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  1. I just don’t like how that HC moves , from the tiny public’s he schedules all the way to how he seeded the playoffs so Peters was in one bracket and joes PC Bosco Bergen were in the other
  2. St joes got 2 freshman at WR, Bosco needs to take advantage of that if they wanna win
  3. I’ll say FUCK SPP THIS IS THE REAL STATE CHAMPIONSHIP should play this game at MetLife
  4. Man y’all got embarrassed by Edison lmao Edison
  5. Nonono wat I said was JSerra has a qb who’s Booty
  6. Bruhhh you schedule the worst of the worst and are to afraid to play Oos
  7. So I’m not in the pickems any more Woww
  8. If you did a $5 bet on the over under games next week, if you nailed all 14 games you win $46,000
  9. Does it say how many players are still left in the jackpot
  10. Lmao 😂 good luck, when I bet again on FanDuel ima let you make my parlay picks unfortunately I’m $3500 in the hole, I had to order a lot of Garbage Dumpsters for work, but the second i get reimbursed for all this work , it’s over I’m going on a betting spree
  11. So hold up .. if chiefs win tonight you win money?
  12. @GardenStateBaller @SJR 04 what would you is the percentage that Kyle Monangai is actually done for season??
  13. Truth is who knows, I’m not saying Jalen Berger is jabrill peppers, who jabril absolutely destroyed joes by himself but I don’t think Bosco needs Kyle Monangai to win I think Berger is absolutely capable of carrying the team to win it , we shall see
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