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  1. I can careless about this thread, I just wanna know wtf is up with this gif 😂
  2. Friday Saturday games no rush on picks
  3. What’s your thoughts on hillgrove vs Marietta
  4. Number winning teams 10-1 with 10 Pointer being most confident and your 1 pointer your toss up can you beat the house and go 10 for 10, doubt it NorthWestern at IMG Academy FRIDAY 7PM iSB Clearwater international academy @ Vero Beach 🏝 Friday 7pm Cardinal Gibbons at AHP Friday 7PM Seton Hall Prep SHP AT Pope John Saturday 1PM Parkview @ Grayson Friday 730pm Prosper @ Denton Guyers Friday 730pm Cowboy 🤠 time Lakota West @ St. Xavier Friday 7pm Buck wild Time Bryant Arkansas @ North Little Rock Friday 7Pm Nort
  5. don’t tell @Ga96 that since he thinks Lowndes is only team force to play on a shortened week
  6. That’s what I’m telling this fool , teams all over the country are playing on shortened weeks just none of the other teams bitch on an online forum so u don’t hear about it
  7. Their playing 2-3 rift I can’t believe he’s crying 😢 over that
  8. Ohhh booo hoooo there’s thousands of other teams in same boat
  9. @BUFORDGAWOLVESthat Darter game blew your Perfect score prize ,
  10. @BUFORDGAWOLVES51 @TheMaximumHornetSting40 @ngdawg 37 @Cossacks36 @HooverOutlaw34 @HurricaneNick30 @tommygun5828 @sausmann9 @Omaha Vol26s @imaGoodBoyNow19
  11. @SJR89 unless MaxPreps is wrong very very bad look if Bosco doesn’t reschedule
  12. @ngdawg customer wanted to do this with a woodwall
  13. Made perfect sense go to band practice dude
  14. Bruh I was doing a Mold Remediation job at one of @ngdawgcousins house and the guy wanted me to do a 24 inch flood cut around all the walls so I can get behind the studs and the guy thought he can hire someone to fix the bottom wall, I told him this isn’t drywall where you can just replace drywall and plaster it in, you gotta tear out the whole dang wall
  15. LmaFao 😂 Dude does the Rick Flair and then jumps and his toes hit his forehead
  16. unfortunately this election 🗳 has come down to a shit sandwich and a spicy 🌶 shit sandwich idk about you , I like my shit spicy
  17. No mater the Age, he should be at home getting him help, im currently doing a Hoarding Cleanout for this 80 year old grandmother she’s paying for it full cause her son “is a bum” and ruining the house
  18. Lol at you bitching about police brutality and racism but your voting for a politician that wanted to Segregate Schools 😂
  19. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/left-traumatized-man-says-rioters-attacked-family-with-pepper-spray-during-jews-for-trump-event?_amp=true&__twitter_impression=true
  20. Ur an idiot , you criminals still don’t know how to act, and everyone that acts this way in the video needs to be shot dead , no jail save tax money
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