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  1. JV is mod squad for MD...Freshman is true barometer for things to come in Trinity League.
  2. #3 is still pretty good, if you like Sprite and going to an all-boy school. If you’re curious..here’s good read on what it’s like to be apart of a #1 vs #2 conversation. https://www.maxpreps.com/news/H55ayJpVK0O13gdwXeSp4Q/how-mater-dei-vs-st-john-bosco-became-high-school-footballs-hottest-rivalry.htm
  3. Come on Nick, give the BG guy a break...no need to rub salt in old wounds. BG was a great team coming off a 3-peat and were pretty competitive that 1st game; especially compared to MD’s other competition on (arguably) one of the best HSFB teams ever. Here’s just ONE reason to take the high-ground...remember MD’s 1st two games vs. De La Salle during the crazy DLS streak? Carbon-copy of MD vs BG...Top ranked teams, National TV, win streaks on the line... Egos shattered. Similarly, 1st game was close w/ MD tying it @ 21 late only to lose 28-21 w/ a huge Lienert strip sack in the
  4. I saw DJ play in-person on the field when he shredded every single player on MD’s roster. This is a HSFB forum, dick. Stay on topic.
  5. Ya’ll clearly missed the point. Did I mention anything about college? Nope. I don’t think anyone here is debating who is #1 this year My question was, how would any TX HSFB team stop BY this year and and whose offense would you like to see battle the best defense assembled out of CA in the last 10 years. No need to get butt-hurt. Put on your big-boy shoes and make an argument.
  6. You sound kinda like Trump. Recorded call and proof in the face, double-down and point somewhere else. Folsom loses, now might be a good time to zip-it, double down talking about legendary practices...that btw, is what got you where exactly?
  7. I do know (there’s two in 5a and one in 4a off the top of my head). The point is who do YOU think could do it and how/why? I can’t argue both sides, but I can relate to yours. Listen, I know it’s hard having to justify yourself and much easier to just stay at home in your bubble. If you don’t want me here, don’t comment on MD and I won’t respond.
  8. Hmmm...you know, that’s exactly what I’d say if I was scared and perhaps insecure. Attack the poster not the content when you feel vulnerable. Go offline and climb back in that bubble or smoke more of that reefer, THC_whatever.
  9. I live in TX + follow FB out here and went to MD, nimrod.
  10. We can debate till we’re blue in the face who’s better this year; MD/Bosco vs. TX 6A contenders..but the conversation is moot (ain’t gonna happen). And on a personal note, thank your lucky star Texas you didn’t have to play Mater Dei and Bryce Young (would love to hear how any TX team has the ‘right scheme’ AND personnel to stop him). That aside and fact BY is gone next year, I for one would love to see MD play the best Texas Offensive team the great state has to offer next year. Because, if think MD offense is loaded this year, their Defense will be WORLD BREAKER HULK next year (le
  11. Finally found him...if only coach had put him in we coulda won State!
  12. Epps should go to Bama with Bryce like Amon st Brown w JT. D1 talent, connection w BY and could thrive in the slot as 2/3rd option with solid O-line finding ways to get open.
  13. Sounds like more confidence in run-game than kicker...
  14. Hate to beat a dead horse, add fire to flame or less worse quote myself😂👆🤣... ...THIS IS WHY NOBODY CARES ABOUT FOLSOM!! https://www.sacbee.com/sports/high-school/article237513464.html 🐎🥊 🔥➕🔥 🐎🥊 🔥➕🔥 🐎🥊 🔥➕🔥 🐎🥊 🔥➕🔥
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