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  1. OK fairy princess. This isn't a transgender Disney movie. This is the ruination of the world economy unfolding before your very eyes...
  2. You are one of the most ill-informed posters on this board. When a president tries to handcuf the energy industry in his first two weeks in office through executive order this is what happens. When you suck the dick of the far left and embrace stupid policies, you get stupid results. You go from $2.00 gas to $5.00 gas. He's equally inept at handling record setting and income shattering inflation. What does he do? He blames the people who are not in charge. Just admit how dumb you fools were about this moron who is simply a puppet for the cabal. They are enslaving you more and more every day through fear, limiting your freedom of expression, and limiting your economic options. You are at their mercy.
  3. WOKE LOSERS.. Trump's world NEVER INCLUDED $5.00 gas, super inflation, food shortages, goods shortages, and the highest inflation ever. You guys are pathetic idiots!!! No offense.
  4. Losers, covid is over for the most part and the vaccines didn't do shit to stop the spread because you can still infect others even if vaccinated. Ivermectin is a good early treatment option and time will bear this out.
  5. F'in Morons. How do you like super inflation, $5.00 gas, supply chain disasters, and being a disgrace on the international stage. You get what you pay for. Enjoy the next three years. F&cking idiots....
  6. you can make an open division for public schools. But it’s easier for a state association to administer a public school than a private school. A private school can always go tell a stated ministration to go f itself and schedule other privates only. A public school does not have that luxury
  7. All private schools have to recruit to remain open. This has finally transalted to athletics. That's why you have to separate them.
  8. They are definitely the most fearless team in the country. They will play anybody anywhere anytime and usually have a pretty good result
  9. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying watching liberal morons like Atticus overreact and claim that nothing is being accomplished by Durham. It’s comical. Keep your head in the quicksand buddy. That’s where it’s been forever anyway
  10. Be patient like Durham. Democrat Party is rotten. And Republicans are spineless. About sums it up. Sad.
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