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  1. The powers not granted to the federal government by the constitution are reserved to the states. To do as they see fit, as long as they do not conflict with a federal law that is constitutional or the Constitution itself. The members of the majority on the Court are pro-life, but their ruling is neutral on the morality of abortion. A pro-life ruling would have been banning abortion because the unborn had a protected right to life - that they did not do.
  2. The Supreme Court did not ban a single abortion. It simply said abortion is not a constitutionally protected right. The decision to ban abortion in each state will be via passing a law, which involves a majority of the legislature and the Governor’s signature - i.e. our representative democracy at work. You don’t want abortion banned - elect state legislators and governors to your liking. Of course, this is something Democrats have been terrible at recently
  3. Democrats haven’t been this angry since we took away their slaves. (wish I could claim authorship on this one)
  4. Biden created this mess with his stimulus bill, and runs around like “what mess?” and then blames Republicans. The GOP has nothing to do with it. They did not vote for the stimulus pain. They also did not thwart any of Biden’s other plans. They do not have the Presidency nor either house of Congress. They could not stop anything. Manchin and Sinema stopped it themselves.
  5. …needs a little more attention right now, because in case you haven’t noticed, he has managed to take us to the precipice of economic catastrophe and is utterly clueless about what to do.
  6. Most people fall once with toe clips - you have to unclip before stopping. Demented people don’t remember that.
  7. No way Putin assasinates Biden - Biden is everything he would ray for.
  8. They had Horford with both Irving and Thomas for a year, not with Walker.
  9. They have had true PGs. Still came up short. A true PG would help, but their problems are deeper. I like the coach. He got them playing defense this year and I think he understands their issues on offense. But it is the players who need to take the next step.
  10. Bodes poorly going forward. Teams should feel defeated going to the Garden. They don’t. The Celtics are still young, but not that young. They made strides this year. But they aren’t nasty. And not very many nice teams win NBA championships.
  11. Warriors flat-out better and tougher. One wonders if this Celtic team will ever get there. Lack a killer instinct. Losing all those home games in the playoffs is inexcusable. A failure to take care of business. They may have holes, but they don’t approach these games like a knife fight - unlike the Warriors and great teams before them.
  12. GOP appears to have won a special US House election in the Rio Grande Valley - a previously Democrat seat in an 84% Hispanic district. Nancy’s razor thin margin may be one less. And the Great Hispanic Awakening may be continuing.
  13. What the hell is she on? And who tried to slit her throat?
  14. This time will be known in history as the 20 years when America lost its fucking mind
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