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  1. DF wins 21-14 Gaffney up 56-24. No mercy. Old, old rivalry (Spartanburg leads 52-51-3 all time now) Gaffney vs Dutch Fork next Saturday at 5
  2. Spartanburg was driving at end of first half to go up 31-21, got picked in the EZ. Steamrolled since.
  3. Gaffney breaking it open 42-24 DF up 21-7
  4. Gaffney 35-24 late 3rd
  5. Halftime Spartanburg 24 Gaffney 21 Dutch Fork 14 Fort Dorchester 7
  6. Imagine Rittenhouse was actually on Capital Hill. AOC might feel so unsafe that she would actually leave
  7. They did not have a lawyer directing this, or if they did, they had a moron
  8. Sums up your sorry existence perfectly
  9. Times are different, all bets are off. A kid was hurt
  10. Head coach is captain of the ship. In this day and age, he is in deep trouble. School will toss him in a heartbeat to save their asses.
  11. Complaint filed by the state says he appeared to be swerving to hit as many people as possible. The crash and burn here is epic
  12. Police say he was not fleeing anyone
  13. Yeah, but Mullen getting fired dampens the joy
  14. …. is the Patriots Express. First place AFC East. 2nd most points scored in the AFC (played one more game than most teams) and 2nd fewest points allowed (Buffalo allowed one point less in one less game). Titans at home next week - coming off a bad loss. No Henry and Tannehill throws 4 picks today.
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