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  1. But the homo blm riots aren't?😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
  2. Enough said! Trump drew about 500 times the crowd as Biden.
  3. Clearly the Republicans win the ground game. But with 4 years of concerted media effort to defeat Trump, this should be a very close race. The MSM hides so much info on the Bidens and puts whatever it can out against Trump. You are living in 1984 and big brother owns your ass if you know it or not.
  4. BLM is a racist shallow useless organization that glorifies mostly lawful killings of criminals who are in the midst of committing crimes. You're a dumb piece of s*** if you support blm.
  5. Wow. Big logic from your tiny brain. You calling me a racist is as effective as me calling you a f****. You're just throwing out words. What's racist is New York City allowing black lives matter to destroy their city and riot in the thousands. Yet they call a few Hasidim congregating for a wedding or religious service, which is their constitutional right, a super spreader event? All the blm riots are not constitutionally protected the second at crime is committed, which is about every second that one of those lousy, laughable events occurs. They are crimes and you're a dumb f****** liberal.
  6. I'm sure they feel a whole lot better than the people who had their head sawed off with butcher's knives or who were burned alive in cages. Also they feel better than the people that were burned alive in buildings and discos, or on buses. Again apples and oranges. You are smarter than your comments.
  7. You are desperate. You know the polls are fake and that Biden is a joke. Just stop embarrassing yourself...
  8. Wow, your liberal racism and low intelligence is really showing. Hasidic Jews are not terrorists and don't go around cutting people's heads off, bombing discos, flying planes into buildings, bombing busses, bombing barracks, bombing markets, burning people alive in cages, etc. etc. You are a fucking moron and should be banned from ever posting here again....
  9. So sadly, where is this headed? Could be a good vs. evil confrontation with your own American brothers who were bamboozled and filled with hate by Leftists.
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