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  1. To ur defense I seen hot Israel 🇮🇱 Before, also seen Bat shit crazy Israelis so hard pass
  2. Different sand texture?
  3. I tried doing this last year, if you help a police officer who struggling the state would pay you 250-$500, I doubt thier still doing that
  4. What was with jimmy Mullen catching a TD pass? Is he gonna be a TE next year or was that like a one time play?
  5. If @sausmann9 doesn’t put in picks he will choose all home teams ,
  6. Not surprised u like Michael Jackson yall 2 would be best friends u 2 can bend over and look into each other’s buttholes
  7. Doubt it , probably all 6 pm 7pm and 10 pm for Texas
  8. Let’s go Tift @TheMaximumHornetSting
  9. @sausmann9 @HurricaneNick LAST CALL
  10. Okay back to business, ya The Great Reset .#itsHappening #stayTuned
  11. Ayyyyyy Turkey Pot Pie, my three favorite things
  12. @Troll apparently your the only one that made dinner today 👏
  13. Dude I ain’t got enough weed and Turkey to watch all these videos, u got 1 video maybe 2 videos out of me, which video is the LEAST tinfoil hat video
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