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  1. The USFL (the NJ Generals with Herschel Walker and idiot owner Trump), the World League of Football in the 90's (buddy of mine played for the NY/NJ Knights), the XFL I and now the XFL II. This is just another in a long line of offseason football fails.
  2. And Lutheran won...https://www.maxpreps.com/news/6GDCBseiVE-mw9arreKu-w/andre-curbelo,-zed-key-lead-no-18-long-island-lutheran-past-no-16-sierra-canyon-at-metro-classic.htm
  3. The only chance they have of making the dance is by winning the ACC tourney. That's it.
  4. Shabazz was a state power back in the 80's/early 90's before the recruited up super teams took over. Their girls program is even better and nationally ranked often.
  5. Bingo. Very hard finding sponsors that wanted to pay to be on that outlet.
  6. Per Twitter: An American Super Bowl sponsored by Turkish Airlines? #WTF
  7. Since we're talking about coaching legends, I have to mention the late, great Jack Curran from Archbishop Molloy in Queens. Curran was the boys basketball and baseball coach at Molloy for 55 years. He was widely known to be the all-time winningest coach in the country for these two sports combined. He's been inducted into numerous Hall of Fames and coached NYC HS phenoms such as Kenny Anderson. He was an equally good person as well. https://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/15/sports/jack-curran-a-mentor-in-two-sports-dies-at-82.html
  8. Here's a cool interactive map detailing the history of NYC basketball: https://nycbasketball.nba.com/index.html# The map is shockingly comprehensive, covering everything from storied high school teams like Power Academy in Manhattan and Christ the King and Archbishop Molloy in Queens, to the hospital where Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn. The map does not just note those who had success in the NBA, but also those who made their names primarily on the city's vaunted public courts, like Pee Wee Kirkland and Earl "The Goat" Manigault. With write-ups on players and highlight videos.
  9. Kobe tried to throw Shaq under the bus when they were winning titles. Shaq's personality and character got the best of Kobe on that one though as he's always been more likeable. They would've won at least one more had they stayed together, probably more. Too bad they couldn't overcome their egos and personal bs. That said, Kobe was a stone cold assassin on the court and an all-time great.
  10. There was no protocol legally or association wise in the case that I referenced. That is why the ref got suspended. How many fucking times do I need to repeat this? Damn you are pigheaded and dopey sometimes.
  11. Lol it's unreal. The dumbing down of this country is strong, real strong.
  12. That had nothing to do with my post though. Totally non-pertinent. That's all I'm saying.
  13. Know what? Do you even bother reading posts before responding? I said the ref was punished for 2 years for telling the kid to cut his hair. What about that are you trying to dispute? If you're not then I have no idea what you're responding to.
  14. Another interesting nugget is that Wootten and Hurley never played one another in all the years that they both had powerhouse squads and being only a 4 hour drive away. Their teams both participated in several of the same tournaments over the years yet never once matched up against each other. #Respect
  15. LOL Your handle suits you well. Nothing I said was untrue. WTF are you responding to and why are you directing it at me? Clearly I hit a nerve and you are going off on a tangent for some reason unknown to me. I don't give a shit if you live next door to this kid. The ref got punished for a reason. If you don't like it tough. What I stated was fact. Your rant sounds like it's personal. Talk about butt hurt. Your are the definition of a TROLL.
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