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  1. Once again ur boyfriend started it When Red comes in raging 😤 about MD and how many posts @HurricaneNick has i get it trust u have a hard on for Redzone and u feel offended when he gets bullied thats awesome for you, That’s Loyalty, something LSU KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT
  2. If you didn’t then that narrows it down to WOrld Citizen and Red, who would have complained about Red being bullied
  3. Lol don’t lie only people that would Red world ciziten and max from Colorado, no one else complaining, people should be complaining about the Spam posts from that certain individual
  4. Why did LSU claim Joe Burrow when he was a Ohio transfer?? Bosco should get full credit for jabrill peppers , Paramus catholic got Full Credit for Jabrill And Rashawn Gary..
  5. @HurricaneNick don’t respond to MethZone or he’ll report us to the Mod for running a Train 🚂 on Mrs. Red again
  6. https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/events/ghsa/gam23e736a177 free stream https://www.gpb.org/sports/football/match/2021/12/11/class-aaaaaaa-finals
  7. Absolutely I seen lowndes valdosta girls basketball team, I’d take them over SLC by double digit points
  8. I knew they were gonna get running clocked, I seen SLC vs Highland park game and I seen faster and bigger players playing on Lowndass and Valdosta girls powderpuff team
  9. Fuckin chill ur gonna get Hawg to ban me 😂
  10. They got 2 and Half Brothas on the team , anyone outside Texas saw this coming
  11. @FolsomNATION @FolsomPrisonBlues @FolsomStateTitles @Extremely Humble IMG_0896.MP4
  12. So no one gonna apologize for talking hella shit about Oscar Meyer Smith and Duncanville in September ??
  13. Lmao imagine complaining to the mod lol ur pathetic 😂
  14. Hey comes in running his mouth and then u get upset when people to respond to him, maybe it’s not everyone else maybe it’s Him , idk 🤷
  15. Lucky damn guess, lowes parkingLit IMG_0895.MOV
  16. Can’t stand Texas, finding a stream is like pulling teeth
  17. Shocking RedFlag wants to have a kid section 🚨 👮
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