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  1. Calling off today, I’m done , dispensary here I come
  2. I’m having one of those days, the Lord thought it would be funny for me to not have a backside window in the winter 🥶
  3. Fuck I was about to post this one 😂
  4. I had solid 3 months but this week is brutal, hopefully next week stocks pick back up might due a call option on home Depot, feel like they should be going up with all the natural disasters going on
  5. @Mickeybern I don’t appreciate Bergen’s Freshman kid dropping 35 on us, god damn we gotta see this kid for 4 years and he’s already peaking on varsity
  6. 👎🖕🏿😾😔😔😩https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/30924371/ivy-league-league-play-due-covid
  7. And there she blows , Dueces ✌️
  8. A. you don’t have friends and B. your Mother still pays the bills
  9. Cap 🧢 👒 🧢 🎩 that fool ain’t no coach he the
  10. Man I don’t know I waste my time with that fool, it’s middle of winter in a pandemic on a football forum, u gotta let loose in offseason, nothing else going on he’s clearly upset no one wants to talk to him this morning
  11. Can someone play with Sportnut he feels left out, @Rufus69 please include Blood in ur next Hawg10.0 thread
  12. U don’t think it’s suspicious he talks about a world wide pandemic and 2 years later Bam 💥 wadda u know. A motherfuckin pandemix
  13. But why mid year? Any particular reason they wouldn’t finish out the year atleast before reclassifying? so only legit prep schools will have reclassified kids, they can’t reclassify at a BNU school? Could have sworn a kid on PC reclassified and returned to PC like 8 years ago
  14. @Reb72 pretty impressed with y’all snow removal equipment IMG_2421.MP4
  15. Ohh I thought they might have changed a rule, I was gonna say , if u can reclassify and stay at same school, I’d think every athlete that didn’t get the scholarship from the school they wanted would reclassify
  16. Lmao did rush fuck ur wife, ur literally stressing over a dude that just died of cancer
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