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  1. Gale Sayers was imo, the most electric running back possibly ever. I was fortunate enough to see him perform in person and it was an event. He was as elusive as Barry Sanders, graceful as Eric Dickerson with Marcus Allen smoothness and Bo Jackson, Herschel Walker speed. He did it in a era where today's training and technology were only a fantasy, the game was more viscous and God's given natural gifts were truly at the forefront. His humility and understanding of what was really important ( something we see very little of today relative to athletes ) should really serve as the model for t
  2. Whoever the Falcons special teams coach is... he needs to be gone!!!!! That play was so boneheaded, it couldn't even fit is Sammy's excuse thread!!!!!
  3. Virtually everything Dallo outlined is totally correct. Problem is... I think most Americans will not agree to deal with the pain we will incur to correct our ship. For decades we all have become aware of the growing wealth gap between the rich and the rest of the country yet most have disregarded its final consequence. Many or maybe even most continue to buy into the same BS that those in control have fed us for decades. We see it everyday yet refuse to acknowledge it. The Lobbyists, the marketers, the media are constantly at the underlying core that supports the lies and corruption
  4. Its worth looking into AAA Northeast. Triple A is good at letting you deal with specific agents via the phone or email where they can set everything up for you in advance, thereby cutting through the computer log jams.
  5. Gentlemen... Just get AutoClub. AAA. Everything is handled quite efficiently. Haven't seen the inside of a DMV ( Outside of retaking the test every decade or so ) in years.
  6. Sad commentary on some of our society BUT!!!... great comic relief!!!!
  7. For decades we have been talking about deforesting areas of the state ( burn area and fire lines etc ). Had this been started when the problem was discussed years ago, communities like Paradise may still be around. Our legislators however chose to use available money toward shoring up the pension funds.
  8. He may have a bigger ego than Trump... if that's possible.
  9. This is all utter bullshit. Even a novice; be it in business or any other profession, has sense enough to back up their data. IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!!!. For those who would claim there may be classified material in the phones memory... I would respond... If they can't figure out how to back that up with a specific system, we need to get their asses out of there and... make them accountable.
  10. Unfortunately most are not aware of actual history of this continent and over the years, it has been formatted to meet the needs of specific agenda's. IMO, we are seeing a lot of that now. One small example would be how the formation of slavery has been or is currently interpreted. The slaves of African descent were sold by the Dutch in the early 1600's and were an extreme minority as most of the slaves of the period were brought over from England's lowest Caucasian classes. As indentured servants... a fancy name for slave, they were brutalized by the Tidewater aristocracy ( centered
  11. To me it was a disappointment... too many re-arranged facts and mediocre acting. It was no Friday Night Lights.
  12. Your post is strong but where I have a problem is 7 shots. Same with the Atlanta situation... no need for 3 shots... where in each case, if the shot was necessary, one to the thigh would suffice.
  13. We have been inundated with ads in Ca. pushing for the defeat of SB 793. It is an excellent example of what is wrong in this country. The bill is very straight forward and IMO a good one. The bill calls for a ban on sales of flavored tobacco while not including those for pipes and cigars. The ads are, in my opinion, flat out lies... taking advantage of our current political situation and skillfully formatted in such a way as to further fuel the discord the black community currently feels... with one even showing an ex cop insinuating that if it passes, it will give cops more reason t
  14. Unfortunately its not quite that simple. The hood as most like to call it is a developed system of survival spawned from even before the beginning of last century. If one was from Italy or Ireland among others the ghettos were just as pervasive as what we experience today. I'll skip the cultural development of neighborhood control through each ethnicity via violence and force due to economics and get right to what we have today. For the black communities, they followed the pattern established by the Mafia and Organization ( who ruled their own specific hoods ) starting in the 30's. T
  15. Agree with Blueliner. Much of what to see has been covered however there is one extremely cool place to see, depending on when you come. The Tram in the Palm Springs area. Its a remarkable experience to go from over 100 degrees in the desert to winter temps and a foot of snow in about ten or so minutes. Great atmosphere at the top along with interesting views as well.
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