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  1. I understand that but for fairlawn to do this just so they can win the division i just don’t like but don’t worry look for Coach Hansen of St Peter’s try to schedule half these teams
  2. Damn I miss the Packer fans from February
  3. What was the reason Booker bolted to IMG?
  4. Geno And Elijuwan Mack with Minnesota Also
  5. Lmao 😂 every Day, D1 scholarships just keep rolling in... I’m lovin’ it
  6. @AztecPadre let the sandBagging begin
  7. Today Christian Temple Estime Temple Terrance Albany Geno West Virginia
  8. okay this Grinds my Gears ⚙️ so bad Fairlawn just won a state championship like a year and half ago but last year they got Punched in the teeth by the other public’s last year , especially they got one of the biggest enrollments, so they wanna be the best still so how do they do that??? they drop out and join a league with the absolute worst athletics and Coaches just so they can be top Dog @HawgGoneIt this is equivalent ofBlessed trinity dropping out of GiSA and joining a League of the worst possible teams they can recruit to also drop out so they
  9. Look at my other thread I posted https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.northjersey.com/amp/3634762002
  10. These schools have given up the eligibility for the 2020 2021 football playoffs.. it it will be made up of teams that haven’t won a game from 2014 to schools who don’t have that many players these 12 teams will only play one another and will have their own playoffs amongst themselves https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.northjersey.com/amp/3634762002
  11. What’s his touchdown average against TCA and Lincoln?
  12. Ya but what do you do when The Stud Fogo is going up against a Identical twin brother on the other team Redemption 2.0
  13. I’ll give you a lil friendly Financial advice my one and Only Freebie MOLD IS GOLD
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