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  1. Good stuff. With all the shitty pro teams around here lately it will be fun to have a competitive college football team again. He may not win any B10 titles but Schiano will definitely make them better.
  2. He will definitely have a shot at some of those 4 stars if he starts improving things here, no doubt. Especially in Florida where he spent a ton of time. I agree that he's more of a household name now than he was then which should help somewhat although he was becoming pretty well known nationally by the time he turned RU around the first time. He was in on some good recruiting battles for a few 4 and 5 stars back then I remember in NJ, PA, FL, etc.
  3. Schiano's first go around was much better for him in the sense that he was in the old Big East and had an actual shot to actually win the conference. As Meyer said, there's no way in hell they'll ever win the B10 East nor should they. The Big 3 in the B10 East are 3 of college football's most storied and best programs. I still think Rutgers will be very happy if Schiano has them at 7-5 most years with bowl berths. That's solid footing for their program.
  4. Yup. Fu was a beast. Damn I forgot about him. Haven't heard that name in years.
  5. My good college buddy went to and played for St. Louis in the mid 90's. I moved out there from NJ for work about 15 years ago for a brief stint and got to know more about the program. Those were some powerhouse teams they had back in the 90's with nasty O Lines including standout college and pros in Dominic Raiola and Olin Kreutz.
  6. My point is the biggest factors are the school alumni and Rutgers based factions, moreso than the NCAA or the B10. The NCAA and B10 at the end of the day are just happy that they have the NY market for TV ratings and they're making big bucks off that TV deal. Getting Schiano back was mainly driven by angry pissed off rich alumni backers and powerful NJ pols.
  7. I'm sure they did but it sounds like the real impetus for change came from the big boosters, NJ pols and other alumni forces. I think the NCAA and B10 while factors, were secondary to these other forces at play.
  8. Agree. Schiano is bring brought back to get the program on solid footing, a .500 level club. That's a major step in the right direction for Rutgers and at this point that should really be the only expectation. Gotta walk before you can run.
  9. The only comparison between Rutgers and USC is their big market status. Other than that the NCAA could give two shits about Rutgers as even at their best they will never be anything like USC in terms of football relevance. This is more about Rutgers going from the abyss of bottom feeders and bringing back Schiano to turn them into a consistent 6-6, 7-5 type of program. The standards for football expectations at USC are way higher and much different than what RU could ever expect.
  10. He just came back in with the knee brace and on his first play threw a TD strike.
  11. Fields in the medical tent after getting rolled into. Comes back out with a knee brace and throws an absolute dart for a TD. Wow.
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