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  1. Ehlinger is gone after this year. Why would he leave now when he can compete for the starting spot next year?
  2. This B-Dale team was not physically impressive along the lines. In the past, they've had some HUGE lines, but this year they were smallish. I don't think Edgewater is a great team this year either. I think the best teams in the state (outside of IMG) are probably STA, Seminole, Central, and AHP.
  3. 181pl


    Can they beat AHP? They have a pretty legit quarterback and what looks like a pretty good wide receiver corp. I know they won't have faced the athletes that they'll face from ahp, but they hung well with a very talented Jones team. And pulled away when it mattered.
  4. I had a really busy week. If I had a lot of time to think about it I might have reached out. Who knows.
  5. I see Aquinas winning, probably 42-27 ish. Will be a fun game. I tried getting tix on the GoFan app as early as Monday and I don't think they ever released them to the app (only way to buy, probably other than directly at the schools).
  6. 12 teams. Four teams get a bye in first round. Said this for over a decade.
  7. They deserve a top 5 ranking for sure.
  8. To be fair, the NCAA should delay the playoffs and the major bowls for a least two weeks. Let the conferences hold their championship games in early January to give teams two open weeks to make up games lost. Also, this would allow a team like BYU, which seems to be pretty damn good, to schedule a few power 5 opponents (they had 7 lined up and all canceled on them, and their schedule had to be filled with Sun Belt and Conf USA teams). NCAA can hold conference championships on January 9th. Playoffs take place on the 16th. National Championship game can take place on Monday the 25th.
  9. JT Daniels is their best prospect. This isn't about race. Carson Beck is their next best prospect. Mathews will find a place. Hope he considers the Seminoles. He could go down there and start immediately.
  10. Love to go to this. But I'm all driven out after a weeks trip to NC and driving all around the Smokys.
  11. Fraud and Georgia are synonymous. Just ask the Bullfrogs...
  12. How long until the Communists force their senile, pedophilic candidate to resign? Or if we won't resign, how long until he is ousted by the 25th Amendment? He may not make it to inauguration....
  13. Pulling for UF and ND, but I'm not eggzaclee full of optimism....
  14. these leftist pussies really don't care. It's just a negative talking point for them to harp on. they should just get in a circle and shoot each other, probably be a better outcome for them in the long run.
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