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  1. As a Texas fan it's fine with me. Haven't heard good things about his attitude and work ethic. No doubt his talent is unmatched, but happy with the players UT has committed.
  2. They tried to cheat, they got caught. At least he seems like he's trying to move on.
  3. https://youtu.be/-OkP98Dwis8 Almost time
  4. Fun article for the doomsday "football must change" folks. http://footballscoop.com/news/study-cte-found-people-no-history-contact-sports/
  5. Ya man sure thing, the Pac 12 is absolutely crushing it in college football. 1 playoff appearance, trash bowl record, bottom of the food chain in revenue. Hats off stuff there fellas.
  6. Except he already made his decision.... Or are you in camp coddle where poor little Horace Jr. misses mommy and daddy and is feeling homesick about beach time with JT Daniels and Amon-Ra St. Brown?
  7. Since high school is over for him I can say it fairly. What a pu$$y b*tch lol. No wonder the Pac is soft AF.
  8. There was a strong dose of sarcasm in my post. I'll try to make that more obvious next time. No apology necessary! Great minds think alike.
  9. I hope California diva Justin Flowe decides to live in Austin after high school.
  10. Why do Florida/$ec fans credit Tebow with 2006? He threw for 358 yards on the season.
  11. You shouldn't steal posts.....
  12. Ummmm How are y'all completely disregarding 1983 Daingerfield? Best defense to ever step foot on the field in my opinion. Zero defensive or special teams points allowed in 16 games National record 14 shutouts 76 defensive points scored PF 631 PA 8 8 points allowed all season 6 points on a pick 6, two points on a safety snapped over the punters head.
  13. So now with all of that data I think we can come to the conclusion that yes better helmets will marginally improve the rate of concussions. However I believe all of the above info has a far greater impact on rate of concussion then helmets. But you start changing and taking out all that stuff now you're changing the game completely and watering it down which will have unimplied consequences. Whether y'all want to admit it or not, violence is what get most fans' attention. You take that out of the game and fan interest will wane. Once that happens all those scholarships you think all of these players are entitled to will dwindle. Every action has a reaction. Here's the answer in the most simple form. Football is unsustainable to play without the risk of concussion.
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