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  1. “Honey it may be an elevator button, but I’ll bang the shit out of the sides” 😂
  2. I see you subscribe to the multiply by 5 rule! 😂😂
  3. That it not the whole narrative though. Hell from the video I’ve seen I don’t know how many citizens were nearby and exactly what the immediate surroundings were and the mindset of the officers. I’m just surprised that you are taking so much stock in a one page press release from a PIO. I mean the transcripts of their official interviews will be bigger than a phone book for both officers. At some point I’d make a educated guess they said they could have been a fear for the general public based on the suspects actions (recently stabbed someone unprovoked) which is 100% totally supported by Garner and Connor and been SCOTUS proven.
  4. What the assailant did? The stabbing attempted murder is obvious based on the to report of it to LE. How they responded the way they did? Again that would be them and their attorneys. When final report is out their complete statements and interviews will be released. That will give insight into what they said in their interviews which are their official statements.
  5. Ok we can agree to disagree on the simplicity of it. Having worked enough OIS’s I’ll rest my opinion on the matter and defer it to you and your experience and expertise on it.
  6. I am listening. You have not addressed the POBAR and public safety statement issues? I’m eagerly listening for your response to that.
  7. Exactly. Been on enough calls to only read the press release the next day to say “wow, when did that happen, I was there and that’s not what happened at all” 😂 That’s why I asked about POBAR. I can 99.9% guarantee you the only statements those officers gave was their required public safety statement and absolutely nothing more before their PORAC attorney talked to them.
  8. No they don’t? That is written by a PIO. Do really you think that is the officers official statements? I thought you had some military type police background or something similar? If so, I’d figure you should be very familiar with POBAR and also the role of the PIO and how often they misspeak.
  9. That’s right up your alley.
  10. Different case with different cops and different suspects. Did he attempt to flee with his weapon when confronted by L.E. or did he stop?
  11. You’re gonna teach me Tennessee vs. Garner, now that’s rich! 😂
  12. And the pundits will say why didn’t they just shoot him in the arms or legs 😂?
  13. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11697109/Huntington-Park-cops-shoot-dead-double-amputee-Anthony-Lowe-Jr-tries-run.html
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