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  1. Actually thrilled about this. One, because I like SC, and two, because this keeps Urban Meyer on the market. Maybe Florida state can scrounge enough pennies together and convince him to come coach. Probably get the death penalty afterwards but it would be worth it.
  2. The state is living on reputation alone. Outside of St Thomas and IMG and maybe Lakeland, Florida does not really even have one legitimate top 100 team right now. Looks like Edgewater, Columbia and a couple others are also having decent years, but I'm not sold on them as top 100 teams in the country. Dade appears to be way, way, way down. They are getting their asses handed to them in every big game. The Tampa area is terrible. We have two or 3 legitimate teams. Armwood and Tampa Bay Tech. Maybe Lakewood. Tech and Lakewood have never proven it in the playoffs however. If they get to the third round it's a miracle. The rest of our area is pure garbage.
  3. Look at these AP rankings. There are almost no dominant teams. http://www.theprepzone.com/2019/09/18/2019-ap-high-school-football-state-rankings-week-5/
  4. Yes, I see you also watched the Bowden Dynasty on ACC network...
  5. BTW, the last incoherent rambling part of the last sentence was due to my phone picking up talk radio and adding it in 😂.
  6. Shows you how effed up this idiot really is. This guy shouldn't be walking the streets much less playing in the NFL a lot no it wasn't you know much like back in the day when I was all about
  7. No, Armwood and Edgewater would roll Plant City the same way Lakeland did. They are not a bad local team, but they are no threat at the state level. They just ran into a tough early schedule, much like the plant Panthers.
  8. Armwood is no slouch. Lakeland has to run into them at some point.
  9. We all know L's schedule is weak but they aren't in a position to play multiple oos bc they are a public school. Too spensive mang. But STA can.
  10. STA has a weak schedule traditionally. Get over it. But....STA is the one school in FLA that could actually schedule 3 or 4 national games and probably host at least two of them. Line up MD, IMG, SFA, etc. Not saying STA would lose. But we cant know unless the games are played. Some years a state title is an empty accomplishment for a team that has the potential of an STA
  11. And these teams have to pull teeth to get games scheduled. IMG has THREE home games this year. SFA booted out of their league. These teams have monster schedules this year. So do MD and SJC.
  12. Lakeland's schedule sucks too! Compare these schedules to any team appearing in the top 5 nationally.
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