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  1. That’s who he is tho, he gets so offended if people aren’t talking about Louisiana that’s the reason people from Louisiana moving to Detroit for a better life
  2. Man I had 2 F250s this year before I sold one of them, both those POS shakes and wobbles when u faster than 50 mph
  3. Lol Na I’ve been busy cleaning out a dollar tree and Walgreens, Tuesday I owe around 4 grand for dump truck repairs and Thursday I owe $5100 for box truck repairs i am pinching every penny , and if that means I have central air in my pickup truck then so be it
  4. That’s my baby 👶 only 95k miles on the 7.3
  5. @Cossackslegit broke the scale Bwhahahahahah 🤑💸
  6. SJR STomps a MudHole in Servite, a mudwhole, wtf Is a Servite, it sounds like something you catch on a recruitment visit to bishop Gorman
  7. Good hope they never legalize that shit, as long as it’s illegal, I’m top Dog , I pay good money for my Pot Pass
  8. Shopping in Beginning of Pandemic 😷 compared to shopping now in the pandemic IMG_2454.MP4
  9. Not gonna lie I was this kid throwing shit out the window 🪟 on Da Bus 🚌 Absolute shit myself if this happened IMG_2455.MP4
  10. Make it happen St Joes philly, vs st Joes Montvale. 2022
  11. Yup, NJs top pop Warner coach just told all the top athletes that you can not do this
  12. U been global for years tho, y’all always got some European on the team
  13. https://www.yahoo.com/news/ny-assemblyman-lawmakers-are-inching-toward-cuomo-impeachment-probe-224110717.html
  14. 2 million is pennys to them though, let me know when it’s billions Nancy Peolsi spent more than that on one call option on Tesla
  15. Sjr ain’t raise no quitter, saw my rival scrapper at mechanic , this guy in my territory trying to take my clientele, which really sparked a fire 🔥 under my ass , LDT felt some type of way, LDT was beast mode in AfterHours, banged out 2 full Loads of metal and about 450 pounds of wire which is about $1.89 a pound, all is well again, after the Lord tested my faith this morning , also made two new connections with 2 different Contractors as DWade says fall down 7 times get up 8
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