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  1. He’s with his son DUDE. Not cool😢 Definitely hit up the Strip cope some acid, and trip balls at Cirque du Soleil
  2. Man I reremeber the Good ole days when the Transfers were rolling in man those were the days #Ohhh woe is us
  3. METLIFE? Battle for the bridge?
  4. Lmao that’s pretty tall compared to the rest of Fam, I know there’s a QB, CB , and a kicker in the family
  5. @HawgGoneIt @ATLien12x Is coach Watson known to tell the truth, or is he just drinking the Koolaid
  6. Which one, there’s like 5 sons and nephews, THE QB is supposed to be best one tho
  7. Thats why I Hope Propst knows what he’s doing, what happens if a really good QB enrolls does Propst play the best QB or does he Cave in on his promise and Play Daddy Ball this year
  8. #1 @TheBlockIsHot @frankyjames with a all time record 65 accounts #2 would be Los with second best 14 accounts not far behind is #3 Columbia and @Kingoftrolls with his 9 accounts scratch that # 3 is @Big Ball Jones @Big Bald Hairy Man And his cult from Waco with a confirmed 11 accounts with 14 more pending verification #5 is TBD
  9. @HawgGoneIt, Really with the New Advertisments, lmao who gave GSB the keys to the website again
  10. It’s sad that USA don’t even got any players yet and their still more elite than any team in LilWeezyAnna
  11. Still not as bad And pathetic as a state power House going ahead and scheduling a team like lake Placid as their main Oos game which is not nearly as pathetic as taking a family vacation to North Carolina for a flag football game
  12. From living on one of the worst streets in Paterson to now starting on a Super Bowl team, kids doing big things his problem is he gotta stay healthy he’s had a handful of concussions so far
  13. Are they gonna hire from within or you think their gonna bring someone in, any candidates?
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