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  1. Dabo has a month and a real qb. Clemson by 17
  2. named after that bean dead fuktard…😫😨
  3. Well there isn’t a whole hell of a lot anyone can do about that. They’re not in the same classification so they won’t end up playing each other. If the teams don’t schedule a game, we’ll just have to debate who is better.
  4. Imagine how good these playoffs would be if Lakeland, Venice, Jones, Homestead, STA, Jesuit, etc were all in the same class?
  5. 181pl


    He did fumble at the 1/2 yard line. 😄
  6. I don’t think they care about 4M.. Who would beat them in 4M? They would dominate 2M with the exception of Miami Central, And that would probably be a pretty good game with the outcome changing from season to season. I think Saint Thomas keeps their numbers where they do not to avoid competition, but rather to play the best. For years they were playing, Lakeland, manatee, plant, Venice, etc. They certainly weren’t hiding from Central Florida or Miami Columbus
  7. This. MD beating BG in very good game was impressive. SJB over depleted Allen not so much. The Bryce Young MD teams beat this version by 28.
  8. 181pl


    To me the better measuring stick is the defensive backfield. The Bucs were absolutely terrible. Although we had an infusion of talent through some good drafting, Bowles coached that defense up to be one of the best in the NFL from front to back. He gets the most out of his defensive talent. However, he reminds me of another great defensive minded coach we had, Tony Dungy. Just could never get the Buccaneers offense going. IMHO, Bowles is an excellent DC but not really meant to be a head coach. But he can scheme on defense and takes advantage of his defensive talent.
  9. 181pl


    IF Lincoln Riley can monopolize the talent in LA and OC like Miami monopolized Dade County for a while, nobody will beat USC.
  10. 181pl


    Bucs defense was fairly pedestrian when he arrived. He’s solid.
  11. 181pl


    I agree he needs better defensive talent. USC has had great defenses before. Home of Ronnie Lott, Junior Seau and dozens of other all pro defenders. The talent is in his backyard, he just needs to go get it. And he needs a good DC.
  12. 181pl


    BTW, I don’t want you California guys to be confused. I root for USC. I have since I was a little kid. Why? I don’t really know, but probably because John McKay came to coach the brand new Bucs. My first exposure to football. My Dad told me about the great USC teams that McKay coached. USC was then being coach by John Robinson who would put together some great squads. This was the dawn of the Charlie White / Marcus Allen- Heisman Trophy era.
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