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  1. Hope you realized not all those books just have words. Plenty of picture books in there for ya too.
  2. South Tahoe, North Tahoe and Needles High also play in the NIAA even though they are in California. It’s due to proximity and being closer to Nevada schools and being more isolated from California schools.
  3. Bro, Isn’t she a dermatologist in training? She realize she’s got a big fucking red mark on her face? WTF???
  4. 2021? Do people still go to libraries and follow the Dewey Decimal system?
  5. The old tug of war OT format in California was definitely different 😂.
  6. I don’t think anybody 😂. Not worth it IMO.
  7. Hey as long as the Dodgers don’t win it all, I’ll be happy 😃.
  8. Worst thing is I hate Bellinger. Total punchable face. Hate most of that lineup. Remind me of a bunch of frat guys, you just want to sock all of them in the grill. I actually like Kershaw and Justin Turner. Lux, yeah that guy will be in my crosshairs for the next few years.😂
  9. The drag of the lattice is probably what kept the Isuzu at 40 MPH. I was down by Fisherman’s Wharf last week to watch Fleet week. Saw Bat Man and the Batmobile (and his dog). Wanted to ask him if the rear fins slowed the ride down😂.
  10. I actually was thinking the same thing. Even with no pen, Urias gives the Dodgers a legit shot to even the series tomorrow and regroup.
  11. Was thinking the same thing. @FootballGuyyou sure got this thread off the rails 😂.
  12. Example of some totally shady shit I was talking about. Now I know @imaGoodBoyNowmight have left a little lattice in the side of the road, but this is pure criminal. https://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/news/hundreds-of-tires-dumped-along-russian-river-near-hopland/
  13. Snakes? No thanks! But this is exactly what I would fear with someone doing work on my property.
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