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  1. I posted their college stats, I picked a lot of names off of memory of them being good and also the Butkus award winners list.
  2. Because I used actual data since those kids have actually played college snaps. Sure the newer guys might have stars attached to their names, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're gonna pan out. As you can see, the first string is actually pretty damn good. But after that first string there is a major drop off. A starting DL isn't playing every snap of a game..... c'mon man, such a homer smh.
  3. I mean I just said he's a good player. Just the amount of hype he got you'd think he was the next Butkus, Lambert, Urlacher..... Maybe he'll become legendary as a pro.
  4. That's nothing special tbh. Derrick Johnson 458 tackles in 40 starts at Texas Paul Posluszny 233 tackles in 25 starts at Penn State Te'o Laurinaitis Kuechley Smith Among others all have better numbers than Moses. He's a good player and all, but this kid was being hyped as an 8th grader......
  5. Moses hasn't lived up to the hype. He's good, but not the phenom everyone hoped he'd be.
  6. Just for fun I used Mater Dei for this study. I used players from 2015-2018 (four recruiting classes that have actually played CFB) Here's the conclusion. QB JT Daniels 5 * (USC) Career 2,672 yds 14 td's and 10 ints (would rank 24th in passing in the FCS) CO 2018 RB From 2015-2018 there isn't a single recorded NCAA stat for a RB from Mater Dei..... WR Osiris St. Brown 4* (Stanford) Career 8 Rec 204 yds 1 TD CO 2017 WR Aman-Ra St. Brown 5* (USC) Career 60 Rec 750 yds 3 TDs CO 2018 TE Kyle Penniston 3* (Wisconsin) Career 16 Rec 176 yds 4 TDs CO 2015 OL Addison Ooms NR (Cal) 36 career starts Rimington watch list CO 2015 OL Frank Martin 4* (USC) Has not played in career CO 2016 OL Tommy Brown 4* (Alabama) Redshirt CO 2018 OL Chris Murray 4* (UCLA) 12 starts as fr. CO 2018 OL Kekaniokoa Gonzalez 3* (Boise st) played in 1 game CO 2018 DL Olive Sagapolu 3* (Wisconsin) 26 starts 61 tkls 10 TFL 6 sacks CO 2015 DL Austin Faoliu 3* (Oregon) 23 starts 64 tkls 4 TFL 3 Sacks CO 2017 DL Andrew Faoliu 3* (Oregon) 1 start 3 tkls CO 2018 DL Samuela Tuihalamaka 3*(Oklahoma St) Redshirt CO 2018 LB Ben Humphreys 4* (Duke) 273 tkls 9 sacks 36 starts CO 2015 LB Curtis Robinson 4* (Stanford) 23 starts 36 tkls CO 2018 LB Solomon Tuliaupupu 4* (USC) No stats CO 2018 CB Quentin Lake 3* (UCLA) 21 GP 75 tkls 2 ints CO 2017 CB Jalen Cole 3* (Montana St.) no registered stats CO 2017 S Xavier Bell 3* (Arizona) 1 start 10 tkls CO 2017 S Roman Kafentzis (Boise St.) 1 tkl CO 2017 ' Surprisingly a lot of talent, however there is absolutely zero depth. This team would beat bad teams, but wouldn't be able to go 4 quarters against a top 25 FCS school. Top 10 D2, National title contender D3.
  7. As a Texas fan it's fine with me. Haven't heard good things about his attitude and work ethic. No doubt his talent is unmatched, but happy with the players UT has committed.
  8. They tried to cheat, they got caught. At least he seems like he's trying to move on.
  9. https://youtu.be/-OkP98Dwis8 Almost time
  10. Fun article for the doomsday "football must change" folks. http://footballscoop.com/news/study-cte-found-people-no-history-contact-sports/
  11. Ya man sure thing, the Pac 12 is absolutely crushing it in college football. 1 playoff appearance, trash bowl record, bottom of the food chain in revenue. Hats off stuff there fellas.
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