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  1. Woahhhh tyrek hill just tackled the offensive coordinator nvm it looked worse then it was, he was upset and pushed the coach tho
  2. Where the hell is Johnny manziel wen u need him
  3. It’s 2021 The Best Public schools in the nation are poaching and recruiting
  4. Lol good luck, I’m listening on the radio like it’s 1940, I ain’t paying for a game I’m gonna be passed out by halftime
  5. when I say South you Say Lake South Lake South Lake gooo south lake Go South Lake Gooooooo
  6. Damn ur post was fire 🔥, until ur last word, booooooo les Gooo Blazing Dragons 🐉
  7. Wtf time is Texas 7pm, @Cossacks this time zone shit is in the way Okay let’s try this way @SeaShells21 how many minutes till kickoff ?
  8. I’m saying if you can afford that truck , u can afford to hire a junk removal person to handle this shit, #SupportSmallBuisnesses
  9. Why bring this truck to transfer station ? And why would you go with tan interior with murdered out black rims and paint
  10. 😂 rusted as fuck, I don’t know how he drove to nj from Ohio with that shitbox. I think it was a 90s Chevy blazer dude welded a trailer to
  11. Lmao 😂 I saw that too,, who’s the crazy mother fucker that climbed that mountain of rusted steel and planted the Christmas 🎄 tree on top, fuck covid dude said gimme that tetanus that picture gives no justice , that tiny piece of green metal in bottom left is my giant 40 CYD dumpster of metal
  12. Because they didn’t know where to scrap the metal, and they driving a Ford bronco carrying a 20 foot trailer with a couple dingos , i made $500 calling a scrap yard to drop a container at a park
  13. scrap yards in NJ steal money from you, so in return they only ask for your first name so it’s in taxable
  14. 😂 that explains a lot, if I get a notification at 4am it’s either @CODBEARDor @Slotback Right
  15. @Cossacks I finessed those Ohio fellas out of $521 😂
  16. All I know is if we’re looting again, I know exactly where I’m going
  17. Haha I wish, no, ima survivalist, we’ll see tomorrow what I am , Today I was a Heavy scrap metal Dispatcher
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