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  1. Are you saying we are 20% as accomplished as the general population - yeah, sounds about right 😂
  2. There is a difference between reading/quoting Mao and calling him one of your 2 favorite political philosophers. Not sure I get Mother Teresa as a political philosopher, sounds like an attempt to get people to swallow the Mao comment without gagging
  3. Anita Dunn is back! Former Obama communications director fired for saying Mao was one of her 2 favorite political philosophers. Now to be a senior White House advisor. I guess loving a guy that murdered 45 million doesn’t get you canceled. Not in the “New America”.
  4. I agree Bama QBs have real advantages. But that does not mean one might not be really good. After Waddle was hurt, the Bama receiving corps was not deep this year - certainly not like last year. Smith however was a total stud and Harris was a good target. The question on Jones will be can he stick the 20 yarder in a tight window. Smith usually had 5 yards separation. But I don’t think anything about the way he throws says he can’t. When these mobile QBs can’t use their legs, they often fall off. Pocket QBs tend to have careers that last. College careers for a good QB are 2-3 seasons.
  5. And has a masters. Heard he actually finished his bachelors degree in 2.5 years
  6. What Ohio State QB has done jack? What Clemson QB did anything before Watson? (and he has not won much). Judging a QB by the school is really not reliable. Bama has really opened the offense in recent years. They were a passing offense this year, capable of quick strikes or going down the field with 2 rushes and 7 passes. When McCarron was featured in the natty, everyone was surprised. Not so with Jones. I have never liked Tua to be a good pro, I do like Jones.
  7. Did you see Newton throw this year?
  8. He does not have to - see first-rounders Rodgers, Mahomes
  9. Not at QB. You find a gem, can mean 12-15 years of success
  10. The fact is Jones will go quite early, likely in the first round. So if you think he can be a success, and you want him, you cannot wait for round 3 or 4. Picking QBs in the draft is a bit of a crapshoot. Some will have Fields at number 2, some would pass on him in the second round.
  11. Knew it. Columbia beat Bolles and Jones 49-20 in 2015. Apparently a bad game in high school means can’t play in the NFL.
  12. That isn’t a flaw, those are advantages he has had. Plenty of QBs with good offensive lines do not look good in the pocket. Plenty of QBs with guns cannot hit the broadside of a barn
  13. Brady doesn’t look this dominant at the NFL level. Sure he has a lot to learn, but I do not see a flaw in his game that will keep him from being a success. And he checks a lot of boxes needed in a good NFL QB.
  14. Did not run the ball effectively, especially for him - under 4 yards a carry. Compared to Jones and Smith was not much of a factor. However his pass-catching ability makes him a prize at the next level.
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