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  1. Those fvckers all still out there. 55 degree water, no thanks
  2. Damn not sitting by the flagpoles. But it’s weird they have the Giants pennant on top, then the Dodgers next the Pads, Rockies and D back? @HurricaneNick trying to figure out the significance 😂
  3. Knocked back a “few” glasses V yesterday! Wife was finally able to give her dad who died in December his memorial at her cousins house!
  4. That place was like the “Stick”. It was a dump and a shit hole, but it was our dump and shit hole and we loved it.
  5. Who, what, where and when? Trying to decipher this gibberish. Translation for the non mouth breathers like the Opie. There will be a football game on August 6th between Robert E. Lee and Colquit County.
  6. Yeah get a look at her when she is 40 and those slinky’s are heading for her ankles. Gonna have to make a @HurricaneNicklike investment to get them above the equator.
  7. Yep sucks getting older and seeing your idols of your youth dying off. Buddy and I kinda have a celebrity death watch and it’s a race to see who texts the big name deaths the fastest. Seeing a lot more of childhood going. Never saw ZZ Top and of course now regret it big time. Always wanted to see them. I used to hit so many concerts starting in the late 70’s while still in elementary school (Day on the Green at Oakland Coliseum was the shit) through the 90’s. Been to maybe 3 concerts the last 10 years. Glad I did see Neil Diamond a few years ago (months before he announced he was going to stop touring). Gotta get off my ass and see some of my favorites before it’s to late.
  8. Yes Yes No Who gives a shit about jewelry 😂?
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