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  1. Man I had to reread this 5 times something wasn’t clicking, man I don’t do leftovers, I don’t like microwaves interferes with the chip the government installed in 2014 , eat something new each day no leftovers , dogs are spoiled brats and will bark all night if they don’t get scraps mixed in with thier food
  2. Wait isn’t ur Biggest toe supposed to be your big toe wtf is going on with your second toe to the left i need an expert @ChimpGrip
  3. Imagine the website if footballs cancelled, might be the end of prep gridiron
  4. Lol ur still up @BUFORDGAWOLVES dudes going on about 3 days sCraight
  5. Nice pic, threw me off guard, I thought all Georgians are Atheists like @BUFORDGAWOLVES
  6. You gotta go to Paterson some times, that’s where my dispensary is and sales tax is only 3.5 in that town, but it’s just such a sad town, there was a mass shooting last week and there is no urgency to find the shooter because that’s just the way of life whats the saying in the streets live by the gun die by the gun
  7. That sounds like Dusty D written all over it that just don’t make no sense
  8. Na fuck you your not sorry cause your incapable of feeling emotions ya Cajun
  9. All honestly I’ll take the Cabinets especially if their Mahogany, Trex can’t even open the top Draw with those tiny arms
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