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  1. Hell look at my score, I had a @TheMaximumHornetStinglike week. 😂 This week was kinda tough to judge with games and whether they were gonna be played and when they were gonna be played. There were several deadline issues. Some legit concerns on that. Again fluid week and that’s on me. But from here on out get games in BEFORE the posted deadline or it’s zero points. Thanks and it sounds like everyone here made it through the week safely?
  2. 26-17 Liberty 6:00 left in 4th.
  3. Not me at all. Saguaro offense is all Dampier just trying to create something.
  4. Yeah we didn’t hear many issues back then, but they still existed. Look at the Mike Webster’s, Jim Otto’s and the players from the 60’s, 70s and 80s era today and look at their health and quality of life. Back then we didn’t hear about as much obviously social media was nothing like today, the players didn’t have the leverage back then and if you saw a guy speak out they would be worried about repercussions and being blackballed. Also agree that today’s players are just bigger and faster. Even though technology and safety is better the game is more violent as the athletes are superior.
  5. Thanks, just saw that as well. In all honesty I didn’t advertise the burns game being Thursday so with as fluid as this week been we are definitely going to follow “spirit of the law” and the honor system for the picks this week.
  6. You walk in and she’s got a cock in all holes with no tolls is probably a pretty telling sign she ain’t being faithful.
  7. 10. King Phillip Regional 9. Lone Peak 8. Cardinal Gibbons 7. O’Dea 6. BT 5. Roncalli 4. Catholic Central 3. Byrnes 2. Moeller 1. St. Peter’s
  8. 😂😂 well almost made it to Friday. Seeing this was like 5 minutes ago 😂.
  9. Hell not me. There’s some other dudes on here that can bring it. @DevilDog ain’t afraid of a little smoke and carcass 😂.
  10. Mr. rules are rules 😂 Selective interpretation and short memory for you? Where was this gusto to follow the rules before 😂😂
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