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  1. Hillary or not vote in 2016?
  2. Do you have any Democrat friends? If not, you ought to try it.
  3. Do you think Trump is going to lose Kentucky or Louisiana?
  4. Democrats down here are not like California or Massachusetts Democrats. And they know how to survive in conservative states.
  5. Who cares? The media isn’t changing votes
  6. Trump does not duck hard races. Most GOP Presidents would not have gone to Louisiana. It is to his credit
  7. Yeah, pro-life guy who signed a fetal heartbeat bill. I’m sure they will give him a speaking role at the 2020 Rat convention.
  8. Edwards was elected 4 years ago and a year later Louisiana gave Trump 60%. He is an incumbent - if they are popular, they are hard to beat.
  9. So Edwards expanded Medicaid - hardly makes him nuts - so did a slew of GOP governors.
  10. There are 11% more Democrats in NC than Republicans.
  11. The last GOP Governor of Louisiana left the state in horrible financial shape - Edwards straightened it out. Southerners will vote for Democrats locally when they approve of the job they are doing.
  12. He does not hate America. There are a huge # of Southerners who are Democrats who voted for Trump - hell, Edwards may be one of them. A large # of people who voted for Edwards will vote for Trump.
  13. Not all politics is national. I told you I thought this was a tough race. Southern Democrats know how to win locally - hell, Edwards signed the fetal heartbeat bill. Edwards is not unpopular- and is far from a leftist loony.
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