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  1. Bormio

    Science takes a look at Trump voters

    More Democrat “science”. The party is a bunch of frigging Einsteins.
  2. Bormio

    What ever happened to impeachment?

    Bye, bye Miss American Pie Drove the Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry .....
  3. What US voters think does not matter, what black voters think does
  4. If Trump gets near 15% of the AA vote, the election is a slaughter.
  5. Democrats do fear this - so watch out for a campaign designed to counter that. Even more attempts to paint Trump as racist. But that runs the risk of alienating independent voters. A Democratic conundrum....
  6. Trump will do better with whites than Scott/DeSantis - he does not need 44% of Hispanics
  7. This article represents the Democrats’ fear. Sure white liberals are energized by Trump hate, but not at all clear other parts of the Democratic base are so inflamed. The “resistance” is largely a white phenomenon - sure others will vote against Trump and the GOP, but not clear the intense hatred is there. If Trump makes inroads among minorities, there are not enough white liberals to compensate.
  8. Hillary took 2/3 of the Florida Hispanic vote and lost the state. If Trump gets 40%, Florida is a blowout.
  9. Bormio

    Tariff on China not hurting.................

    Tariffs on China not hurting .... our stock market
  10. When I cycled in the mountains in Italy, ate 5,000-7,000 calories a day and lost weight.
  11. Bormio

    20,000 vs 175

    Too bad he left out Thurmond.
  12. Bormio

    Jeff Herron (TL Hanna SC) retires

    I’ll have to see what people are saying. Hope it is not health
  13. Bormio

    Jeff Herron (TL Hanna SC) retires

    Strange he waited till now though. Left Hanna in a bind with season in 2 months.
  14. Bormio

    Jeff Herron (TL Hanna SC) retires

    I don’t think he would coach in Georgia. He left the state so he could coach and get his Georgia retirement check.