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  1. Not sure if that is Flex all or Plasti dip on the rear fender, but strong move either way 😂..I mean why buy the “matching” white rattle can when you can customize. Let’s the ladies know your not afraid to be bold.
  2. Exactly why I liked them. @HawgGoneIt I’m with you I’m. It a big fan of sours either. These are good with a hint of fruit that doesn’t overwhelm the beer.
  3. I was down in Santa Ana in February for work for a few weeks and all I drank mostly was their beers and was impressed.
  4. Pretty refreshing....my liver agrees with this!
  5. Ken Osmond died. Probably one of the most iconic TV characters of all time. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/entertainment/ken-osmond-leave-it-to-beaver-star-dead.amp
  6. Biff Malibu, but I always kind of thought that was not his birth name and maybe he made it up 😂
  7. So you know Peter North, Ron Jeremy , Tom Bryan etc just by the backs of their head? That is pretty impressive. 😂
  8. Was just thinking my house needs to be painted. I'll PM you my address. 1-way coach flight from Georgia to SFO. I'll foot the bill for 3 days 2 nights at a Motel 6. That should be plenty of time to prep and paint. Plus I'd want the shit done ASAP. If I'm gonna let you paint my house for free I'd want it done exponentially, no meandering bullshit. Meals on on you.
  9. That’s awesome. You should have aired your grievances and had feats of strength 😂.
  10. Happy mothers day to any sons or daughters of mothers 😂.
  11. Nothing fancy, just a standby tri-tip on the grill. Came out great though.
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