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  1. He is an empty suit. Only qualification, if you could call it that, was being the son of Pierre Trudeau. Kinda like Hillary.
  2. Stole that from the Pats at the end of regulation in the Falcons SB. Very well executed.
  3. I thought overconfidence was scary
  4. Med school. I live in SC and root for the Gamecocks now. But still like Tulane and hate the Tigers - either the Clemson or LSU variety. You know what you call a New Orleans baby with a flat nose? - an LSU forceps delivery
  5. Tulane beat LSU 2 of the 4 years I was there, and 2 of 3 right before I got there. Not that I had anything to do with it.
  6. Wrong - I went to Tulane Medical School and I hate LSU
  7. Yeah, but he is a LSU guy I think. Not a typical Tulane fan.
  8. What’s wrong with Tulane’s fans? Can’t imagine they are really obnoxious.
  9. His “privilege” made him do it. Being woke really sucks when it’s your turn in the meat grinder.
  10. She was so proud of herself after ambushing Biden in the first debate. No ability to follow up - no there, there. Type of Senator that California gets when there is no 2-party competition. Pretty bad when Biden is a more active campaigner than you are.
  11. Too bad you can’t sleep your way to the Presidency
  12. Too bad he plays for SF. Had to be a thrill
  13. CBS Evening News (!) last night reported that last year Ms. Ford’s friends say they were threatened by her allies with a smear campaign if they did not back up her story about Kavanaugh. In other words - witness tampering or extortion. We all should finally admit this was a shameful lie - as was obvious from the get-go.
  14. Garrett is not helping his team - unless you call injuring the opposing QB helping.
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