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  1. Ten years from now IMG snd Bishop Sycamorr snd others will be long gone. If a board like this even exists most will not even know the names of the “academies” or financial institutions. Whether Mater Dei, DeMatha, St. Thomas Aquinas, Austin Westlake, Valdosta, Massillon, Bergen Catholic and others there is a great deal to be said for looking back and feeling proud of a program that still is known and still cares about who played and grew up with the school at their back.
  2. “Sycamore’s Tenth grade Marauders?”
  3. I moved from Silver Spring to Reston in ‘88 and my wife and I have retired here. She graduated from Wakefield but was born in PG hospital. We love the entire area.
  4. Fantastic video! Thank you for sharing.
  5. Ronald Curry of Hampton, VA in ‘96, his jr year.
  6. DeMatha played in CA (Woodlawn?) in ‘79. They were scheduled to play KC Rockhurst the weekend after 9/11 but the game was cancelled. I should also mention Brockton in ‘89 and ‘90 and Thomasville, NC in the mid ‘90’s. I saw Moeller play Servite at Kings Island in ‘81 when Servite had Steve Beuerlein. I also saw both years of LaRosa’s Cincinnati vs the US (“Buddy LaRosa Classic”) in the ‘80’s. I mention this because I have sincere respect for the interstate games Joe is doing (honest statement) but major OOS games date back decades with Faust’s Moeller playing everyone from Miami Christopher Columbus to Dallas Jesuit to Brother Rice, DeMatha and Hampton Bethel among others dating to ‘76.
  7. OldTerrapin, I have to ask: what years were you at MD? I go back to enrolling in the Fall of ‘64 (graduated from Silver Spring’s Montgomery Blair ‘64) and spent eight years before I finished. (Long story) I’ve also been on message boards like this since the late ‘90’s or so all using the same name “BigDrop.” One of my best friends in the early ‘60’s went to DM and I’ve followed them obsessively since ‘62, first in basketball and then saw them play Moeller in football in ‘80 at UC (I was in Cincinnati on business and a friend there suggested we see a hs game. Was shocked that DM was playing Faust in his last year.) Bill McGregor took over as head coach the next year. Forty years passes fast! I have a feeling I’m old enough to make you feel more like jailbait and less like “old.”
  8. Still remember seeing a home game at Manatee in the ‘90’s and ending up at a frozen custard drive in which was a main hang out for the school. That was a great night: it was what hs football was all about. IMG wouldn’t know good frozen custard if they tasted it. Manatee and Joe Kinnan ruled the Gulf coast of Florida. In some years maybe the state, too.
  9. Do the athletes live in off campus housing? Who pays for this? I understand ESPN will fund the one game but who will fund the others, either the travel of SFA or some kind of guarantee for the OOS teams who will visit them? Are gate receipts enough to cover home expenses as well? How many will sit in the home stands now that Poggi is no longer involved? Revenue from this? I also have an impression that SFA was in a marginal financial situation before Poggi got involved. Am I wrong? Especially after the pandemic how is their financial health without him actively involved? GC and DM present interesting alternatives for SFA athletes. Without Poggi it would seem there might be some consideration of them. Is DM on ESPN again this year? Michigan sounds like it wants a complete two year break between Poggi and SFA. That’s strong. A relationship like SFA can also be financially concerning as one gets closer to retirement. Poggi may not want the SFA kind of relationship with any school at age 64.
  10. GardenStateBaller, I have no information to support my comment above. It is just pure conjecture at best. I want to be clear about this. But, it is a serious question: with Poggi gone who is going to financially support the athletic programs of SFA? Who will pay the travel? Are the athletes mostly on scholarship? Can the school afford to carry them? How has the pandemic affected the overall financial health of SFA? GSB, you’ve spent several years building your credibility nationally. For yourself I would privately confirm that SFA is able to move forward as planned with Poggi totally breaking his ties to the school for two years as reported above.
  11. Sounds like the focus will be to keep the school open. Funding the football team may be a distant second. That’s a lot of money for 60 or more to run around the U. S. playing football especially with the emergence of the delta variant. For Poggi I found the comment about his daughter entering Michigan interesting.
  12. I am not a fan of Biff Poggi whom I have never met. But I have deep, deep respect for his accomplishments at Gilman snd SFA. As Gilman started over so is SFA.
  13. My wife and I are 74 and I have heart valve surgery in a couple of months. She has stage three kidney disease which is under control but my son in law has been on dialysis for several years. Sharing your unqualified love and being there for them is the absolute best you can do. Just holding a hand, a hug and sincerely expressing love can mean everything. Sometimes the greatest, most satisfying and comforting love is just being at their side and sharing it together as best you can. Absolute best, Sweetlarry.
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