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  1. Ducking FL. Bishop doesn't fair well against FL.
  2. Maybe that will confuse the youngTiger??
  3. And don't get me wrong, we've all had issues with Los, but it's just part of the board. You move on to the next topic. ..
  4. The only person Los loves to troll is pops. But even they go back and forth and have intelligent conversation occasionally....
  5. Trolling gets very worn out. Time for some members to grow up a little. Having a legit beef, post by post, is fine. These places exist for debate, info, trash talk, etc., but constantly trolling one person is dumb. Just my 2 cents...
  6. Those things may dip into the vast recruiting budget for SJB. Don't expect a repeat...
  7. I'm an Xer. Boomers stopped in 65
  8. No. Born at the end of '68
  9. If you still support Democrats after the last few years G-d help you. I'm all for euthanizing each and every one of you out of public office for eternity. Shameful, disgusting, scumbag coward pieces of shit.
  10. She's a disgusting piece of sh*t. If she got hit by a bus today most of humanity would celebrate.
  11. But if not them, then the 49ers!
  12. Still good enough. The should set up an OOS with Bama or Leeeezziannna
  13. Tragic loss for humanity. Good dude. Great player. Great Dad.
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