal. Manatee was also an outstanding football team that did Florida proud. IMG nearby in Bradenton would be like a sports academy opening in Valdosta or Massillon or Odessa. There’s a Manatee room on the side of the Shake Pit where all of the walls are filled with newspaper and magazine clippings from all over America. Families were in there on our visit. I heard fathers talking about their sons-another generation of their family going to Manatee. IMG will never have a Shake Pit. They will never have a second generation returning with their father to celebrate what the first generation also experienced. There are a whole lot of athletes that adults on here are promoting for what they’ll know and perhaps profit from later in life. I passionately believe they are robbing many of these teenagers of some of the best, the most memorable moments of their life. In Bradenton, Massillon, Valdosta, Odessa and elsewhere there will be second graders cheering and smiling when the Varsity seniors visit their classroom. IMG doesn’t have a classroom or a Shake Pit to visit.
  3. They are fining Manatee coaches for recruiting eighth graders. Down the road IMG is trying to steal upperclassmen from all over America. Actually why didn’t they fine IMG for the middle schoolers? Or is IMG only interested in athletes others have developed?
  4. TheMaximumHornetSting, could I add an observation to your truly gracious and generous comment? When I was 30 years old I was doing nothing with myself although I had a degree (political science-worthless!) from the University ofMaryland. I sold insurance and drove a cab part time on weekends-a carry over from what I did in college. And, essentially, I was broke. I had no idea what I wand to do and certainly no path to learn how to do nothing. Somehow, sometime I read something about a roller coaster club forming in Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA. I went and found myself overwhelmed and in love with the park, rides and enjoyed the crazy people I found. Later I found that I could read about the history of amusement parks (which had fascinated me since I was a kid) and starting spending hours each night of the week at the library of Congress where then (‘70’s) I could read the original manuscripts and books in the Stacks. This led to the National Archives and libraries in cities up and down the eastern U. S. on weekend visits. Then, having a base of information I reached out and approached people who had been significant in the industry as far back as the ‘20’s. Then I started going to see them. And I began to write about them. Sometimes I even got paid for what I wrote ! Over time I learned a great deal about the history AND the operation of the industry.. Eventually I found the blueprints of what was arguably the best roller coaster of the 1920’s (Rye, NY Aeroplane) and approached a Swiss company (major coaster builder) headquartered outside of Baltimore with the idea of rebuilding it and my having a role to help publicize it since I knew its history so well. No interest. But the presentation I made to them using old documents, tapes, photos and even bits of movies impressed them. (At the time I was also sales mgr. of a coin ops company which itself was peripherally related to the industry-I had given up insurance and quit cab driving.). They thought of me as cheap labor with an industry background and liked my presentation skills and appreciated my limited travel. Point is: I found something I loved, learned everything I could about it, then identified how I could fit into a company and then went after the owner of the company to see if I could generate interest. I am aggressive and totally full of it by nature-I like people and feel comfortable in most any situation. But again, most importantly, I learned how to knock on a door and then went after it. My whole life I worked my way into situations or bs’d into a meeting-I had to. Wait until what you start doing is in Europe and don’t speak any language other than English!) But it can be done and, at a certain level most sr mgr speak some English. Most on here could do the exact same if you really are interesting in something and believe in yourself. And, I didn’t start until 30. I retired at 70. MaximumHornetSting, forgive me because I don’t know you but is this a “path” to enter an interesting field that you would ever consider? The worst answer you’ll get is “no” and with each “no” you”ll get stronger. Absolute best!
  5. Using European soccer as an example: The virus has been catastrophic in Madrid and Milan, much less so in Munich, Vienna, Rome and, I believe, Naples. I do not believe Manchester has taken a big hit nor several other major European cities. (I’m not sure about Barcelona.) I also do not want to”jinx” a team from a second wave by saying this. But even when there is a vaccine could a player perhaps prefer to play where the virus was not as devastating? We really do not know how this will influence sports but I do believe it will have major effects.
  6. Thank you for sharing the Vancouver Sun article from ‘03. I actually know the paper and the city well having started with a Vancouver company in ‘91. I know very little about this coronavirus and wish that I knew even less. For a bit of perspective for the seventeen year old Sun article shown above here is a screen shot of today’s front page from the same paper:
  7. This was a really good thread on a depressing night. Thank you, eaglesinsider, for several superb posts as well as interesting insight. Poggi in a wifebeater t shirt put a smile on my face.
  8. Appreciate the nice words about myself. 20% of New York’s uniformed workforce are now out sick. 113,000 cases with 3,500 deaths with perhaps 2/3 of these numbers in NYC. I live in the Northern Virginia suburbs of D. C. The entire Washington metro area is forecast to see our apex in late June/early July. I was expecting late March/early April. Then late April. Now perhaps two months later. On top of this Tokyo, only two weeks ago, was still considering the summer Olympics. Tonight they just said there is a resurgence of cases in the 30* million metro area. The closures are financially devastating entire industries. And families. Realistically until there is a virus or successful treatment this is as nightmarish of an experience as the world has seen in our lifetime.
  9. I am watching video of the New Orleans convention center which now has 1,000 beds in it. Since the ‘80’s I’ve exhibited a half dozen or more times there. I’ve also been on a Board that oversaw and organized sold out shows that filled the entire Hall. Now it is filled with hospital beds. Louisiana has 12,000 cases of coronavirus with a death rate that now exceeds New York’s. For all of my own fear I know that I am not alone. I only hope that those on here who see this politically follow the mandates to stay home. This is about us. We need EVERYONE to cooperate to ensure the safety of all.
  10. I have heart disease. I am scared out of my mind of this virus. I am not ready to meet a ventilator if I get it-I am not ready to die. I have friends who feel the same way-some in theit 50’s and ‘60’s. Each of us might now leave our house a day a week. I even have a post on here about wearing a mask and gloves for the first time last week. We don’t joke or lie about that which might put us to death. I believe Chris Cuomo is the same. And his brother who I didn’t know anything about a month ago but now I trust. I also know his wife and children are upstairs from where he now lives. GSB-you post negative stuff on here daily. Six thousand people now have the virus in Bergen county. Isn’t this where you live? Literally all over the face of the earth people like you and I are dying. How else can I say this?
  11. You are an unconscionable bastard for saying that Chris Cuomo is making this up. Blueliner, a first responder, I am Ironman and thc795: I am shaking my head-cannot believe that you agree that such a heartbreaking lie is true. This is no longer about politics. It is about what is in one’s heart and soul. I am guessing that you feel you endorse, even somehow legitimize each other with your comments. But I find each individually despicable. Frightening what I am seeing on here.
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