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  1. Exactly... and has peaked in many Southern states now. Without new lockdowns Meanwhile the media continues to ballwash Cuomo and Murphy
  2. God, if he wins, it will be fucking beautiful
  3. The Founding Fathers gave great weight to the individual states. That is the reason for the Electoral College, the Senate and the fact that if the election for President goes to the House - it is not a vote of every member, but each state delegation gets one vote. Majorities can be fleeting. They should also not be given the power to easily override constitutional rights.
  4. Looks like starting to wane in the South despite no lockdowns. Deaths will climb some but not approach the Northeast levels. May be some evidence of herd immunity. By the fall, the South may look damn good. The Northeast may be fixing to get hit again.
  5. It is not a democracy. It is a constitutional republic. The Founding Fathers were rightly concerned about the tyranny of the majority
  6. But if you don’t have those, you are really miserable. Everyone has dreams when they are young. How many come true? Few do, but many also fall in the category of unanswered prayers. No, we don’t cure cancer, hit .400 etc - but we manage to make decent lives for ourselves.
  7. If you spend your life judging your success based on others, you will be very unhappy. And if you are convinced your circumstances will limit you, they will.
  8. What is success? Ultimately we need to get a job, put food on the table, raise our families and stay out of jail. The vast majority of us manage to do that (or used to). Many do not have everything they want, achieve everything they want and may not love everything about their lives. As I said, welcome to life. God has a better one awaiting us.
  9. Welcome to life. You can moan about how unfair life is or make the best of your situation. The choice is yours. And we are not all equal at birth. Deal with it. Ultimately no one else really cares what you decide.
  10. The owner wanted the carabinieri to haul the one on the ground away
  11. I don’t call BLM Marxist. I don’t think they are. Clearly many on the Left are becoming socialists though - they admit it. But BLM has its own issues it espouses. I think the Left is trying to use them. I do not even see Antifa as Marxist - they are simply anarchists and quite literally, thugs. But that is not BLM.
  12. The use of the Nazi analogy is not accidental. Maybe I can give you a pass, but it is widely used now and designed to paint conservatives as illegitimate. And if it is such an irrelevant analogy - why use it at all? Understand that using it makes many people you might be trying to persuade think less of you.
  13. You see, you equate criticism of BLM with being a neo-Nazi. When you start using the other “N” word, all rational and reasoned discussion goes out the window. Do they teach the history of the Third Reich in your school anymore? If not, there are plenty of good books. Go to the Holocaust Museum in DC. And stop suggesting that people who criticize BLM are Nazis. There is a difference between goals and tactics, and if you use offensive tactics, your goals lose their importance. BLM can be justifiably be criticized on those grounds. And even if you think you are dead right, you need to learn that some well-meaning, decent people will not always see things as you do. It is always good to have friendships with people whose politics do not mirror yours.
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