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  1. Drones ohhh come on, I’m tired of this planet , I was ready for the alien 👽 invasion to take me to their home planet
  2. Here’s another one for y’all, why the Hell is there a town in Georgia called Beach but it’s no where even close to the beach 🧐 🧐
  3. Lol it’s a drug dude, no other Rush like it knowing your phone can die any second
  4. Damn this is what happens when y’all go thru the public school system You fool HERES A Map 🗺 Fuck it bro let’s just make Florida NE
  5. Lol I been tracking it lately 😂
  6. Correct Now my google search history comes up penises when I type p for prep gridiron
  7. Our best Reciever is probably our slot receiver who’s like 5”10 but his hands and route running is phenomenal
  8. @Cossacks your supposed None” then I say Woah your a pro
  9. There’s a room full of dicks, how many penis’s you choking on?
  10. Lol 😂 it doesn’t non stop, maybe once and a while he logs off and takes it out on the wife
  11. Same HC I think , they just brought him in for assistant position, just thought it was crazy that of all assistant coaches for Grayson to pick, they choose a guy all the way in jersey from that west side team
  12. Bro u must got hella bread bro, I cant believe u ordered the subscription lmao 😂
  13. I was gonna say I’ve been looking and haven’t seen anything about zags bosco
  14. @CODBEARD this is the coach from Newark that was trying to reclassify everyone
  15. Nope, dad got that McDonald’s bag money , he got an assistant coaching job there
  16. No way , Definitely BJs, That shit hurts my jaw 😜 🙃 😏😏🥸
  17. Lol 😆 leave dude , ur not contributing shit
  18. Unfortunately colquitt has to throw at this kid for the next 4 years,
  19. Can I get a link I don’t have to subscribe too?? Bosco gotta update their schedule then
  20. I don’t feel like putting kids names out so that creep can look them up and continually troll them like he did with our QB
  21. Because ur a pedo and I don’t feel like u stalking the green knight community 😒
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