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  1. I don’t know wat the hell these coaches are teaching these kids IMG_0324.MP4
  2. Shit I would have got 45 points this coming week if i didn’t have st Joey as my 10 Banger
  3. Tik tok is listening to our convos lmao I’m not joking, 2nd video that pops up is this IMG_0319.MP4
  4. What is this your dinner tonight, hide ur pets
  5. Do people actually pay to eat that?
  6. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, stay tuned because playoffs gonna be wild
  7. 10 The St. Joseph Regional. TEN 9 Mater Dei 😂 8 Thompson 7 SJC 6 Packass 5 St Eddie 4 Friscos 3 Chandler 2 Lin WesT 1 FSU
  8. It’s about time to start leaking DMs and emails on here only chanc I got to winning is getting some of the people on here Grudened
  9. If Rush Propst had a twin brother From Jersey, it’s Rich Hansen
  10. Defrauding a state Pickems Test is a serious offense, I’d lawyer up if I was you
  11. Is Hansen still in charge of the seeding? I swear if he pulls some shit again that they play Paramus catholic and pope John and are in the state championship, ima lose my shit
  12. Good We weren’t beating y’all twice in a season any way, it’s on come November Forever Buck Fergen
  13. Lol jid you just turn on stream? This announcer been making shit up all damn game 😝
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