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  1. That’s nuts there’s no hoops, that’s BS @GardenStateBaller has a list of teams foaming at the mouth to play down there its just a click of the button, Unfortunately Coaches stay in their Safe Space
  2. @Lobo4life04 I’ll wait , your gonna have to dig deep for that one, WM is same team that was afraid to play a down and out N.J. team soooooooooo if they agree to play you that should tell you something
  3. Enlighten the Board Who West Monroe is And who the toughest OOS teams they play? 😉
  4. A national team doesn’t suck because one player didn’t play. Maybe if he was in the Trinity league strength and conditioning program he would have played this week
  5. @GardenStateBaller make it happen unless Longview is SKired?
  6. You just can’t handle facts , that’s why you block people
  7. Its like you hitting him with all these facts, and his response “your mom” lmao What a Jackass
  8. @GardenStateBaller what was the quote the West Monroe coach had ”play Don Bosco Prep ?? No way, their on another level as we are”
  9. Against who bro? They ain’t playing no north shore or Duncanville who are these teams that they play in state championship 😂
  10. I’m serious when I say this .. if Longviews a top 15 school in Texas than that State is trending way down
  11. JSerra’s QB is better and he’s awful
  12. Lmao how old are you ? Haha that’s great.. a 5th grader has better comebacks
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