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  1. Here are the games for week 16. Deadline will be Friday at 7! Good luck. Next week will be the final week with Texas and Geico games on tap. South County vs. Oscar Smith Apopka vs. Columbus Edgewater vs. St. Thomas Aquinas North Shore vs. Lake Travis Denton Ryan vs. Frisco Lone Star Warner Robbins vs. Buford Lowndes vs. Marietta De La Salle vs. St. John Bosco Central vs. Sierra Canyon Destrehan vs. Acadiana
  2. Widmer is a really good go to Hefeweizen. Usually you go with a lemon slice, bartender screwed up, but I figured I’d better try it with the orange, I wasn’t afraid 😂.
  3. @World Citizen it’s all fixed. Damn you are this mental block for scoring 😂.
  4. On the jeopardy theme....I give the broad a pass, but no respect for the “men” here!
  5. You actually nailed the week and your 2 losses were the 2 pointer and 1 pointer. No one has been perfect yet with 55!
  6. Here are the results for week 15. Big shock who won it, @HawgGoneIt has rolled all year. Lead has really opened up. We’re hoping the last 2 weeks you pull a Clavin!!! The other battles are actually really competitive and have gone back and forth. HawgGonelt 52 Omaha Vol 45 Calpreps 44 ImaGoodboyNow 41 WCACguy 41 ECHS05 41 Cossacks 39 WorldCitizen 35 Columbiafan 39 tommygun58 36 Sammyswordsman 34 AztecPadre 34 Rufus 34 ATLien12x 34 954gator 34 LTSpartan06 34 Woodchopper 34 Redzone 34 legendsofthefall 34 Seashells21 34 Bufordwolves 34 Catscratch 34 franyjames 34 Colerain 34 THEOC89 34 HawgGonelt 642 WCACguy 619 Omaha Vol 616 Cossacks 615 WorldCitizen 596 ECHS05 594 THEOC89 593 Calpreps 561 Columbiafan 550 tommygun58 542 Rufus 541 Imagoodboynow 519 AztecPadre 503 ATLien12x 501 LTSpartan06 500 Colerain 494 954gator 476 Sammyswordsman 475 Woodchopper 407 Redzone 405 legendsofthefall 394 Seashells21 388 Bufordwolves 383 Catscratch 380 franyjames 370
  7. Looks like it will be: LSU vs. Clemson OSU vs. OU
  8. Thanks for checking that. Obviously I check the confidence pick em, but this one I never look at and half the time I’ll forget who I even picked 😂. I honestly had thought I had lost the last 3 weeks in the matchup until THS posted the scores and I saw I was still playing. Figured I’d lose this week to Calpreps for sure.
  9. I guess we’ll go with your math 😂. I haven’t looked at the games and scores, but seemed like I had a crappy week?
  10. 😂 That wasn’t the Championship game, it was a semi final.
  11. Boy LT really putting it on Judson 😂
  12. That’s a long ass drive. Beautiful redwoods and coast, but they get about 150 days of sun for the year. But man @imaGoodBoyNow and @ATLien12x would be in heaven with all the green death up there😂 in the ET.
  13. Been to San Bernardino. SB might be a slight jump above the Fresno’s, Bakersfield’s and Merced’s of the world, but it’s a short list and not a high jump. Maybe rooting for Aquinas in this one.
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