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  1. The young lad got $25 million of CNN’s money. Chapeau!!! Discovery’s a bitch, ain’t it CNN
  2. After a 3 year fishing expedition, the House now wants to Senate to continue it. #youdidnotdoyourjob
  3. Lowest rated AFCCG in a decade. No Pats = no one gives a shit.
  4. Bormio


    Hmmm .... a war movie about suffering and death. Not sure I would have seen that coming.
  5. Bormio


    I saw 1917 tonight and thought it was excellent. It is one of the new-style war movies that focus on a limited personal viewpoint rather than a retelling of a battle. If you like the latter, you might not like this movie as much. I think it succeeded where Dunkirk failed because it did not try to do too much - it simply told a poignant story. I think the continuous shoot worked very well - it served to keep all the attention on the story, and it heightened the drama. I think it captured the real feel of what WW1 was like - the way Saving Private Ryan did for D-Day. Finally, the date mentioned in the movie - 4/6/17 - was a hugely significant date in the war. It was the day the United States entered the war.
  6. Naw, he felt bad when he snapped Theismann's leg
  7. Horseshit - look at the NFL. Ravens, Titans, even the 49ers. You have to play good defense to slow down the other offense and then control the clock and frustrate them. Every time they say the running game is dead, it pops up again. These light defenses vs the spread are vulnerable to ground and pound.
  8. Actually not much said about it. Is the silliness dying out?
  9. Markets sweating impeachment....
  10. The parts in red should be
  11. Bormio


    19th Century War was “glorious”. 20th Century not so much. In a lot of ways, our Civil War was the first war of the 20th Century.
  12. Bormio


    John Keegan is a very good historical writer - has a book The First World War. For a more personal view (written by a German soldier), All is Quiet on the Western Front is a classic
  13. Bormio


    The Europeans had observers during the American Civil War - and learned nothing
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