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  1. SLIDERS!!!..... from a few decades ago.
  2. This is not going to be a problem from the logical standpoint. We have chargers popping up everywhere just as cell phone towers did. We also went through this with diesel stations where all of a sudden they were in abundance. Electric cars have penetrated the Ca. market to where every time one travels, they are commonplace to see. If charging is performed between midnight to 6AM the impact to the grid, while still a factor, will be minimal. The bigger issue we face is that the governor wants to get an EV tax pushed through. It will be steep just as our ridiculously high gas tax is.
  3. After researching Trump in-depth, it is clear to me what an absolute conman he really is. Like you, my head was in the sand for many years until I finally woke up and started to notice how things, particularly where we live, have been steadily deteriorating. Several decades back, our state was imo hands down, the most spectacular place to live in the entire country as shown by the immense immigration to it... not by foreign nationals but... from New Jersey, New York, Chicago, Cleveland and numerous other metro areas throughout the country. We had it all: great weather year around, natural unrivaled beauty, freeways that actually worked, businesses both large and small that had unlimited potential for growth... of which most did... reasonable taxes of which our general public had a say and exercised that right... proposition 13 being one example. We had a population where someone would wish you a good morning and really mean it... then one day, like many others who had their head in the sand, I woke up and recognized that a great deal of California's appeal was gone. Most of the positives listed above dissolved into garbage that many are now fleeing, mostly by the gradual acceleration of corruption at both the local and state levels while most of our heads were buried... permitting our current problems to grow and fester like a bad cancer. I am given to believe that Biden would like to emulate California as somewhat of a model for the direction he wants to take the whole country. Looking at several of his key administration choices show... at least to me, that should be an accurate belief... so I would caution anyone, regardless who they voted for, not to get too comfortable and keep their heads out of the sand.
  4. Before anyone tries to make an assessment of Trump's legacy, I would suggest reading several books, all of which present thoroughly documented facts about the man and his term in the presidency. The making of Donald Trump... Author: David Cay Johnston It even worse than you think... Author: David Cay Johnston Fear... by Bob Woodward Rage... by Bob Woodward The Russia Hoax and Witch Hunt... both by Gregg Jarret Trump... The greatest show on earth: Author: Wayne Barret Having read these books in the order I have shown; has given me a much better understanding of why he is behaving the way he is now ( post election ) as well as how everyone coped with the Oval Office dysfunction.
  5. I posted some time back that while I disliked Newsom as our governor, I had to give him pops for how he initially handled the virus. Well that just goes to show how much we think we know, yet once the facts actually play out, one can be be more ignorant than he or she thinks. The fact is that it has been more of a case ( at least in all the areas of the state I connect with ) that most Californians have used common sense and have had no problem socially distancing and wearing masks... hence we are in the lower 5th of the nation in cases per capita. Newsom's apology came only after he got caught lying and even a nearly blind person looking at the pics would have to question how much he really believes relative to what he is telling every one. While he is throwing a net over many businesses in the state... he exempted his... such as his winery which is allowed to operate unhindered while the others in the state are restricted. This guy is an elitist who has no clue how to deal with the real world ( just look at what he has accomplished starting with the utter shit hole San Francisco has become along with his executive decree's he has snuck in under the table ) and the only thing imo that keeps him in power is his relationship with the corrupt public employee's unions which eventually will bring down the state.
  6. Sorry for the late reply. Can't comment while in office ( We'll wait to see what the Mueller Report, if fully scrutinized after Trump is out of office, yields ). IMO Trump's pardon of Roger Stone is inexcusable and a clear attempt to cover up improprieties. Same may be said of Steve Bannon as it will be interesting to see what is revealed as his prosecution moves on. What cannot be denied is the relationship between Trump and the Genovese family. One need not elaborate on the payoffs and corruption that accompanied the deals to get Trump buildings built in Manhattan. In addition, a novel could be written about how Trump navigated with Felix Sater in corrupt deals to advance his interests. I find it interesting how Trump denies knowing Sater when the intimate business dealings between the two for many years are well documented.
  7. With all due respect... I couldn't disagree more. To be sure, Trump wreaks of corruption but he is in the minor leagues when compared to the Clinton's and J Edgar Hoover's ...among others of the world.
  8. Went through the same thing though I did not need an affidavit. What was most concerting though was when I presented my drivers license to verify who I was, she told me it was not needed. Once I gave them my birth date, I was told my original ballot went to the wrong place and I was then given the form to fill out with my votes. For all i know, its possible both ballots were submitted.
  9. Watched both videos. While originating from different places, each ultimately ends up in the same place. Our existence.... as long as it may last, is a zero sum game of which the human species has foolishly pushed to the back round. We are the only living entities who egotistically think we can outscore true mathematics by trying to make 2 plus 2 to equal 5. It shows in every aspect of our lives going back centuries to neolithic man ( paleolithic man lived closer to the organic level as all other current species currently do ). The sad thing is; there is very little difference in how our political system is run between the two parties. Our history have proven that... as well a that of other countries around the world. Greed and how it feeds corruption in many of our so called leaders is the ringleader of the circus we now live in.
  10. I did some extra checking and it looks like Cathedral's own network may possibly stream it.
  11. I think the most interesting game of the bunch is Center Grove / Cathedral. I will check for a stream but if anyone already knows any info would be appreciated.
  12. At this point, I don't think any of this stuff matters. On one hand, we have a guy that actually has started some elements of things that are actually meaningful ( the crime bill, getting key players in the Middle East to actually talk together, dealing with China etc ) yet is determined to commit political suicide with his lies, behavior, stupid shit he says and his unending ego. ... on the other side; a guy who for decades, has been part of the establishment supporting the very elements that have led to the broken system we have today and up to this point has not shown to have one original idea to help solve 21st century problems. If he just had the balls to pick a running mate who was actually qualified to be POTUS instead of caving to the political BS, he might make a better case for himself. ...Just imagine if Biden gets elected and cannot finish his term... we get a Harris/Pelosi white house and its Welcome to the United States of California! Chew on that one for a while. It bothers me a lot that we allowed our system to get to this point and neither party will put forward a dignified leader who will call things for what they really are and deal with Globalization along with our social problems in a rational way.
  13. Actually there were several democratic candidates that imo are more qualified than Harris and in all probability Biden for POTUS. Any one with half a brain can see what San Francisco and the entire state of Ca. to a lesser degree has regressed to... and Biden is a card carrying member of what has over the decades been the system that has led to what we have now. This ticket represents everything that is wrong in our current society. It was created by what is trendy now... feeding the politics and not who is best qualified to do the job.
  14. Actually IMO... Rollo will never be able to even the score. Different and more emotional era, when MD/DLS started playing each other. MD can steamroll DLS for the next 20 years but the scars from those original games will never leave Rollo.
  15. It's been a problem for decades but where I would digress... the term white privilege should be addressed as wealth privilege. As I pointed out in a thread a couple of months ago... our legal system as it is today, is one of the main reasons our society is so screwed up and it needs radical change. $$$$$$$ and the system are mated as family and does not discriminate. Jeffrey Epstein, Ray Lewis and OJ Simpson are just a very few of who understand this. It makes no difference what one's race is. If you've got the cake you get to skate.
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