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  1. I find it hard to believe James wins the Senate seat while Trump loses Michigan. One of those 2 things ain’t happening.
  2. He just needs to refer to Biden as “big guy” and watch the reaction.
  3. Not at all clear there is anything illegal about Trump’s taxes. However the Hunter e-mails show money was going to the “big guy”. Which Joe has clearly lied about to the American people. So cut it out with your good governance, high morality shit. You are voting for a common crook.
  4. I see nooner is continuing his verbal jihad against the Hasidic
  5. Hunter Biden’s business partner confirms the authenticity of the e-mails and Hunter’s participation in the scheme. The 10% for the “big guy” is Joe. You can still vote for Joe, but there is no doubt what you are voting for - a crook.
  6. Louisiana is as crooked as the day is long. Old Earl Long famously said “The only way they will vote me out is if they find me in bed with a dead girl, or a live boy”
  7. In 2016, the S. Florida vote came in early. The GOP is helped in the state because the heavily red Panhandle closes an hour later. Democrats don’t really know how many votes they need. Keep eye on vote totals in Tampa ex-urbs. (Not Hillsborough County which leans Democrat now). Vote totals there in 2016 were off the chain and won the state for Trump. If those collar counties match or exceed 2016, Trump will win the state.
  8. The biggest percentage margins in S. Florida are actually in Broward and Palm Beach, especially the former. The Cuban vote keeps Miami a bit closer (and the Venezuelan vote this year).
  9. Eh, they need to maximize turnout there. Florida is a swing state. If they underperform in Miami, they lose Florida.
  10. The IBD poll is quite good. People discount it because of who it is, but I have not seen it to be a cheerleading GOP poll, and they have a pretty good record I believe.
  11. Unenthusiastic people vote less, especially in a pandemic.
  12. No matter what people tell pollsters, there is always a chunk of people who decide in the last couple of weeks, maybe the last few days. They take a last look at the candidates and decide. For those people, issues don’t matter much - if they did, they would have decided. I think they go with their gut - who seems like they are best to do the job for 4 years. This is Biden’s weak point. If he is going to pay for not engaging with voters, it is now it will matter. And I think it will. The people who hate Trump have decided. And those that don’t will not end up voting for Biden.
  13. I wish I was as confident as you, but they are not acting like they are confident of victory - while saying they are.
  14. You can put lipstick on this pig all you want. Why are foreign governments paying a drug-addled loser who was kicked out of the US military with no apparent marketable skills millions and millions of dollars? His only asset was his last name. They were getting something in return, and every being with a pulse knows it.
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