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  1. Dude Cliffords a racist, ima Arthur kinda guy
  2. You know what’s fucking crazy, when u posted this, I was actually at a library doing a estimate for a flooded basement, I haven’t been to library in like 12 years, just fuckin nuts u mentioned library while I was in a library
  3. Looking forward to Bitch96 melt down when colquit starts the running clock IMG_0279.MP4
  4. Gonna have a lot of upset pickem contestants who knows SJR is a coin flip if they gonna play good or like shit
  5. Didn’t you say lowndes pays checks to coaches who don’t even coach at the school lmao
  6. Exactly what lowndes is gonna say after first Q Friday WHAT HAPPENIN WHATS HAPPENIN , What I do
  7. Lownds got a rude awakening come Friday nite IMG_0325.MP4
  8. it all varies per job , this case it was i get all the metal but I got load it my self with my own laborers , I could have probably made fuck you money if I resold the shelving , definitely would have made hella money , but the store only gave the contractor like 6 days to completely cleanout the store, there was just too much metal to sort and then unload and store, and sit on it and sell , I just don’t have space or time , so second we loaded truck we just unloaded at scrap yard, had the Isuzu gas pedal floored only going like 40 mph
  9. And the guy is reliable? Not drug addict or drunk, ?? I literally hired a crew of laborers to help the contractor and I come back from lunch and their all drunk drinking inside the contractors Bobcats
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