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  1. IMO, CDM is following the patterns established by other nice programs such as Villa Park or Chicago Phillips where they were progressing in a positive direction season to season until they jumped into the deep waters a year or so too soon. They are certainly on the upswing and will be a force in a couple of years but at this time there are several teams you have ranked below them I feel would prevail.
  2. Tend to agree on CDM. They are good or even great at their level... but not quite yet ready for prime time.
  3. Unfortunately it won't change no matter who is in office. Oil is still the worlds prize and political corruption is equally rampant on both sides of the isle.
  4. Great Job and thanks. We need more guys like you and Adam K posting about other areas of the country. I am somewhat confused about the 999 Martinsburg wins. Can you elaborate?
  5. Totally correct... but when everything is said and done, its the fan's who pay the bills and no one is channel surfing to the other games with this one.
  6. Say what we want about these defenses this is a very entertaining game.
  7. Interesting guy who does not come across like the typical HC. IMO, what he has accomplished at Phillips is nothing short of remarkable... considering all of the elements their kids and the school has had to overcome.
  8. That's going to be a tough one to call. MC has the pedigree, Naz has the athletes. MC has that "it factor" this year where they always seem figure out the way to win. Naz has an aerial circus that is probably among the best in IL. and noteworthy in the national landscape. If the weather really sucks I like MC. If the elements are reasonable with a firm turf, it will favor Naz. I think both @abbatt and @Bones can give a better assessment of how this game plays out than myself as they have seen these teams in person ( I think ) and are closer to the local insiders. 8A, Warren and LWE should also be pretty interesting.
  9. ... And people still keep using outhouses. Doesn't make the smell any better cuz they keep using them.
  10. Absolutely correct. What most fail to acknowledge is that Texas and California are really the equivalent of complete sections of the US. While anyone who knows football understands that the culture of the sport in Tx is light years ahead of the rest of the county ( as of this era ), when one travels from Dallas to the Permian Basin, its like you entered another country so to speak. A much more realistic comparison to talent would be comparing a region comprised of several states such as Ohio, IL, MI and IN for example... or MD, VA, NJ etc. That in reality is the equalizer.
  11. If Freedland gets past his typical big game jitters, this will be a good game ( Cen10 has the horses to play with SJB ). If he doesn't... SJB huge.
  12. Kind of a bummer... I became a de facto Milton fan after a thoroughly enjoyable time with their fans at the J Serra game. While I don't know the squad specifics like all of the GA guys... its "never the less" always entertaining to follow the GA playoffs. I hope Milton shows well.
  13. Finally.... A non homer, no bullshit post that reflects the actual circumstances that anyone who really knows football will recognize and attest to.
  14. I was talking about that a couple of weeks ago. Its not a forgone conclusion ( at least with me ) that SJB will prevail over CC. Against MD with their soph QB, they had little problem moving the ball. Freeland essentially gave that game away. CC is better than good and should not be overlooked.
  15. Good call. HF game planned well for this one. Agreed about this season. IL appears to be really off but at least the playoffs seem to be wide open. Some not so usual programs in the bunch. What are your thoughts about Prairie Ridge? After whacking Simeon as bad as St Francis did, can they play with ESL? Is Minooka legit?
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