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  1. Dumb dumb Redzone forgot how 2016 ended up ...
  2. Lmao 😂 you and Redzone obviously don’t remember 2016 polls your up for a rude awakening when the silent majority shows up on election day , CLUELESS JOE DONT GOT A CHANCE
  3. If someone gets hurt that’s all on Marangi
  4. Rarely anyone’s playing oos , it is what it is, is there atleast a state championship?
  5. What’s up with CaLi,? When do they start
  6. Knowing the HC is a Pu*** wouldn’t be surprised if JC schedules Lake placid twice this year
  7. Let me ask you this question, would you rather raise a family in a crime riddled area or in a nice quiet town? Why do you think every athlete once they get paid they get the fuxk out of where there from and move to suburbs, no one wants to live where the quality of life doesn’t exist, so I’m all for the cops doing what ever they gotta do to make this a safe place
  8. Bro stop watching Revolt TV aint no one putting you on a plantation let’s be real here
  9. What’s professor Xaviers 40 time?? Very possible to run a 2 QBs on the same time, not all the time but you can definitely mess up defensive game plan with that set
  10. Aztecs Hispanic?? I thought he was a fellow Meatball
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