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  1. Eagles were the better team. 9ers we’re pretty undisciplined and the Shanahan big game curse showed again. Down to the 4th string QB and playing in the NFC championship game I will take that every year.
  2. A lot of people have been saying with Garretson the trend is downward and he has changed the culture at Chandler and they would slide back. Will be interesting to see what happens at Suguaro with Mohns leaving. Alot of changes. QC ALA being bumped up to 6A despite fighting it will be interesting to see. With Detmer and Hall they are becoming a destination. QC’s top WR transferred to ALA a few weeks ago and possibly more QC players to follow.
  3. I have to admit that doesn’t look much different than a typical late Friday night text exchange between me and my buddies. 😂
  4. You sound like my wife lol. I just don’t like this match up this week.
  5. Hell no!!! Dumb move. When he’s got a lifetime of misery, paying for her rehab and getting her off the stripper pole and out of B grade gonzo porn it’ll far outweigh any minor league hockey contract those boys will get! 😂
  6. He butchered it pretty bad…no pass for that.😂
  7. Isn’t this like 20 years old? I know it’s been around forever.
  8. Found this the other day in my garage. Best sports moment I ever saw in person. I was in the same end zone, but other side of the field. Think our seats were 2 yard line.
  9. Ya think? I think he screams assassin! 😂
  10. Not being a homer because I hate that shit. Yes I am a huge Niners fan but I like the Niners 27-13! They get pressure with their front four, they rarely need to blitz. The linebackers are great and their secondary (weak line question mark at start of season) has improved as the season has gone on. Their offensive line has gelled better than expected. They have a staple of backs who can all do different things and again the way they are set up Purdy can be a manager he doesn’t have to be the game changer himself.
  11. Sounds like their calendar hasn’t reached 2023. I don’t know when common sense went out the window, but things can’t always be looked at as a black and white matter.
  12. Never heard of that place? Where is it? 😂
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