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  1. No surprise. Cole was the expected L for the Yanks. That's why Game 2 stings so much. Ottavino looks scared of the bright lights. 2 straight games he killed us. This ain't Arizona or Colorado or wherever the hell he came from. Shouldn't pitch again this series.
  2. That's overkill. At some point you need to be able to draft players, not just keep trading to accumulate more picks. Not sure if they'll take Tua with the #1 but they should still stay at the 1 and take a franchise changer whomever that may be. Then support that pick with the other 2 first rounders in the form of line help. Then in the 2nd round they can still take more O/D linemen or CB or skill guy. 2021 - rinse and repeat.
  3. No way should they trade the potential top pick. They already have stockpiled a surplus of top picks in the next two drafts including 3 first rounders and 2 seconds in 2020. They also have multiple first rounders in 2021. That's more than enough to rebuild both lines and still keep the #1 pick. If Miami's front office has half a clue they could seriously revamp this roster in short order.
  4. Savoring this beautiful victory right now. Papa can wait.
  5. With Darnold back they're an entirely different team. They can actually score points on offense.
  6. It's Gleyber Day in October! Let's steal another one tonight.
  7. Hurts' Heisman campaign continues. That's ballgame.
  8. CeeDee Lamb is a beast. Just like Hollywood Brown last year he'll be a first rounder come spring.
  9. Played against Mike Zampieri, Rob's younger brother I believe. Used to party with him in college. Haven't seen him in 20 years. Good dude.
  10. Another Yankees farm team.
  11. Maybe he'll even take the 7 train out to Queens for old time's sake. https://nypost.com/2000/06/21/rocker-ill-be-on-no-7/ https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-2000-06-30-0006300332-story.html
  12. 405? The number of people that jumped in the Pacific after last night's meltdown?
  13. It's like what the Red Sox were to the Yankees pre-2004 😀
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