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  1. The same player for Hamilton recovered TWO inside kicks about 30 seconds apart. Incredible. Then there was the two point conversion.
  2. At least Friendship is consistent: Gonzaga 37 FCA 0 Good Counsel 45 FCA 0 DeMatha 38 FCA 0 Does anybody know: is DeMatha’s transfer qb from Florida out for the year?
  3. DeMatha won 38-0 over Friendship. Their freshman QB was 9-11 for 112 yards and two td’s at halftime. He is gaining invaluable experience.
  4. Good post, OldTerrapin, thanks for sharing.
  5. Joe, did you note who the starting qb was for the Smyrna team that lost to BC 52-6? Cameron Edge. Who started for two years at DeMatha as a freshman and sophomore and transferred home in June to Smyrna after four stars and offers from LSU and Maryland among others. First game back as a jr, 52-6. Loss.
  6. I really do feel for Bill. I believe that every starting qb he has had dating to the early ‘80’s has been offered a scholarship. He developed the Delaware qb from when he started him as a freshman. Including the CA game against SJB which he also started. He was a legitimate four star and helped DM to the possibility of top five in the U. S. this coming year. Then a couple of weeks before the start of practice he quit DM. Bill found a really promising sr transfer from Florida’s Cardinal Gibbons who could have stepped in immediately. Then his serious injury on an early series in the first game. You cannot prepare for something like this. Two months from now DM may have come full circle (Fl qb returns or freshman gains experience) but it will have been a year that no one could have anticipated. Cameron Edge, the two year starting qb from Delaware who transferred home to Smyrna was 20-29 for 214 yards in his first game as a jr. Smyrna lost to Bergen Catholic. 52-6. The BC qb’s were 17-18 for 422 yards and six touchdowns….
  7. Imhotep knocked off Pittsburgh Central Catholic last weekend (#2 in PA). Now DM. In Delaware. And DM’s Delaware two year rising jr 4 star qb starter quit a couple of weeks before practice started then the FL transfer starter is injured and out for 6/8 weeks. Now a freshman is in there. What would DM be like if either of the first two were still in there?
  8. According to the internet DM lost to Philly Imhotep 14-10.
  9. I am posting this one last time because of several reactions above. 1. I knew two people, before there was a vaccine, that died from Covid. 2. My wife and I were in two major hospital emergency rooms almost two weeks ago in the Washington, DC suburbs. Both had small groups of people outside the hospital doors while inside there were no empty chairs. They were mobbed. Hallways behind the emergency room doors were lined with patients on gurneys because all the rooms were filled. At both hospitals. Almost everyone had Covid. We were told by a doctor that few, if any, had been vaccinated. A helluva experience that left us feeling like we could cry. The risk a person takes from not being vaccinated is tragic. And for everyone around them. Tommygun58, jserralions, Imagoodboynow, Oldballcoach: are you vaccinated? Is your family?
  10. We were married in Malibu. Our wedding night was on a boat docked in Marina Del Rey. (Long story…..) 30+ years of several weeks a year in CA. Although it was mostly business related I love where you live. They celebrated our honeymoon in the Santa Barbara harbor…
  11. I now understand that I did not express myself very well. Most of our friends are over 65 if not over 70. Or 75. A 47 year old family member who has asthma and another in his 50’s who is on dialysis. A next door neighbor my age who is diabetic. And several more including two breast cancer survivors. A lot of us are “marginal” for the commorbidities that have been specifically named. But there is also a “gray” area. My comments are really to those who have a strong consideration in that gray area. Not someone who is younger and healthy. I now realize I may have sounded like I was suggesting that and I apologize-I did not express myself very well. I meant those who are in what I am describing as a “gray” area. But if someone is older (65-70+), diabetic, heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, cancer survivor, etc. there are very few people being vaccinated in most of the pharmacies in the northern VA suburbs of D. C. right now. I am suggesting all of my “gray” examples above will be accepted as legitimate by most if not all of the pharmacists. Many of these places are only doing a handful of vaccinations right now. There are opportunities for people who genuinely will need a booster when their six months wear out and may have to wait a long time because the now near empty places will be overrun. And the five/six month drop off in protection is dramatic. I would also include in the above first responders and those in the medical profession and who work in nursing homes, etc whose six months have worn out and really need their boosters now. There are a lot in the “gray” area. We should be doing many of them now rather than letting so many opportunities go to waste. 🍷and peace.
  12. Regardless, as long as you are fully vaccinated, that is all that matters right now.
  13. noonereal, FWIW, I have heart valve disease and my wife has stage 3 kidney disease. We also have high blood pressure. All are “stable” for now but my six month echocardiograms show me close to what is called a TAVR which is a valve replacement. I mentioned above we are also 74. Still, we were not asked. (We probably look our age!).
  14. If you are fully vaccinated I apologize for the strength of my comments. I am sincere and the comments are real. Honestly, the twelve second excerpt is from an Israeli newscast (which Verizon carries on channel 610) that I taped Sunday night remembering the experience my wife and I had in two emergency rooms at what we saw. It was heartbreaking. Regardless, I applaud you for your vaccinations.
  15. For everyone reading this: get vaccinated! If you have had both shots then get the booster when it is available.
  16. 12 second video from ITV on Sunday confirming 95% effectiveness of booster shot. IMG_2863.MOV
  17. You are a liar. You are endangering others’ lives. Israel is the first to do the research. Over 70% of everyone 12 and over is vaccinated there. They are back up to 95% after the booster. From ITV the actual video. Please WATCH this 12 second excerpt from an ITV newscast on Sunday. After the suffering we saw from mostly unvaccinated people in two hospital emergency rooms last weekend I am no longer letting lies like your’s pass. IMG_2863.MOV
  18. https://www.nj.com/highschoolsports/2021/08/no-4-holy-spirit-loses-battle-against-national-power-dematha-catholic-md.html Is the NJ.com report on the game. DeMatha did this as a one day trip, riding three hours on a bus and then waiting ten hours for the game to start-late because of lightning.
  19. CDC fully approved Pfizer today, noonereal.. For all who are reading this: get the booster if you are five months out. If anyone has not been vaccinated you are endangering the health of everyone around you. Get your shots! Hospitals around the U. S. are overrun with the unvaccinated. My wife and I saw this first hand last weekend at two major D. C. area hospitals. The formal CDC unanimous approval of the Pfizer vaccine today:
  20. They do not ask any questions. They have vaccine that is going to waste. We are 74 and said age. My step son is 47 and has asthma. He said that he has asthma and they gave him the shot. All at CVS stores, all without any kind of confirmation. Age, asthma, high blood pressure-any reason ((Israeli’s are giving boosters to everyone over 12; UK over 16). Talk to the pharmacist and ask for your booster now. When this “opens up” on the 20th they will be overrun. Now, if you are five months out from your second shot go for it! Fairfax county, VA sent a text a week ago about this. In the text they noted that they are NOT asking for any verification of a commorbidity. Protect yourself and those around you. Five months. Good luck! Below: from a Israeli tv-look at the notes on the bottom of the screen. Also Biden who states five months is a possibility. And, most important: in Israel “vaccine passports” EXPIRE in six months. Go after five months! Good luck!
  21. SFA who just played in South Florida two days ago against STA is already afflicted with Covid? This is far more serious than anyone is discussing. 1. How many now have Covid on STA? 2. Fairfax county, VA, where I live, today mandated all playing hs sports to be vaccinated. (1.1 million live in Fairfax county in the Northern VA suburbs of D. C.) 3. My wife and I were in two major hospital emergency rooms last weekend because of a fractured rib. We are in the D. C. suburbs. Both had gurneys in hallways, every room filled and numerous patients waiting outside of the building waiting their turn. Covid 19 snd the Delta variant is rampant here and because of the 30% who are unvaccinated out of control. The emergency rooms were mobbed because of them. We saw this first hand and it was scary! 4. WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYONE WHO IS UNVACCINATED! Our grandchildren-13, 14 and 18 are all vaccinated with both shots. Israel is now giving boosters to everyone over the age of 12. 5. I had my Moderna booster on Friday, five and one half months after my second shot. My wife has her booster on Weds. i don’t know about SFA but the just starting hs football season is in jeopardy: get your damn vaccinations. If you do not you are endangering others. We saw the unvaccinated first hand suffering. It was heartbreaking. But they should have known it was coming. PS: to hell with SFA for not protecting their players against Covid. And endangering everyone around them
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