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  1. Bormio

    List of recent Trump gaffs

    We ain’t complaining - our side won.
  2. Bormio

    List of recent Trump gaffs

    No, we have already seen that.
  3. Bormio

    List of recent Trump gaffs

    You believed them then, you believe them now. Fool me once ....
  4. Bormio

    List of recent Trump gaffs

    In the poll that counted, he won. #scoreboard
  5. Bormio

    List of recent Trump gaffs

    Block’s vocabulary 1) Winning 2). LMFAO 3). The South sucks 4). New Jersey sucks 5). Trumptards 6). Winning Rinse, lather, repeat
  6. Bormio

    Even New York golf courses suck

    On vacation, not really watched. Rickie Fowler was +14 yesterday? Damn.
  7. Bormio

    Is the EU coming apart?

    Many first generation immigrants, especially older ones, never really learned English - learning a new language when you are old is very hard. But they insisted their children did - no whining or complaining. It was expected. They wanted the best for their children.
  8. Bormio

    Is the EU coming apart?

    Because Americans speak English. It is very hard to advance in this nation if you do not speak the language spoken here, very hard to participate in all this country has to offer. Every immigrant group in our history has made a point of having their children learn English so they could have the best chance for a better life.
  9. Bormio

    Is the EU coming apart?

    In large part you are correct. But it is not as universal as it was with prior migrations.
  10. Bormio

    Is the EU coming apart?

    And everyone in those countries speaks or learns to speak the national language. I have no problem teaching foreign languages in the US. But everyone needs to learn to use English. And I have been to Europe at least 10 times.
  11. Bormio

    Is the EU coming apart?

    There is much more that ties us together as Americans than those things that tie Europe together. But in the first 80 years of the country’s existence, people thought of themselves as Virginians, New Yorkers etc before being Americans. The Civil War changed that. However, the language issue is real - English is our language and people here need to learn it.
  12. Bormio

    Is the EU coming apart?

    Hard to see that yet - the single currency needs to be unwound - but I think Merkel is finished. She barely put a government together before, and has failed. Who next leads Germany is a major question.
  13. Bormio

    Is the EU coming apart?

    Hard to believe yet with the euro single currency in place - but the fact that nationalist concerns were always going to eventually trump European ones is rearing its head. Brexit, Eurosceptics in Italy, Eastern Europe at odds with Brussels and now Merkel may be headed out in Germany. Europe is a collection of nations with different views, languages, goals, economies etc. The EU was always a very bad idea.
  14. Yeah, those Californians are cool - even most from Folsom.
  15. New Mexico is different than Arizona, and I think I like it better. Too many transplants into Arizona (of course, that would be me). Also I think northern New Mexico is beautiful.