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  1. I will not subscribe to online services. I have had extensive problems in cancellations of various subscriptions three times now and no longer participate in any of them. I will only give a credit card number for a one time charge. I will also note that many subscriptions services do not have the ability to speak to a human being Yes, I will subscribe to Verizon and several utilities and ESPN+ but I am able to reach a human if there is a problem.
  2. Freedom is now over 800 points for the year winning their state semi final today 69-14. They are being spoken of as possibly being compared to ‘96 Hampton with Ronald Curry on several message boards. DeMatha scrimmaged them in early August. Does anybody know what happened?
  3. Freedom Woodbridge’s 69-14 semi final playoff victory today is bringing up a lot of mentions of ‘96 Hampton on the vapreps rivals forum. Hampton’s semi final victory was 76-14 and their final was 51-0. It will be interesting to see what Freedom does next week in the state championship. They must know they are now being possibly mentioned with ‘96 Hampton.
  4. Apparently ND is in the market for a graduate transfer to possibly start next year. Devin Leary from NC State (former ACC player of the year who was injured part of this year) could be a target.
  5. He must have been afraid he would not start next year. Who has ND recruited or rumored to be transferring? Otherwise it is insane that he would leave Notre Dame.
  6. BigDrop


    USC’s qb, who played for D. C.’s Gonzaga, is playing hurt since the second quarter.
  7. Bergen Catholic. We drove up from DC just for the game. Also when we saw Massillon play Iggy, CB West play Parkland and Iggy play Berwick they were up and back days for the games. Massillon has a great ambience for hs ball. (Valdosta, too.). I saw the games with Tony Baucia, Chris’ dad in the late ‘90’s. Chris was still at DeMatha then. Most of my many out of town games were because my business took me all over the country and I loved hs ball on Friday night.
  8. USA Today first team for BOTH hs football and basketball. Also, the Bobby Bowden and Sporting News comments. (USA Today #2) Regardless, watch those two incredible videos and what he accomplished. A step further: in 1996 I stood on the Hampton sidelines in a game where I was literally only a few feet from where he was being tackled. I also met him and talked to him in the locker room afterwards. I saw USC’s former Gonzaga hs qb from a few feet away, Steve Beuerlein (Servite vs Moeller in ‘81 or ‘82), Emmitt Smith at Pensacola Woodham, Hiawatha Francesco at Moeller and many, many other great hs athletes. All, up close. I’ve been fortunate: I’ve seen Mater Dei three times, De La Salle (late ‘90’s-maybe ‘97), numerous top Texas teams (Southlake Carroll, Plano, Mojo (late ‘80’s when they won state), Katy) Massillon, Don Bosco, Berwick, CB West, Mt. Carmel, STA, Manatee, even West Monroe and Brockton along with Independence’s loss after 109 games to Elder. Massillon, Valdosta (against Clarke Central), Hoover, numerous PA, Ohio and other state championship games. 35 years of travelling America for business with Friday night meaning the most. All, in person! Ronald Curry is the best I have ever seen. Look at the two linked broadcast state championship videos. They are extraordinary. An incredible “find.”
  9. I am talking about a single year’s team in large part because of Ronald Curry. Hampton was an outstanding program under Mike Smith but his ‘96 team was special.
  10. Note the comment in the screen shot from Bobby Bowden: Curry was the best high school qb he ever saw. Today, Ronald Curry is 43 years old and, I believe, qb coach for the New Orleans Saints.
  11. USA Today’s final Top 25 ranking for 1996: 1. Mater Dei 2. Hampton, VA Several other national polls ranked Hampton #1 in the U. S. Below is a screen shot of Max Preps comments about the ‘96 Hampton team noting their #1 national ranking.
  12. Extraordinary video that I linked in another thread. The ‘96 Hampton, VA team with Curry is one of the absolute best ever in America. This (and ‘80 Moeller under Gerry Faust) are the two that I measure all others against. I write this as a 75 year old who travelled extensively all over America for 35 years and has seen, in person, a lot of great hs ball. Respect to DLS, MD, Iggy (late ‘90’s), Valdosta (late ‘80’s) and Southlake Carroll. But Hampton snd Curry were one of the two special teams of my lifetime. These broadcast videos include extensive commentary of their excellence. Ronald Curry, in his jr year, (USA Today player of the year) is the best hs player I have ever seen. I was fortunate to see one of his ‘96 games standing on the sidelines. The state championship game was played on one of the muddiest fields you will ever see. Actually, as I type this, I am watching the game on a 55” screen and it may be the worst field conditions in my memory. The quality of the 26 year old broadcast video is actually surprisingly good. Hampton outscored their opponents 811-97 in ‘96. They won their semi final state game 76-14. This is the complete broadcast video of that game:
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