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  1. Does not appear so with Pfizer, which appears to cover mutated strains. May be with a possible Moderna booster. I am all for a vaccine. But this concerted campaign to save the J&J vaccine is disturbing. If it is safe, fine. But do not blow off these “rare” clotting issues as the cost of doing business. We need to know for certain they are in fact rare, and not the tip of an iceberg. This cavalier dismissal on the part of many after a few days to say forget about it is irresponsible.
  2. So the Pfizer CEO says we will need a booster and annual shots thereafter. See the surprised look on my face. How about some independent confirmation? Oh wait, doesn’t exist, because everybody in bed with everyone else.
  3. People pushing continuing the J&J vaccine are on really shaky ground. This cerebral venous thrombosis is really scary. It is very rare under normal circumstances. We do not know why the vaccine causes it, or the time frame - in other words if weeks after the vaccine, there could be many more cases. Every patient with a headache after the vaccine will worry they have it - prompting a boatload of brain scans. Plus there are alternatives that are likely safer. The media needs to stop pooh hooing this and report it honestly. It is not a generic clotting problem. It is the blood vessels
  4. Can’t use the internet, can’t find the DMV, can only find a drop box if it is in their front yard - sounds like someone thinks minorities are utterly helpless. That is liberals for ya
  5. J&J vaccine paused in the US due to blood clotting issues. I doubt it is just 6 cases of pulmonary embolism or DVT. Wonder if it is more cases of cerebral venous thrombosis. As I thought - 6 cases of cerebral venous thrombosis. One woman has died, one in critical condition. As mentioned earlier, the vaccine is almost certainly the cause due to rarity of the condition
  6. Who knows? The guy apparently though thinks he some sort of medical expert. Probably learned stuff on the internet
  7. Danny who? Maybe I can find his NFL stats with the wayback machine.
  8. As there are with large school players. Good coaches find talent in many places.
  9. I think Fulmer was pretty certain Peyton was good. Small school players are recruited not just because someone is hoping to get lucky.
  10. First of all, that was an exception as far as their opponents. Second 100+ yards was way below his average. Buford was better than Yulee, does not reflect on Henry’s obvious talent.
  11. My original post here was in response to someone who said Arch’s stats were good because of the competition, implying he wasn’t really good.
  12. Trying to argue Peyton was not all that much because he wasn’t Brady is silly. And Eli had a better later career than 99.99% of HS QBs. Saying they weren’t good because the competition is subpar is nonsense. Derrick Henry wasn’t much in HS, eh?
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