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  1. Go Blue! https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/best-in-college-sports-michigan-edges-kentucky-to-bring-the-2018-19-award-to-ann-arbor/?ftag=SPM-16-10abi8e
  2. Just another traffic nightmare day in and around the big city. A Union City garbage truck was the main culprit lol It was reportedly taking 3-4 hours to get over the river back to NJ earlier. Happy 4th! https://www.nj.com/traffic/2019/07/commuter-bus-service-grinds-to-a-halt-at-the-start-of-july-fourth-weekend-getaway.html
  3. Jay Z sold his ownership stake in the Nets more than 5 years ago. He has something like a percentage of a percentage point ownership in the Barclay's Center or something like that. I get all the stuff about coming back from an achilles injury, the odds being against KD post-30 and there's no doubt about that. They are being patient and getting Barrett was a good start. However being a lifelong Knicks fan, when you have a chance to bring back potential stardom to the Mecca you have to do it. There's no excuse not to. Especially when they're going to still be a bottom feeder next year anyway. Durant represented a shot to get out of the perpetual gutter after next season (risk assumed) and they passed on that in favor of what? Next year? The year after? There's no guarantee any superstars will be there for them at that time or want to express a desire to play in MSG. It's just a continued reflection of the dysfunction at the top of this franchise. Trust the process. There has to be an end goal. We'll see.
  4. This isn't about GS. This is about the the Knicks being plain stupid going in thinking they could offer him less than the Nets or the Warriors. Is he a risk? Of course. However it's a risk any team as bad as the Knicks has to take when you can have a top 3 player in the world and your roster is so devoid of superstar talent. If he busts then big deal they still have their young draft picks they're trying to build on at the same time. He's the unicorn type they had to spend on. They cleared all the cap space, moved Porzingis and targeted this summer all along to spend big. After all that, they end up with Julius Randle lol In the end he probably didn't want to come because he knows what an idiotic franchise they are with Dolan at the helm.
  5. Word just came out that Dolan wasn't prepared to offer max contract to KD. You're only getting KD for the max so why did they even bother meeting with him? Only the Knicks and Dolan can be so clueless and arrogant.
  6. DJ LeMahieu - Mid-season AL MVP
  7. And the Knicks misery lives on. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/27091242/nets-sign-durant-kyrie-deandre
  8. Little Italy in Manhattan is a tourist trap now. Still a few places but mostly all gone and watered down. You really need to go to Arthur Ave, Little Italy in the Bronx. Old school neighborhood with great Italian food, breads, meats, pasta, the works. It's a treat. From there you're already north of Manhattan in the Bronx and can get up to West Point in about 45 minutes. https://www.arthuravenuebronx.com/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Avenue
  9. That's just it though. Toronto's controlled the rhythm, pace, tempo (whatever you want to call it) for almost the entire series now. With the exception of a 6 minute stretch to start the 2nd half of Game 2 and a few other small windows the Warriors haven't been able to play at their tempo. Curry looked absolutely gassed out there last night and I can't blame him. Klay and him are getting very little help from the supporting cast and that's the difference in the series. Toronto's frontcourt of Siakam, Ibaka and Gasol have vastly outplayed GS's frontcourt.
  10. This game is over. Game 5 in Toronto could be the finale.
  11. It's Big Trouble time for GS. They need to stop the blood letting here.
  12. At this rate the series may end early in Toronto's favor.
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