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  1. Love to go to this. But I'm all driven out after a weeks trip to NC and driving all around the Smokys.
  2. Fraud and Georgia are synonymous. Just ask the Bullfrogs...
  3. How long until the Communists force their senile, pedophilic candidate to resign? Or if we won't resign, how long until he is ousted by the 25th Amendment? He may not make it to inauguration....
  4. Pulling for UF and ND, but I'm not eggzaclee full of optimism....
  5. these leftist pussies really don't care. It's just a negative talking point for them to harp on. they should just get in a circle and shoot each other, probably be a better outcome for them in the long run.
  6. You should consider a lobotomy.. less painful then your miserable existence?
  7. Dalvin's a pretty good back isn't he? I wanted the Bucs to draft him, but they took OJ Howard.
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    Don't count out Armwood bc their defense can rise up and shut a lot of people down. But I agree that B-Dale is a pretty complete team You have to be above average in all three phases of the game to compete with STA.
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    So does Venice, Bloomingdale, Edgewater, or Armwood have the horses to beat STA in 7A?
  11. Yappi is still a thing? Haven't been on in years. I'll check it out.
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    .500 record? Tru-Prep (is that even a thing?) gave them a tough game and they lost to Gibbons. They'll likely school DeLand but cannot be considered favorites against AHP. Very interesting year.
  13. Voted last Sunday @ early voting then waived Trump flag for two hours, along with assisting local State Rep and local Property Appraiser candidates. The voting took less than 5 minutes.
  14. But the homo blm riots aren't?😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
  15. Enough said! Trump drew about 500 times the crowd as Biden.
  16. Clearly the Republicans win the ground game. But with 4 years of concerted media effort to defeat Trump, this should be a very close race. The MSM hides so much info on the Bidens and puts whatever it can out against Trump. You are living in 1984 and big brother owns your ass if you know it or not.
  17. BLM is a racist shallow useless organization that glorifies mostly lawful killings of criminals who are in the midst of committing crimes. You're a dumb piece of s*** if you support blm.
  18. Wow. Big logic from your tiny brain. You calling me a racist is as effective as me calling you a f****. You're just throwing out words. What's racist is New York City allowing black lives matter to destroy their city and riot in the thousands. Yet they call a few Hasidim congregating for a wedding or religious service, which is their constitutional right, a super spreader event? All the blm riots are not constitutionally protected the second at crime is committed, which is about every second that one of those lousy, laughable events occurs. They are crimes and you're a dumb f****** liberal.
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