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  1. Can’t even debate a hot topic without a Radical Leftest having a full blown melt. Down
  2. Fuck it , why stop here, let’s cancel all mortgage and rent loans, cancel all auto loans, let’s just cancel everything you signed up for
  3. Let me know when you wanna compare bank statements
  4. I only got like 3 k left I can careless but my brother just busted his ass last 3 years to pay off his 30k loan, if he would have waited a couple years he could have saved 30k
  5. Like how does one go about this? What happens to the people that busted thier ass to pay off loan already? Does everyone that paid of thier loan gets reimbursed??? This is a slippery slope
  6. Suwu gang and if u ain’t with it then ur in the food chain
  7. I don’t know if I posted yet MAN Records the last seconds of his life IMG_2486.MP4
  8. I’m just trying to point out what coke a cola and most of the board supports what cokes doing, that’s crazy
  9. @golfaddict1 look into Canabis stock $YOLO Word on Grapevine is that stock is about to go parabolic on REDDIT
  10. If you truly believe there’s nothing wrong with cokes “be less white then all hope is lossed and as a society we are FaFaFaFaFuckedd
  11. Kids gonna be scary on football field, very fun to watch him finesse the Olineman and gets to backfield, now he’s working on his bull rush, watch out, 😂 kids pushing the sled in timberlands
  12. Ohhhhh bahhummmmBug , that’s bullshit , I’m color blind, don’t care what color, white, peach, brown , black pink green purple, don’t matter, I only see good people, and people who are pieces of shit
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2021/02/23/coca-cola-diversity-training-urged-workers-to-be-less-white/amp/
  14. I just wanna take the time and thank Donald trump for Operation warp speed since Joey is a Retard
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