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  1. Ill have to ask for a tits and get back to you 😂
  2. You talking John Holmes territory or the average swinging dick?
  3. You better clarify for this group, if you mean giving or receiving for the BJ’s. It will definitely sway some of the answers for some board members 😂.
  4. When is the last time MV didn’t win league?
  5. Word on the street USAA is already looking to play SFA this fall. For some strange reason though, USAA requested it be a road game for them 😂.
  6. I did get the headache about 0300 the night after shot. Had shot at 10:30 am on a Monday. Headache 0300 Tuesday morning and by 4:00 pm Tuesday afternoon after a few naps, woke up and felt fine.
  7. Whole family has had Pfizer and both doses for a few weeks now. 17 year old fine both rounds. Tits and I got achy/sick for less than 24 hours and good after. Oldest who had Covid did get sick after both shots, 2nd one was 2 days and had about 103 temp as did kick her ass. But she’s fine, trust me I just made a summer tuition payment 😂.
  8. The most overated video of all time. Watched it and wanted to go to Fosters Freeze and get a soft serve cone right after. Really was no big deal, seen much worse.
  9. Now that ain’t too bad if not there’s always inserts’ 😂
  10. Dudes like 5’10”, better start stretching 😂.
  11. Think I’d rather fuck the horse 😂
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