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  1. Hey atleast you made it to the OT
  2. But what does your daughter wanna play in college ?? If she wants to play another position that’s fine but is she wants a scholarship at goalie, she shouldn’t be giving other girl another shot
  3. Lol 😂 @Slotback Rightyou got a fan
  4. Can’t believe ur a lax dad, didn’t even know they played lacrosse in Ga
  5. It’s all good , Dusty D is studying Law now, Got us a Retainer
  6. Nothing, I’m referring to having a girl serain wrap u with plastic and take a number 2 on ur chest
  7. There’s not enough Coke in the world to ever get me to watch that shit What u think I am a Japanese businessman 🕴
  8. Fuck that. , if I go down ur all going down with me idgaf I’m telling on @Cossacks
  9. Definitely serious leg injury, might have seen the last of tiger woods professionally
  10. Atleast he’s not out there trying to catch Pokémon like the rest of the 25 year olds give him some slack
  11. Ya ur right but there is a good portion on feet enthusiasts on there that you’d have 100k followers within a week
  12. Bro get on tick tok u get paid after 10k sub
  13. Cause they leaked his address in Georgia that was on the file, a lot of crazies looking for him
  14. Absolutely, he had some funny ass videos until he went full on Political, pissed off some maga dudes in his area that recognized him and leaked his arrest record
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