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  1. Angry young white males

    What a devastatingly intelligent response. BTW, the original neocons were mostly liberal Democrats.
  2. HS shooting - Maryland

    A caricature of himself ..,,..
  3. HS shooting - Maryland

    The government could always decide to rescind our rights. Heck, y’all keep saying Trump is going to do this. Maybe y’all better hold on to your guns.
  4. HS shooting - Maryland

    The Founding Fathers included the right to bear arms specifically because they used arms to win their freedom. Any government can become tyrannical. People all over the world are fighting for their freedom even today. Their viewpoint is as valid today as it was 240 years ago.
  5. HS shooting - Maryland

    I guess it was the NRA that made the Founding Fathers include the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution.
  6. HS shooting - Maryland

    How would we have had our country if the citizenry did not have guns?
  7. Russian National Anthem

    Kind of has that 2008 Obama rally vibe.
  8. Russian National Anthem

    It really is a fine anthem.
  9. Third leading cause of death...

    Because people always do what they are told to do ..... yeah, right. I will just tell the 5’6”, 280 lb bowling ball to join the Y and go from 3500 calories a day to 2000. And presto, in a year she will be running 10K’s. Get your head out of your ass. That happens as often as we have a full solar eclipse.
  10. If more conservative Democrats get elected ( like Lamb), not sure that is not a good thing for the country - and for Trump’s chances in 2020.
  11. Liberals can’t accept that anyone willingly would vote for Trump. They were either tricked or duped ( or a racist to start). But plenty of us like the guy and support his policies. And telling Trump voters that they were duped is not a way to win them to your side. I do think the GOP may get waxed this fall - lots of Trump voters are less than happy with the Pubbies though.
  12. Georgia can't have nice things

    Some boiled peanuts and peaches
  13. Georgia can't have nice things

    Block obviously knows his error by now, but obviously is too chickenshit to own up to it. #winning
  14. Georgia can't have nice things

    Y’all letting Block make a fool of himself is so mean - I can’t believe I associate with people like you.
  15. Rick Saccone vs Connor Lamb in PA-18

    In the words of the great Ronald Reagan - “Aww, shuddup!”