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  1. And another piece of the puzzle falls into place. 😂
  2. Shit 7th grade lol. Didn’t even know Tits for like a decade later. Was working on getting the junior tits back then 😂.
  3. This is spot on. I think it’s great if HBCU are making a run. Hell I hate the Raiders. But growing up there was always a strong influence with Al Davis and HBCU with the Raiders and my old man would always talk about the HBCU players. https://www.raiders.com/photos/photos-raiders-who-played-at-hbcus-2021 Maybe there is a push? But is it because Deion is at JSU and will it fade? Don’t forget the huge buzz when Tony Gwynn took over at San Diego State and all the talk of CWS titles for SDSU everyone was predicting under his reign and every top hitter in America would be heading there. I loved Gwynn, but he produced a .500 record and although he was sick at the end, the hype machine did not match the results. Again I just base a lot of this on 2022 generation of kids and this era. Maybe I’m wrong?
  4. This I do agree with to a point. Yes kids overreach and want to be a P5 guy when really it’s not a good fit for a myriad of reasons, especially where they can’t play at that level. There is nothing wrong with D2, FBS, NAIA etc. if your good they’ll find you. I just think kids don’t look at it that way and they don’t look at the big picture.
  5. I’m a fan. Gotta admit I’ve seen like 2 minutes of the USFL so far. Better check it out before it folds.
  6. Sure I’ve seen them high centered. But that driver I’m sure was on his last day and said F it.😂
  7. Of course there are a lot of reasons why a kid chooses a school. Is it a good fit? Close to home? Does it offer my major? Are you interested in film? USC would be top of your list, sportscasting, yeah you might just gravitate to Syracuse. Sure family legacy as well. But I’ve actually seen some dumb kid say he liked the schools uniforms and that played a big part in his college choice 😂. So that is kind of what we’re dealing with these days.
  8. Kids today really don’t care about these things honestly. We’ve heard for decades if Norte Dame locked down every top Catholic athlete they’d be undefeated every year. Yet they don’t nearly get all the top ones. BYU might be the closest to accomplishing this and they don’t even get every top LDS athlete. It’s just not what kids/teenagers are driven by. 99% of them will take the opportunity for big time exposure first and foremost.
  9. No orange slices and some Squeeze it to wash it down? Holy crap you’re eating off the elementary school girls lunch menu.😂 Be careful on the foursquare and teatherball courts on recess.
  10. That’s @ChimpGripterorrity, he’s sucked a few left and right feet I’m sure.
  11. Can hang lattice on truck bed right handed…..while taking a drag off a unfiltered Marlboro left handed.😂
  12. I throw left handed. But hit and golf right handed. Same with my younger brother. My dad is right handed but swung bat lefty, golfed righty. I shoot guns left handed, but am right eye dominant and can shoot equally well unsupported right hand just as well. Used to be a able to throw a football 25 + yards right handed. Can write pretty well right handed as well. So I’m semi-ambidextrous I guess? Really haven’t seen any benefit.
  13. Yeah I was thinking about the roll out capabilities. But also being a lefty myself, it’s been pointed out to me it’s harder to catch a left handed spin just due to the unfamiliarity. Also blocking schemes and blind side change. There’s a reason why a left tackle is much more coveted than a right tackle. Now you expose the blind side of your lefty QB with possibly a weaker lineman on his blind side or you have to switch your tackles (obvious tell). I have seen teams have switched their strong side and weak sign lines during a game.
  14. Interesting, but not sure I see the be benefit? I mean maybe I can see if his right arm gets hurt he can go lefty or vice versa. But it’s not like a pictcher that is going to utilize one side of the other for matchups to their benefit.
  15. I’d say go for it, it’s only brain matter. 😂. Seen that plenty of times, many times it was basically “the headless horseman”. But always wondered why fuck up a perfectly good vehicle 🤷‍♂️
  16. I would hope the last match up would not factor into a 2022 game? I mean they have put some terrible boob HS games on over the years at ESPN. I mean some awful teams just to prop up some kid Tom Luginbill thinks is good. I’d think MD / The Bishop would be fine.
  17. SC needs depth on both sides of the lines to be able to challenge. CB’s are good, but not gonna put them over the top. They need to get better up front.
  18. Just going simple hometown IPA.
  19. You know I’m a true C minus guy myself, but I would absolutely not back away from a Bud. Every couple years I will go on a binge and switch out to Bud. You throw bottles of beer in an ice cold cooler it doesn’t matter what you’re drinking!
  20. Wow you must have espn and read my mind. Just fired up my trimmer yesterday after close to a year. Primer bulb finally cracked. Figured change the fuel lines when I replace that. Just left the Depot but with only $14 dent 😂.
  21. I like go back to my Georgia roots with a little peach. This isn’t great though. Very weak finish.
  22. Yeah me either. Buddy gave me his bottle of Ararat last December I’ve taken two little snaps off it. Definitely a wintertime drink for me and it’ll take me probably 3 to 4 years to drink us. My father-in-law used to love brandied cherries for Christmas, fucking hated those things
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