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  1. @GardenStateBaller ur telling me there’s nothing PGL can do to find this team a game?
  2. I’ll put a list twice as long of teams CHS turned down
  3. That’s what happens when you mudhole stomp img in a REAL GAME now no teams want that sauce
  4. Bro seasons 1 month out .. who’s running that ship down there
  5. All this fighting, y’all need to forget about politics and go to Applebee’s get some food and a beer and just enjoy the day
  6. One Nation, Under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All
  7. Ohhh wow. Transferring to a NYC school shit should have given PC a chance at least
  8. Shit if there’s scrap metal at the Amalfi Coast I’m Down
  9. Shit I got my years mixed up, I thought they were seniors..... we got our leading scorer, face off , and goalie coming back. And we got Kross who was ranked number 1 freshman lax player in NJ this year
  10. Took a sick day today might as well get my bird watching game on 40EA2B2B-320A-49C3-BDB8-22104C5915D7.MOV E15A756F-A7F4-423F-A6BB-91B128EBD26A.MOV
  11. It started as a joke, but people are actually taking it serious I think,
  12. All I’m saying is this guy is the one that should be getting arrested
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