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  1. But Dr. Fowchee said we didn't do that? it's from a fish bat or something else in a market. The fact that the gain of function work was happening in that city was purely coincidental
  2. It is in this case which is all that really matters.
  3. I was vaccinated in November 2019 from Wuhan 1.x. I base my medical decisions on risk/benefit. If you have had it you have no benefit from vaccination.
  4. More so in the vaccinated. But, they don't report that pesky little detail. Everyone I know that has been vaccinated has gotten covid and been "sick" for a few days. Everyone I know that has not been vaccinated and recovered from previous covid that is re-infected has almost zero symptoms or very mild like sniffles or the cough. This is also supported by the data. I'm in the field and can see the data and talk with the clinicians.
  5. Which is more likely due to the virus mutating to a much more infectious and less lethal strain. But, that's what virus do. They want to live, so, they find ways to get more infectious and that means they become less deadly. The vax is safe and effective at increasing the profits of Pfizer and Moderna
  6. never wrestle with pigs. you get dirty and the pigs like it.
  7. I don't understand why IMG didn't keep running the ball. we were getting worn down with Cain and Sanders pounding us.
  8. never wrestle with pigs. you get dirty and the pigs like it.
  9. They already asked Rollo about it weeks ago. he said he wasn't going to make any comment as there is pending litigation. That is standard operating procedure for anyone in any lawsuit. you don't talk about it. has nothing to do with guilt or innocence. OC Register press know this. But, they still say "Wow, they won't comment there must be something they are hiding"
  10. until 10 years ago bama was a ground and pound team. not enough QB production to get the attention.
  11. Redzone is a F'n troll. Posting stuff on here gets him his "Oh" face. Hope he has some tissues
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