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  1. Maybe LSU, OSU would be Awesome, he’d start alongside Wypler and Paris
  2. hand jobs , what are you a sophomore??? shit I can do that myself
  3. Bosco has this JR Linemen might be top in Nation, I hope he chooses Bama
  4. @Rufus69thoughts?? I told u 229 gonna get him
  5. And does Neko or Zane play any other positions?
  6. “Y”? Kids a stud from what I heard
  7. Hard pass, I hope they never get good
  8. I’m a gambling man , if they’re both the same, and ones gonna be a sophomore and the other is senior and they both the same, I’m riding with the super sophomore who hasn’t peaked yet, who knows by week he can be the second coming with that many games under his belt,
  9. Don’t bother plz he’s trying to derail the thread so he can make one, just ignore that fool
  10. Lmao 😂 u are so fragile and needy, are you really that obsessed over someone made a college football thread, Don’t you have a website and blog to do, Oh yah that was an abortion of an idea, what did you get 4 viewers to ur website before Google shut ur shit down
  11. Hey dude cut them some slack, they would have won more games and a state championship if their old Coach knew how to count to 11
  12. Don’t u have more threads about bush league teams traveling 7 plus hours to get their “Tooth” kicked in ina pre scrimmage
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