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  1. Im still relatively new to this National High School football thing. There is a ALOT I dont know. What I do know is Maryland High School football (DC included). Literally a couple hours ago, I spoke to the HC of a very well known program in the area. He is regular customer at my job. I congratulated him on the win last Friday. We talked about the upcoming game this week etc. Inevitably the conversation turned to Bishop Sycamore. We laughed at all the jokes, expressed concern about the kids, wondered how did it get to this point. He told me last year someone reached out to schedule his team to play BS. He called a person who I assume was the coach at BS, but it could have been just someone associated with the "school" or someone just trying to get BS some games. After 15min talking to this person he realized BS was BS. What I want to know is how he was able to sniff the manure over the course of a 15min phone call, but others could not. There are 2 logical explanations, neither are good for anyone involved in this debacle.
  2. The last time Poggi was in Ann Arbor, it coincided with his departure from Gilman. We will see if this is the same song or a different tune.
  3. Thanks for the shout out. Anyone interested in a regular old local public high school football webpage, feel free to visit our site at http://www.mocofootball.com/ . The forum address is https://mocofb.com/ We have been running since 2005 and still going strong.
  4. Cmon now, Baltimore is NOT the DMV. SFA is its own separate thing.
  5. I see reading comprehension is not your strong suit. I said I lived in Baltimore, didn’t say I was from Baltimore . GC waxed SFA in the scrimmage, a real game would have been worse.
  6. 1. Im Black. 2. I lived in Baltimore. 3. Good Counsel would work SFA. 4. Wipe your mouth, your SFA love is physically visible.
  7. Just a few minor corrections. Its wifeys money and they were kicked out of the MIAA Otherwise a quality post 👍
  8. In addition Coach Trivers was the HC at Leesburg for 4yrs before taking the Gonzaga job. Gonzaga has a history of scheduling Florida schools and I assume some of that is due to the time Trivers spent there.
  9. Separate incident. The assault occurred in the locker room while Varsity was practicing. The perpetrators and victims were all on JV. JV Coach, Principal & AD were all let go. And JV had to forfeit the remainder of their games. The entire program was put on probation oversight, which means the county will be going over everything with a fine toothed comb. Which made the illegal practice a head scratcher. EVERYONE knew they were being watched. IMO, these type of incidents have 1 of 2 results, either the program falls apart or it galvanizes them. We will see how it plays out this season.
  10. Damascus got caught having an illegal practice in the spring. Penalty was to forfeit the 1st game of the season.
  11. For some, small town HS football is very alluring. Friends & family can attend all games, home & away, the entire town comes out to support you and your teammates. And it doesn't hurt if your team is racking up state titles. I know it may sound weird , but some players/families do not want to deal with some of the things that come with playing for a National level program. Commuting an hour plus to attend class, traveling around the country for games, attending a institution that is foreign and may not mesh with ones personal beliefs etc. These are burdens some people just don't want to deal with, in high school, for a variety of reasons. He was able to earn all the offers he did without the assistance of the WCAC and he ended up in the exact same place (and in some cases a better place) than other kids in the WCAC. Breese will be graduating early and will be on campus in Death Valley early next year. In my very amateur opinion, he will be seeing significant PT no later than 2021.
  12. Breese has been a national level name for a while. As a freshman he played for Urbana (local Maryland public who has a storied history but has fallen on rough times recently). He transferred to traditional small school public power Damascus prior to his sophomore year. He could have easily played for any of the local private powerhouses, St. Johns, St. Frances, Good Counsel, DeMatha etc (and they definitely came calling). By the time he was a Junior he pretty much had an offer from every Power 5 school. Quality of competition was not how he became the #1 player in the nation. It was his performance at national camps, like The Opening vs other top prospects. And of course his freakish athleticism at 6'5" 260+. His shuttle time is already better than some of 1st round draft picks at last year's NFL combine.
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