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  1. Like I said I’d rather wash my hands , stay my distance and risking catching covid then willingly have a doc inject me with Corona 🦠
  2. @ChimpGrip hottest Criminal i introduce to you Mrs Victoria Mendoza IMG_3659.MP4
  3. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/fully-vaccinated-people-made-74-233342066.html
  4. Where the kayakers at, I remember as a lil kid watching Barry bond hit moon shots into the bay and the sea of kayakers would hit each other in the head with the paddle flipping the kayaker to where he almost drowns @Cossacks
  5. Okay NBC is the goat 🐐 for this but the fuck were they thinking having Kevin hart and snoop dogg covering the Olympic event IMG_3658.MP4
  6. Lol my mans, u have no idea how hard it is to delete an old Facebook account when u don’t remember login,, when u look up my name my Facebook account shows this as my Avatar
  7. @HurricaneNick @Ga96 IMG_3656.MOV
  8. Lol 96% effective cmon Broski , u tripping, Lol word on grapevine is every 4 months Pfizer wears off so u gonna need booster shot every 4 months
  9. https://www.yahoo.com/news/2-major-san-francisco-hospitals-033520710.html More than 200 hospital staff members tested positive for COVID-19 in July. Most of those staff members were vaccinated
  10. Listen I’m not Gay Welll I don’t think but IMG_3652.MP4
  11. Gotta sell those flosport passes
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