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  1. Headed to Alabama with a rather nice contract.
  2. Gospeeder


    Announcers keep talking about USC's playoff chances... Wasted words. USC does not belong with that defense.
  3. Stuck it out to the end of the game... played as advertised... Mt Carmel 42 -- Loyola 37.
  4. Thanks... This should be a good one.
  5. Bones or any of the Midwest guys: Know of a stream for this game?
  6. Interesting comment as they are in the middle of one of the most talent rich areas in the country. Just grabbing talent from NY and greater NJ areas would make them most formidable for a lot of years to come. Beyond that however... I think the most interesting end to the tournament would be Duke/NC. What a way for Coach K to close his career against their most hated rival.
  7. Anyone know whats going on at Montini? Usually in the top 5 but have heard nothing about them recently.
  8. Glad to see this happen but imo, it would be more interesting if the opponents were flipped the other way.
  9. Your fingers a a lot quicker than mine...LOL. Actually however jIMG brought a huge contingent. Steeler and I sat on the IMG side... had a great time interacting with them and they seemed to be everywhere and were rocking the stands as hard as the MD side.
  10. Most interesting OOS game I attended was IMG vs MD. Guessing around 11k if one includes the end zone and other areas that were jammed up. What really set this one apart however was how the crowd on both sides of the stadium interacted with the game. It was intense from KO to that last MD drive.
  11. Oh how one can long for the old days of the annual College All Star game at Soldier Field... ...instead of the crap that was shown this past weekend.
  12. I've never been sold on Stafford. If the OL holds up and he can stay in the pocket the Rams can win... but his lack of mobility is a clear detriment imo. when the pocket breaks down. The Rams imo have with the addition of OBJ, the most complete and flexible receivers in the NFL that... with a more mobile QB can replicate their "greatest show on earth era".
  13. Not really... They are not much different than the "Fearsome Foursome" ... The Purple People Eaters or the front four of the "85 Bears". Even the Steeler's front four of their early super bowl teams would match up nicely.
  14. The NFPLA is now beyond anything to beef about. Multi year 20 to 100 million dollar contracts... IMO make it beyond anything the players can bitch about. Considering we, the fans, are subsidizing their salaries with purchasing sponsors products along with ridiculous ticket prices and a minimum of at least eighty dollars to park... at least at the new rams venue... the league is now obligated to give the fans the absolute best product they can. The way the Bills/Chiefs game ended absolutely shortchanged us. IMO it ruined what was without question, one of the most entertaining games most may have ever experienced.
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