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  1. This crap is over the top ( especially in view of what we are going through ). Its a bad look and is currently sending what in my opinion, is the wrong message to all of today's youth. Are we not learning ANYTHING relative to what should be important and what values should be prioritized with the kids. The money spent would be much better utilized helping First Responders or at the very least... helping to supply devices that will save lives.
  2. Who was the idiot hospital doctor or employee who sent him home. This was irresponsibility at its worst. I hope the state investigates. One has to be a lunatic with all that is going on to refuse him or at the very least, get him to another facility if all their beds were full.
  3. Cuomo is doing what any logical person would do in a situation like this. Dealing with this infection requires COMMON SENSE... something that has evaded most of Washington and state governments for a very long time. I read where Cuomo had the opportunity to get a significant number of ventilators in 2016 and passed on those in favor of something else. I don't fault him for that as I think most would agree that a pandemic was not in anyone's foresight. Same can be said for Trump. While he is visually an idiot, If he would just put that sick ego in his pocket and shut his mouth, no one could argue against his efforts put forward in dealing with this situation. Even Gavin Newsom, of whom I completely detest, cannot be faulted for how he has handled the situation out here. I Find it interesting ( just one of many examples )... that the University College of London and Mercedes Formula One engineering managed to create a high performance version of the C Pap Ventilator within weeks and Great Britain's official agency pushed that puppy through for immediate use without any political bullshit. That's common sense which no matter what party one supports, should take precedence.
  4. I was released from the hospital three weeks ago and now recovering from an ailment that came out of no where of which I later found out I was days from getting a "toe tag". I required quite a few blood transfusions and got quite an education on how blood type is checked and re-checked, requiring two people along with the computer scanners to all confirm the same result. In my case, the initial job of typing the blood was done by Lab Corp who drew my blood prior to my diagnosis... later sending the results to my internist. Unless one is admitted to and ER ( in my case that happened after my initial blood analysis ), the initial testing lab should document the type.
  5. I know four people who have contracted the virus, most recently one of my cousins. All were treated with the anti Malaria combination and all blew through it. The biggest complaint was fatigue to the point of wanting to sleep for two to three days. My cousin leaves quarantine next Wed. It also appears that research is showing that blood type seems to influence how effective the treatments are.
  6. I watched the first five episodes and will watch the 2nd half tomorrow. Quite a bit of it connects with other videos I have seen in the past, most of which has been documented along with several CIA revelations that were originally classified but later shown to be true. From what I have watched so far... even disregarding the over the top stuff, there is enough concrete evidence to recommend a watch by everyone on the board.
  7. Hawg, After seeing the pics, I would pass... especially if numbers don't match. The restoration costs, if done by those who really know what they are doing will be way beyond what you would expect. Outside of the auctions, if you have any local "Cars and Coffee" shows like we have out here in Cali ( of which I attend every week )... it would be worth your time to go. The Vette info you will get should be very helpful. Also keep in mind that more and more American muscle cars have peaked and are starting to depreciate due to the fact that those who kept the market propped up are much older or dying off and the millennial's are not interested in investing in them.
  8. Sorry Noon. I over read your previous post and didn't need to have the same thing said twice.
  9. Yea! Its a sad commentary that the better salesman/showman is who has been getting elected... ie Obama and B Clinton as prime examples.
  10. You pretty much hit it on the spot. There are quite a few things Trump has gotten accomplished ( Most recently the funding for Autism ) but his mental instability, which is a sickness in my opinion, is starting to push me in the other direction. This business with Roger Stone is one of those instances. Stone is guilty and deserves all of the 7 years and more. ( new trial or not ). He is corrupt as is Trump... but DT got elected and has not screwed up the economy and frankly has been dead on relative to the financial relationships with our European allies as well as how he has approached China. I agree there is a swamp ( we are infested with useless bureaucrats who serve no purpose other than to collect their pensions. )... but Trump needs to understand that it will take years to deal with that and he needs to be focused on doing his job and forget about Twitter.
  11. He is a serviceable game managing type QB. Not great, not bad... just OK. He is very fortunate to have young talent around him which is what got them to this game. If I'm John Lynch, getting a really top notch QB is the priority and they can become a really strong force for years.
  12. That was 15 Loyola. I was in Chicago to see them play just after seeing SJB destroy MD at the bowl a couple of weeks earlier. The Loyola team I saw that year was huge, fast and nasty... easily a top 10 team that year and would have played SJB straight up, no problem. You are correct about needing a team like that to deal with SJB. While they recruit in IL, just like everywhere else, its not as ruthless as out here with MD and SJB. The IHSAA seems to keep decent balance in the state which leaves a lot of good to great programs but as of today... not elite.
  13. That will be central to how this plays out. Whichever of the K boys who earns their paycheck today will swing the game. Kelce makes Mahomes much much better behind the scenes and Kittle makes Garappolo more effective than just a game management type QB.
  14. Have seen dozens of players over the years... but the most memorable was meeting and talking with Mercedes Lewis the week of the first Poly DLS game. I stopped by the Poly pracitce field and Lewis was walking in and spotted me. He came over and offerred his hand ( I think he thought I may have been a scout or with the press ) and said hi. What was cool is that when I told him I was neither, he still hung around and we talked footbhall and his expectations for the future for about 15 minutes or so. The young man had remarkable class for his age and I have enjoyed watching his success since. h
  15. 49'rs Chiefs wll be a very interesting game. Chiefs have all the superstars... Outside of Boza most of the 49'rs are not houshold names but play off of each other amazingly well. Big question will be if their running game can up the ante better than the Titans did.
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