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  1. 181pl


    They look terrible. DJ is a very mediocre QB
  2. lsu Should not fire Coach O. He is still a hell of a recruiter and a pretty decent coach. This season is already lost so there’s no reason to fire him now. Let him play through it and see if the team improves.
  3. F*ck sh*tty Alabama and the front running morons that support them...
  4. I don’t know what it is with you. You definitely have some acumen in your analysis. But then you make statements like this and just come off as vindictive and silly. Venice is an excellent football team. Are they as good as fake super recruited up Mater Dei? No. Can they beat anyone in Florida on any given day maybe with the exception of IMG? Yes.
  5. cant judge a state based on private recruiting factories. as i said in another thread, hs football has turned into hs basketball. sad state of affairs at the top that not many people care for or see as genuine any longer. enjoy empty titles against outclassed opponents.
  6. At least we know the answer to the thread question now. The answer is NO. I’m not anti St. X. I’d love for a real school like St. X to beat the MDs and IMGs of the world. Just not realistic anymore. And MD is a real school with a great, great coach. But it has the benefit of having the best players in a pool of 20 million people come to their school (or Bosco).
  7. Bill and rain f'd up the TB offense. Brady sailed several passes in the rain to guys that were open or who had a shot at catching the ball. The receivers had a few drops and also weren't running routes correctly. Horrible day for the passing game. But great job by that upright...
  8. So Luke Kuechly and Lavante David are a wash. Both multiple pro bowls. Lavante David might be able to put a second Super Bowl ring next to his name this year. So the next comparison is your ivy leaguers vs. Shawn Spence? Come on. But to make amends, I will admit that Northwestern would not blow out St. X. But I would favor them probably by 14 points. Too many Jimmies and Joes on MNW. You can only make up so much with the X’s & O’s.
  9. 💯 There are realistically only a handful of recruiting juggernauts that can now be considered for a natty. This is what I did not want to happen in high school football. It’s been turned into high school basketball. Which is terrible. Outside of MD, Saint John Bosco, IMG, Saint Thomas Aquinas, BG, a super successful NJ private or DC area private, or an undefeated and totally dominant Florida, Texas, or Georgia big school state champion, nobody has a chance. And thats BS.
  10. Were they as good as the 2007 squad? LOL
  11. You have no argument so you have to resort to name calling. Extremely convincing. I’d say that MNW had an edge at quarterback receiver running back and db. They also had Sean Spence at linebacker. Luke Kuechly is all-time great, but Sean Spence was no slouch especially at the high school level. X probably had an edge in the kicking game and probably executed their playbook more precisely.
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